LA, CA Unofficial Star Wars Day at Sea World

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    When: All Day, Saturday, October 3, 2009
    Where: Sea World San Diego
    Who: Everyone!
    Why: We want to stage a Star Wars day at every major theme park? Why not?

    Along the same lines as the Disneyland Unofficial Star Wars day, we'd like to announce the first annual (hopefully) Unofficial Star Wars Day at Sea World San Diego. Sea World is starting their Halloween Spooktacular that weekend and every Saturday in October. What does this mean? It means KIDS (up to 12 years old) can come in costume and wander around the park. Everyone can participate in Trick or treating through 10 themed stations (Last year they allowed adults through too, and the candy was pretty good, though light on the chocolate, due to the heat).

    They'll also have themed shows, and costumed characters strolling around the park. We'll try to arrange for a group picture in the front of the park, hopefully with some of the costumed characters.

    Full info on Spooktacular:


    Ticket Info: You can by tickets in advance online. You can also get discount tickets from CostCo. There are some online coupon code you can try using (those are easy to google too).

    TSHIRTS: We're looking for a design for a fun shirt to wear at the park. Right now, I'm taking submissions for t-shirt designs. The winning design will (hopefully depending on the timing) be made into a shirt suitable for framing or for just wearing around. I'm not sure if we'll be able to produce the shirt by USWD, but we can always try. If anything we can make a banner for the group picture that will inevitably take place :) Also, the winning designer and his/her guests (group of no more than 8 please) will receive an exclusive behind the scenes tour of one of the aquariums. So get your designs in by 9/16/09

    Any questions? Post them here, shoot me a PM, or post them on the SD board.

    Let's make this happen. Feel free to crosspost everywhere! (Lowie, this means you. Can you toss this up on LUN?)
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    Ugggh would so love to got but same weekend at the Long Beach Comic Con.:_|
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