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    A Choose Your Own Adventure Hybrid

    The deepest, darkest corners of planet Earth are homes to an underground organisation that considers itself above and beyond the laws of the common man. Here, amongst hell fire and pain, you will find yourself fighting for survival. Consider yourself lucky if you are able to reach the end alive.

    United: Survival will combine the typical action and adventures of a modern RPG within these forums, and the more unique elements of the classic 'Choose your own adventure' stories that many of us here may have read in some way or form.

    How to Survive: Each player will be thrown into an unlikely situation, a puzzle if you will, where one wrong move may claim your life. In order to find your way through each maze, you must interact with whatever and whomever you come across along the way, then choose your next destination by posts end.

    To begin with, every player will be positioned within their own separate place within the 'game map' or 'arena'. As the story progresses, you will discover secrets to the organisation that has chosen your life for this little ? experiment. You may also discover a way to communicate with the others, but be warned, it may come at a price.


    The following is a short example of what may be posted by the GM, to give you further insight into the games design.

    User 'A' finds himself standing side by side with an unusual stranger, in a dark and dank empty tank. (You may talk to him, discover who he is and why he's here, perhaps discover where you are. That choice is up to you and you alone. Other details within the post may explain further). User 'A' must then make a choice, as explained by the Master (i.e. the games GM). Do you a) climb the slime covered ladder to your right, or b) find something to open what looks like a hatch at your feet. (Your eventual choice will lead you to your next test. What that is, no-one knows.)

    Once all players are signed up and ready, the game will begin with an opening post detailing your location and first task. There is no time limit to post a reply, but you must wait for the GM to tag you before you may begin and/or reply.

    CHARACTER BIOS (PM to the GM first for approval before posting)


    Hair Colour
    Eye Colour
    Other (Tattoos? Glasses? Scars?)

    Please Answer the Following Questions for your Character:

    What is your greatest fear?
    What is your fondest memory as a child? And your worst?
    What did you want to be when you grew up?
    Has there been a moment in your life you regret?
    If you found $1000, what would you do with it?


    1) United: Survival will be run by Kartanym. Any questions must be PM'd directly and not posted within this thread.
    2) Please follow the necessary guidelines for all role playing games within this forum, as outlined by the Terms of Service and the Role Playing Forum Rules. If you are new to this forum, do not hesitate to ask a GM, Forum Moderator or another player to explain to you what these rules are and their importance.
    3) In regards to Godmoding: Within certain situations, a player can partly control the actions of an NPC character in order to move the story along. However, under no circumstances can a player control another players character. Be mindful of your fellow gamers and only post movement and dialogue for your own character.
    4) The GM's word is final, but don't panic. If you feel that your lost or unsure of a previous post, PM and let your voice be heard. Changes may be made if deemed necessary.
    5) Gore will not be allowed within posts. This is a survival story, not a horror or last man standing story. All NPC characters will survive unless decided upon by the GM (therefore, don't try eating them if you get hungry).
    6) Enjoy ... but do be careful. We wouldn't want you getting hurt ...
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