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SWRPF Archive Unit 117. SpecOps- Now accepting new players

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by MCPO_John_117, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    Darkan had grudgingly accepted aid from the Arc trooper, the man known as Spades. Before entering the unit Creed had studied all of the units profiles. He did not like to be surprised by anything.

    Upon arriving at the new base of operations Darkan quickly seperated himself from the other members, taking in the entire complex as soon as possible. He activated his data sheet, locating his room and making himself comfortable. Darkan stripped out of his armour and helmet, its inner computers deactivating with a slight hum. Darkan sat down at the workbench and removed his blades, meticulously cleaning and sharpening them for his next encounter.

    The ex imperial assassin was incredibly proud of his skills, they had saved more than one of his battle brothers. But the empire had betrayed him, killed them as they slept, his entire family wiped out in an instant. As the hours fell away Darkan was slowly lost in his past.

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  2. kadlah_cha

    kadlah_cha Jedi Youngling

    Aug 13, 2006
    Name: aaron pester
    Gender: male
    Age: 17
    Homeworld: kessel
    ---Traits: very withdrawn and quiet person, excellent sniper
    ---Likes: dark quiet places
    ---Dislikes: empire, long walks on the beach
    ---Habits: spinnig knives
    ---Skin Color: pale
    ---Hair Color: brown
    ---Eye Color: blue
    ---Clothing: old republic jedi robes
    ---Other Attributes:
    GEAR: a leather backpack, and a gillie suite
    Weapons: sniper rifle, carbine, and pistole
    Armor/clothing: no armor
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: No
    ---Knack: natural born sniper
    ---Back Ground:Born on kessel, aaron grew up hearing nothing but how bad the empire was, His mother was sent to kessel three months before he was born and the guards took great pleasure in torchering her. when he was 12 a guard tried to rape her and aaron killed him. he escaped soon after and spent the next 2 years working from job to job untill he found his calling as a sniper. since then he has spent his time trying to make contact with the rebellion
  3. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    Alpha-99 cased up the explosive in front of him, his tinkering done for the time being. He had made the explosive a little more powerful by eliminating the need to go through excess wires to prime certain areas. Now, once this particular device was acitvated. The only way it was going to be deactivated was when it left a huge crater in the ground.

    He slipped it back into his pouch and stood. 99 walked across the room and placed his rifle in a corner. He exited his room and walked around the complex, peering into various rooms. He found himself at the simulation room. 99 accessed a computer and punched up a marksman range. Flimsy targets in the shape of a mans torso dropped from the ceiling.

    He drew his slug thrower with a spinning flourish and brought it to bare. The target was a good distance away. He cupped the pistol in both hands and positioned himself carefully. When he was ready he fired a single shot, it landed center mass. Satisfied with that he let the ammunition fly. Filling the chamber with the extremly loud crack of gasses and brass combining to make a deadly projectile

    BLAM BLAMBLAMBLAMBLAM. One after the other, not stopping until the weapon was empty. He immediatly returned the pistol to its holster and drew his secondary, switching stances to his off hand and continueing to unload on the dummy target. He fanned the pistol left to right and had 4 holes running along the targets neck. When he had only 6 rounds left he aimed for the head and shot carefully. And just as quickly as he had started, he was empty again. He spun the pistol on his left pointer finger and returned it to the holster, as he walked forward to the target, taking off his helmet as he went. 99 tucked it under his arm and reached the target.

    There were many many holes in the chest of this "man". Tightly grouped together so that when Alpha put his hand lightly on the target, it fell straight through as the material collapsed. A fist sized hole in the target. He looked up at the neck and blew a light breath over it, the material seperated and the torso portion of the target fell to the ground. Finally he looked up at the head, where he had spent his last 6 rounds. There were two holes paralell to each other where eyes should have been and 4 more in an upside-down U, shape, where the mouth should have been. 99 Smiled in the face of the frowning face he had made.

    "Dont worry friend. If I had gotten torn up like that I would be sad too."

  4. MCPO_John_117

    MCPO_John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 5, 2007
    IC: Colonel John Spartan
    Theta Base-Command Operations

    John walked in the door, and Chief of the Watch snapped to attention. "Colonel we have an incoming starfighter Y-Wing class. Its has yet to transmit a clearance code."

    John's eyebrow rose ever so slightly. "Lock all available weapons on that craft, and prepa..." the short range comm. officer interrupted John.
    "Sir, clearnce code has been recived...its Blue level!"

    John didn't hesitate. "Clear the hanger of ALL personnel. Give the fighter clearance to dock, and guide him in. Put the base on Orange alert. Lock down all power emissions, and flight beacons. Until I give the clear we're just another rock in space." John spun on his heel to the bristling of Yes Sirs and activity.

    John made his way to the hanger. entering his code the door slid up. He steped in as the Y-wing settled to the deck. The big hanger doors silently slid shut. The hatch on the starfighter popped as the pressure equalized. A pale human exited the cockpit wearing the slandered orange rebel flight suit. He snapped to attention and saluted.
    "Sir, Private Aaron Pester. I have a priority data disk for Colonel Spartan."
    John returend the salute. "At ease Private. Follow me."

    John lead Pester through the base to his office/quarters. There he magnetically sealed the door, and activated a privacy field.
    Pester handed John a sealed cube the size of his fist. It had a screen on one side next to a round scanning node. John had seen these before. It was a retinal scanner. It would match his retinal pattern with the one on file, if they didn't match it would self destruct.

    The device clicked as it scanned his eye, then opened. John took out the data disk. Using a data pad that had had its transceiver removed, he read the disk.

    It had three files on it. The first was the addition of Pester to his roster, the man was a capable sniper and had no love of the Empire. The second was orders for an emergency mission, and the third was the intelligence report for there objective.

    John read the mission orders. "You have got to be joking" he said this to no one in particular, but Pester gave him a curious look anyway. John looked up. "Do you know whats on this?"

    Pester fidgeted a little. "partially Sir. I don't know the details, but I was there when the intel came in. I believe it's why they sent me."

    John nodded. "Alright, you are under my direct order not to speak of this to anyone. Go find a bunk, and get some rack time. Trust me we will need it. Dismissed." John unsealed the door for the private, and then resealed it. He commed the Ops "Chief Put the base on Yellow standby." He looked over the orders once more. He then opened the intel report, and started planning for the mission.

    OCC: Almost thought you forgot about the game kadlah_cha. You can have the unlabeled bunk on the end. Also the sim room was hollowed out of a neutronium vain, so feel free to blow things up there (every one knows who this is directed to). I'll post the mission later today. By the way the alerts are Blue-normal, Yellow-Possible Threat detected/Standby, Orange-Lock Down/Imminent Threat, Red-Battle Stations.
  5. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    Alpha-99 had just been reloading his pistols and walking out of the range when the station cycled to orange status. He finished reloading as he ran and the bolts snapped forward as the rounds were locked in the place. He sprinted down the hallway and headed forward to the colonels office.

    His first priority was to make sure that his men were secure. Then his commanding officer. He ran by room after room. Letting his helmet scan the rooms as he sprinted by, gaining accountability for everyone and holding the information to the side of his HUD. He continued sprinting to the Colonels office and approached 5 feet from it before the door swung open towards him.

    Oh fierfek....

    He nearly ran head on into the open door and only saved himself from the collision by giving a short hop and striking his foot out and kicking off of the wall launching himself in the opposite side of the hall, corkscrewing in mid air and slamming against the wall on his back. His armor letting him slide down without gaining harm. He slid across the floor past the open door and drew both pistols simultaniously, pointing them both at the man in the door as he skidded to a halt on his back.

    It was just a kid.

    He sprang to his feet and poked past the kid into the door to make sure that the colonel was secure. Upon seeing that there was no harm to him he spun the pistols around on his finger and returned them to the holsters. Slapping a crisp salute to his Commanding Officer.

    "Sir, all of Unit-117 are accounted for. Do you have any orders at this time sir?"

    Just as he finished the statement the code cycled back to yellow.

    Son of a...

    He stood there with his salute, waiting.

  6. MCPO_John_117

    MCPO_John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 5, 2007
    IC: Colonel John Spartan
    Theta Base-Colonel's Office

    As Pester opened the door to leave John saw Alpha-99 ricochets off the hallway's wall and slid almost to his door with slugthrowers drawn, and aimed at Pester. John raised an eyebrow in amusement. 99 realized there was no threat, and holsters his weapons. He edges by Pester. "Sir, all of Unit-117 are accounted for. Do you have any orders at this time sir?"
    John stifled a laugh, Gung-ho 99 always waiting for trouble, or wishing for it, John didn't know which. "Come on in Corporal. I could use a good sounding board."
    99 stepped into the office, and sealed the door behind him.

  7. LordPullus

    LordPullus Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 6, 2006
    IC: Piko Whie
    Room/Home Base

    Striped down to only his black combat pants, and boots Piko had found himself a room that he felt kept him alert to the ongoings of the base as well offered him some sort of privacy. So far there weren't to many issue's between the unit's members, but give it time and there was bound to be some sparks especially for a group such as their's. They had a clone and droid for one not to mention the different speices even with their dislike for the Empire couldn't totally subdue the naturally tensions between them.

    "This should be an interesting first couple of weeks", Piko chuckled to himself resuming his blaster maintenance.

    You never did know when your weapons my fail on you so it was always a good idea to check on them whenever you did get a chance for the lone fact that battle was usually on it's on schedule. Sitting down on his bunk with a small portable container at his feet where the blaster pieces layed ontop of Piko continued he's assessment noting that a few of his blaster parts seemed rather worn to function.

    "It's a good thing I did this now", Piko mumbled to himself with a sigh as he held up his power charge unit for closer examination.

    With a slight shake of his head the former spy set down the power unit back on the portable container before whipping up his shirt on the bunks corner sliping into it with ease. Jumping up to his feet Piko strolled out of his room making his way down the corridor trying to remember where he thought the equipment storage might be.

    Wondering around aimlessly Piko took in the facilities features with a breath wondering where the Alliance had found funds to fix this little project up.

    "I guess we all have our secrets eh", Piko whistled to himself as he continued his search hoping to bump into somebody that might be able to help him out.

    "Where's mister blow everything up when you need him", Piko made referance with a chuckle to Spades who probably could point him in the right direction.

    Tag: anybody who might be able to help.

    (Occ just a side note my character is a first class smart alec and enjoy's a good jive)
  8. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    99 stepped into the office and sealed the door behind him. He stood at attention until told otherwise. Wondering what was going on.

    He started to wonder who the kid was.. Surely he was just a message courier...

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    OOC: piko, 99 has his comm in his helmet so if you want to contact him even if he is talking to someone else, they wont be able to hear it. So if you wanted to interact with him while hes with the colonel then just say the word
  9. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    OOC: im sorry, i cant keep up with you, you all post when im asleep and i have to keep rreading up loads. So im goinna have 2 leave, RL is giving me troubles atm.
  10. MCPO_John_117

    MCPO_John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 5, 2007
    OCC: I am sure I can speak for everyone when I say we understand. Good luck.
  11. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    Darkan Creed noted the small change in the bases status as the dim light in his room changed colour. Without a word he picked up a blade and exited the room. In the distance he could here the sound of armour moving at speed, someone was in a hurry.

    Only one of the party wore heavy armour....quickly the assassin increased his pace, as the bolted round the last corner he saw a stunned teenager....What sort of alert is this?
    "What is going on here? Why has the base gone to alert?" Darkan quickly realised he was armed and slowly sheated his Vibro sword.

    Tag Aaron pester
  12. MCPO_John_117

    MCPO_John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 5, 2007
    IC: Colonel John Spartan
    Theta Base

    John waited in the Conference room. He had issued a base wide announcement twenty minuets ago for all commandos to come to the conference room at 1500 hours. It was 1459. John waited. Finally Dmentae entered the room. He took up position in the corner away from everyone else. 'I am going to have to have a talk with him' thought John.
    "Alright everyone. Today at 1232 hours Private Pester here brought orders from the High Command. They want us on a mission, and they want it now. Normally they would give this mission to those pansies in Special Forces, but there are no teams available. We however are available." John picks up his data pad "I am transmiting you the intel file I received." John hit the send button.
    Across all the teams data pads a file popped up, it read as follows:
    Intelligence Report on Dandrian and surrounding Imperial facilities.
    Alliance Intelligence

    Dandrian in the Dandrian system was called the crossroads of the Galaxy. It has a single sun and is orbited by the Dandrian Ring of asteroids, the remnants of a moon that struck the planet during formation. It has a thick atmosphere, flat marshes, and tropical grass (but no trees). It is inhabited by indigenous bonecrushers as well as Humans and Gamorreans. Dandrian also sports two w-165 planetary turbolasers to cover the Alpha Omega prison that is in geosynchronous orbit.

    The Alpha-Omega Prison is a top-security Imperial prison on the Alpha-Omega asteroid in Dandrian's Ring, orbiting the planet Dandrian. It is designed simply to hold important prisoners until they can be transported to a better facility. The base is controlled by a Captain-Supervisor and two Lieutenants, and has a garrison of twenty stormtroopers as well as both a medical and technician droid. The primary method of entry is through the docking bay. A possible secondary entrance is the garbage chute on the underside of the asteroid. Unknown were this leads.
    End Report

    John continued "Apparently five members of the Alliance High Command staff have been captured. This is unacceptable. If they are interrogated there is a good chance that vital information will be compromised. High Command wants us to get them out. This Alpha-Omega Prison is only a holding facility, so there is a high probability that the prisoners haven't been interrogated yet. Our objectives are as follows:"

    Primary Objective: Rescue of Alliance Prisoners, five total,
    Drax Madin, Tolen Crips,Alex Dran, Raslin Ferm, and Grath Dunham.
    Before they can be shipped to Coruscant for interrogation.

    "There are a number of secondary objectives we need to complete before the primary."

    Secondary Objectives:
    Gain entry to Alpha Omega Prison. Shut down the prisons Defense grid. Shut down the Defenses on Dandrian before they can take out the shuttles. Eliminate opposition in the prison
    "and finally our Optional Objective is to Eliminate the Prison all together.

    "Here is the plan. We split into two teams, Team Wampa and Team Mynock. Team Wampa will consist of Gaph, Whie, Creed, Pester, and B-00M. Corporal Spades will be in command. Your mission is to destroy or disable the w-165 Turbolasers so the shuttles can approach the prison unmolested.
    The w-165's are big, nearly 150 meters in diameter at the base and nearly 225 meters tall. The reactor core is 50 meters by itself. it holds a crew of 50 and has thick armor plating.
    The w-165's need to be disabled together, or the one remaining will be on alert. It would be nearly impossiable then." John looked at 99. "I'm sure you can handle it though."

    John turned back to the unit. "I'll be commanding Team Mynock with Mano, and Uay. We will infiltrate the base, nutrilize the guards, take down the Shields and rescue the prisoners. Hoth will be flying the Hammer, and will be waiting at the edge of the system to extract us.
    We will fly into Dandrain with Team Wampa on the Saber, and
  13. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    Alpha-99 stood and moved forward to breif his squad as the others filed out.

    "Team Wampa, stand fast. I am going to go over the mission plan for our group. Pester, never got to see you in action with the Sim run but I did read your file."

    The alliance must really be desperate to send kids to war... he isnt even old enough to by a drink yet...

    "It says that you are a high performance sniper. For this mission that is exactly what your job will be."

    99 moved a laser pointer across the holomap blueprint of the ground facility.

    "There is a berm here. It has a good vantage point and offers optimum cover, you will be up there and will provide cover for the assault team. The assault team will be Gaph, Boom, and myself initialy. Creed and Whie will go in seperately, slightly ahead of us when we touch down and scout the peremeter, looking for any alternate routes, landmarks that will be valuable to us, and most importantly.... A secondary escape route. Once we have that intel, the mission will proceed one of two ways. If a backdoor is found, Whie and Creed will go in at the same time we hit the front door, Gaph I need you to be johny on spot with the security on that front door. Our primary objective is to destroy the shield generator. It is simple to snip a loose wire on the thing and it will be out of commission. However this facility provides to much of a threat to the Alliance to be left unchecked. We will be making a grand exit on this one. Go in quick and quiet find the generator and rig it to go.... well.. Boom.. and ..Boom will be handling that. We will be meeting back up with Piko and Darkan in the facility itself. We think that the generator itself is here. *He points the laser at a bigger room on the map* It is a big mother so its going to take plenty of Demo. Essentially it is a logistics nightmare simply because it will take so much explosive to take care of this sucker for good. Just to insure that this place is out of commission both Whie and Creed will be carrying detonators and placing them at stratigic structural weak points. Here, here, and here. When that is complete you two will meet up with us in the main room and hold off these halls here *indicates with the pointer* to give boom the time he needs to set the demo."

    He looked back over at the newest addition to the team.

    "Pester I want you pulling comm traffic in the area and keep me updated on the situation on the outside. We go in silent but once we get to the generator we are going to have a lot of company. This isnt the problem however. In the immediate area there are two garrisons almost exactly 4 klicks in either direction of the facility. Both garrisons house about 50 troopers each, maybe more. When the alarm is hit we will have approximately 8 minutes to set the demo and blast our way out of there before they show up at the front door and mess up our day. So Pester will make it known to us when THEY know we are here, while providing support from the outside of the building. This one is a shoot and scoot everyone. Silencers on louder weapons and close quarters quiet take downs for those using melee weapons. When the alarm is triggered we will throw caution to the wind and let the Colonel know we are done from his area when he hears us high tailing it out of the compound. And I dont mean he will know from the comm. We are leaving this place noisy. And meeting here. *points back at the infiltration point* This is the RV point. Once the objective is complete we all move our Shebs here and pull out. By the time we hit atmosphere the colonel's team should be pulling out as well. They will be waiting on our signal to go, So we can NOT take our time on this. A secondary objective that will help us out here... Gaph, when we enter the compound we need to get you at a computer terminal and see if we can disable the remote security. Anyone who knows we are there will have to manually activate the alarm, the wall mounted red buttons wont work. But that is second to the primary. Understood? If we have the time we will do it, if n
  14. knite16

    knite16 Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 20, 2007
    Boom understood his objective and gave a salute before departing the conference room.

    He immediately following the conference made his way to the armory and began to look around. From his back, the chassis separated and opened like doors at each shoulder blade and a rectangle in his spine area from his waits to his neck lowered down and his hand reached around back to unclip it. It opened up like an ammo case and Boom began to place det packs, thermal detonators, and spare power cells for his various weapons into their housing slots. The doors that had opened revealed what they were hiding as well. 5 hands exactly like the one he wore on his right arm were attached to a chain belt-like conveyor and next to a version for just fingers- roughly 20 on each side. In the hollowed out area the ammo case covered up, a large barrel could be seen, but it was impossible to tell what its function was.

    Everything else was a part of him. All of his gear. He would be ready to go at a moments notice whenever the time had come.

  15. Darth_Vaders_cousin

    Darth_Vaders_cousin Jedi Knight star 5

    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: Gaph

    "I've got a question there Alpha. Two actually. First of all, why don't we just reroute generator exhaust back into the generator and let it melt itself down. Far quieter that actually blowing the sucker up. Secondly, taking out the shield generator is important, but how do we take out the twin turbo lasers once we've accomplished that?"

    The plan was well thought out for sure, but, as far as he could tell, it didn't meet mission objectives completely. They still had to destroy the lasers to secure a safe exit. And with that many men manning them, it wasn't going to be easy. He felt that he should have been in the advanced party, rather than Creed. He was a thief after all, not a soldier. Sure he was trained for it, but it wasn't his knack. He could slip it, disable remote security, even wipe out the CCH (Closed Circuit Holo) systems, as well as plant explosives. He'd had a lot of experience with ventilations systems, and his furry body allowed him to essentially slide through them with ease. Couple that with his silent kill efficiency, and his slicing skills, he was the man for a scouting job.

    But he wouldn't argue his assignment. He liked killing things as much as the next guy. If he was going to have to run in there guns ablaze, he would.

    Tag Alpha, Others
  16. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    Creed Saluted with a nod, he knew what was needed of him. He was an assassin, trained in the arts of stealth. He was the shadow in the darkness, he would kill without a sound and without mercy.

    Quietly Darkan went back to his room to suit up, cerimoniously he donned his armour. It's black surface prestine, quickly he snapped closed all the interlocking joints. Finally Creed reached for the helmet, the single read eye staring blankly. Life support systems sprang to life, all sensors go, in the darkness of the cold room a single eye blazed. Darken Creed, assassin of the empire, exile of the legion. Tonight he would visit death upon those who betrayed him.

    Creed stepped from his room, quickly he slid his vibro wakizashi into their leg compartments, the safety locks snapping into place. He was a menacing figure, a spring loaded gauntlet sword rested up his forearm (think Zone of the enders, Jehuty model), a vibro Katana was strapped across his back. These weapons were his preference, designs long thought extinct. The stormtroopers he would encouter would soon be able to dispute their design, not that they would have long enough to live.

    Quickly Creed found his commanding officer, "Reporting for duty Squad Leader Alpha." Creed's voice was soft and slightely hushed, the sound dampeners in his helmet working perfectly.

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  17. MCPO_John_117

    MCPO_John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 5, 2007
    IC: Colonel John Spartan
    Theta Base - Hanger

    John warmed up the engines on the blastboat. Due to a last minuet check of the Intel report, John had changed the infiltration to using the blastboat. There was a small sensor blind spot directly behind the asteroid. They would follow the Saber to within half a klick of the blind spot. They would then make a break for the Asteroid. With any luck they would get there undetected.

    Dacen was already on board in one of the gunners seats. Dmentae was late as usual. "You all set Dacen?"
    Before Dacen could answer Dmentae climbed into the hatch. He sat down at the sensor station and belted in.
    "Nice of you to join us Private." John turned back to the controls and punched up the take of sequence.

    OOC: Just to let you know Godmodding is enabled, But Be REALISTIC, No running down the hall into oncoming blaster fire and coming out with out a scratch. (B-00M is the exception, but I expect his shield strength to be gone after a stunt like that). Stormies can be controlled for combat (but make them act like stormies) and can be killed by the player (Stormtroopers are the second largest commodity in the galaxy right now just under Tie fighters and stupidity). Leave control of officers and high ranking civilians to Me or Radiance.
  18. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    Alpha paused before leaving to answer Gaphs question.

    "You bring up good points Gaph, but I have dissapointing answers to at least one. It would be too simple to melt it down by pumping the heat back through the ducts. Unfortunatly they were smart enough to install heat overload sensors throughout the ducts. The pressure of that heat goes one way. Out. If the sensors pick up the pressure pushing the opposite direction, or if it gets to hot. The ducts immediatly shut down, lock up, and the heat is redirected to a ground dispersal unit under the generator. They only use the ground dispersal method as a last resort because its slower to redirect the heat that way, meaning that the generator would take constant monitoring. The Empire isnt known for teir patience. The answer to your second question is simple. While they thought of installing the heat sensors... They seemed to have cut cost on energy. Not only does the Generator power the shield on the garrisons but it also provides the power to the garrisons themselves, which in turn route the power to the big guns. They may have the money to mint millions of men like me but they cut corners on defense by stocking energery to many places from a single source. Take out the Generator and it starts a chain reaction to everything. If we have time after the facility is destroyed, and have the extra demo on hand... we can take the shuttle over to the guns and take them out of commision further instead of just being dead weight. Blowing up the towers however isnt the primary concern. Disabling them first is. Once everyone is back on board and accounted for, we can burn sky until we see lines and rendevous with the rest of the squad.

    After answering Gaphs question he went to his room and geared up. His rifle slung across his back. Extra magazines of ammo slotted in pouches on his belt. He opened his pack and pulled out two long cylinders, they were thick and smooth, but had a narrow hole through the center of them. He removed each pistol, first the left and attached the silencer with a snap, then the right, repeating the process. 99 spun the pistols around his fingers and dropped them back into their holsters. Having his pack on this mission would be a burden, so he took out leg belts and strapped spare ammo to each leg. Underlapping the pistol holsters on his legs. Seeing that Boom was carrying the heavy ordanance, 99 only brought a couple grenades of varrying uses with him. He smacked his blue pauldronon his left shoulder to check if it was secure. Then adjusted his Kama to get full protection on his legs. He removed his helmet and placed it on his nightstand before looking into his mirror.

    He drew his weapons simultaniously and held each by his head.

    "I am a baaaaaaad mannnnn"

    He returned the pistols and resecured his helmet before walking to the hangar. Alpha waited by the dropship and saw Boom as the first to arrive. He looked particularly heavy from having explosives bogged down inside his chassis. Alpha nodded and motioned for him to get on board. Then Darkan appeared in his menacing black armor. Alpha rather liked it. Perfect for an infiltrator. Alpha pulled on a few of the plates to make sure they were secure and slapped him on the shoulder with a nod.

    "Last minute addition to your two man cell Creed. Gaph will be joining you instead of the assault team at the front door. While you and Whie are setting charges, he is going to unlock the front door from the inside. If he needs help getting there I am depending on you to give it to him. We are counting on you. I will let the others know the change in plan. Go ahead and get strapped in."

    Alpha-99 had received last minute intel on the ground security surrounding the building. He wanted Gaph on that team not only to expidite entry, but to make sure that the other two didnt get killed trying to enter the building. He and Pester would be able to pick of a few of the surrounding guards quietly with sniper fire but the main body of them would be up to the three men sneaking in.

    Looks like everyon
  19. knite16

    knite16 Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 20, 2007
    Boom followed all of the standard pre-flight procedures that were embedded into his memory banks. To those who viewed them, they would seem meticulous, but Boom could not help but follow his programming. Even when it forced him to not be polite as he liked to be.

    Once he was strapped in with the others, his memory bank began to converge the plan that Alpha had stated and the schematic of the prison. Once everyone was strapped in and ready for flight, he replayed a recording he had generated of the plan and projected a holo-image he had created. As Alpha's recording explained the plan, the holo-image acted it out, showing the base as the digitized versions of the crew executed their duty.

    Boom made it a point to scan every being of importance he came in contact with and store its image in his memory banks. This was one of the benefits of being a droid.

    Once he had played the plan through a complete time, he then added opposition based on the standard staffing procedures for a small Imperial prison.

    "Do be advised that these are only the standard positions and routes and any one base commander may have a different outlook on how their prison should run. But this will still give the team a generalized idea of our opposition."

    He would play the two holo-images over and over until they were ready to deploy. He had no use for it, but the rest of the team were of the humanoid class and would require more than one view to fully understand where they were going.

  20. MCPO_John_117

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    Nov 5, 2007
    OOC: I need to know who is still going to be playing this RPG, Right now only Knite, Radiance, Raziel, and DVC, have posted in the last day or so. Some haven't posted in more than a couple of days. Everyone that still wants to play should post. I'll start taking control of characters if you don't.
  21. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    OOC: just for the sake of keeping the game moving, I will assume that whie and Pester and gaph are on the transport so that Alpha isnt standing at the transport twiddling his thumbs and humming the oscar meyer weenier song....

    Alliance Transport shuttle enroute to mission objective

    Alpha-99 sat in his command chair with his back to the opening of the cockpit legs crossed and stretched out in front of him, single slug thrower in hand, and his modified Senate Ceremonial rifle slung and strapped to his chest. He started checking and re-checking the parts of the hand gun. He snapped back the cocking mechanism and locked it in place so he could inspect the chamber. It looked clean and slick. No rough edges whatsoever.

    These silencers are annoyingly quiet but for this mission they would probably save my life, and the lives of my men.

    The cocking mechanism slid forward and locked and 99 switched the weapon on safe before returning it to his holster. He looked around at his men with only his eyes, never turning his neck, giving the impression that he was staring straight ahead through his visor. It was strange seeing other humanoids that were about to go on a tough mission with him that weren't ARC's, or clones. His very last mission for the Empire had shaken him to the core. He had been forced to kill his brethren. His fellow Advanced Recon Commando's. His captain downright attacked him and in pure reflex he had sent his wrist vibroblade through the bottom of the mans mouth and out the top of his head, poking his helmet up a few centimeters. After that the other ARC's had hunted him down. He was forced to take down each and every one of them for pure survival. Apparently the Empire had deemed ARC Trooper Alpha-99 a loose end because of his violent streak. He left a path of destruction in his wake. 99 was unstable when it came to pure combat because he enjoyed himself to much. He was still an effective leader because he had been trained first and foremost to place his mission before his men. Which 99 secretly switched for himself. He placed the men before the mission. Nothing was more important than bringing everyone back alive. Which is why he mostly preferred to work solo. Kal Skirata had once said that ARC's were "Death on Legs." They were single men demolition teams. Proficient in every aspect and job of a normal trooper and a commando's job. He was the best because he enjoyed wreaking havoc on those that made him feel bad. And the Empire definatly did that for him. Since the incident of destroying his squad and his defection, he had gained a certain mental block about taking out the new stormtroopers. They were no longer his brothers, no longer his family. He now had no family. 99 was a loner. Maybe he should go into bounty hunting for the sheer thrill. He knew he would be devestating at it. He could play games with Bob'ika as he was hunting people, he could hunt boba. He was devestatingly curious as to how Boba Fett had turned out as a man. He hadn't seen him since the revolt on Kamino. Boba had led the attack on the freshly trained clones trying to defect. But that was a bounty for the Empire. He had taken up Jango's title and his skills.

    "You are too reckless 99! Your leaving to much of a path behind us, they will find us now! What is wrong with you?!"
    "Let them come MAX! You should see the explosives I lined on that hill, truely wonderful. Should make quite a boom."
    Captain Max turned his head to the side for a moment, listening to something on his comm. Spades didn't have his helmet on at the time, and before he knew it. Max had pulled his vibroblade out of the gauntlet and slashed down at Spades. He only narrowly avoided and recieved a deep gash over his left eye. As he fell back Max fell with him. By pure insticnt alone, Spade's vibroblade shot out and skewered his brothers head.

    Back in the shuttle alpha-99's pupils dialated and returned to normal size as his mind came back to the present. This was no
  22. knite16

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    OOC: I'm still playing.
  23. Lord_Raziel

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    Count me in amegos.
  24. Radiance

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    OOC: Now I enjoy wrritting and all but theres only so long I can go without interaction with my character. lol.


    "10 minutes until target. Lock and load."

    99 powered up his combat HUD and diplays came to life. Ammo levels at the bottom left of the screen. Suit status. His heartrate meter. Everything that a soldier needed to know in battle.

    The infrared,nightvision,heat tracker and wall penetrator views cycled through to make sure that they were functioning propperly.

    Everything was in the green besides his ammo. He removed his right pistol first as he stood up in the transport. Alpha pulled a magazine from his belt and slipped it almost all the way in. He did the same to the left pistol before addressing his men again.

    "First mission boys, lets not screw it up, those prisoners are counting on us to get them through. They are invaluable to the Alliance. You all know your jobs. Boom on me as soon as those doors open. We clear the LZ, once it's clear the mission is underway. If you have any questions about the mission.... Too bad you should have asked an hour ago."

    99 clacked both pistol butts against each other, ramming the magazines home and snapping the bolts forward before flourishing them again and returning them to the holsters from which they came.

    "Lets do it"
  25. knite16

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    Sep 20, 2007
    Boom ended the holo-image he was displaying and stood, performing one final weapons check. His arm cannon cycled through various different forms before reverting back to the mini e-web. He took his place by the door and activated his force field. He turned to 99 and said,

    "Please step aside, sir. Any hostile fire will be concentrated on the hatch upon its opening. Once I have laid a hail of supressive fire, my combat calculations inform me that your chance of survival without injury raises by 64%."

    As the drop zone grew closer, Boom got into a stance to support the heavy fire and his turret began to rotate at a moderate pace to be ready for him to pull the trigger.

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