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Discussion in 'FanForce Communications' started by MacCaffrey, Jun 19, 2009.

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    Hello everybody! :)

    It is time for a new OFH-Update. I hope there is something that's interesting you!

    General and OFH
  2. The development of a regional traveling social thread is discussed.

  3. BobaChris12 asked how the Top Board feature was calculated. Nobody had any idea though, so congratulations to Albuerquerque for remaining in the top.

  4. FFC
  5. We are planing a Million Colour Game, after the current one in WNU ended.

  6. Puerto Rico
  7. This Saturday is an event planed to collect funds to people who have cancer.

  8. Pacific Region
  9. Unofficial Star Wars Fan Day is at Disneyland June 27th.

  10. Comic-Con International is coming up soon in July, and all of the California fan forces are gearing up for yet another crazy week in San Diego.

  11. San Diego Fan Force is celebrating it's 7th anniversary with a BBQ on June 20th.

  12. Hoosier Alliance
  13. We are having a Cookout with a double bill movie on Saturday. Star Wars A New Hope : Revisited ( Fan edit ) and LOTR : TT

  14. Oceania
  15. SAFF election held and won by Obi Wan Toddi

  16. Charity Auction has had some probles. So were are holding the money till the 60 days Ebay claim period was up, which will be in two weeks. So we will refund the buyers and then when the time is up a bank cheque for the $3,500 odd we raised will go to the Red Cross in Australia. Will post a photo of it when it happens, of it being handed over. ;)

  17. FF-UK
  18. We are all very happy that Christopher Lee has been knighted and must now be referred to as SIR Christopher Lee. Add that to SIR Alec Guinness and the Brits are doing well in the Star Wars Knight stakes

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    The current game of Million Colors in WNU ended, so expect Million Colors in FFC soon. :D
  20. halibut Ex-Mod

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    Added some FF-UK stuff
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