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Story [Vampire Princess Miyu/Twilight] The Successor. Crossover, new post on 11/24/2008

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by RK_Striker_JK_5, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. RK_Striker_JK_5

    RK_Striker_JK_5 Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 2, 2003

    My first non-SW fic pretty much ever. It's me, so it's a crossover natch. ;)

    Here's a link to the VPM wiki article.

    [link=]Vampire Princess Miyu-Spoilers within[/link]

    Let me sum this up for you, basically. VPM is the NJO of the magical girl anime-and I love it!

    If you want PMs, please let me know, as well.


    Here we go!

    Chapter One: Flames
    Volterra, Italy
    Flames erupted all around the pair. Explosions shook them, causing even the most surefooted of them to stumble. The screams of the dying and stench of the dead wafted through the air, adding to the chaos already permeating the Volturi?s fortress.

    Jane paid the screams no mind as she led her leader through the dimly-lit corridors. Although the flickering torches weren?t necessary for her to see, they still provided some comfort from the encroaching darkness. ?This way,? she said, turning slightly to glance at her master. ?We should be-?

    A brick wall slammed into her, knocking the diminutive blood-sucker into the wall and sending shards of stone flying. Her ruby-red eyes looked up at the towering form of Felix, hands clenched. ?YOU MADE ME DO IT!? he screamed, eyes wide. ?SHE DIED BY MY HANDS, AND NOW-? His tirade was cut off by a howl of pain. The Volturi enforcer dropped to his knees and clutched his sides as Jane stared at him.

    She rose to her feet and brushed her clothes off, her glare boring into Felix. ?Yes, I did,? she spat out. ?How the hell was I supposed to know?? She stepped forward. ?Tell me, Felix. How??

    Felix trembled in agony. He slowly rolled to the side? and screamed once more. ?No!? he yelled, scrambling on the floor. He jerked to the side as clawed hands emerged from his shadow, grabbing at his legs. ?Jane, help me!?

    Jane stepped back from him and turned to the last remaining member of the Inner Circle. ?Master, I believe-? She stopped as she felt something grab her legs. She looked down and saw identical hands emerge from her own shade, this time reaching far enough for feathers to emerge.

    She held her hands out. ?Master?? She was pulled to one knee and her right leg sank into the darkness. ?Master, help me, please??

    The vampire shuffled back before turning and running, his legs kicking up under his robe. Jane struggled, but the darkness soon enveloped her body and soul.
    Aro spared no time as he flew down the hall. Jane?s death was? inconvenient, but necessary. He had to get away. He had to find them and warn the Cullen?s about them. He had to-

    A fist struck the Volturi leader in the face, sending him flying back and crumbling to the floor. His hand went to his face? and he found part of it missing, broken off. His nose twitched as he scrambled up to his hands and knees, his glowing eyes glancing down at the stone and eventually his missing jaw.

    A moan came from the shattered remnants of his mouth. He crawled over to the wall and grabbed onto the stone blocks jutting out, using them to rise back to his feet. Aro looked over at his attacker. He held his skeletal hands out as his attacker raised his arm high, the dewclaw extending from his wrist glinting even in the pale torchlight?

    The attacker suddenly lowered it and stepped aside, pointing down the hallway to the door at the end. ?Go, he commanded, his beak cutting off the words with a clack. ?What can you possibly do, old fossil? The vampire?s time has gone. Now, it is our time to rule!?

    Aro paused for a second before summoning his strength and dashing down the hall. His attacker continued to talk and taunt him as he escaped. ?Tell them, Aro! Tell the Cullen?s and the Denali?s and all the other covens and strays that they too shall die! Tell them the name of their new masters, tell them of the Shinma!?

    Please read and review. Up!
  2. Juliet316

    Juliet316 SFTC March Tiemaster star 10

    Apr 27, 2005
  3. DarthIshtar

    DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master star 9

    Mar 26, 2001
    Yeah, interesting is the word. The Volturi are controlled by the Shinma. So much makes sense now. I'll be reading.
  4. RK_Striker_JK_5

    RK_Striker_JK_5 Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 2, 2003
    Juloiet-lol, thanks. I know you don't know either media, so I appreciate you reading.

    Ish-No, not controlled by them. Well, now they are. Glad it makes sense to you. :)

    I'd like to thank DarthIshtar for helping me with my dialogue in places. And Bree's line was from Eclipse.

    Here we go!

    Isle Esme, the Atlantic Ocean
    Isabella Cullen stood at the edge of the beach, waves lapping around her pale feet as she stared out into the ocean. Her hair whipped about, the only part of her body that moved. Gulls even circled around, swooping down before veering off in seeming fright.

    She stayed still even as her soul mate approached from behind, silent as death. Edward walked up to her and focused on the horizon. ?What?s Aro doing out there?? he asked.

    Bella shrugged. ?You?re the mind reader, not me,? she teased. She shrugged and took a step forward. ?She narrowed her eyes and focused on the vampire. ?He looks? incomplete.? She shook her head and looked back at Edward. ?I can?t describe it any better.?

    Edward nodded as Aro finally stood up, waves crashing around him as he waded onto shore. He visibly stiffened as the full extent of Aro?s injuries became apparent. ?My god,? he murmured at his appearance. He stepped forward and held out a hand. ?Aro, what happened??

    Bella?s head turned sharply. ?Can?t you read it in his mind??

    Edward?s head shook slightly. ?It?s too jumbled. All I see is fire and stone.? He placed his hands on the sides of Aro?s ruined face and held his head steady. ?Aro, please concentrate! I can?t get anything from this!?

    Aro?s eyes coal-black eyes darted wildly about and a low moan came from his mouth. He placed his hands on Edward?s chest and pushed away. He swayed from side to side before placing his own skeletal hands on his head.

    ?I am? sorry,? Edward suddenly said, his voice low and neutral. He held his hands out, palm down. He locked eyes with Aro and continued. ?I have not fed for some time. I was weakened by the battle and by the flight from my former home.?

    ??Former home??? Bella asked, interrupting. She focused her golden eyes on Aro and her hands clenched somewhat. ?What happened, Aro??

    Aro turned to her and shook his head. ?Ah, Bella,? Edward continued, speaking the ancient vampire?s thoughts. ?A shame you and Edward found each other. You might?ve been spared the pain of what comes-?

    Edward blurred and was right beside Aro, grabbing his robe and tugging him forward. His teeth were bared and a low growl came from his throat. ?You said your former home, Aro. Does that mean the Volturi are no more?? His venom-coated incisors glinted in the sunlight as he pulled the old one closer. ?Answer me!?

    Aro?s eyes widened. He held up his hands and Edward let go of his robe. ?I am sorry,? Edward said, speaking once more for him. ?I?m still somewhat in shock. Yes, Edward. The Volturi are no more, the remnants absorbed into a new clan. And they are coming for you.?

    ?A new clan?? Edward asked, his voice back to normal. ?Alice hasn?t seen anything like that.?

    His voice changed once more. ?Alice would not. She has no experience with these creatures, for they are not vampires, nor shape-shifters, werewolves or any other she has experienced. In fact, only Carlisle will know what to do, if any of you do. Please, you must tell him what has happened!?

    ?Who are they?? Bella barked. ?Aro, you?re not giving us anything to go on! Stop being so damned mysterious and just tell us!?

    ?The Shinma,? Edward said, his eyes betraying his inner confusion. ?Creatures of the Darkness, from before vampires and others of our kind. They feed off negative emotions and can turn your life into a living hell before ending it. Most victims beg for death before the end.?

    Bella sucked in a breath, still instinctive after all this time. ?Why haven?t we heard about them??

    Aro shrugged. ?They kept to the shadows, and were held in check by the Guardian, a half-Shinma being. He or she strode the line between light and dark and kept them at bay, sending
  5. DarthIshtar

    DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master star 9

    Mar 26, 2001
    ROFL...whoa, sorry, posted while still remembering this line:

    Edward smirked. ?Cross my heart and hope to die.?

    Bella regarded him. ?But sticking a needle in your eye won?t do anything.?

    I still am laughing at that. Poor Aro. Bella was in-character. Aro was more sentimental than creepy bon-vivante-ish, but maybe that's a product of what he just went through.
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