Union of the Empires greatest Warriors (Thrawn, Vader)

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    Confused about what, Jedipati ???
    I´ll try too answer your questions.

    Next post coming soon.
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    Long live the Empire! Now if only the Chiss will show up. That would be great :)
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    Lord Raal Lordaq was a man of average height and buildt. Although he was over hundred years old he looked like a perfectly healthy man of sixty. He moved with the elegance and dignity of a true noble and his sharp features remembered Admiral Pellaeon of Grand Moff Tarkin. But where Tarkin had been arrogant and cruel Lord Lordaq was selfconfident and battle-hardened. His steel-grey eyes bore into those of Pellaeon and the Admiral felt remembered to another pair of eyes, glowing red eyes of the best man Pellaeon ever served under, searching like that of Lord Lordaq now.
    "Admiral Pellaeon. It is a pleasure to meet you finally."
    "Lord Lordaq you honor us with your visit.", answered Pellaeon politly.
    "An invitation of the man who saved the empire and stopped the war was impossible to ignore for me." A small smile was on Lord Lordaqs face when he said this.
    "Exagerrations, Sir. I´m just a soldier who serves the empire, just like ... ." Pellaeon didn´t finish his sentence.
    "...just like me a long time ago too." continued Raal Lordaq. The two men arrived at a conferenceroom and made themself comfortable in the seats.
    "Lets get straight to business, Admiral. We are both men to old to waste our time with useless pleasantries. If you invited me to this meeting to persuade me to join the empire again, together with the Therilias-Autarcie, i´m sorry but i have to say no."
    Pellaeon suppressed an all to emotional reaction. Something like this he hadn´t expected. It seemed to him that his negotiations with Lord Lordaq were over before even started.
    "May i ask why ?" He asked. A part of him admired Lordaqs style. No pleasentries, no diplomatic games, straight to the point. Just like the good old days under Vader. He was sure it would be an interesting afternoon.
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    HELLO !!!!! Anybody out there ????
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    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors - Part III

    Seven beeings met in a suite in a hotel at the planet Malvac. A Quarren, a Rodianer, a Twi´lek and a human. Also One, Eight and Six. Six was a twin of Eight and looked like him except for his different hairstyle. Where Eigth wore his hair in a ponytail, the hair of Six was cut short except of a braid of long hair on the right backside of his skull. The air in the room was tense and One wouldn´t be surprised if their "guests" started fighting each other. When he entered the room the Twi´lek had stood up.
    "Mitthraw, what the hell is going on here ?" the creature demanded to know, it´s Lekkus twitsching with anger.
    "Something we all want to know", added the Rodian.
    "Sit down", ordered One or Mitthraw like he was known to them with a cold voice. He made a guesture to Six. "You already know my "cousin" Qui and", pointing to Eight,"this is his brother Syn."
    "We are pleased to met him", stated the human male dry. "But you still havn´t answered our Questions, Mitthraw."
    "Everything to its proper time, Galvanak", stated One. "Gentlebeings, just for protocol and hidden listening devices let me intodruce everybody of us to each other." With his remark about hidden listening devices One nearly started the pirates to panic. When they realized One had just made a fool of them they sat down but not without shooting meaningful looks to him and his "cousins".
    "Our human friend here is known as Galvanak, captain of the DeadSkull-pirates. With two stormfrigates and five Carrack-Cruisers his fleet is one of the best armed pirategroups in recent history." Galvanak didn´t try to hide his pride at Mitthraw´s praise.
    "Sitting to his left side we have Sholve´shon from Ryloth." The Twi´lek bowed polite. "Also not as good equipped as Galvanak he has achived similiar sucesses with his captured Strike-Cruiser and a couple of Lancer-Frigates."
    "Thanks to the assistance of Dark Jedi Syn. Without his effortes in coordinating my men and ships while cloaked most of our raids would have been a failure." The Twi´lek explained with a predatory smile.
    "Then we have Blendo of Rodia. Former slave trader and smuggler of drugs. And he still resist to tell me where he got his interdictor cruiser." That remark caused laughter in the entire room.
    "And last but not least Quooos the Quarren of Mon Cal."
    "Dug. The original name of our world is Dug even if the damn Mon Calamari claim otherwise", shouted the Quarren.
    "Yes. All right. What ever you want", said One. "Luckily we´ll need you four no much longer", he thought.
    "You four are the leaders of the biggest and most sucessful pirate groups between the inner and outer rim of this quadrant of our galaxy. The part of me and my relatives in our partnership is the intelligence work about valuable targets, the coordination of your attacks and the safe sell of the prey."
    "Of what the DeadSkulls get fourty percent", Galvanak stated through gritted teeth.
    "Fourty percent", yelled Blendoo. "My group gets only thirty-five", he slammed his fists on the table.
    "Well, its not my fault if Galvanak is a better negotiater than you, Blendoo." said One. "So please sit down." Blendoo reminded standing untill he was suddenly pushed violently back in his seat without being touched. "I said sit down ", explained One with a meaningful look. "You will not survive disobeing me a second time."
    Quooos and Sholve´shon had been quite all the time. Now Sholve´shon started to talk.
    "If i´m correct you, Mitthraw didn´t only supported my group but the groups of Galvanak, Quooos and Blendoo, too. And now you have brought us togehter for a really big coup. Am i right ???"
    One allowed himself a small smile. "You are right as always." He put a Data-Card into a prtable holo-projector. "Since the sign of the peace-treaty the empire has been very busy in its tries to gain parts of its former power back. Everything under the watchful eye of the New Republic, but in such an open way nobody can protest or act against it. In two months they will have a third shipyard operational and some
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    With a flicker of pseudomotion the huge battleship vanished into the realm of hyperspace. Admiral Pellaeon stood together with Captain Tschel in the nervecentre of Bastions Defences. Both men know each other since the Mount Tantiss Campeign twelve years ago. Tschel had been a simple ensign than.
    "May i ask how your negotiations with his Lordship went ?", asked the younger man.
    "Not the way i expected",stated Pellaeon. "Raal Lordaq has made himself clear. As long as we havn´t proven that we are in any way better than the New Republic we shouldn´t waste our time with dreams of a Unification of the Empire with the Therilias-Autarcie."
    "Sir, are you joking ? Surely Lord Lordaq is aware of our good condition regarding the circumstances."
    "Yes, but only a couple of years ago we were nothing more than a divided group of bickering and feuding Moffs and selfproclaimed Warlords. And the rulers of the Autarcie own very big longtime-memories. On the other side he is willing to support us more directly but the details will be cleared on another occasion. Perhaps we can rent one or two of his shipyards."
    "Building ships in construction facilities not under imperial control, Sir ?"
    "Only freighters and smaller warships, of course, but we would have more free capacities for the big ones. Now tell me what do we know of this battlecruiser of him."
    "According to its ID the name is "Paladin". We found no decription of a ship like this in our computers or in any of our intelligence reports. Neighter we nor the New Republic has ever buildt anything like that. From what our sensors detected it would be a match for even two Exekutor´s and their escorts."
    Pellaeon´s face become serious.
    "How is this possible", he asked.
    "Well according to our sensors the Paladin has three times the mass of a "normal" ship of the same size. We are not sure but we think the neutronium in the superdense armor has been dramatically increased. Even with shields down even our most powerful turbolasers will probably be without an effect on its hull. The Paladin would need 1,6 reactors of a comparable ship with this mass, so they have probably a second reactorsystem buildt in."
    "Let me guess the rest of the 0,4 of the second reactors performance is used for shields and weapons."
    "That would be a logical conclusion. We counted over 360 heavy Weaponemplacements and we don´t know for sure", Tschel pointed at a holo of the ship", for what this trench in its dorsal side is."
    "Hopefully we will never know", stated Pellaeon. "The more i think about it the more i start to belief Lord Lordaq visited just to show us this monstrosity."
    Tschel looked surprised at his superior.
    "Why should he do such a thing ?"
    "To let us know what a big bat he owns. And if he has one of those ships why not three, five or hundred. Nobody develops and builds ships this size over night."
    "So you think he´s up to something ?"
    "Of course he is. But we are not his prime target."
    Understanding shimmered in Tschels eyes.
    "The New Republic ?"
    "Who else ?"
    "Shall we warn them ?"
    "Of what ? With no evidence. Our relations are not this good." Suddenly Pellaeon smiled.
    "But perhaps our old friend Talon Karrde will be thankful for a tipp."
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    POST.POST.POST. ... ahem to whom am i talking ??? Next post will follow soon but i´m still uncertain if it will be some father-son-action or Wegde Antilles.
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    Union of the Empires greatest Worriers Part III

    On the main bridge of the New Republics Exekuter-Class-Commandship "Lysankaya" General Wedge Antilles walked from one side of the bridge of the huge ship to the other. The "Lysankaya" was commanded by General Garm Bel Iblis these days and Wedge Antilles served as Commander of the two wings of starfighters, all in all 144 machines or six squadrons of X-Wings, four Squadrons of A-Wings and two Squadrons of B-Wings who served as bombers. Normaly they would carry K-Wings as bombers instead of B-Wings but Bel Iblis had insisted on the older modell.
    Antilles agreed fullhearted with the other General. Contrary to the less armed B-Wing a K-Wing wasn´t hyperspace-capable and relativly slow. Furthermore unlike the empire of old times the New Republic didn´t posessed outposts or capital ships only hours away from every system where a starfighter without hyperdrive could be stranded. Wedge Antilles forced a grim smile on his face. The older he became the more he saw things in a totally different light then years before. Like the need to have hyperspacecapable starfighters for example. In his younger years he and his comrades had believed that the empire didn´t care about the safty of its pilots because most of their fighters wern´t hyperspacecapable but this hadn´t been a necessity in a galaxy-wide empire where help was only hours away. And if they had it would have been much to expansive to equipt all the millions of starfighters with hyperdrives. Wedge Antilles had seen the protocols of the discussions about the budgets for the starfightercorps and it had caused him nightmares. On the other hand the New Republic wasn´t galaxy-wide in fact it controlled not even a quater of the galaxy. The rest were the imperial remanents, a few dozen former warlords who had managed to remain in control of their territories and the main part were worlds who wished to stay independent after their liberation from the empires forces. Another point was that the imperial starfleet had never relied on starfighters in the way like the Alliance. In capital ship combat their role was ignorable, well maybe except for his own Rouge-Squadron or the Empires 181´ste.
    In the last few months Wedge Antilles felt more and more sympathy for the imperial commanders. For once because he finally understood that the imperial starfleet in contrary to commen belief hadn´t been an instrument of terror like claimed by the New Republic propaganda but a tool to maintain peace and order and to enforce the law in a galaxy where even insignificant groups of pirates or rouge warlords had control about resources to be a thread for to many worlds.
    Death Stars and Galaxy Guns of course were another matter. Second because he was now in the same position as those imperial commanders. For a single moment Antilles asked himself if he and his comrades had caused as many grey hairs as the pirates who now threatened the sectors between the inner and the outer rim in this quadrant of the galaxy caused him. The increased activity of pirates and the constant failures of the New Republic Fleet was the reason for the "Lysankaya´s" presence in the Corellian Sector. The senate had finally agreed to increase the numbers of ships patrolling this areas to face the present threat. But before they could sent ships on patrol these ships had to be buildt. And it was the will of the senate that they were buildt in the shipyards of the Corellian Sector what would be a positive effect on the still devasted economy of Corellia after its years of isolationism.
    At the moment they were waiting for a convoy of over 25 freighters of the "Leviathan"-Class which carried the needed hullalloys and prefabricated parts. When the frighters arrived at Corellia the safty of their freight and the shipyards would be in the hands of the "lysankaya" and its fleet.
    "Sir, we´ve lost contact to the excepted convoy", Wedge Antilles was immediatly pulled out his private thoughts .
    "Their probably already gone to hyperspace", he mused.
    "Half an Hour before the time-table
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    Hey, this is good! I really like it. Just one comment: format some more; don't write it all in one, big mass. It is a lot easier to read if you put spaces between.
    But keep up the good work. I'll be looking for more.
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    I think the thing that's confusing me is the title. After all, it's what, twelve years since Thrawn died. and more for Vader. Unless they're clones.
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    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors III

    Five minutes until they would drop out of Hyperspace.
    Wedge Antilles was counting the seconds until then. He took a look at General Garm Bel Iblis who seemed to be surprisingly calm considered the fact that the loss of the convoy and its freight would be a major blow to the New Republic shipbuilding program. The other man recognized Antilles look.
    "Yes, General ?"
    "Excuse me, Sir, i was just admiring your calm demanour."
    Bel Iblis showed a grim smile.
    "Well fuming and spitting fire would change nothing about the situation. Besides in my opinion it was just a question of time until something like that was going to happen."
    "I´m not sure if i understand what you mean", stated Antilles.
    His superior sighed.
    "Antilles you may be our best pilot, you are a good commander to your men and i consider you a friend. But sometimes your naivite can be quit disturbing."
    Bel Iblis smiled again.
    "On the other hand you should call yourself lucky that you are not that trusted with the conflicts of fleet policy and our political leadership. Ackbar, i and many others have claimed for years that we need more and better ships. Since the disaster in the Koornacht-Cluster five years ago the senators are more willing to listen and to give us what we need but things change that slow we will all die of old age till ..." Bel Iblis sighed again.
    "And with the peacetreaty many think that the New Republic doesn´t need so much ships. You should hear them: We are not like the empire. We don´t need so many so well armed ships. We don´t want to conquer or supress our worlds. What those foolish politicens don´t understand is that you need that power. Your authority as a goverment is laughable if you are not able to support it with the showing AND the use if necassary of your forces. To know how thin our fleets are still spread is giving me nightmares."
    "I understand perfectly clear, General", stated Antilles. "I had similiar thoughts a while ago."
    "Well let´s hope our men on this convoy will not have to pay the prize for past made mistakes", answered Bel Iblis.
    The ringing of a bell put an end to the conversation of the two men short before the "Lysankaya" left the realm of hyperspace.
    "Now man your station as fighter-commander, Antilles", ordered Bel Iblis.

    The return into realspace lead the "Lysankaya" into a graveyard of ships. It was obvious that they had arrived to late for anybody. From his station Bel Iblis was able to identify the wreckages of two of the freighters and all of the escort ships destroyed. What he hadn´t expected was the sight of some destroyed Lancer-Frigates, the still burning wreckage of an Interdictor Cruiser or the pieces of an Strikecruiser from Loronar. And he sure hadn´t expected the sight of two stormfrigates fighting a 2,8 Km long sleek, black battleship of unknown origin although the daggerform was a clear remembrance of typical imperial design.

    "Sir, X-Wing and A-Wing squadrons are ready to launch."
    "Wait. It looks like the battle is already over. Sensors! Can you identify any of those ships ?"
    The officer on the sensor station looked up.
    "General we have identified the wreckage of the interdictor as "Rancorteeth" a vessel used by a Rodian group of pirates. The stormfrigates belong to a human pirate leader called Galvanak ..."
    "What´s with that big cruiser ?" demanded Bel Iblis to know, just as the two remaining stormfrigates were totally vapourized by the Turbolasers of the black ship.
    "Force sake", whispered one officer of the bridge crew. "This firepower should be impossible for a ship that size."
    "Such a brute against two smaller stormfrigates ? You must be joking ?" said another officer.
    "If the blasts would have only destroyed them i would say you are right", explained Garm Bel Iblis. "But they vaporized the frigates totally."
    "Sir, they are hailing us."
    "Well perhaps we´ll get some answeres now", stated Garm Bel Iblis.
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    Union of the Empires greates Warriors III

    "I´m General Garm Bel Iblis, Commander of the New Republic Vessel "Lysankaya", said the corellian General and former Senator to the man in an unknown uniform who appeared in form of a hologramm on the brigde of the "Lysankaya".
    "Captain Gwendor of the Therilias-Defence-Forces onboard the "Fireblade". Greetings General Bel Iblis. Your name is well known even in our backwatersystems."
    Captain Gwendor ? Wedge Antilles was sure he had seen this man before and his name had not been Gwendor at this point of time.
    "Thank you. May i ask what your intentions are ? What are you doing in this system ? And what has happened to our freighters ?" inquired Bel Iblis.
    "A mistake of ours in our coursecalculations. Such things happen when you are training new officers. We excepted hyperspace in one of the neighbouring systems where we recieved the distress call of your ships. As you perhaps know we people of the Therilias-Autarcie have no love for any kind of criminals or pirates. I´m sorry to say but we were to late for your men and ships. When we arrived all escorts were destroyed and the freighters boarded and most of them had already escaped when we engaged the pirates." explained Gwendor.
    "Don´t be afraid, i´m sure you tried your very best. I have to thank you in the Name of the Republic", stated Bel Iblis with a stony face.
    "If that´s all we´ll return to our space as soon as we made the calculations for the jump."
    "One moment please. If i may be so bold. Who´s the present ruler of the Autarcie, Captain."
    Gwendor allowed himself a small smile.
    "Well its know secret. The Autarcie is still ruled by Lord Raal Lordaq."
    "Thank you. I didn´t know Lord Lordaq was still alive", said Bel Iblis. "I wish you a good journey."
    "General", Gwendor nodded before his holo vanished.

    Bel Iblis looked at Wedge Antilles.
    "You have something to say, Antilles ?"
    "Yes Sir. I´m sure i know this man a long time ago and i´m sure his right name isn´t Gwendor."
    "You think Gwendor is part of the attackers ?"
    "I don´t know. For example i´ve never heard of this Autarcie untill six months before and who by the black bones of the emperor is Raal Lordaq ?"
    "Lord Raal Lordaq", corrected Bel Iblis tenderly. "He is the ultimate ruler of the Therilias-Autarcie a very conservative and effective bunch of people with a great distaste for criminals, anarchie and disorder. You heard the words of this Gwendor. We should call ourselfes lucky we never meet with him on the wrong terms."
    "I´m not sure if i understand what you are trying to explain", admitted Wedge Antilles.
    "There are not many Men like Lordaq left, Antilles. I fought once or twice at his side during the clone wars. A warrior nearly in the same league as men like Thrawn or Vader and a ruler of his people quite as capable as Bail Organa or Queen Amidala of Naboo."
    "Queen who ?"
    "Nevermind. In the early days of Palpatines rule he was one of the strongest supporters of Palpatines New Order before he retired, no surprise considering Lordaqs background, but i never heard of him to be still alive for the last twenty years."
    Antilles wasn´t sure what to make of Bel Iblis description. If the General was this impressed by the man he truly had to be an extraordinary adversarie.
    "Well the galaxy is a huge place. Do you think this Lordaq is responsible for our last difficulties ?"
    "Hard to believe. As far as i remember he had a very strict code of Honour. I don´t think he would work together with pirates especially if you remember the disguest of his people against criminals."
    "On the other hand you havn´t meet the man for decades", remembered Antilles.
    "Yes but even if your suspicions are true we don´t have enough evidence to enforce the stay of the "Fireblade". But i think it would do no damage if you try to solve the mystery about this captain Gwendors true identity."
    "If you say so", answered Antilles.
    "Don´t take this too leight. We´ve lost more than twentythousand men crew with this convoy not to mention the lost of the freight. And your observati
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    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors III

    Han and Anakin Solo had left Coruscant with the Millenium Falcon early in the morning. Han had allowed his son to sit in the seat of the copilot and to make the calculations for their jump through hyperspace to Kashyyyk. Anakin had managed the calculations with only some minor mistakes which didn´t needed to be corrected. They would except hyperspace only two astronomic units away from their original planned position.
    Han was very satisfied with his son. The boy had really inherited his fathers piloting skills !
    The boy. Han remembered Anakin hugging his mother that morning, when they said goodbye, already reaching Leias chin. Was it really only ten years ago since Anakin had been a baby? A small darkhaired, blueeyed bundle of joy in his mothers arms ? How much he and his siblings had grown. In less then the half of the same period of time his children would be adults and following their own path and destiny. A thought Han didn´t liked at all at the moment. If it had been in his power his children would stay the way they were now , well, for the next fifty years.
    Anakin felt the look of his father and met his gaze.
    "Everything all right, Dad ?"
    "Yes, son. Just thinking."
    "About what ?", asked Anakin.
    "´bout you and your siblings. How much you have grown."
    "One inch the last month", grinned Anakin proud. Han grinned back.
    "Wow thats faster than me that age and you havn´t reached puberty yet. What´s your mom saying about your need of new chlothes."
    Anakin turned serious.
    "Nothing. I don´t think she recognizes it at all. She´s always busy with other things."
    Han didn´t need the force to know the thoughts of his son so he tried to cheer him up.
    "Well in a few years you´ll be lucky your mother is busy with other things and will have no time to put her nose into your businesses whatever they are. Especially when you have a girlfriend."
    "A girlfriend", Anakin seemed to be disturbed by that thought. "What shall i do with a girlfriend ?"
    "You´ll find out soon enough", explained Han grinning.
    "Ahh, your speaking about that biological thing", commented Anakin a sly expression on his face.
    "Hey, hey son. What do you mean with "that biological thing" ?"
    "Just what i said", answered Anakin enigmatigly and tried to surpress a grin. "But you should be more concerned about Jaina."
    "Jaina, whats with Jaina ?" asked Han with a fearful edge in his voice. Damned what had he himself gotten into ?
    "Well, there is this friend of hers", explained Anakin with a sneaky expression on his face.
    "Friend, what friend ?" asked Han, panic now clearly audible. If ever anything happened to his little girl ... . To be father to a daughter was the punishment for a man for all sins in his youth. You always fear the girl meets somebody like you in that age.
    "Syal Antilles. You should somtimes listen to them. Since a few weeks they are talking just about boys." Anakin put his hands at his chest. "Oh, isn´t this boy cute. Do you think your brother Jacen likes me ? This guy on the new holodrama is so sweet."
    Han relaxed and, after a few moments, managed even to laugh. Anakin joinded him.
    "Very funny son. I want to know where you got that from."
    "Well since mother is far away we can put the fault on her."
    "Are you not sad she hasn´t come with us", asked Han.
    "I´m not sure. I mean i can´t remember a time when we two were truly alone. Just you and me. Always was somebody else with us. Chewbacca, Jacen, Jaina, Uncle Luke, Winter, one of the Noghri ... . I´m glad we´ll have the time for us now."
    Han was moved by his sons explinaitions. He took Anakins hand and squeezed it gentle.
    "You are right boy. Just the two of us this time. Only us men."
    "Only us men", stated Anakin giving his father a firm handshake.
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    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors III

    Han Solo and his son enjoyed the next few hours on board of the Falcon like only a few before. During these hours Anakin seemed to Han like a perfectly normal boy of this age and not one of the most force-strong individuals of present time.
    It was a very comforting thought for the ex-smuggler. Althoug it seemed the Skywalker-Legacy was dominating the fate of his children Anakin showed many traits of his father too.

    Han and Anakin spent their time crawling through the systems of the old ship, in the gunturrets and the small acess to the engeniring room. Han explained the working mechanism of every piece to his son and Anakin rewarded his father with a lot of questions to demonstrate his interest.

    When they were back in the cockpit still two hours from their arrivel at Kashyyyk their talking become more personel. Anakin was talking about his progresses in school, the friends he hade made and Han told his youngest son about his own youth. His growing up on the ship of Garris Shrike as a thief in a group of thieves. About his only friend during that hard times the female wookie Dewlanna who had been in many ways the only mother Han had ever known.
    About the painful memories of her death when he tried to escape the grip of Shrike. His promise to Dewlanna to make something of his life. Anakin listened fascinated discovering a new site of his father. The boy was really surprised to hear that in this time of his fathers life Han had wanted nothing more then to became an imperial officer. While Han was describing his training at the imperial academy Anakins thougts started to wander. Han suddenly realised the blank face of the boy and asked what was going on.

    "I´m not sure if i can explain it", answered Anakin.
    "You could try", suggested Han.
    "Well, as long as i can think bank everybody has told me how bad the empire was. Mom, Winter, Chewie, that screw Mon Mothma ..."
    "How do you come to think of Mon Mothma as a screw ?" asked Han amazed the evil of the empire for a moment forgetting.
    "Well, she´s selfrightous and arrogant. And she always tried to kiss and hugg me when i was younger. Not to mention her stroking my checks at every opportunity", Anakin looked really disgusted.
    Han surpressed a laughter.
    "Well that just shows what a charming boy you are, son. But you are right. Mon Mothma could be very selfrightous and stubborn if she wanted. Now whats concerning you about the empire ?" Han returned to the cause of Anakins worries.

    "If the empire was that bad as everybody has told me why are we now at peace with them ? Why hasn´t the Republic destroyed them once and for all. When the teachers at school tell us about its horrible doings and especially that of Darth Vader they sometimes look at me like i´m every moment starting to change into some terrible monster and i don´t understand why. And now i discover you have been one of them once, too. I mean the empire consisted of billions of beings. Its hard to imagine they were all that evil."

    Han let himself sank back in his seat thinking. When they returned to Coruscant he was going to have a little chat with this "Teachers" of his son, that was sure. But now he had to explain to his son that life was a lot more complicated than it was seen trough the eyes of a child. He remembered his thoughts about children growing up a few hours before and sighed.

    He and Leia had deceided to tell the children the truth about their grandfather when they were old enough. Until now the children only knew that Anakin Skywalker had once been a Jedi-Knight who had fallen to the Darkside and it had cost him everything he hold dear. But now it seemed he had to explain to the ten year old the truth about his heritage without any support from the force-sensitive members of his family.

    "Where is Luke when you need him", Han thought sarcasticly before he started to answer the boys questions.
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    Am i the only one who´s posting here ?????
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    Nope, I'm here too. I have just been lurking.
    Good story. I need more... :)
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    Union of the Empires greatest Warriors III

    "Well Anakin", started Han. "To explain you what the problem with the empire was, i think i have to start with the downfall of the Old Republic. You know that the Old Republic existed for at least 25.000 years, was ruled by a senate and protected ... "
    "Protected by the Jedi-Knights", explained Anakin with a proud smile.
    "Protected by the Jedi-Knights, yes", repeated Han. "All of this worked very well but in the last decades of the Republic things changed to the worse. The Republic became complacent, social and technological development stagnated and corruption increased dramaticly in the bereucraty and the senate. Anarchy and chaos spread through the systems unhindered by the republics military. This loss of authority caused many huge business companies to arm themself with warships and private armies. But they didn´t used them only for defense but to support their business interests by the use of violance too. One of those incidents backfired when they invaded an insignificant planet in the outer rim because the man who represented the sector of this world in the galactic senate was the later emperor Palpatine. He used this incident to become chancellor of the republic and he promised to restore law and order and a return to the old values which had made the republic once great."
    Anakin listened to his fathers narrations with his eyes wide open. Han gave his son a sad smile. What was a great and entertaining story for the ten year old had changed the face of the galaxy forever, had lead to suffering and pain for billion billions of people.
    "Well in the first years of his rule Palpatine seemed to fulfill his promises what brought him great support by the populance. And than the clone wars started. You have to know after nearly a millenia of peace the Old Republics military wasn´t able to fight an outside enemy. So a programm was started to increase the number of warships and soldiers to deal with this threat. An increased fleet and army needs an increased number of officers to command them and Palpatine made sure that those new officers were loyal to him. This way he gained control over the military as he had done with the senate before. When he felt secure enough he proclaimed himself emperor. The only ones who were able to oppose him at this point of time were the Jedi-Knights but they had their own problems. They had lost a lot of the members of their order during the clone wars and of their support from the ordinary people. They were made scapegoats for many things that had went wrong during the Old Republic. Somehow the emperor persuaded your grandfather to join him and his cause and so your grandfather hunted the Jedis down and killed what was left of them."
    Anakin looked terrified.
    "I thought it has been Darth Vader who hunted and killed the Jedi-Knights."
    Han put his hand i a comforting way at Anakins head.
    "Yes. You have to know your grandfather Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader when he joined the empire. This fact has been a great burden on your mothers and uncles shoulders since the day they become aware of it."
    "I didn´t know this", said Anakin with a hoarse voice.
    "I and your mother wanted to tell you and your siblings when you´d be older. But you asked me about the evil of the empire and ... well the story of your grandfather is a part of it. Perhaps you want some time to think about it." Han asked gentle.
    "No, no, i´ll think about it later. Please continue with your story. Now i want to know it all."
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    Okay, let me get this straight: There are three 'Vaders' onboard Fireblade, but none of them are the _real_ vader right? Or am I just very confused? And if he's not there, then where is he? Because you wrote that he will he in it. Please help me out!!!!
    And could I please ask for a post more...?
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    HURRA !!!! Somebody else posted. Love you Riin. As to your questions: patience. Until now we have Mitthraw, Syn and Qui who refer to each other as One, Six and Eight. Does this ring a bell ??? More post soon.
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    Is Loraaq crazy?
    Producing multiple clones of those people?
    What will he think of next?
    Tarkin and Isard clones? Ugghhh.*retches*
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    Union of the Empires greates Warriors III

    "OK, Anakin", continued Han. "Although Palpatine now had control about the senate and the main part of the military, he wasn´t satisfied. And he had the problem that he was still a single man. To deal with all the problems of every world in his empire he needed help or willing servants. Perhaps you know that the Republic consisted of one million worlds when Palpatine took over."

    "One million member worlds and fifty million colonies and protectorates", stated Anakin.

    "Yeep. You are right. That´s quite a number. You see in an empire with so much worlds with trillions of beings even on a single world like Coruscant there are billions of capable men and women to serve as administrators or govenours over the sectors of the galaxy. And those of them who were ambitous enough to climb to the top of the ladder had to be very ruthless and cunning. Which was exactly after Palpatines liking. This way men like Tarkin or Women like Isanne Ysard reached power. They ensured Palpatines rule with brutality and fear. Same goes for your grandfather but at least he was a warrior who killed in honest battle and didn´t became a slayer without reason. You are right if you say that they wern´t all that evil but the actions of perhaps a few hundred people on top of the empire perverted all doings of the millions who truly believed in the New Order. And many of those joinded the Alliance when it became to much. People like Jan Dodonna or Crix Madine. But even with the help of all those detectors it never seemed possible to overthrow the empire."
    "Until you and Uncle Luke kicked their ass at Endor ?" The boy beamed with pride.
    "Don´t talk about it this way, son", explained Han with a grim expression.
    "Just to think about how much impossible luck the rebellion had in this battle lets shivers run down my spine. Think about it: If Luke hadn´t been with us, Vader had lead the battle from the Exekutor and never killed the emperor. And without C-3PO the Ewoks would have never helped us and the shield of the Death Star would have never been destroyed. The alliance would have been lost and me and your mother were probably killed."
    "And i and my siblings would have never been born", stated Anakin. "Perhaps you should be a bit more nice to 3PO when we return. As you said yourself, if not for him nobody of us would be here."
    Han groaned by that thought but had to admit that the boy was right.


    On another ship traveling trough hyperspace another family-meeting occured of what only the older participant of the meeting was aware of.
    Raal Lordaq said behind the desk of his office on board the "Paladin". On the other side of the desk his aid Teosh Finn hold a datapad. Finn was a man in his mid-twenties, with a lean, muscular body, darkbrown hair and sharp, intelligent eyes. What Finn didn´t knew was that he was the grandson of Lordaq´s younger sister and the only relative the old man had left. Or, to say the truth the only left relative the old man cared about.
    Finn and Lordaq were talking about the developments in a number of secret projects which would ensure their victorie in the coming conflicts.
    "The planetary interdiction fields ?" asked Lordaq.
    "Not that much progress as hoped. At the present speed we´ll need at least a half year to make them working." answered Finn.
    "Our cloning facilities ?"
    "Five operational, three in another two months. Making it a total number of sevenhundredfiftythousand cloning tanks with a production rate of four weeks."
    "I really wished we had some Spaarti-Cylinder. We could cut the production time to one week."
    Lordaq closed his eyes.
    "To think i once fought those things with all my might. Ah, well. At least we will not have to sacrifice our own people. What is with our shipbuilding efforts ?"
    "As expected. The numbers of our construction facilities increases with the number of new planets we colonize with clones and our people. Five of them will be operational to former imperial standard within a year."
    Lordaq smil
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    Which one are they referring to?
    Thrawn or Vader clones?
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    Patience. You have to be patient.
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    Union of the Empires greates Warriors III

    General Bel Iblis nearly jumped out of his seat in his office on board the "Lysankaya" when Wedge Antilles stormed into the room.

    "Damned, Antilles, when i said my door will always be open for my men i didn´t meant for you to terrify me to death."

    "What i found out will terrify you more, i think", stated Antilles.

    The eyes of Bel Iblis narrowed to slits.

    "What is it, Antilles."

    "I should try to find out why Gwendor seemed familiar to me as if i had known him a long time ago. I searched our archives of former imperial officers and ..."

    "And what ... ?"

    "Read for yourself."

    Bel Iblis grabbed the datapadd with obvious impatience out of Antilles hand.

    "Tilas Gwendor, ...last known rank Imperial Commander, ... WHAT. A member of Grandadmiral Makatis stuff ???"

    "Please read further."

    "... that´s impossible. According to this report Tilas Gwendor was killed in the imperial attack on Di´Xantia eight years ago together with all the other prisoners there."

    Suddenly the temprature in the room seemed to decline rapidly.

    "An attack which the empire always claimed to be not its doing." stated Antilles.

    "If it was really that Tilas Gwendor on the bridge of the "Fireblade" it seems that the empire has spocken the truth."

    "Yes, but i don´t want to believe what this means for us. If all the other prisoners from Di´Xantia were walking free unknown to us for eight years ... . Can you imagine what they were capable of doing all this time ? And the Therilias-Autarcie is responsible for this."

    "We have to inform the council of this", stated Antilles.

    "Immediatly", confirmed Bel Iblis.
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