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    Looks like Vader is rumored to be in EP 7

    here's my thoughts. I would like to see 7-9 connected to the original 6...simply b/c it is in episodic form. It would not make any sense to have these as stand alone movies. Therefore, Vader, or at least Anakin has to be part of it. I would say in Ghost form.

    I would like to see an Aged Luke, being guided by the ghost (Anakin) while leading a new cowboy like Jedi. The new Jedi are busting up bounty hunters, Hutts, etc.

    within this new Golden age, it would be really neat to see a branch of Rogue Jedi who are a Vader cult. So in essence you have the real Vader working with the good side, and a cult group of rogue Jedi imitating Vader.

    What do you think?
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