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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by MCPO_John_117, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    99 stepped behin Boom and checked the chrono display in his HUD.

    30 Seconds.

    The hammers on his pistols were pulled back and locked into place.

    20 seconds.

    The pistols were at his sides ready to draw at a moments notice.

    10 seconds.

    He could feel the ship shudder and slow down as it came to contact with the ground.


    The doors opened as Boom and 99 stepped into open air. Facing nothing. There was grass everywhere, high grass in some places but here it was relativly short. The sun was just setting.

    That will work in our favor.

    He immediatly took a knee and activated his wrist hololink to the Colonel that would allow him to see as well as hear 99.

    "Sir, Wampa team has touched down and are proceeding as scheduled to primary objective. The guns will be down shortly. Wampa lead out."

    The image of the Colonel faded to be replaced by a holochart of the facility which was 1 klick to the north. He pointed silently at his comrades since not all of them had sound protected helmets on. His fingers and hands moved in rapid succession, pointing out what he wanted done.

    His fingers eyeballed Darkan and Piko, then signalled to Gaph to start their recon. He motioned for Pester to tag along with them so he could get into his position on the berm. By the time they got where they needed to be it would be dark out, giving Pester an edge. 99 motioned to all of them with a single finger against where his lips would be on his helmet that silence was of utmost importance. Then jerked a thumbsup for them to get to work.

    Alpha-99 opened a comm channel to Boom since the droids voice could be transmitted instead of carried on the wind and 99's commlink was secure so no one would hear that either. Even though they was no way for them to be overheard he still whispered.

    "Boom, I hope you have got some kind of silencers on those cannons of yours or this is going to get nasty real fast when we join up with the rest of the team. If you can help it, while we are avoiding detection, leave the shooting to me unless you have something quiet. Once we blow the generator, THEN we can make some noise."

    He stayed hunched down and started jogging forward but dove to the ground as his audio picked up a noise to the right. He motioned for his droid companion to do the same.

    They waited and a green armored imperial scout trooper walked through some high grass, rifle in hand all but invisible against his surroundings. But 99 knew. He and boom were pretty well camoflauged in the lower grasses and the trooper couldnt see them for the time being. 99 still had a single pistol in his right hand and cupped it in his left as well, getting a two handed grip on the slugthrower. The trooper was turned in the direction of scout team, raising his rifle.


    Alpha sprung to his feet and walked to the trooper. At first the man didnt turn, completely concentrating on his targets. But as the grass underneath 99 crunched he spun and was met with someone in similar armor to him raising a weapon to him.

    The only noise that was heard was of the cartridges ejecting from the weapon, a faint CLICKCLICKCLICK. Three rounds soared at the troopers head, his helmet armor chipped to pieces like it was made of stale crackers and he dropped dead. 99 stepped overtop of him and put three more in his chest. There were chunks of armor now lying on the ground where his AP rounds had broken them off. He turned over his shoulder and gave Boom a thumbs up.

    He blinked rapidly in his helmet and brought up Darkans comm since he was the only one with a helmet.

    "Creed, status report."

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  2. knite16

    knite16 Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 20, 2007
    "Boom, I hope you have got some kind of silencers on those cannons of yours or this is going to get nasty real fast when we join up with the rest of the team. If you can help it, while we are avoiding detection, leave the shooting to me unless you have something quiet. Once we blow the generator, THEN we can make some noise."

    "Indeed, sir." Boom replied pointing to a single barrel that stuck out of the center of the spiral of barrels on his gatling-like mini e-web. It was clear to 99 it was silenced. There were also two smaller barrels below it on either side. "I am programmed to use the e-web only once stealth has been compromised, sir."

    They proceeded towards to base a bit further. Two more scouts leaning up against a pair of speeder bikes sat talking back and forth. Boom put up a hand saying to "wait" and extended his arm and the two smaller barrels spread apart into a V.

    --Targeting non-armored vitals-- The computer indicated the soft section of the armor on their necks.
    --Adjusting targeting based on wind direction and velocity.-- --Complete.--

    A very very faint "poof" of a sound was heard and the two scouts fell unconcious to the ground, a small dart in each one's neck.

    Boom communicated with 99, "No other humanoid life forms detected in the immediate area, sir."

  3. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    99 nodded impressed. The scout team must have been good to have avoided all the trouble along the way. That boded well for the success of the mission.

    He walked up to the two dead soldiers and put a single round in both of their feet, and shrugged at the droid. "In case they arent dead... if they wake up it would be funny to see them run for help."

    He looked overtop of a nearby hill and saw the target building. The others would be in place by now. He pulled his rifle off his back and fell into a prone position. He couldnt see Pester but he should be nearby.

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  4. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    The low light was comforting, Darkan was in his element. As soon as they had landed Creed had seperated from the other scouts, he watched piko and Gaph set out on their own course. The young boy Pester was hot on their heels.

    Creed moved quickly over the smooth terrain, a few stormies were patrolling here and there, but nothing Creed could not handle. Silently he moved to intercept the first patrol.
    "Sir, engaging enemy at will. Targets will be silenced. Status red, other scouts heading towards objective."

    The first trooper dropped without a scream, a knife embedded in his helmet. Within seconds he was on top of the remaining two, his blades springing from the holsters on his leg. The first storm trooper died before he saw the attacker, the vibro blade clean through his chest plate. As Creed spun towards the final member of the squad the troopers gun raised to engage the assassin. With a precise flick Creed's vibro sword disabled the weapon, the sound of breath leaving the storm troopers lungs music to his ears. Darkan pulled his helmet close to the others, the single red eye the last thing the trooper would see.

    The armoured body fell against Creed, slowly slipping down until it hit the ground. "Status green, enemies silenced. Proceeding to target."

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  5. MCPO_John_117

    MCPO_John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 5, 2007
    IC: Colonel John Spartan
    Just out side the garbage chute to Alpha-Omega Prison

    John had followed the Saber so closely that their sensor echoes showed like one. At half a klick from the blind spot, John had gunned the engines and reached the blind spot within seconds.
    The blastboat skimmed the surface of the asteroid to a spot 4 klicks from the prison. gearing up in vac-suits John and Dmentae started towards the prison. Dacen would fly the blastboat to the hanger after the prison was secure. a click in John's helmet comm activated, "Sir, Wampa team has touched down and are proceeding as scheduled to primary objective. The guns will be down shortly. Wampa lead out." . John blinked the comm. on "Good luck Wampa, May the Force be with you. Mynock out."

    Three Kilcks later, John was prying the garbage chute grill open while Dmentae stood guard. The grill popped soundlessly in the vacuum. John waved Dmentae to go first, and he scrambled up the chute. John followed dogging the grill shut behind him.

    OOC: The Mission seems to be going good, but you guys are forgetting to head you posts. Please Include the IC: <Name> and then where you are in italics.
  6. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    In position by Generator building

    "Status green, enemies silenced. Proceeding to target."

    99 touched two fingers to his earplate and nodded.

    "Copy that Creed. We will be in position in a few minutes, clearing the immediate area around the front door. Comm if you run into any trouble."

    He looked back at Boom.

    "I am going to clear the right front of the building, you do the same with the left. Watch the cameras and take them down discretely if possible. We arent ready for them to know we are here yet."

    99 rolled away on his back and sprang up to a squat as he jogged, hunched over into higher grasses.

    Wheres Pester...?

    He dropped to a knee and rolled over to a prone position. Getting a clear sector of fire for the right-front of the building. He saw 3 white, plastoid encased guards. Sitting around talking. One leaning against the outer wall of the building and the other two standing with their backs to 99.

    They are definatly not discipline

    His rifle came to bear and got a bead on the one leaning on the wall. There was a pause in their conversation and the two with their backs to him turned their heads in opposite directions, apparently laughing. 99 squeezed the trigger and a white bolt shot out silently from the weapon. A neat black hole appeared in the troopers forhead and he continued to lean on the wall, arms apparently locked in place by his armor snagging the joints, it didnt look like he had moved at all. The other two turned back a fraction of a second later still chuckling and looked at their partner. One made a motion with his finger to his own forehead and 99 could faintly hear, "You have a spot on your helmet."

    This is too perfect.

    99 squeezed the trigger again and created another black hole through the right most troopers heart. He fell forward on his face, dropping his weapon as he went. His third and final companion had just started to realize that something was wrong when he checked his buddy. He looked up in panic and topped backwards, spread eagle over his previously breathing compatriot as the third bolt scored home in his heart as well. The first fell on top of the other two as a breeze blew him over.

    99 commed Boom.

    "This is Alpha-99. Right front clear. Meet you at the front door."

    He saw the camera on his side of the building and its arc of view. 99 sprinted to the wall of the building as it moved away from him and pressed his back to it. He reached to his belt and pulled a small sensor device the size of his thumb. 99 did a short hop and attached it to the camera. Anyone watching would see a slight flicker but would be none the wiser if anyone came into the field of view. The little sensor made the camera loop it's feed.

    From there Alpha-99 walked calmly around the building an stood with his back to the outer door, replacing his rifle on his back and retrieving his pistols with a swirl. He stood waiting for Boom.

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  7. knite16

    knite16 Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 20, 2007
    IC: B-00M
    Left front of Generator Building

    Boom nodded and like a trained tactician, pressed his steel back against the wall. Reaching his hand around the wall, his index finger fired like a mini rocket off his hand and landed roughly 10 meters behind the two troopers holding guard. As his programming predicted, they turned and began to walk towards the metal clank it made. Switching to his repulars, he silently sped along the wall as the camera was turned, then steadying himself, he put two quick blaster bolts into the back of each storm trooper's head. The camera above him was arcing back and forth to scour its designated angle of the yard. Boom took careful aim at one of the wires protruding from it's back and from his wrist shot a small device which embedded itself into the wire.

    --Video Link Established. Searching for Linked Feeds. 8 found.--

    --Accessing Main Entry Hall Feed.--
    --Accessing Reactor Core Feed.--
    --Accessing Control Room Feed.--
    --Accessing Courtyard Feed 1.--
    --Accessing Courtyard Feed 2.--
    --Accessing Prison Block Feed.--
    --Accessing Hangar Feed.--
    --Accessing Armory Feed.--

    "Sir, I've pinpointed locations for much of the resistance in the base. There is no immediate thread though the main entry doors, but the reactor has 10 Storm Class Troopers stationed. There are two officers monitoring camera feeds in the Control room. The courtyards we are in appear to be fully cleared and your loop is working perfectly. Nothing of concern within the hangar or armory, but the prison block is well guarded."

    Boom left his remote unit where it was and joined 99 at the main door.

    "I should have access to the feeds for a short while longer. The power supply of the device does not hold long and its range is not very good."

    Tag 99
  8. Darth_Vaders_cousin

    Darth_Vaders_cousin Jedi Knight star 5

    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: Gaph
    Mission #1

    Gaph touched down with his team, he and the other scouts splitting to fill their specific objectives. His first oder of business was to slice open a door, enter and disable remote security alarms. While he was in, he might as well poke around their computer system for a bit, then enter the Air Ducts and place a few detpacks.

    He was dressed in his usual garb, though he had left the flowing trench coat and his cane aboard the drop ship. His gun belt was configured for the least extrusions, so it wouldn't snag in tight spaces. Two throwing knives were sheathed on his left side, while the shiv and the last blade on his right, in front of his Silenced blaster hanging low and tight on his thigh.

    He moved toward the building swiftly, but keeping low to minimize his appearance. He had one of the most important roles in the whole mission.

    He neared the building swiftly and with out incident, nimbly scaling the building to gain access to the square roof. A preliminary scan had shown two guards to be positioned on the flat surface of the roof, One on an E-web above the front door and the other doing walk rounds of the building. He was careful to time his arrival on the roof, as to not alert the guards and blow the entire operation.

    He lossed one blade as his feet touched the roof, and if found it's mark in the back of the roaming guards neck, severing his spinal cord through the less protected base of his neck armor. He ran silently to the weapon mounted guard, who was seated in a cheap folding chair behind the turret. His Vibroshiv was through the base of the man's helmet before he even knew what hit him, and he was left, slightly slumped over in the seat. Anyone looking from the distance would think the guard was still in his position, and not suspect a thing.

    Gaph looked over the edge, just in time to see the last guard go down by Alpha's sniper bolt. No alarms, all was well.

    He flipped off the roof, landing next to the dead bodies. Perhaps this would be easier than he thought. He examined the door for a second, and then moved to the dead bodies, searching the most recently deceased's belt. Luck was on his side today, and he drew an identicard from the mans belt. He slid it into the door, and waited for a green light. Too easy.

    He used his shiv to pop the panel off the door, and cut a few wires. No alarms, and the light stayed green. He removed the card and the door slid open, while he pressed himself against the wall. He waited for the door to close, and when it didn't he knew his impromptu re-wiring had worked. He round the corner, blade still in his hand and half expected to be gunned down. Surprisingly, no one was in the hallway, which lead to various doors.

    "Front door is open, locating security room. Proceed with operation as planned." He commed to his group as he ran down the hallway, reading the Aubresh door identification cards until he found the one labeled security. He drew his blaster, and slid the card through the door, firing even as it opened.

    Two guards were in the room, seated before a massive security panel. The first slumped over, a hole through the back of his head. These were unarmored troopers, specifically trained for sitting behind a desk. Made things easier for him, not having to worry about armor. The second stood, but fell as two bolts entered his chest before his blaster even cleared leather.

    Gaph closed the door behind him, and used his slicing kit to lock the door to any others who tried to access it. He pushed the seated man out of his chair, and drug him and his cohort in front of the door to impede anyone who managed to get past his lock down.

    He immediately set to work, disabling the remote security controls. He plugged his datapad into the security control center, and checked where the security feeds were routed too. The prison, obviously, had a view of the holos, and so did one of the near by barracks. He checked to make sure no one was on alert, then set the security feeds to the external sources on a replay loop, assurin
  9. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    IC: Darkan Creed
    Outside the generator complex, searching for a ventilation shaft.

    "Roger that commander." Creed quickly moved along the walls, darting underneath the security grids. The sun had set completely and Creed smiled from beneath his helmet. Finally the spotted what he wanted, a small air duct a good few meters above ground level, from his belt he produced his grappling hooks and quickly launched them at the target.

    The airduct was dusty and echoed horribly. Creed moved as slowly as possible, navigating the complex tunnels until his sensors showed no movement beneath him. Creed whispered into his comm.

    "Access to the target successful, entering of enemy territory imminent. Creed out."

  10. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Alpha-99
    Outside the open front door with Boom

    Alpha-99 recieved the status reports from both men and nodded to himself. The plan so far was going off without a hitch. Except that he had no contact with Pester yet. He nodded Boom in the door and followed himself. Passing gaphs locked door on his way in. He strode with confidence. They had gotten through the hard part of the mission. Now they just had to finish strong. 99 pulled up a small chart of the facility and led the way to the generator room, Boom on his heels.

    They encountered no resistance on the way in.

    These imperials are going to pay dearly for their ignorance in defensive standards today.

    The two stopped in front of another locked door that housed the generator room. He stepped towards it with Boom at his back. He spoke in a slightly mock-exasperated tone.

    "Boom...*sigh* .. cover please"

    99 set to work on slicing the entry pad as Boom moved to cover the three way hallway. While his fingers moved in rapid motion 99 spoke into his comm again. Broadcasting to both teams.

    "This is Wampa team lead. Accessing primary objective now. Little resistance so far. Hope it is going as easy for you Colonel. This place should be down in 10 minutes." He started to smile and bobbed his head in rythm to typing on the pad. "I was thinking sir, they must have a Cafeteria here. How about a souvinier Imperial sandwhich?"

    His insane smile grew wider as the idea occured to him.

    "Boom... door will be open in 15 seconds, hose the place down if theres people inside and start your mission. The scout team should be along shortly after their dets are placed. I am locking this door behind you for a few minutes. I will be back shortly, I just recieved another secondary objective."

    The door opened and Boom went to work. 99 shut the door behind him and looked at his holo chart. he replaced his weapons in their holsters and walked calmly down the hall. A few doors down he opened the door and found himself facing eight stormtroopers, all with helmets off, eating their dinner at a few tables. Most of them clones but some other faces showed in the crowd. 99 removed his helmet as he walked in and nodded at a fellow clone. Who... nodded in return and went back to his meal. All of the clones instantly recognized the armor and gave respect, returning to their food. The other humans who weren't clones were eying his hardware, but said nothing. They didnt raise their weapons or anything, his armor wasn't something they were entirely familiar with but if the clones new him then that was good enough for them. They returned to their activities as well. 99 walked over to the serving line and was greeted by a middleaged human female.

    "What can I get ya handsome."

    "Oh, I think I will have a toasted mynock sub please."

    "Sure it'll just be a second. That for here or to go?"

    "Oh, to go please, I am in kind of a rush."

    "I will put a hurry on that then sweetheart."

    "I do certainly appreciate it."

    Alpha-99, the leader of a Rebel Alliance Special Forces team who was at that very same moment sabatoging that very facility, had just walked in to a stormtrooper infested room and ordered a sandwhich. His face gave him an edge in certain situations for sure but this was almost rediculous. ARC's, luckily for him were spread few and far inbetween but there were still a few walking around the the Empire.

    He rocked back and forth on his tip-toes, one hand behind his back and the other holding his helmet to his side. The woman placed a wrapped sandwhich on the countertop with a little imperial insignia stamp on the paper. She leaned forward on the counter with one hand propping up her head, looking at 99.

    "There ya go hon."

    99 leaned against the counter towards her as well and saw her nametape.

    Hello, My name is: Bessany

    "Thank you so much Bessany. You have no idea what it means to me to get this from you." His charming smile spread accross his face with meaning that she would never comprehend. "By the way, I bum
  11. Darth_Vaders_cousin

    Darth_Vaders_cousin Jedi Knight star 5

    Nov 12, 2004
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    IC: Gaph
    Ventilation Ducts

    Gaph slid head first through the ventilation system, placing detpacks as he went in their strategic locations. He heard faint gunfire, wondering if someone had run into trouble. He doubted it, so far defense had been they never saw this coming.

    Finally, as the last pack was laid, Gaph slid toward the rendevous, a doorway leading to the reactor. Luckily, a vent was placed not far from the door, and he poped it open with ease, hanging from the ducts by his tail, looking Alpha straight in the visor.

    "Oi mate, fancy seein' you here." He said with a grin, dropping from the ceiling and landing on his feet. "Any trouble with your side of the mission?"

    Tag: Alpha
  12. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    IC: Creed
    Inside the generator complex

    Creed slid one of his blades out of his latest victim. The hallway littered with a dozen personnel. The path was clear to the generator room, all of the guards along the standard routes had been neutralised. Silently Creed stood, his flexi-armour making a soft padding sound as he turned the corner.

    Creed had successfully placed the detonator packs at key structure point inside the building. As he rounded the corner a familiar form stood, B-00m was slicing the doors as quickly as he could.

    Creed approached, he knew if B-00M was slicing the doors the area was secure.

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  13. knite16

    knite16 Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 20, 2007
    IC: Boom
    Inside the reactor room

    The Door shut behind him and a few of the troopers in the area turned and looked at the large droid. The scenario indicated to Boom that stealth mode was no longer an option.

    He immediately began firing his e-web cannon towards 4 troopers on the left catwalk, dropping 2 instantly, and then with his other hand, pointed up towards the right catwalk, a finger rocketing off his hand and exploding on the supports below it sending the 4 troopers on that side plummeting down into the reactor core. From his previous view of the feed in this area, there should be 4 more troops.

    He kept a suppressive blast towards the remaining two on the catwalk and heard a faint step above him, followed by the slight chirp of a thermal detonator activating. He was ready for it when it dropped down. It met the bottom of his foot and clamped on tightly. As soon as he sensed it clamp, Boom reversed the magnetism and set it to full strength, sending the detonator back up to it's origin. With a muffled buckethead scream, it detonated, sending metal, limbs, and plastoid around the room.

    The blast of suppressive fire continued from the cloud of smoke left in the wake of the explosion. A minute later, it stopped and the two troopers slowly stood. From below them, through the catwalk, two blades shot through the plastoid armor boots they wore, dropping them to the ground. The blades retracted and then shot through again, silencing their yells.

    When the smoke had cleared, the blast doors were open and 99 and Gaph stood in the doorway. Boom didn't know how long they'd been watching, but the room was secure. He walked over to them and picked up his turret from the ground, replacing it on his arm.

    "The area is secure, sirs."

    He turned to the reactor core.


    "Sir, the electric field being generated by the reactor would likely disrupt any explosives placed near it, even if we were able to get them close. I will attempt to disable the reactor for this purpose."

    He was facing away from them as his head folded backwards at the neck and he creepily stared at the two. His body then bent slightly forward and an arms length barrel rose from his neck hole.

    "Please stand back sirs, and switching to night vision would be appropriate." The backwards head announced. Seeing the two comply, a large Ion burst erupted from the long cannon. The reactor fizzled with electric interference and with a large sound, the lights in the complex went dark.

    Boom adjusted himself back to normal and turned to his team. "We may begin the placement, now. I will cover you."

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  14. MCPO_John_117

    MCPO_John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 5, 2007
    IC: Colonel John Spartan
    Garbage Chute

    John popped the next hatch in the chute. They had already been through three. John eased this one open, and signaled Dmentae to be ready. This one opened in to a room. They climbed out of the chute and into the room. John looked around, they were in the Engine room. ?Imps are too stupid.? John nodded at Dmentae ?Start slicing the defenses, I want them offline as soon as possible.? Dmentae nodded and set to work.
    John opened the door to the hall way, and looked out. ?Holocams are looped Sir.? John slipped in to the hall. He went to the door across the hall. The door snapped open, and john stepped in. The two stormtroopers manning the flight controls turned. John fired, the bolts from his blaster struck the first trooper in the chest. The second bolt snapped the other troopers head back. They both slumped to the ground. John shook his head as he ejected the special gas pack from his blaster. At four hundred credits a shot, John wasn?t going to waist it, but the advantage of a silent blaster was worth it.
    John looked out the veiw port into the hanger. He could see troopers and mechanics working on a shuttle. With a grin john seals the doors to the hanger, and drops the magcon field. The hanger?s atmosphere explodes out into space, taking the troopers and mechanics with it.
    John heads down the hall to the troopers mess hall. Outside the door he comms Dmentae ?How many troopers in the hall?? Dmentae?s voice comes back a second later. ?Five?no wait six.? John sighs ?Alright I?m breaking stealth, you stay hidden.? Dmentae clicked his comm. in affirmative. John readied himself, and stood in front of the door. He knocked. The door opened a moment later and a confused looking trooper looked right at John. ?Hi, I?m from the Bureau of Stupidity Assessment, and you have all just won these fabulous prizes.? John planted his foot as high as he could in the trooper?s chest and kicked out. The trooper flew back into the hall, and John rolled the two grenades into the room before the doors closed. A muffled explosion followed a second later. The door opened and John looked at the carnage. ?Thank you for playing.? The door closes as John heads towards the holding cells.

    OOC: A maniacal droid, a sarcastic Ryn, a homicidal Nagai, and a...Sandwich? What kind of unit have I unleashed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    Generator room

    99's finger tightened on his weapon as Gaph looked at him upsidedown but immedaitly relaxed. It wasnt visible under his visor but it drew a smile from his face. He walked into Boom and a few downed imperials. He looked on in awe and envy as Boom's head peeled back and turned into a giant cannon.

    Wonder if I can get one of those....

    His night vision kicked in with a high pitched twinging noise, just as the lights went out.

    "I havent got the Demo to set up here Boom, you are carrying the ordinance, I will cover the door myself. And seeing that the need for silence has been negated...."

    99 pulled off the silencers from his pistols and slipped them into round slots just behind his holsters. He placed the wrapped sub next to the door and slid out the door. He was unsure if the new stormtooper armor had nightvision but he was pretty certain that they would. His weapons at his side, using the door jam as cover.

    "It would be good for us to hurry this along, we have less than 10 minutes before they figure out whats going on and send those garrisons over to say hello."

    He activated his comm to darkan again.

    "Creed, this is Alpha. Lights out means they know we are here. You should be in your element now. See what you can do to take out some bucket heads on your way to the generator. We have a few minutes before we blow out of this joint."

    A blaster bolt wizzed by and pinged off of the wall by 99's head. He jolted to the side and returned fire, dropping a stormy to his back.

    Now things get interesting

    Tag all.

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  16. LordDelano

    LordDelano Jedi Youngling

    Sep 27, 2007
    IC: Boom
    Generator room

    "Affirmative, Sir." Boom said as a large section of his back unlocked and started to slide out. He grabbed it and placed it on the floor between he and 99. "There are a few Thermal Detonators and Glop Grenades in there if you can make use of them, sir."

    Boom opened it up and retrieved a few of the det packs he had placed in it, and switched on his repulsars.

    --Scanning target for structural weaknesses.... 4 found.--

    Boom hovered to the specific locations and set the packs securely on each point. Making a stop back at the ammo crate, he grabbed a couple more det packs and secured them around the top of the generator, where it connected to the ceiling.

    He input the frequency of each pack into his internal remote detonator and landed on his feet next to the ammo crate, picking it up and replacing it in his torso.

    "Objective complete. Ready to detonate."

  17. knite16

    knite16 Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 20, 2007
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  18. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Alpha-99
    Imperial Generator room preparing to Exfiltrate


    That was probably three shots more than needed that time...


    Just for good measure...

    99 called into his comm.

    "Boom, patch that detonation frequency into my helmet. I hit the button when we get out of here. Alright Wampa team, lets move out. Get to the Extraction Point now! Go Go Go! Creed meet you and Whie at the front door!"


    99 Reloaded as the bodies started to pile up. With all of the dead men lying in this hall, around the perimeter of the building, and in various other portions of the base, 99 had a hard time believing there were many more left.....

    They had 7 minutes to punch out before the garrisons were on top of them. They surely had recieved word by now.

    "And WHERE THE HELL IS PESTER?! I told him to monitor comms traffic and report to me, as well as provide well needed cover on the way out of this joint. If he isn't dead I am going to kill em!"

    Alpha opened a channel to the colonel

    "Sir, stealth has been compromised, generator has been rigged to blow, heading to Exfil point now."


    99 started to back out with his men and stopped. Slapping his helmet again and holstered his left pistol as he reached into the generator room and grabbed his sub.

    "Alright Wampa, move your shebs"

  19. knite16

    knite16 Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 20, 2007
    IC: Boom
    Hallway outside the reactor room.

    --Transferring Detonation Frequency to Designation 99--


    "Sir, I feel inclined to remind you that being a droid, I do not have the anatomy you request of me to "move." I shall at this point assume you are speaking in generalizations and only meant us to take it as more of a "Leave now and fast" command, which I will comply with."

    Boom held up the rear, keeping himself as much as possible between his squad mates and the troopers firing from the hall. They gained more distance with every burst of suppression fire he laid across the hallway. He could tell there were about 5 of them down there now and they were getting more daring. It seems death is more welcome than failure in the Empire. Seeming this, Boom placed his hand behind him where the ammo reserve was and sent a message to his internal computer.

    --Requisitioning Flash Bang. Acknowledged.--

    He tossed the flash bang down the hall and momentarily switched off his night vision while instructing his squad mates to do the same.

    The bright flash erupted and as soon as darkness filled once again, Boom was back in night vision and plowing down the 5 with his e-web as they stand dazed.

    "Our tails have been eliminated, sir. Proceeding to rendezvous."


  20. Darth_Vaders_cousin

    Darth_Vaders_cousin Jedi Knight star 5

    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: Gaph
    Exiting Generator

    Gaph stood, waiting for the droid to place it's explosives. That sandwich smelled really good. Really, really good. He was going to have to make something to eat back at the base.

    Blaster fire filled the room. It was nice really, since he didn't have any night vision and it was rather dark. He'd been operating on sense of smell, and sadly, he'd been distracted by the sandwich. Now the room was blindingly red, and he drew his blaster, firing in the general direction of the bolts approaching him.

    Alpha left, ordering the men out. Gaph followed the click of his boots on the floor, and the clanking of the large droid behind him to keep his position in the group. He reminded himself that he should get some night vision goggles.

    The base was suddenly lit in a dim red light, alarms blared. Someone had gotten past his lock at the security room, and activated the alarms.

    "Alpha...I think we have a revised time restraint." He glanced around, they were almost to the rendevous, and through various doors down the hallway, Stormies were pouring out. He blasted three, and kept running toward the door. A trooper tried to grab him as he passed a doorway, but Gaph spun around, kicking the man square in the chin with such force that it knocked the man's helmet off. Gaph caught the helmet with his tail as he continued to the door. It might come in handy someday.

    Tag: Team

  21. MCPO_John_117

    MCPO_John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 5, 2007
    IC: Colonel John Spartan
    Alpha-Omega Prison

    John creeped up behind the two stormtroopers. They were trying to access something at the wall terminal, and had there backs to him. John shook his head once more. Imps are stupid he thought for the millionth time. Her readied his heavy blaster. these two would be dead before they knew it, and he could then free the prisoners. At two meters from the troopers back John straightened, and started to bring his blaster up.
    A burst of stactic from his comlink, and John froze. Then Alpha's voice:

    "Sir, stealth has been compromised, generator has been rigged to blow, heading to Exfil point now."

    The stormtroopers whirled around. "Hey How are you!?" Even as he asked the question he was raising his rifle. the other trooper went for the alarm.
    Ah Sithspit...
    John snapped a shot off at the trooper with the rifle. The bolt hit him in the thigh. He went down screaming. The other trooper got to the alarm, and smacked it with his palm...Nothing. "Way to go Dmentae" John fired a few shots at the second trooper. They went wide as the trooper dived to the side, and started to fire back. John went for the opposite wall firing as he went. He hi the trooper in the chest before he could rise. He clattered back to the ground dead.
    John walked over to the first trooper. He had stopped moving during the fire fight. John kicked him over ready to put a couple of bolts into him if needed. The trooper rolled over, and the beeping of the thermal detonator was finally loud enough to hear.
    John ran, but only got a few meters before the detonator exploded.

    IC: Dmentae
    Engine Room.

    Dmentae had just locked out the alarm when the Colonel had run into those stormtroopers. He saw the explosion on the cameras, and that the Colonel wasn't moving. He was just about to the door when it opened. A stormtrooper stood there his blaster rifle leveled at Dmentae's head. Dmentae swallowed hard. The trooper pulled the trigger. Dmentae's world went black.

  22. MCPO_John_117

    MCPO_John_117 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 5, 2007
    Meant it to be "Hey who are you."
  23. knite16

    knite16 Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 20, 2007
    OOC: I figured as much but I can't tell you how hard I laughed at that. Seriously for the next 3 hours whenever I thought about it, I laughed. not in a "making fun of you way" but just imagining a surprised Storm Trooper twirling around and exclaiming, "Hey! How are you!?" Then getting shot in the face.
  24. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    OOC: Lmao! HEY! HOW ARE YOU?! HI! IM FINE! HOW ARE YOUR KIDS?! THEY ARE REALLY GOOD!!!! THATS NICE!!! *falls in the floor crying from laughter.*

    IC: Alpha-99
    Front doors of imperial generator facility

    The lights had gone red. Someone got past Gaphs security block.

    Well that certainly does lessen our time here...

    More storm troopers were coming out of nowhere, He would have never thought that so many would be in one place. Maybe some were visiting from the neighboring garrisons. It seemed improbable though. 99 dropped his empty magazine and shoved another extended machine pistol mag in it's place, sandwhich still in hand. They made it to the front door and it had locked down.

    They want to play that way.... fine. I can play that way.

    "Back up a bit and hold this hallway! Move to the sides of the walls!"

    While 99 didn't have the demo to level the generator, he had just the thing for a stubborn door. Something of his own creation. He pulled what looked like a grenade from his pouch and hit a button. The grenade seperated and flattened itself into a cross shaped charge. The extremes of the charge extended even more, moving to the sides of the door. 99 slapped it on the center and rolled to the side as the 4 seconds ticked down. The voice of Jango Fett roared over his comm to the squad.



    God I love that...

    "Alright everyone lesson number one from your squad leader. When there is no door and you are cornered... MAKE one.. Lets move it out. Get to the RV point and get aboard the ship. Once we have everyone on board we blow this place."

    He placed a shot just by Booms head and took a stormy out who had just turned the corner with an ion grenade in his hand.

    "Boom, Gaph get to the berm and provide cover fire. I am waiting here for Creed. Thats an order!" He chucked his own emp grenade down the hall and it detonated. While an EMP grenade wouldnt take a humanoid down, it would still mess with their system and shut down their internal armor circuitry. So now the Stormies were blind as well as shell shocked. He covered his squad as they moved out of the hall. His back to the door and he peered around the corner as bolts flew past. He tossed the sandwhich at Boom and commed in.

    "Hold that for me wont you?"

    Alpha-99 pulled his second pistol into play and started hosing down the hallway in intervals, not neccisarily hitting anyone but keeping them behind their cover.

    Come on Creed I am getting low on ammo here...

    He released another volley down the hall.

    "Gaph, kick Pester if you see him!"

    Tag all.
  25. Darth_Vaders_cousin

    Darth_Vaders_cousin Jedi Knight star 5

    Nov 12, 2004
    IC: Gaph

    Gaph made his way towards the improvised door, Alpha calling after him.

    "Gaph, kick Pester if you see him!"

    Gaph leaned back throw the gaping hole, "It'll be my pleasure." He said with a grin, popping a Stormie over Alpha's shoulder before he continued on out the door.

    He took off across the landscape toward the berm, noting the magnificent luck they had in attacking a location with such brilliant cover and clean lines of fire. He clicked his comm on to the other team's secured channel, speaking loudly as he ran.

    ~"Colonel we've run into a bit of a problem. Alarms have been activated and we are making our way back to the transports. Anti-air defenses and shield generator should be down shortly but we won't have much time to blow this rock. What is your status?"~

    He waited for a reply as he dove into the berm, and ran, couched for cover, to Pester.

    "You fething idiot! You were supposed to monitor Comms!" He said, throwing himself to the ground next to the man and bring his pistol up to cover the rest of the team. "You could've got us all killed, you'll be lucky if someone doesn't space you as soon as we get back to Base!"

    He dropped a few troopers making their way around the building towards the gaping hole in it's side. Still no reply from Mynock. This wasn't right.

    ~"Colonel, Dacen, Uay! Report Status!"~

    Tag: Team Wampa, Team Mynock

    OOC: My Commlink Communications will by enclosed with ~~ from now forth.
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