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Story [Vampire Diaries] The Gilbert Family Journal (one post. TV series)

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Sara_Kenobi, May 10, 2011.

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  1. Sara_Kenobi

    Sara_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Sep 21, 2000
    Title: The Gilbert Family Journal

    Summary: A one shot explaining how Elena Gilbert came to be with her adopted parents.

    Notes: Based before the TV series.

    Disclaimer: The Vampire Diaries and it's characters and situations are not owned by me.

    Author: Sara Kenobi


    I couldn't believe the girl just left her baby there in the small baby bed in the corner. I knew she had been frightened, and I knew she had been a friend of my little brother, but how could anyone just leave their baby behind?

    Miranda and I had been married right out of college, and we had been married for five years now. A baby was something we had been hoping for since we had gotten married, but it hadn't happened yet for us. Miranda and I were both healthy, but it simply wasn't happening.

    How could anyone just walk away from their baby like that? It was a thought that refused to leave me.

    I went over to the crying baby in the room, left abandon by her mother. She was so small and dark and breathtakingly beautiful. Carefully, gently, I picked up the small newborn into my embrace. Her crying stopped almost immediately at my touch.

    My concern then returned to the new mother who had refused my assistance and had abandon her daughter into my care. She was barely fifteen years old and had begged me not to call her parents. They didn't know, and couldn't know. I had left it at that, determined to call them after the delivery, and after I had helped this girl and her baby.

    John had only said her name was Isobel. He refused to say anything else about her. My brother was very young, however he was blindingly devoted to the girl he had brought into my office. It was a quality I admired about my brother and now hated at this moment. He had told no one he had gotten a girl pregnant. I had been watching out for John since our parents died last year, but obviously I had failed him somehow. He had been living with our aunt Martha and uncle Ben. I regretted now not taking John myself, although I knew I likely wouldn't have done any better.

    ?What is your name, lovely one?? I whispered to the baby girl now looking up at me in complete astonishment it seemed. ?We need to get you to the hospital. Maybe your mother will be there, hmm??

    With John, we took the little girl to the hospital. John admitted that he was the child's father. It had been very difficult for the boy to say it. He was only fifteen himself, and much too young to take on this task alone.

    ?She needs a name, John. She deserves one, don't you think? What should I tell them about her??

    John, with tears in his eyes, looked to the baby in my embrace with utter heartbreak. The weight of the responsibility of what he had done, he was feeling it now, alone. I felt sorry for him.

    ?Elena. Call her Elena, after our grandmother.?

    I looked to the little girl and silently I agreed. She did look very much like an Elena. The name suited her.

    ?What will her last name be, John?? I hoped he would finally admit the mother's identity, but he still refused. It would be Elena Gilbert, after all.

    ?Give her mine. Elena Gilbert.?

    I took the baby away to get checked out, and registered. She was such a happy, contented newborn. After she was registered, John finally wanted to hold her. Elena stared up at John, a little smile forming to her little face at the sight of her father. John beamed with love and pride for his new daughter. A daughter that had been born far too early in her father's life, however he loved her utterly and completely at the first sight of her. I would help them, I decided then. Whatever John wanted, I would help them.

    John loved his daughter as I loved my little brother.

    It was three days later, and it was time to take Elena home. John said that Isobel had run away from home, and her parents had no idea what had happened to her. He decided not to tell them about Elena, for fear they'd take her away. He was fifteen, and although he loved Elena, he wasn't ready for this, and yet was fearful of losing her.

    ?Take her, Grays
  2. NYCitygurl

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    Jul 20, 2002
    That's so sweet!! And so sad :(
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