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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by MCPO_John_117, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. WISE_JEDI12

    WISE_JEDI12 Jedi Knight star 2

    Feb 7, 2005
    [blockquote]OOC: Could we keep chatter to PMs please as not to clutter

    IC: Dacen Mano

    Dacen decided to go next. Before he went he put out his cigarette and pulled his rifle off the table and says "Let me take a shot at this boys." The hallway reconfigured into a long hallway about 100 yards long, then a split which either way lead to a right turn then a door after a another 75 yards.

    Dacen shouldered his blaster rifle the cool plastic felt at home on his shoulder. He sprinted about 15 yards before a "stormtrooper" came out of a recessed door to his right. The "stormtrooper took one shot and missed at which point Dacen rolled and hit the stormtrooper square in the jaw with the barrel of his rifle knocking him out. He continued running until 10 yards ahead of him 2 came out of doors and shot at him, he dodged one and rolled backwards to the previous door. He jumped in and checked his weapon. The barrel was fine and there was little cosmetic damage. He already knew he had full ammo so he peeked his head out and was greeted with 4 shots in rapid succession. "Crap" he thought. So he poked his gun out the door and shot the clip. He quickly pulled it in changed the ammo and peeked his head out. No one was there. He knew they had retreated into the rooms. So it was time to get creative. He wrapped a line of det cord around a small block of C4. He made two of those.

    Then Dacen took a deep breath and sprinted forward to the door firing cover fire as he went. The rolled past the two doors tossed the psuedo
    grenades in and pushed the detonater, and was greeted with a loud BOOM. He knew after that the next hall would be chock full of Stormtroopers so before he turned to the right hall he hesitated, then peeked his head across and made a quick count. He saw 7, 2 within 15 yards 3, 15 yards after them then 2 more. He remembered the key to special forces force multiplication, speed and aggression. So he turned full around the corner fast and hard shot the first two in the heads ran past their bodies, shot the next three, then as he passed them his weapon was shot and fell to the ground he reflexively drew his pistol and shot the last two. Then ran past them got the disk and ran back.

    When the sim ended. He sat down exhausted pulled out a cigarette and said "Who's next up."

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  2. MCPO_John_117

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    Nov 5, 2007
    OOC: Ok enough arguing. I can understand both sides of this thing, so lets settle it now. I did enable godmoding so Dmentae's post is valid, but I did forget to saw i wanted godmoding to be realistic no fantastic technologies that may or may not exist(yes teleporters are in wookipedia but they are disputed about being cannon)I can see Radiance's point too.

    So here it is. From now on Godmoding will be realistically done. All posts that are after Dmentae's sim run except for WISE_JEDI12's are void. They never happend. I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything. I just want to have a fun RPG. so any more grievances of this sort are to be brought to me in Pm's. also if anyone has anything to say or any questions don't hesitate to Pm me I don't mind, really.

    If anyone wants out of this RPG let me know privately.

    this following post is to Dmentae before Wise's post.

    IC: Colonel John Spartan

    Good job Dmentae, but we're here to evaluate your combat skills not your slicing skills. you can go again if you want.

    OOC: And by the way I'm a former Marine, so I'm trying to portray the Colonel realistically.
  3. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    OOC: I can live with that.

    IC: Alpha-99

    Alpha-99 returned to a viewing position near a screen by the wall. He removed his helmet, finally revealing his features to those around him. He stood with his arms crossed and watched Dacen go through his run. He had obvious skill and as the explosion occured, it brought an unconcious smile to 99's face. The ground rumbled slightly with the impact and brought the satisfying feeling of destruction to 99.

    He nodded to Dacen as he passed obviously impressed.

    As they waited for the next person to go forward 99 pulled a small recording device and started sketching on it with a stylus. He was designing an insignia for his non-armor attire. The colonel had wanted them to match at least in a rudementary sense when it came to being a team. 99 had no problem with that, he would be slightly opposed to the idea simply because it would mean taking his armor off for extended periods of time, but it was what he had been ordered with and he didn't disobey orders unless they were unethical or jeapordized the mission itself. Wearing certain clothes didnt do any of that so to 99 it was a lawful order.

    He pulled his left pistol from its holster, ejected the ammunition and looked it over, checking the functionality. It had a little carbon residue in and on the chamber and would need to be cleaned soon. But he would wait for now, as he may or may not be using them again soon. He returned the ammo clip, reloaded the weapon, placed it on safe and slid it back into his holster. He repeated the process with his left pistol, checking it over and replacing it. When he was done he began checking over his supplies, one thermal detonator left and some spare ammo. Not much to go on but enough for an ARC to complete a mission.

    He was now part of an organization that didn't exist. His missions would place him behind enemy lines and in harms way on a constant basis, completely surrounded and outnumbered. And he would be tasked to complete impossible missions with little to no support or supply for the greater good of the galaxy....

    Alpha-99 replaced his helmet before his smile returned and heard it preasurize around him.

    Yea, I guess I AM in the right place after all.

    He looked over at Dacen and his rifle, which had been hit. He caught the mans eye and offered a lifted chin nod.

    "If you need help reparing that just let me know"

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  4. Darth_Vaders_cousin

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    Nov 12, 2004
    OOC:Now, I'm not one to clutter so I'll make this short and get on with my post. First off, as I said before, take ya'lls complaints to PM. We don't want to see it. Secondly i have two words, Spell Check. Finally, KOTOR is a videogame and therefor not cannon. Seriously if personal shields worked as well as they did in that video game Han Solo would never have worried about Greedo, and since a Thermal Detonator is one of the strongest grenades in the Universe, I doubt that a small shield generator can hold it. But, since I'm not the GM I can't say what goes and what doesn't. If ya'll have anything else you want to take up with me send a PM and I'll be happy to debate you.

    IC: Gaph

    Gaph watched quietly as three of the other men went. The two armored beings and the farmer, whom he'd had a decent conversation with earlier. So far, he strongly disliked one of the Armored men, and the way he "cheated" his way through the course went to prove that he was right about the man. Gaph thought he was bad news, and he was probably right.

    But it didn't matter, what mattered was him getting through this course on his own. Speed was of the essence, so he removed his jacket, revealing his bristling, quill like blue hair on his arms. He removed his gun belt, and situated it on his body like a bandoleer, so that the pistol which had been in the small of his back was now angled downward from his shoulder, butt towards his left hip, and held in place by a small leather strap. He removed his throwing knives from their concealed location, small stitched in sheaths in his jack, and slotted them through special leather slats on his now-bandoleer, their handles facing his right hand. Finally, he withdrew his Vibroshiv from within his right boot, and placed in a similar slat near the buckle, situated over his left hip. Finally he ran his walking cane through two loops in the belt on his back reminiscent of old swordsmen.

    The Course repositioned itself into a jagged, zig-zagging hallway, which made ventilation travel, his preferred method of transportation, impossible. After the long Z-ig-Zag stretch, the course Y'ed into two short and straight stretches each leading to a door, leading to the final objective.

    He started into the course with out a word, his mind now set on the objective. He started off slowly, no weapons drawn yet. He looked around every zig, expecting a droid to be waiting. He rolled around the zags like a trained soldier, keeping his body slightly hunched to minimize target area.

    He met his first resistance a third of the way down the zig-zagging stretch. He heard the familiar hum of a repolso-powered droid approaching the corner he was hiding behind. He pressed himself tightly against the wall, and waited for the droid to advance past his position ever-so slightly. When it did, he dugg his left hand claws into it's back, slamming it against the corridor wall beside him. One down.

    He picked up the pace this time, knowing the droid would have alerted it's counterparts. He moved swiftly and ever so silently, encountering two droids approaching him as he neared the end of the hallway. He spun to the right as they fired, bolts zinging past either side of him, close enough he instinctively "sucked it in" as they passed. While he was spinning he simultaneously drew two of the throwing knives with his right hand, sending them toward his assailants as he finished the 360. One blade caught it's large training droid dead center, sending it to the floor with a loud clank. The other, sadly, glanced off the droid's side, sending it clanking against the wall. Before the droid could reacquire it's target, the DL-22 had dropped into his left hand, and a bolt caught it dead center. He slid the blaster back into it's holster and and clipped the leather strap shut again. He moved forward, collecting his blades as he went.

    He reached the Y with out further trouble, and stood for a moment. He pulled a small gaming token from his pocket, something he'd stolen before he'd realized it was of no use anywhere but the c
  5. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Alpha-99 watched again as the squad went one by one, the Ryn, Gaph he thought his name was, had just finished and again he was surprised by the combat tactics of these other squad mates. Dacen liked blasters apparently but Gaph had a thing for blades.

    Well if we need an assassin on a mission we know who to turn to.

    He would spend time with Gaph later to both get to know him and explain the weakest spots of stormtrooper armor that could be easily penetrated by his blades, if he didnt already know. 99 watched the Ryn hand the disk over to the Colonel and gave him a nod and a two fingered salute. He would get along with most of these men nicely. And it seemed that they all complimented each others skills. 99 himself was a jack of all trades, but was only truelly proficient with demo and sniping. His sniper skills were his trump card though. He normally would carry his heavy blaster rifle on his back but never use it. He looked around to see if there was anyone else that needed to do their run.

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    OOC: conflict was resolved by swift understanding from the GM but im always up for a good star wars debate ;)
  6. Master_Dmentae

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    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Dmentae - Sim

    "No, that is my run, my combat is with as less casualties as possible, and the fastest route possible. I use my gun for enforcing and warning, it rarely fired as a Lethal object" Dmentae left, returning to the Hangar three and sitting down, contemplating what had happened, he took off his helmet, his Silver hair falling infront of him as he pulle dit out of the Suit.

    Tag; Any
  7. MCPO_John_117

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    Nov 5, 2007
    IC: Colonel John Spartan

    "Good job Gaph. Alright people those were all good runs, and it shouwed me how to use you all to your full potential." John nodded at his team already feeling a sense of pride for them.

    "We will arrive at our destination in six hours. For those of you that have already gone, go ahead and get restocked. Then your off duty untill we arrive."

    OOC: Only two people haven't gone through the sim yet. Freeman and Pullus. we'll assume they went and did fine. If they come back online, then guys feel fee to post you run. We'll just act like thats what happened. We also may have two more players.
  8. LordPullus

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    Jul 6, 2006
    (Occ I'm sorry for not posting sooner I got kinda lost with the Occ debate that was conducted. I'll just assume that my guy already went, and post here with a post run in character wise)

    Piko Whie
    Training Arena

    Piko wiped the sweat that trickled down the left side of his face holstering his blaster before grabbing his coat from where he had placed it before entering the training simulation.

    "The reflex's seem to be a tad bit off", Piko commented as he rubbed the numbness from his right forearm where one of the training droids had grazed it with a shot he hadn't anticipated.

    While somewhat satisfied with his markmenship within the simulation Piko noted that his reflexes were slightly slow remembering that he had found himself cornered towards the middle stretch of his run, and was lucky to escape that scenrio with just a numbed forearm. His speed in which he had accomplished was average compared to the others who had entered before him, but what bothered Piko was that he had taken longer then expected to control his adrenaline.

    Pulling his coat on before checking the weight tugging on his left side where his electro-staff resided Piko listened as their unit leader detailed their next move. It was time soon that Piko met his fellow unit brothers, but at the moment Piko had a pressing matter to know what exactly layed ahead for them and so he approach Colonel Spartan.

    "Sir a moment if you have one", Piko called out as he stopped rubbing his forearm closing his mind of to the numbness tingling down to his fingertips.

    "Just wanted to get a little insight on what waited for us on our first stop", Piko spoke catching himself right after he had uttered the last syllable remembering that he was now a part of a military unit that had it's procedures.

    "Forgive me for my oversight Colonel", Piko added as he pulled up a few steps infront of the Colonel.

    Information was Piko's specialty aquiring it was usually not this difficult, but still it was the one thing that any intelligent being could never get enough of.

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  9. MCPO_John_117

    MCPO_John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 5, 2007
    IC: Colonel John Spartan

    Piko approached John.
    "Just wanted to get a little insight on what waited for us on our first stop...Forgive me for my oversight Colonel"

    John looked up from the evaluation reports. "It's alright. As for our next stop will be setting up a base of operations. We'll be coordinating all missions from there."

    OOC: Good Post LordPullus.
  10. MCPO_John_117

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    Nov 5, 2007
    IC: Colonel John Spartan

    The Freedom emerges into real space. It's captain issuing the last of the hyperspace jumps to be calculated. He also grants permission for the lone shuttle that was waiting for them to dock.

    John waits just outside the landing zone as the shuttle descends. There was just no other way to get the whole team together at once.
    The shuttle's ramp descends. The crew come off the ship lugging creates with droids following behind them. The last one off is a Nagai. He comes to a stop in front of John. He snaps a salute "Darkan Creed, reporting Sir."

    John returns the salute " Good to have you aboard Creed. Get your stuff stowed and report to cargo bay three for a sim run."

    Creed nods, and heads towards the exit.

    John turns as someone taps his shoulder, and sees one of the droids from the shuttle. "Can I help you?"
    John could have sworn that if that droid could have smiled it would have.
    "Yes Sir. Droid Infintry unit B-00M reporting Sir."
    John smiled almost forgot about him. Should be interesting to see the teams reaction to their newest member.
    "Good to have you aboard, stow your gear and report to the cargo bay."

    OCC: We have new players. Everone say hi to LordRaziel, and Knite16.

    Name: Darkan Creed
    Gender: Male
    Age: 36
    Species: Nagai
    Homeworld: Nagai
    ---Traits: Silent, deadly, everything a good alliance member can offer those lowly stormies.
    ---Likes: "The only good bucket head is a dead one" Knives, swords, sharp things, blunt things. Late night strolls on a peaceful evening with the gentle screaming of dieing imperials.
    ---Dislikes: Loud noises, blasters, people wielding blasters unless they are shooting imperials.
    ---Habits: Keeps to himself, changing weapons mid combat to make sure he doesn't lose his edge, keeping score on death counts.
    ---Skin Color: White
    ---Hair Color: Black
    ---Eye Color: Silver
    ---Other Attributes: Darkan is a master infiltrator, if you want something open from the inside, he is the man for the job. Detached in nature, Darkan kills is a born hunter.
    GEAR: Various poisoned darts, utility belt, grappling hooks, scope.
    Weapons: Twin Vibro short swords, modified wrist-mounted crossbow, various vibro knives. Garote wire, all things nice and silent.
    Armor/clothing: Midnight black armor, suited for infiltration more than firefights, flexible and hard wearing, can take a few indirect blaster shots.
    specialty weapons: All close combat baby, see above.
    notes on gear: Darken lives for combat, his weapons and armor are his pride and joy, cleaned thoroughly every day, grumpy at the slightest hint of dirt...or blood.
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: No
    ---Knack: Killing without a conscience, seemingly abrasive but a realist at heart.
    ---Back Ground: Darkan was a member of the special ops group for the imperial army, sent on many death defying raids against the newly formed rebels. He was a member of the shadow company as they were called, soldiers capable of entering and exiting an area with no one the wiser. Darkan was a fanatical follower of the new Emperor until he watched his own squad mates killed by order of the Empire, they had been set up, framed and executed in one stroke. With bitter hatred he defected to the rebels, destroying one of their major ship yards as a parting shot. Darkan was welcomed warmly but by no means without suspicion by the new rebel commanders.

    Darkan's knowledge of Imperial tactics, layouts and organization has proved useful to the rebels in their long conquest for victory. Now once again the shadowy Darkan Creed has been issued new orders, destroy the enemy, take no prisoners, leave none alive. His blades silent and sure, his enemies....dead...and dead.

    Now he has the opportunity to work with like minded individuals in the quest for bloody mayhem against the Empire and all those bucket heads. It's hunting season and there is plenty of game.
  11. knite16

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    Sep 20, 2007
    IC: B-00M

    "A pleasure to meet you, sir. Of course you've been informed of my designation, which is Bee Zero Zero Em, but due to the humorous nature of my creator he intended people to call me Boom beca..." Boom was cut off by a wave. "Yes, I understand, sir. I've been known to be far more informative than sentient species care to..." Boom was cut off again. "Rightfully so. All my things are stored inside me. I shall be on my way."

    Boom gave a salute and walked away. He was remarkably quiet for a droid. The usual sound of mechanics and clanking as a droid walked did not resound from him. He continued down the hallway to the training room. Upon entering, a man turned to him and immediately looked pleased. "Great, the service droid is here. I'll have a [link=]Durindfire[/link]."

    Boom cocked his mechanical head a little and responded, "I beg your pardon, sir, but by Durindfire are you referring to the crystal or the beverage?"

    "What kind of service droid are you? I can't drink a crystal now can I?"

    "Well that certainly depends on how you look at it. The Durindfire is a crystal, yet there is a drink named after it. So in one context, you are drinking a Durindfire. The same can be said about a Ruby Bliel where as th..."

    "Look, stupid, I don't have time for your annoying droid answers. Shut up and get me my drink."

    Boom looked at the man for a moment before saying, "I am terribly sorry sir, but my programing informs me I should tell you to 'go kiss a bantha.'"

    The man's face grew red and he went to shove the droid, but upon his hands entering the vicinity of Boom's chassis, an outline of a forcefield became visible and the man went flying backwards, unconscious. Booms head cocked to the other side as he looked at the man for a moment, then as if nothing had happened, he turned and began to walk towards a man clad in Clone armor.

    --Scanning-- "Designation Alpha-99. ARC Class Clone Trooper. Manufactured 38 years ago on Kamino. Greetings, designation Alpha-99."

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  12. MCPO_John_117

    MCPO_John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 5, 2007
    IC: Colonel John Spartan

    John had followed Boom to the training room to watch his run. He smiled as a tech sergeant mistook Boom.
    The sergeant went flying. John checked to make sure he would be alright. No lasting injuries. Looking around he saw all eight members there,
    "Listen up people, Meet Bee Oh Oh Em or Boom as he prefers, and Darkan Creed they will be joining the Unit."
    John gestured to the sim.
    "Darken, Boom. when your ready"

    OOC: By the way, since this was brought up before, about the shields, he is a droid they can have them. Think Destroyer Droids just not as strong.
  13. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    Darkan moved silently from the corner of the room, his black armour and single eyed helmet menacing at first glance. (Think Gray Fox from Metal gear solid) Its red stare unwavering and piercing.

    "Colonel, if you please, activate the assassin droids." Slowly Darkan entered the narrow simulator corridors, His vibro swords sliding quietly out of the holsters strapped to his legs. The assassin droids were the pinnacle of droid technology, fast and deadly their melee weapons spun in blurred motion.

    Darkan smiled to himself, darting down the first corridor, sticking to the shadows as much as possible. His first target slowly moved into view, within seconds its guttered innards spluttered and sparked, his blades exiting as fast as they entered.

    Alerted by the commotion another droid entered the hallway, its own weapons protruding from many arms. Its sensors scanning for any movement, of course there was none. Darkan fell from above, his grav clips deactivating at a press of a button. Before the droid could react its armoured hull fell away, both halves hitting the ground simultaniously. Suddenly a blaster bolt flew passed Darkan, Sith spit......I hate blasters.

    The close combat specialist could not win in a battle of firearms, he crouched low and made himself a small a target as possible. As soon as the next bolt was fired he sprung forward, rolling as he landed, reaching across his forearm he let loose three vibro knives. Two of the shots missed their target but luckily the final embedded itself in the droids head. Melting slowly through until the droid was nothing more than slag.

    A sharp pain coursed across Darkans back, How could I be so careless!, the assassin whirled just in time to parry the next attack. Blades spun and clashed as the two combatants danced around each other. The assassin droid was fast, insanely fast. It took all Darkan had and more to parry all four blades, but the droiud was not the only thing with more than one limb. A quick kick to the chest put the nimble droid off balance, a final guttering sound ending the simulation.

    Darkan exited the training excercise, in one motion he took his tight fitting headgear off. His black hair matted with sweat. Quickly he saluted the colonel, "All targets eliminated Sir."

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  14. MCPO_John_117

    MCPO_John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 5, 2007
    IC: Colonel John Spartan

    "Good work Darkan." John looked at Darkan's back "Hmm...Looks shallow, but you should get it looked at anyway. All n all a good run."
    John turned to reset the simulator, but stopped halfway.
    "Oh.. but next time don't forget the disk." John smile and reset the Simulator.

    OOC:Just messin with the new guy's.
  15. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Alpha-99 saw the new members and his eye quirked at the sight of the droid in front of him.

    Define Irony..... A man who is treated like a droid and follows orders to the last detail and was born and bred to destroy droids, staring at..... a Droid with a personality who more or less considers himself a man who was built and bred to destroy sentient beings. Both staring at the other with a half curious nature...

    99 coughed to hide his stifled laugh. He quickly regained his composure and straightened up. His helmet was analyzing the droid before him. He saw the arm blaster that was in obvious sight and smiled to himself. It was the most obvious of its weaponry but definatly not the only thing. The HUD was highlighting so many weapons inside the droids chasis that it was difficult to discern between the droid and weapons inside of it. 99 would put aside his predjeduce for this one. He felt good around the droid. And had a feeling that they would be working closely in the near future. Boom the droid and Spades the clone who liked nothing more than to blow things up.

    How interesting

    He looked over his shoulder and saw the unconcious sargeant agains the wall who was now drooling on himself with a humerous expression on his face.

    "Thats quite a punch. I am interested to see if you live up to your namesake, 0-Em. You may call me Alpha, or Spades. Whichever your programing prefers, for now though, I think your up."

    That was the most information that 99 had given about himself to anyone on the ship upon first contact. He had a good feeling about the droid. But wasn't so sure about the Nagai. He had the faint impression that the other man didnt much enjoy the rewards of explosions. He was a lanky, slinking being in 99's eyes, specialisting in bladed weaponry. Implying that he didn't like blasters or their ilk. The entire reason that the twin slug throwers were his weapons of choice were BEACUSE they were loud. At medium range his slugthrowers could light up a dark room with muzzleflash and put a 6 inch hole through a fleshy target. They COULD however be outfitted with silencers, which 99 did have but kept packed away unless desperately needed.

    He recalled the conversation earlier between the colonel and dmentae. And had to refrain from shaking his head.

    Whats the point of all that armor and weaponry if your main purpose in a mission is to NOT use it? ..... This guy trained with clones? Wonder if he had met the same fate as Bob'ika... getting his head dunked in refreshers....poor guy... Boba was a good kid. And will be a good man somday, just like his father... like MY father.... like me..

    He turned to go to his quarters to get his back satchel and rifle. He slung his blaster rifle on his back and put his armor satchel over top of it, a groove cut out for the rifle shape so the backpack fit securely, as if it was an attachment to his armor.

    He returned to watch Boom go on his sim run.

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  16. knite16

    knite16 Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 20, 2007
    OOC: By the way, heres a pic I found to roughly give you an idea of what B-00M looks like. [link=]B-00M[/link]

    IC: Boom

    --Analyzing Objective-- "Confirmed. The objective is to secure the data disk."

    Boom stepped into the corridor, signaling the simulation to start. His body immediately folded backwards, his legs now parallel with the ground and being held up by small repulsor lifts. He was now about 1/3 of the size that he stood and was repulsing silently down the corridor. A short distance down, he stopped a moment.

    --Scanning-- --Enemy Presence Confirmed. Droid Class. Non-Lethal.-- His indicators showed him the droid was hiding around the corner of a T like junction that went through the main corridor. --Switching to bowcaster technology.-- The large cannon on his arm flipped backwards as his legs had done moments before and a metallic looking beam with a ball on the end shot out followed by two bow-like ends springing horizontally from it. For as much change that had occurred with the appearance of the weapon, not much sound was heard.

    --Scanning Geometry for Perfect Angles.-- It had taken Boom a good 5-8 seconds to fire off the shot, but it was perfect. The bowcaster bolt hit it's mark on the wall of the far corridor and deflected back with perfection striking the droid in a vital area at its head. Without it even initiating an attack, it fell to the ground in a heap.

    Boom's logic programming told him this would prompt the remaining droids to attack so as soon as the bold was fired, the mini e-web had gone back to its position on his arm and his legs began to move again. One took a position behind him, perpendicular to his body while the other went straight forward, balancing the droid perfectly for the high powered weapon's shots. The droids came from both ends of the T hallway. Boom had already begun blasting at one side as the droids emerged and one by one they fell on top of eachother- 4 in all. The 4 from the other hallway had taken up position and began firing. Boom was a small target and the droids blasters were clumbsy, but still a few bolts made the deflector around him waver. His back leg that was supporting him pushed off with its repulsars and the droid rolled forward as the light on his cannon went from Red to Blue and rotated slightly.

    A stunningly fast array of blue ion pulses spewed forth from the cannon. They weren't the typical Ion pulse that was a large burst and a slow recharge and to the trained eye, they did not affect their targets as prominently, but they were fast. Obviously built for suppressing large amounts of droids rather that fully disabling a few slowly. Still the multitude of blasts after a short while wore the targets down and they fell to the ground with a clang.

    He came to the door that separated him from the disk he sought. He placed a hand on it, but when he went to move his arm back away, his hand remained stuck to the door and detached from his chassis.

    The man he had previously incapacitated was conscious and watching the droid in action and he couldn't help but laugh. "He is a bucket of bolts afterall. Look, he's falling apart! Ha!"

    Boom backed around a corner and moments later, the hand that was attached to the door exploded with the force of 6 thermal detonators. The door was completely missing. When the smoke cleared, the cannon that was on Boom's arm was now on a small tripod facing where the blast had occured. Boom himself was standing with his back to the wall, just outside the door, a large blade protruding from the stubs where the cannon and his hand had been.

    The first group of droids that came through the door were immediately mowed down by the proximity gun. The second group took more care in drawing its fire and after a few moments, without being attached to a larger source of power, the cannon's cells were depleted. The two remaining droids stepped towards the doorway with caution, scanning for their enemy. When each
  17. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    Alpha-99 stood with his arms crossed watching the display. When Boom's hand detonator went off, 99's eyes lit up with pleasure. The ground shook with the tremendous explosion and a huge smile played across his face, hidden behind his helmet.

    I think I just found my counterpart. Exact opposites with the same style.

    He walked alongside of the sargeant and tilted his helmet slighty to the shorter man.

    "That bucket of bolts could take you out with no though or process whatsoever. So could everyone else in this hangar. He is part of our team now, but feel free to insult him again. I am sure we can come up with... something for your ignorance."

    99's left armor bracer peeled back slightly, his foot and a half blade folded out siltently, this one was different from his right. It was completely custom, the top most half of it was connected on a gyro, enabling it to rotate on a small servo motor, which was good for drilling through certain objects... or people. It was also equiped with a small electric current. Only enough to stun a target, no permenant damage.

    The blade activated the pulse and 99 casually pressed the blunt side against the sargeants thigh, causing his eye to twitch and dropping him to the ground. The blade quickly shut down and re-folded. 99 looked down at the man and talked with a smile though it wasnt evident in his voice.

    "Did your leg give out Sargeant? You should be careful, maybe you need to go to the med bay..."

    Alpha-99 went over and sat on a crate near the Colonel, removing his rifle and stripping it down to check its funcionality. It was pristine, looking like it just came off of the assembaly line. 99 had actually used it many, MANY times. But every part of the weapon was maticulously cleaned and oiled daily. Regardless of where he was. For all intents and purposes, when Alpha-99 had his armor and pack, he was self sufficient for 5 days maximum, he had everything he needed. Spare ammo. Ration cubes, hygiene kit. Spare demo, more ammo. Weapons cleaning kit, spare demo, and more ammo. 99 enjoyed being prepared.

    After he was satisfied with his rifle, he took off his pack again, replaced the weapon to his back and re-hung his pack, which then clicked into place. Information automatically started flowing across his HUD as the armored backpack plugged into his helmet. It showed the status of the pack, the supplies and drop down status of the ammo loaders and DET. compartments. He was itching now to get started on the first mission. It had been almost an hour since he shot or blew something up, and he was getting edgy after Boom's sim run. He wanted a bigger explosion.

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  18. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    OOC: oops posted twice. all fixed!
  19. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    Darkan scolded himself quietly, he would not go to the med bay. This pain would remind him of his objectives, too often he was sidetracked by the slaughter. As he finished cleaning his blades he noticed the Arc trooper looking at him, he knew his kind, they were cool, methodic and pecise. Although this one seemed different, his choice of weaponry designed to cause chaos and mayhem.

    Darkan's first impression was to dislike the man, but something about the wanton desruction he caused brought back old memories. He would watch this ones back, two very opposite soldiers from two very different worlds.

    As he watched the droid go on the test he could not help but be impressed, apart from his use of long ranged weaponry Darkan was amused by the tricks he could play. This indeed was turning out to be a very rewarding situation indeed.

    Slowly but surely Darkan found his way to a quiet corner, watching the mayhem from a distance.

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  20. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    99 watched Darkan find a corner to rest. He walked over slowly but with deliberation, always walking tall. 99 never switched off of soldier mode. He blinked rapidly at a few colors in his helmet and a whirring was felt on his back as supplies were moved around to the storage bay of his pack. He reached up behind him as he entered ear shot of the Nagai.

    "Here, turn around and let me patch you up." He pulled some bacta patches and anticeptic from the bay and it closed automatically.
    "Warriors always have the hardest time admitting that they arent invincible. But it is their scars that serve as the reminder, and they dont make the mistake twice. I am no field medic but I know a little about patching people up. At least you wont bleed yourself out."

    Alpha-99 knelt down with precision. Putting his weight on his haunches and stopping just short of having the barrel of his rifle smack the floor. Bacta patch in hand and waiting for the Darkan to turn around so he could apply it.

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  21. MCPO_John_117

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    Nov 5, 2007
    IC: Colonel John Spartan
    Bridge of the Frigate "Freedom"

    John watched as the swril of hyperspace resolved into the inky blackness of space. There hanging in empty space was the Units new home.
    The Captain came up behind John. "Told you I'd get you here in one piece Colonel."
    John smiled "I knew you would Mac." John nodded at Captain McCullough as he left the bridge.
    He had finished ordering the supplies to be loaded on the two shuttles by the time the turbolift reached deck five. He went to his cabin, and grabbed his gear. then headed back to the lift.
    He hit the preprogrammed button on his commlink, the one that would page the entire unit at once, "All members of Unit 117 please report to the hanger ready for departure, don't forget you gear soldiers."

    With in the hour all the members of Unit 117 were aboard the shuttles. John was sitting in the pilot's seat of Saber priming the engines, while the Hammer was next to him doing the same.
    "Saber and Hammer ready to depart." the comm. crackled a little then the Captain's voice "Understood Saber and Hammer, Permission granted."
    "Thanks for the ride Freedom. Good journeys."

    The shuttles glide smoothly into the small hanger. Small by capital ship standards maybe, but it could hold six shuttles and a couple of fighters. Saber set down next to the only other ship in the hanger. It was an older model BlastBoat. Hammer set down on Sabers other side.
    John exited the shuttle and addressed the gathering.
    "Welcome to our new home in the field, Theta Base."

    OCC: Feel free to look around. rooms are already assigned. and there are some levels that are not represented. Also I have issued ranks, keep in mind I rated all of you on the quality of your posts and there is always room for advancement.
    Rank is merely decorative at this point in the game, because I don't think we should be ordering each other around, but I'll find a way to exploit it in missions (the higher your rank the more Alliance npc's you can control as back up or something) there is also a support team of Alliance NPC aboard to run the Base you can control them (just don't kill or injure them badly). you can find Theta Base and ranks at this [link=]site[/link]

    also I posted pcs of most of you (the pic of Boom, gaph, I found a Nagai, and an arc trooper for 99.) If you want a pic or a diffrent pic let me know in a Pm and supply the pic or a link to it.
  22. knite16

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    Sep 20, 2007
    Upon landing, Boom immediately accessed the computer for a base layout and then made his way to the droid storage area to salvage parts. His internal workings kept a supply of 5 spare hands and 30 spare fingers, but as often as Boom liked to use them, he thought it best to replace the supply as much as possible.

    He found a few components then made his way to his quarters and began assembling.

  23. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    OOC: Quick question... what planet are we on exactly....

    IC: Alpha-99

    Upon landing 99 decended from their transport and looked around. He walked into the base, taking in everything. He spotted a wall terminal and accessed the database after Boom was done, and pulled a blueprint of the base into his HUD. 99 walked around with purpose, exploring the new area, taking in everything. He walked passed a room where boom was constructing replacement parts and stopped 4 steps after he had passed the door. He backpedled and returned to look at what the droid was doing. 99 pulled a small data chip from a pouch at his waist and tossed it to the droid.

    "Private comm line, if you want some company. I am going to continue to explore"

    He continued on through the base and found the armory. It had a nice assortment of weaponry, nothing terribly special. But enough for flash missions. Things that were used in situations where speed was key. He had an incredible feeling that he was going to be a distraction for Darkan and Gaph on a lot of their missions. His weaponry was loud and made craters in whatever it was employed against. They were quiet and sneaky and could open things from the inside without being detected. He could do that as well, if he stripped off all his armor and silenced his pistols. But 99 didnt much like being out of his armor. It gave him eyes everywhere, and protected from assaults if he didnt see them coming.

    He finished his rounds at his own quarters. He removed his pack and set it in his wall locker. A pouch opened behind him and 99 pulled his lucky explosive from it and set it on his table. He cracked open the ordinance and started playing with wires, humming an old mandilorian tune.

  24. Master_Dmentae

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    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Dmentae - Aboard Schuttle

    Dmentae went to his dorm immediately, laying on the bed and falling asleep, he had replaced his helmet before anyone had seen, not wanted anyone to see him, he was here because it was asked of him, not because he especially wanted to, he slep in the bed, still in his armor, as he heard the Metallic clanking of a Droid. "Great, we fight them and now we are using them..." he flet asleep on that note, exhausted from all he had been through on the past few weeks.

    Tag: Any, all, anyone can wake me up.
  25. MCPO_John_117

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    Nov 5, 2007
    OOC: Its a hollowed out asteroid. you can read about it [link=]here[/link]. Also I'll post the ranks here.
    Corporal Alpha-99
    Lance Corporal Gaph
    Lance Corporal Dacen Mano
    Private First Class Piko Whie
    Private First Class Dmentea Salamander Uay
    Private First Class Darkan Creed
    Private First Class B-00M
    Private Freeman Hoth
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