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    Due to the fact that nothing is being written on the UsJs thread because some of the authors have been struck down with real life, I thought I would start this up.

    Basically it is a culmination of what happens to the characters in UsJs after the time frame in which we based the story. Everyone who worked on UsJs (past and present authors) are invited to post what they will.

    The story does not by any means have to be chronological and can just be snippets of the person's life after UsJs.

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    I'm going to start the ball rolling with a rather dodgy post on Kithera. Remember her?


    Kithera's baby.


    ?One and two and three and four. One and two and three and four.? Quijia could here her Master counting off as the padawans danced. From over her shoulder, Quijia could see Kithera nodding her head and tapping her fingers in time with the music. Her other hand rested on her bulging stomach. Quijia smiled at the thought of Kithera?s baby, its birth was only a couple of weeks away.

    ?Padawan Reice,? Kithera?s voice cut across the music to a tall gangling padawan, ?If you deliberately stand on your partners toes once more I shall personally stand on yours!?

    Several of the lounging boys straightened and their female partners almost sighed in relief. Quijia watched as Kithera lounged back and began to count the steps again.

    Kithera herself had changed so much since the time that Quijia had stayed at her apartment while the other initiates had gone on a two-week trip. The Kithera she had known then had been full of giggles and bounces. The Kithera she knew now almost never giggled. She still smiled at Quijia but she never really giggled. She didn?t bounce or jump; Quijia knew that that was probably to do with her pregnancy. Kithera now moved with grace and fluidity, well she had up until a month ago when she begun to waddle.

    ?Padawan Crie, if I see you do that once more.? Kithera?s voice shot across the room and for a moment everyone paused in the dance, ?You shall be scrubbing the dining room floors. Same goes for you Padawan Tribel.?

    That was the other thing Quijia needed to think about. Master Jinn was coming home today and for a week Kithera had been edgy and snappy at everyone. Frankly the girl didn?t know what was wrong with her Master, Kithera had never talked about what had happened between her and Qui-gon to warrant this sort of feeling. In fact, she never talked about Qui-gon at all. Once Master Perrian had said something and Kithera had changed the subject hurriedly. Quijia almost sighed and then bit it back, her Master would surely notice and snap at her for it later.

    Kithera had left the Jedi temple some six months previously on an extended mission after an argument with her husband. Then just before she had come back Qui-gon had left with Obi-wan. It was a slightly weird turn of events, Quijia decided, because only days after Kithera had come back the council had granted her permission to take Quijia as a padawan.

    A new song started and Kithera let them warm down. She herself was getting to her feet and for a few seconds Quijia had to stop the urge to run and help her Master. She knew that Kithera would hate to seem weak and helpless. Kithera struggled to her feet and stood with a hand to the small of her back trying to ease out the pain.

    ?Off you go.? The blonde Jedi Master said shooing them out the door; she turned to Quijia and smiled.

    ?You danced well padawan.? Kithera said giving her apprentices shoulder a tight squeeze. As they made their way down the hall and to the turbo lifts. The Jedi Knight tensed as they reached their apartment and then smiled as Quijia slipped her small hand inside her masters.

    ?What are you thinking about Master?? She asked as Kithera keyed in the code for the door.

    ?Nothing Quijia.? Kithera replied, ?Just how nice it will be to get home.?
    Quijia knew her Master wasn?t telling the whole truth but let it go.

    ?I?m going to have a shower Master.? Quijia said and slipped away to her room. Within minutes, she could hear Kithera preparing food for dinner. Then there was a crash and her master swore a ripple of pain danced over the bond and was gone blocked by her Master?s shields.

    ?Are you alright?? Quijia shouted.

    ?I?m fine padawan, I just slipped.? Kithera shouted back. There, another lie. Quijia frowned; sometimes she had to think seriously if her Master knew was telling the entire truth was.


    Kithera smiled as Quijia came into the kitchen half an hour later her hair damp and w
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    Kit', what a great idea! Good story.
  4. princess-sari Jedi Padawan

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    At the risk of sounding really stupid, can I ask what UsJs stands for?

    BTW, Kit, the story is great!! :)
  5. Julie Moderator Emeritus

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    Hi princess-sari,

    UsJs -Ultra Stressed Jedi Students, the biggest and best kind of epic story on this board. Its HUGE! At the moment it is in a coma, but we all hope that the authors will be able to continue soon. Each part exceeded a 1000 posts, if I remember right.
    Part one is being put on a website,
    part two was eaten by a server move,
    part three was great,
    part four is very close to finishing, I hope!
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    Don't hold your breath, people. Those authors who are not finishing their arcs on USJS 4 have not been seen or heard of since the middle of November at the latest. E-mails have gone unanswered, and I really do not believe they will ever come back.

    Part I

    Part II, the Repost

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    Some of us are still around, although waiting for cues from other authors...
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    Can we get over this please? OR at least can we not blame or throw accusations on this thread?

    I just want to explain what happens to Kithera after the UsJs time-slot. That is what this thread is all about, letting authors tell their story of what happened to their characters.

    PLease direct any other comments of that description to the Ezboard or to me.

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    *claps* thank you Kit'!
    Those authors who want to and can post their endings will.
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    Thanks Lina

    I'm starting Jazz again from the begginning because I've changed a few things. I apolgise for the sheer length of this post.

    Just give give a rough idea when you post of the time your story takes place.

    This takes place just before the end of the thread as it stands now.



    ?Master Perrian.? The words were out before Perrian had even opened the door. The padawan in the doorway bowed folding his lanky body in half. His gray cat-slit eyes focused on Perrian and the boy smiled despite the black smudges under his eyes.

    ?Jazz.? Perrian greeted him in return holding out his hand to half embrace the padawan. ?How are you finding things??

    ?I?m holding up.? Jazz muttered.

    ?Come in.? Perrian motioned the young man through and watched as Jazz plucked nervously at the edge of the couch as he sat down. The boy, well man really considering he was nearly twenty-two, looked tired and worn. His Master, Jedi Master Theil had died only two days ago from old age. Perrian went to make some tea ignoring the rolling waves of anxiety rolling from Jazz. Half turning Perrian watched as Jazz ran one hand through his short dark hair and sighed. He half stood as Perrian came back towards him and then sat again.

    ?Master Perrian.? Jazz blurted out balancing the tea mug. ?I need to ask you something.?


    //SITH!// Jazz thought despairing, he?d spent the night making up his mind to ask Perrian to take him as a Padawan and worrying that the Council might assign him to somebody else in the meantime, but now that he was here, he couldn?t do it, he couldn?t ask him.

    ?Master Perrian.? He blurted without realizing what he was saying.

    //Damn! I?ve freakingly well blown it now.// He thought, taking a deep-breath and with the knowledge that he couldn?t go back he went on. ?I need to ask you something.?

    ?Go on.? Perrian said after a long silence had stretched out between them.

    ?With Master Theil?s death.? Jazz said his voice going quiet as he desperately tried to conceal the strain, ?I was wondering if you?d take me as your Pa--?

    The door slid open with an audible bing and Jazz half turned to see a young girl standing in the doorway, her hair cut short in the typical padawan way and a green stripe down the center. Her clothes were Jedi too.


    ?Sorry Master,? She said nervously edging towards what was obviously her room, ?I didn?t know you had visitors.?

    Jazz was instantly on his feet, ?No,? he said softly, ?The fault is mine.? He turned and bowed towards Master Perrian, ?I am sorry for the intrusion, I should have checked to see whether you had a padawan first. Forgive my rudeness.? Jazz began edging towards the door in the same way the girl was edging towards her room. He turned and bowed to her as well, ?Forgive me.? He said turning to go.

    //You stupid idiot// Jazz berated himself mentally as he shuffled closer to the door, //Why didn?t you sithing well check if he had a padawan first instead of making an freaking idiot of yourself?//

    ?Jazz.? It was that tone of voice Perrian always used when he wanted someones attention. Jazz looked up his vertical eyes blinking rapidly. ?Why don?t you stay for dinner??

    ?I don?t want to intrude.? Jazz said. //Besides I?ve put my foot in my mouth once too often today!//

    ?You wouldn?t be intruding.? This time it was the girl who spoke.

    ?I?? He tried again.

    ?No arguing.? Perrian cut in, ?Jane Jinn this is Jaxon My-ryn.?

    ?No relation to Master Jinn?? Jazz asked smiling and showing his pointed teeth, ?and it?s Jazz, I can?t stand Jaxon.?

    ?No relation.? Jane smiled at him. Jazz returned it again feeling his unease slip away.

    ?Good, now that?s settled why don?t I start getting dinner.?


    There was a pause, and then Perrian added,?Just because I can?t cook like Qui-Gon, doesn?t mean I can?t cook. It will be edible, Jane. It will be more than edible. You will like it.?

    Jane fixed him with a hard stare and moved her hand horizontally as she intoned,?You WILL take cook
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    Hey! For anything that has Qui-Gon in it, I'll be right here routing you on!

    One of the reasons the old thread died so painfully (I think) is that a few people were getting a bit too controlling. It wasn't quite as fun at the end as it was in the beginning!
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    All I know is that I miss that thread dearly and will read whatever any of you want to post.

    Kit, please tell me we'll get more of Kithera and the baby??? Will Perrian take Jazz under his wing also?

    And what of the others???
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    This is just another Jazz post. What happens to Kithera you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.


    ~UsJs time~


    Jane peered out into the lounge room, already looking forward to her first day back at school even if it only was because she would see K?vel. One of Jazz?s hands was sprawled onto the floor and the blankets had encased his legs in a tight cocoon. Jane tiptoed past and headed for the kitchen where she could hear Perrian clattering away.

    ?Morning Master.? Jane said helping herself to the fruit.

    ?Jazz still asleep?? Perrian asked giving her a cheery nod.

    ?Yes.? Jane replied.

    ?Hmm and probably likely to remain so for most of the day.? Perrian looked thoughtful and then brightened again at Jane?s worried look.

    ?Back to school today.? He said, ?Have fun. I am going to be away for most of the morning and then I have a meeting with the council tonight.?

    ?May I ask what about?? Jane said nervously.

    ?About Jazz actually.? Perrian answered and then tapped her hand comfortingly, ?Don?t worry Jane, I am not going to foster you off onto anyone!?

    ?That?s okay Master.? Jane said watching as Perrian walked out of the door. . She
    couldn't help the knot of anxiety welling up in her stomach that she would, yet
    again, be passed onto someone else.


    The first thing that Jazz noticed was the mid-afternoon sunlight streaming in from the western windows; the second that he wasn?t at his apartment and the third and most painful was that his Master wasn?t here to wake him.

    With a rush of clarity, last nights events came rushing back to him. He hadn?t realized that he had fallen asleep again on the couch. It had just been so relaxing after a week of horrors to be able to sit down on the lounge chair and watch the holo-vid. Jazz rubbed at his eyes as the insistent ring of the doorbell chimed again. It was the people from stores delivering the bed in pieces and the sheets that Perrian must have ordered after he had fallen asleep the night before.

    Thanking them Jazz turned his eyes on the heap of wood, springs and slats that the stores department had labeled a ?do it yourself bed? wondering how hard could it really be to put a bed together.


    How hard in deed! Nearly three hours later and Jazz had just finished putting the bed head together, now he started on the slats trying to ease each one into place. He yelped in pain as the end on one of the slats came down on his finger pinching the skin between it and the bed frame itself. He stuck the offending finger in his mouth sucking it to try to make the pain go away. Sometimes he envied humans and their flat back teeth and square incisors. His teeth were like large needles with every point threatening to stick into his already smarting finger.

    Jazz sighed and continued to work on the bed slotting the rest of the slats into place without incident. The work kept his mind of other things; like Jane and Perrian, his master, even Tia-teil. Jane and Perrian could be worked out later and although jazz had no idea about where he was going to stay in the future, or at least until he took his trials he pushed the thought to the back of his mind, determined not to think about it and the consequences.

    His Master was another burden all together, Jazz had been glad that he had died like that, so close and he and Jazz had talked repeatedly about it for weeks before hand. It still didn?t make it any easier, to know someone is dying and to have a person die was two different matters entirely. It hurt deep down inside a little ball of hurt had curled up and nestled in, it wasn?t going to go away either, maybe loose some of its intensity after a while, but it would still stay there ? always.

    The last thing was something that he actually wanted to think about, Tia-Tiel just the name brought a smile to his lips as he fitted the mattress in place and began to make the bed. Tia was his girlfriend of six years with copper coloured eyes and fuzzy apricot hair.

    They had been best friends for years, but it hadn?t
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    Great post Kit, so sad.
  17. Healer_Leona Manager Emeritus

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    I'm holding back sobs too now!

    Poor Tia and poor Jazz. To have to live through his Master's death was bad enough but to go through the same with his girlfriend...????

    Oh my, I'd better let myself have a good cry...
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    Seeing no-one else is posting here, I am going to finish Kithera and perhaps Jazz and then finish completely.



    Part two: Kithera's baby

    ~Eight months after UsJs~


    ?Padawan Quijia are you alright?? Qui-gon asked noting the look of concern on the little girl?s face.

    ?Yes, um excuse me.? She said trying to edge past and then at Qui-gon?s look she blurted out, ?Master Rinani is having the baby.?

    Qui-gon?s face whitened and then he turned to his padawan who had been standing behind him, ?Go and get An-Paj.? He said.

    Obi-wan nodded and sprinted towards the turbo-lifts. Qui-gon followed Quijia back into the lounge room where Kithera was pacing.

    ?I thought I told you to get An-Paj.? The Knight scolded Quijia as soon as she saw her.

    ?I have sent Obi-wan.? Qui-gon said, ?He will be faster then Quijia.?

    ?Qui-gon.? Kithera breathed and then her hand clutched at the tabletop, ?Get out of here! I?m having a baby.?

    ?Oh. What a co-incidence. So am I!? Qui-gon said back, ?If you forget Kithera, this is my child too.?

    ?Then where were you when I was carrying this child.? Kithera shouted.

    ?If you had let me, I would have been right beside you.? Qui-gon replied his voice cold.

    Quijia looked between the two confused by the anger that she could feel buzzing around the room.

    Kithera gasped and her face whitened again, her body slumped and the Qui-gon was at her side his arms around her as he supported her weight. They could both hear the sounds of running feet in the hall and Kithera groaned in pain as she clutched at Qui-gon?s shirt. She glanced up at him looking venerable and frightened.

    ?Stay with me, Qui.? She said softly, ?I?m so scared.?


    Qui-gon paced outside the healer?s quarters ignoring both Kirstan and Perrian?s entreaties to sit down. He watched Quijia biting her finger nails from the corner of his eye. He hadn?t seen his wife in almost eight months and now here she was, with not only a padawan of her own, but having his child - their child.

    Despite his promises to stay with her An-Paj had forced him outside saying that Kithera was hard enough to deal with by herself without Qui-gon fussing as well. Occasionally there would be bursts of noise from inside usually Kithera shouting or screaming at An-Paj.

    Obi-wan was sitting besides Quijia his own features pale and drawn at the wait. Nicholae had his arms around an equally anxious Kirstan. Even Perrian was quiet his hand on Jane?s shoulder. Qui-gon paced again.

    ?Breath Kithera.? They heard An-Paj counselling in the room.

    ?What in Sith Hells do you think I?m doing!? Kithera shouted in return and everyone in the room smiled, except for Qui-gon.

    ?Sit down Master please.? Obi-wan complained, ?You?re making me dizzy and wearing yourself out.?

    Qui-gon sat down for a couple of minutes tapping his feet and twiddling his thumbs. He searched for the living force and felt momentarily the Kithera?s pain and the baby?s fear and then it was gone. He stood uneasily and began pacing again. Kithera?s room was suddenly quiet and Qui-gon rushed forward to the door but Healer Leona emerged before he could get there a huge grin on her face.

    ?It?s a girl.? She announced quietly. Her eyes turned to Qui-gon and she smiled harder.

    ?Kithera wants to see you.? She said softly. Qui-gon found himself pushing past her, willing his feet not to break into a run. Before he knew it, he was at her bedside. Kithera was covered in sweat and blood and she grinned tiredly her eyes alight in happiness. He reached out and tenderly touched her forehead, Kithera didn?t complain.

    ?She?s being weighed.? The small Jedi Knight told him, ?Apparently she?s right on time, not premature at all.?

    ?In that respect she certainly does not take after her mother.? Qui-gon joked and Kithera smiled, her face lighting the way it always did. An-Paj reappeared holding a freshly washed and wrapped bundle. He passed it to Kithera who smiled at the little bundle and then handed it to Qui-gon.

    He found hi
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    Oh, how sweet! (I always get mushy about births.) And what a nice name. Zallie Jinn. Good post!
  20. Healer_Leona Manager Emeritus

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    Yes, same here Jane. I've got tears of joy streaming down my face.

    Zallie Jinn, I like that.

    Fantastic post Kit!!!

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    :) :-D :)

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    Just a short Jazz one.



    The Master or my Master.

    (This one comes almost directly after the last one)


    Jedi Master Marion Bririn stopped just outside the door marked ?Jedi Knight Perrian Thencour?, she could hear the cheerful humming of her ex-padawan coming from the other end of the hall. Then she saw him his head held high, arms swinging looking everything but the calm, collected, serious Jedi he was suppose to be.

    ?Master!? Perrian?s face lit up in delight as he spotted his Master waiting patiently at the door her eyes raised as a question of what he was doing. ?Why are you here??

    ?Am I not allowed to check up on my former padawan?? Marion asked in return the older woman studying her first padawan seriously for a moment, then she sighed and let her shoulders drop, ?Actually I was wondering whether Jazz was staying with you.?

    ?Jazz?? Perrian asked confused, ?Why of course.?

    ?That explains a lot then.? Marion answered more then slightly bemused as she rain one hand across the top of her noticeably graying, auburn hair. ?It explained,? She said to Perrian?s growing look of confusion, ?Why I can feel Tia in there, and why on earth she would have got the energy to walk up four levels the day after she arrives when she is supposed to be having a check-up with An-Paj. Especially when she usually can?t get the energy to walk to the corner of the building and back.?
    Perrian made a noise of agreement and shrugged his shoulders in sympathy,

    ?I think Jazz is usually the cause of everything.? He said opening the door and ushering his Master in first. Marion stood just inside the entrance as Perrian snuck up childishly towards the door and knocked twice before pushing it open; no one was inside.

    ?Perrian?? Came the sleepy but unmistakable voice of Jazz from the couch. This time Marion took two steps forward and peered over the back. Jazz had always had a remarkable ability to doze lightly whenever he felt like it and now two sleepy cat-like eyes stared back at Perrian. Jazz was lying on his back on the couch but curled on top of him was Tia-Tiel, stretched full length with her head on his chest and one hand clasped in his the other stretching into his hair.

    ?Master Bririn.? Jazz said softly and then glanced at the sleeping Tia, ?Don?t wake her. She was so tired that I put her into a healing trance.?

    ?A healing trance?? Marion tried to make her voice as skeptical as possible. She knew inside that Jazz would not have done anything with Tia, but despite being a Jedi for over forty years, she still liked to see Jazz squirm. Even Perrian had one eloquent eyebrow raised as if he didn?t believe him. The Jedi Master had to hold back a grin, being Perrian?s master for ten years made her excellent at reading the many facial expressions he used in everyday speech this one said, loosely translated.

    //Yeah right. //

    ?But it is true.? Jazz struggled half-up under Tia, trying not to wake her up in the process. It didn?t work, now it was Tia?s turn to open two sleepy, bewildered eyes onto Jazz then Perrian and finally her Master. Marion raised her own eyebrow as her padawan?s gaze fell on her. Tia gulped in surprise and sat up as if she had been caught wreaking one of her Master?s favourite plants.

    Marion and Perrian glanced at each other and gave the mental equivalent of wink across the thin line of their old bond before glaring disapproval at the two padawan?s and disappearing into the kitchen. Jazz and Tia glanced at each other half out of dread, half in a confused amusement in the hope that the Master?s might be making a joke. The door to Jane?s room slid open and the padawan emerged slowly.

    ?I thought I heard my Master.? She said.

    ?You did.? Jazz almost sighed going back to tracing patterns on Tia?s hand and arm. The next moment both master?s emerged from the kitchen.

    ?Hello Jane.? Perrian said jovially, ?This is Master Bririn, Tia?s Master and my old Master.? He paused, ?Master this is Jane my exchange student.?

    Marion bowed formally and then straightene
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    LOL! That was great Kit'!
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    I honestly don't think there is enough reader interest to keep this going (thankyou to everyone who did reply though!!!!!)

    I might wrap it up one post after this one.



    Jazz lay back in the water his arms folded lazily behind his head as he used the force to help him float. He watched Tia intently from where he was, the girl was bending down to pick the small white flowers that dotted the bank of this particular pool. Jazz rolled onto his stomach and began to idly swim back to her. Tia smiled at him from where she sat her hands making flower chains.

    ?I thought cats hated water.? She said softly.

    ?Not this cat.? Jazz replied he surged out of the water and went to sit beside her on the rock.

    ?Your going to make me wet!? Tia-Teil exclaimed in mock exasperation.

    ?I thought humans liked water.? Jazz teased her using a dripping finger to shift her padawan braid behind her ear, ?Come in and swim with me.? He asked her like a small boy.

    ?No.? Tia replied not looking at him and instead threading a flower with one hand.

    Although they had both decided to go swimming Tia had opted out once she had gotten to the waters edge and instead had sat where she sat now her robe drawn tightly around her shoulders.

    ?Why not?? Jazz demanded petulantly. He reached out and tickled her with one hand and as Tia began to giggle, he pulled the robe from her shoulders.

    ?NO!? This time it was Tia who yelled gathering the robe more tightly. She stood up and stormed from the edge of the pool towards the small forest.

    ?Tia!? Jazz said rising as well and following her at a safe distance. The young woman stopped in a tiny clearing and faced him.

    ?I don?t want you to see what I look like Jazz.? She said, ?I want you to remember me when I was healthy, not some pathetically skinny girl. I don?t want you to?I don?t want you to pity me.? She blurted the last sentence out.

    ?Tia.? Jazz said coming towards her, ?I won?t pity you ever. I love you more then anything else in the world and I will always remember you for who you are, not what you look like.?

    He took her hand and led her back to the edge of the pool. Tia stopped and then slowly and carefully took off her robe to reveal her togs. She was thin, painfully so and the lumps stood out on her arms and legs where the cancer had grown. Tia began to cry and Jazz gathered her up into a hug shushing her softly as he lead her into the water. He carried her as they floated and Jazz pointed out the small birds, which lived in the temple gardens. Tia didn?t seem to be listening as much as staring at his face and when he stopped to glance at her, she kissed him delicately on the cheek.

    ?I love you Jazz.? Tia whispered and Jazz just held her, trying to pretend that the tears streaming down his face were splashes of pond water.
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    Wow. Kit, that was so sad. Poor Tia. She's new, but the character description you've given her is perfect, and her story is so well done. Kit' as well. Such plots you've been holding in! Thank you very much for sharing them with us - - your writing is very powerful and moving, and *sob* is going to make me cry again.

    I wish you wouldn't finish the story so quickly... this has such potential and it would really be a shame to cut it short. Please keep writing, it's such great work...

    =D JMMJ
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