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[Video Game/Fan Series] Stargate Aquaris

Discussion in 'Fan Audio' started by Zappa_0, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. Zappa_0

    Zappa_0 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 4, 2001
    Hello. I am starting a new fan film series in Jedi Academy called Stargate Aquaris. It is being based off of Atlantis and SG1. Aquaris is a sister city on another planet in the Pegasus Galaxy. This will be a new and original story with new villians and allies. I am currently scouting for people to fill the roles of the main cast and some of the villians who will be in Episode 1. So here is what is availible.

    Main Cast

    Charles Dulliver -
    Rank: General
    Age: 57

    Info: Leader over the division of Stargate Aquaris.

    Voice: Needs to have a strong voice. Easily smooth talking.

    Lines: 1a: ?Your back here early, did you get what we needed??
    2a: ?Glad you could make it back safely Colonel.?
    3a: ?Team one will make contact with the planet at One Eight Hundred Hours?

    Jack Johnson -
    Rank: Colonel
    Age: 35

    Info: Serious but laidback guy, Likes to joke around some when in dangerous situations.

    Voice: Should be smooth, but can be sarcastic with a serious tone.

    Lines: 1a: ?Howdy feller?s, I think we might be lost?you think could help us?
    (short pause)I think that?s a no.?
    2a: ?So?does this always happen to us or does it just seem that way??
    3a: ?Lets scout around incase we missed something.?
    4a: ?Hey?its not my fault they didn?t do what we wanted them to do.?

    Emma Madison -
    Age: 33
    Rank: Chief Scientist/Captain

    Info: Skilled fighter and very smart. Great asset to all parts of the team.

    Voice: soft, but should sound smart. Not geeky smart, average everyday smart. Down to Earth voice.

    Lines: 1a: ?Well If my findings are right, they are just drones of the government
    2a: ?So should we try plan B since plan A just worked so well??
    3a: ?Right, if we went along with that idea we would be wasting our time
    Doing what we really needed to do in the first place.?

    Dillon Kenmore -
    Rank: Doctor
    Age: 32

    Info: Doctor who usually goes with the main group to other worlds.

    Voice: should be medium, maybe an accent of some kind, just play around with it.

    Lines: 1a: ?He?s been shot! What more of reasonable medical responses do you need to clarify that??
    2a: ?This is beginning to look worse by the minute.?
    3a: ?Oh really? That?s why you are what you are and im the one with medical training?

    Robert Daniels -
    Rank: Corporal
    Age: 26

    Info: Fast and cunning young corporal, who is pretty good when things are getting bad.

    Voice: Should be young sounding. Nothing too special.

    Lines: 1a: ?Whats the plan Colonel? We will need a good one to get out of this situation.?
    2a: ?So is that the best you got??
    3a: ?Weve got someone following us, it doesn?t look like they just wanna talk to us either.?

    David Goble -
    Rank: Scientist/Gate operator
    Age: 37

    Info: Pretty much stays on Aquaris. Is the gate operator. Wont have many lines do to the small role, but will be in each episode.

    Voice: should sound smart. Basic voice.

    Lines: 1a: ?Unexpected gate dialing, repeat unexpected gate dialing.?
    2a: ?In coming team?its Colonel Johnson and his team sir!?
    3a: ?We have a transmission coming through General.?

    Alec Teraunti -
    Age: 40's
    Rank: Bounty Hunter/Part of SGA Special Forces

    Info: Bounty Hunter who joins SGA to help them throughout the galaxy on the other worlds they visit.

    Voice: should be very rugged and strong.

    Lines: 1a: ?Thanks for the help, but I was
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