Chic, IL URGENT-Costume Parade Rescheduled 10/25

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by Nostradamus, Oct 20, 2003.

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  1. DarthJurist Admin Emeritus

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    [link=] A few pics [/link] from the Chicagoween parade/event last weekend.

    And [link=] some pics [/link] from the symphony event. There's also some pics at the [link=] WSSO[/link] site.

  2. flippingyodacola Jedi Youngling

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    THANK YOU PEOPLE!!!! I found some really great photos of me and my dad. I REALLY appreciate it!!!!!
  3. Sithman Jedi Grand Master

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    [face_laugh] I just watched the video taken from the parade!

    It's not so much the dancing that's funny at all, it's the TIE Pilot in the upper right of the screen covering his eyes from the horrid sight! [face_laugh]

    [link=]Click the bottom thumbnail on the left side of the browser... It's really a link to the movie.[/link] [face_laugh]
  4. DestinyFroste Jedi Youngling

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    [color=660099]Hey wait...we are suppose to be upside down in those backbends...I am confused.[/color]
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