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    I'd say Twilight fangirls obsess over Cullen more because they become infatuated with him as an "ideal" boyfriend rather than simply because he's a main character or a vampire. The whole vampire angle is really just there to increase his "perfection" -- make him eternally young, supernaturally good-looking, and inhumanly powerful.

    The reason I used him as a comparison point is that I've often found the slavish devotion to Boba to be based on similar elements -- as you note, Boba looks extremely cool and is considered a badass. He's an idealized character that is pure and utter wish fulfillment for fans (as Edward is for fangirls) -- they all want to look as cool as Boba, be the best bounty hunters in the galaxy, take crap from no one, and be able to talk back to Vader when no one else can. Just as a lot of girls who read Twilight put themselves in Bella's shoes to pretend they have an immortal, impossibly handsome boyfriend who is constantly tested to extremes by their presence because of his intense desire for them, but holds out due to "love."

    The details are different, but the mentality behind it is largely the same.

    Personally, I'm not interested in such characters. Tony Stark is another really popular example, if that's a comparison you'd prefer to Edward. As are a lot of video game characters. They exist for us to play out our fantasies, but I find that robs them of what makes them flawed, three-dimension characters.
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    Nice thoughts, PH.

    One of my favourite film characters of recent times is the father in "Tokyo Sonata". On first thoughts, he's hardly someone you'd consider heroic, but I quite like him because of his flaws, not in spite of them. He also has a slightly offbeat way of going about certain things, which endears him to me all the more. It's also critically important for the film as a whole, I feel, that he is a little bit peculiar and child-like; it's also one of several aspects, for me, that gives the film tremendous rewatchability. If you haven't seen it, I give it a hearty recommendation.

    Another slightly odd and endearing character is the transgender lady at the centre of "Transamerica", as played by Felicity Huffman, which netted her a "Best Performance" Oscar nomination in 2005. Perhaps, as with the father figure in "Tokyo Sonata", it helps that she is a bit quirky, in the role, as the role demands, rather than simply, well... flawed. I think it helps offset some of the character's slightly negative traits, like being almost manically anxious, a little bossy, and slightly nerdy, almost (oh, dear! those in glass houses... :p). These two films offer richly enjoyable characters, played by actors giving tremendous performances, in my opinion. I will add that the overall crafting of both films -- notably, their cinematography and evocation of mood/landscape -- is the main draw, for me; but the characters are a close second.

    I'm not sure anyone who goes to the cinema looking for "cool" characters is really going for the right reasons; in any case, they're probably going to miss a lot of interesting films along the way. And yes, I think you've nailed down what is a little irritating, to me, about the Tony Stark character, despite being played by a great character actor like Robert Downey Jr. And, for that matter, I think you've also pin-pointed (well, from a certain point-of-view) what is quite irritating about the veneration of -- in my opinion -- quite mediocre entertainments, like the "Iron Man" films and 2012's "The Avengers". Overall, I feel like all six Star Wars movies have a LOT more to offer than even the best summer blockbusters of the last decade.
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    I think it's terrible.
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    Reading this thread is a highly depressing activity for me, until I see something like this and I think to myself, if this is an unpopular opinion then I don't want to be popular!

    While I'm at it, Return of the Jedi is my least favorite Star Wars movie.
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    Many say Darth Maul is one of the only good things about TPM, but I'm the opposite. He's goofy-looking, not very threatening, and helped kick off the uninspired Darth Bad Guy naming scheme. I prefer the concept designs they showed in the Episode I art book.

    I see OT Obi-Wan being closer to a manipulative schemer than a warmhearted mentor/father figure.
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    I liked the prequels more.

    I liked Hayden as Anakin.

    I couldn't give two ***** about Luke and can hardly picture him as powerful as he's supposed to be.

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    The OT is overrated. There was no competition back in the late 70's/early 80's and that trilogy couldn't hold a candle to the summer competition today.
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    George Lucas is not a God.
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    I understand this is a thread for unpopular opinions, but there's no need for blasphemy!
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    If it wasn't for GL and the OT you wouldn't have anything to be making silly posts about.
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    • "Attack Of The Clones" is slightly more enjoyable than "Return Of The Jedi"
    • Hayden Christiansen is a wonderful actor
    • Jar Jar Binks isn't one of my favorite characters but he isn't a bad character
    • I don't have a problem with most, if any, of the dialogue in the entire "Star Wars" story
    • "The Empire Strikes Back" would've been even better if Luke being kidnapped on planet Hoth and Han Solo coming to save him didn't happen
    • "Return Of The Jedi" would've been even better without most of the scenes at Jabba's place and of the sand plant monster (I do like the creature, though, it's just that the whole scene feels weird to me)
    • "Revenge Of The Sith", "A New Hope", and "The Phantom Menace" are the top 3 best movies of the entire saga
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    Star Wars is series that ruins actor careers.
    Hayden Christensen did a decent job for what material he received and based on how he was directed.
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    Did you know how the production company was trying to shut ANH back then? With a budget of 11 million back then, I think they surpassed what they could've done. The competitions back then were many good movies, such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind and The Spy Who Loved Me. If OT was released this time, the effects may not be up to date but the storytelling would still be amazing (minus all the SE changes).
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    well heres more:
    I love all six star wars films
    I prefer the 1-6 order (soon to be 1-9 of course)
    Bobba Fett is overrated
    I find the whole Skywalker family intriguing
    I can relate to the Anakin character (well before he goes bat **** crazy)
    I love the Obi Wan/Anakin dynamic
    there nothing wrong wiith 9 year old Anakin
    theres nothing wrong with the Padme/Anakin relationship
    All the duels were great (if thats a unpopular opinion)
    I like the gungans and ewoks
    I like Han in ROTJ
    R2 is the real hero of the saga
    AOTC is underrated
    ANH works well in a 1-6 order
    Dooku is underrated
    Tarkin should have survived till at least TESB
    Bob Anderson should get more credit for making Vader menecing not just Prowse
    I haven't got a problem with any of the changes to the OT
    Mark Hamill gives his best performance in ROTJ
    And I don't find Anakin or Luke whiny
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    I also like the way that ROTS and ANH brush up and push off against one another.

    There's a frisson there that's really interesting. And it's very "George Lucas".

    Make of that what you will. :)
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    I like Gungans!
    People only dislike them because of Jar Jar, who isnt so bad either only slightly annoying in TPM.
    Ewoks arent that bad either, but kicking the imperial armies butt is a bit dumb.
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    The Phantom Menace is just a good a move as ANH
    Ewoks are fine
    Jar Jar is fine
    Some acting in the OT is hokey
    Puppet Yoda is better than CGI Yoda
    AotC is good
    For that matter, I think the whole Saga is really good
    I don't know if these are unpopular, just quirky opinions I've noticed
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    Some of these opinions have probably already been stated but here it goes;

    I understand the problems most people have with the PT, but I still find them watchable, particularly most of ROTS.
    Hayden's acting is an ok for me.
    Padme dying of a broken heart was stupid, I preferred Lucas' original idea that she lived with Leia for a few years before her death.
    Obi-Wan was partly to blame for Anakin's turn to the dark side because he never warned him of the dangers of temptation.
    I like the Ewoks, also they are much darker and messed up than people think. Heck they played drums on storm trooper's heads, I wouldn't show that to my kids.
    ROTJ is the best film in the series.
    Boba Fett is somewhat overrated.
    I think some of the EU is canon, but most of it isn't.
    George Lucas hating goes just a little too far.
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    TPM is actually a fantastic movie. A heck of a lot better than some sci-fi films coming out these days. The only reason It gets such a bad rep is because it's constantly compared to the best films OF ALL TIME. sheesh.
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    I agree. Even though TPM is near the bottom of my SW list, I still enjoy it immensely. Granted, some things could have been done better, but I just have a really fun time when I watch it. To me, it retains more qualities of the OT than AotC and RotS.
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    1. Ewoks rule.
    2. I like Hayden at the end of ROTJ much more than Shaw. It just makes more sense.
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    I think another huge problem people have with TPM is that it introduced Jar Jar and the Midi-Chlorian concept.
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    You're right about Jar Jar. He's terrible. But the Midi-chlorian thing I've never had a problem with. It's purely just a scientific explanation for how force sensitive beings can use the force.
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    But isn't that the problem people have with Midi-chlorians? When Obi-Wan explained the force in ANH, you really got the impression it was magic, it's the same reason you don't hear scientific explanations for anything in Harry Potter, it's fantasy.