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Vintage Collectibles

Discussion in 'Collecting' started by Mara_Jade_Fan, Dec 26, 2002.

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  1. Mara_Jade_Fan

    Mara_Jade_Fan Jedi Knight star 6

    Feb 1, 2002
    I prefer to collect vintage figures, as cfawcett stated, those were the figures around when I was a child. Unfortunately I was a "girl" and no matter how many times I asked for Star Wars toys, people gave me *gag* Barbie dolls. :mad: However, I am deeply indebted to Barbie as you will soon learn.

    Since I did not care for Barbie dolls I kept some in their boxes and others did not get played with very much. In 1998 I discovered ebay and was shocked to see how much vintage Barbies and other vintage toys were going for. So, I sold my vintage barbies, dolls, golden books, etc. on ebay and turned right around and bought vintage Star Wars toys! I bought what I wanted to get as a child but no one would buy me! :D hehe

    I only wish I would have started sooner. I much prefer the old Kenner figures to the figures of today. Their clothing was made of real fabric, not plastic as they are now. I have all the loose Kenner figures including their accessories and weapons. Whereas the figures are quite easy to find in decent condition, the weapons and accessories are much harder to find. The next step in my vintage collecting to to get all the POTF with coin figures. Currently I only have the Ammanaman with coin, and the A-Wing pilot with coin. Another vintage item that is my "holy grail" would be the vintage Imperial Shuttle. I have ordered a new one from FAO, and when I get my vintage one, I will display them side by side. This is what I have done with my vintage AT-AT and my modern AT-AT, and my vintage and modern Slave 1 (yes I know those ships are quite different from each other).
  2. Mara_Jade_Fan

    Mara_Jade_Fan Jedi Knight star 6

    Feb 1, 2002
    Geesh... I better get back on ebay before Saber holder buys all the vintage carded figs! ;)
  3. Abhors Elder

    Abhors Elder Guest

    Too late :p

    -saber holder
  4. JediMasterGuff

    JediMasterGuff Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 18, 2002
    Warning : Long List ahead...

    ROTJ Jedi Luke
    ROTJ Darth Vader
  5. cfawcett

    cfawcett Jedi Youngling

    Dec 26, 2002
    Mara Jade Fan,

    Just an FYI out there to you and everyone else. This is a prime example of people's misconceptions of vintage prices. Do you realize that the new FAO Shuttle will actually cost you about the same as a vintage shuttle?

    Yup. Hard to believe, but it's true. You can get a decent vintage Shuttle loose for somewhere in the $125 range. Sure, you won't get a box with it for that, but still....


  6. Mara_Jade_Fan

    Mara_Jade_Fan Jedi Knight star 6

    Feb 1, 2002
    I am aware of that cj, only FINDING one is the problem for me. When I do find one on ebay, I always get out-bid! GAH! And I do want one that is in near mint condition and I have seen them go for over $125. I got the FAO shuttle for $110 by the way. :D
  7. DarthMak

    DarthMak Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 4, 2001
    I easily prefer the vintage figures as well. There's a certain charm about them. Whether it's the Darth Vader with the cape that makes him look like Dracula, or Luke with yellow lightsaber, they are just the greatest. Kenner, err Hasbro should rerelease them so people who missed them the first time around can get them.

    TOBBI_DALA Jedi Youngling star 2

    Nov 1, 2002
    cfawcett, Great question there!
    At one point, i was using Ebay to find vintage carded figures. Since i have every figure already loose, except for the 2 i mentioned, i thought getting them carded would be awesome! I was able to get the BWing Pilot for like $20 and then my financial status changed and have been unable to pursue it. Hopefully that will change soon. At one time, i had just about every ship and accessory that was out (Vader's Star Destroyer, Wampa, Patrol Dewback, Sandcrawler, etc). In fact, when Kenner ran a contest back in 1983, i was listed as the 2nd highest buyer of Kenner Star Wars products in the Central United States. A friend that lived across the street from me in Texas was #1. Moving from Houston to Buffalo has decreased my collection somewhat. Maybe someday i will be able to buy that stuff from the vintage line. So i guess the main reason why i don't collect the vintage stuff is that I have most of it already.

    BTW: Forgot to add Slave I to my collection from earlier post!
  9. Abhors Elder

    Abhors Elder Guest

    The Ebay rampage continues...

    [link=] MOC 8D8 [/link]

    -saber holder
  10. CrazyMike

    CrazyMike JC Collecting Manager and RSA Canada star 7 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 4, 2000
    If not for this darn Jango Fett costume I would go after some of these vintage carded
    figures but that will have to wait for now...
  11. royalguard96

    royalguard96 Jedi Knight star 5

    Aug 13, 2001
    I was thinking about starting this thread, but MJF's version gives "officialness" to it all ;)

    I very recently completed my loose vintage collection with the Max Rebo band. It's SUCH a good feeling to have finally tracked down all the last remaining vintage figures to complete my current collection.

    It's also kind of a neat feeling to have stuff I never did have as a child. Example would be any POTF1 figure. Sadly, I exited collecting SW figures in the spring of 1984, right before that line started.

    cfawcett: Welcome to the TFN boards! I know you're a highly respected collector in general, as well as a member of the boards. Your experience and insight will be valuable here.

    My thought on the vintage Imperial Shuttle vs. the one I should be receiving in a couple weeks... Yes they are approximately the same cost, a modern boxed one vs. a vintage loose, mint one. But I don't think there's any chance anyone can score a mint boxed vintage Shuttle for $125-ish unless they're taking advantage of some poor misinformed sap.

    The thing I like about having the new one is that it isn't 20 years old, and you know you're getting a factory-fresh item that hasn't endured years of playing in the woods or a sandbox, which could cause the sensitive wing mechanism to falter. I am VERY anxiously awaiting the arrival of this item, since it's something I never had as a kid and always wanted.

    The other vintage items I have include the Dagobah playset (no foam left of course) Twin Pod Cloud Car (make a modern version of this, please!) and the TIE Interceptor, my favorite ship when I was a kid ;)
  12. Commander Antilles

    Commander Antilles Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 21, 1999
    Personally, I prefer the true vintage ships to the modern ships that are just reissued vintage ones with some weathering paint details slapped on them. I got the POTF2 B-wing and Y-wing, found out that I couldn't bear them after the vintage versions, and sold them on.

    If you're going to issue modern ships, do completely new sculpts, like the Power FX X-wing, TIE Bomber, or Vader's TIE fighter!
  13. k3po

    k3po Jedi Knight star 6

    Mar 21, 2001
    I've got more vintage than modern. I grew up on this stuff and its lasted 20 some years and probably will be that way forever. I have the original SW poster from the outside of the movie theater in 1977. Its gorgeous, I have it all matted and framed. My mom asked the manager if her little boy could have it(apparently he couldnt read into the future) and he told her in a week you bet. Besides having every vintage fig, I have a 12 back Luke, 8 track tape of Star Wars, land speeder, M Falcon, ATAT, Die casts, Scout Walker, SW 1977 Lunch Box/Thermos, SW/Empire records-for getting B's on my spelling tests then. Pop-up books, the original giant SW comic, story books. thats just a few things. When my family left me here in Colorado to move back to Maryland 8 years ago I stayyed to finish up college. They took most of my stuff and had it professional packed and needed to get many things in the house appraised for insurance reasons. They had local appraiser/collector come take a look at my stuff and with all the crap I have collected over the years, I had a net worth in SW stuff of just under $10k. I'm not sure the value now, up or down and really dont care since I have invested so many memories and will never sell any of it. My best memories is when my mom would take me out each weekend and buy me a new figure. I think its more the memories than anything.

    Edit: as cfawcett stated, I'm the same way. The new line is dandy and all, but the vintage is close to my heart. I have every fig and some doubles and it was a trajedy if i didnt get everyone. I'm glad the younger folks are having a good time collectiong the modern stuff to. They will have the same memories. I have maybe 30 of the new line. Boy that wouldnt have gone well with me 20 years ago. if you can start a vintage collection, you should, they arnt as detailed as the new stuff, but I think are better.

    P.S. Great thread MJF, we needed a vintage thread for us old folks. hehe
  14. k3po

    k3po Jedi Knight star 6

    Mar 21, 2001
    Almost forgot, I dont think its vintage but I also have the huge Stand up of Darth Vader that says "the original one last time" It was in stores before the SE. I think they came out 8 years ago. I consider it part of my vintage collection because it was when the original cuts were still in stores. One other thing, my mom found and old letter to Santa I wrote from 1979 and I asked for the following.

    1. Star Wars men
    2. Snaggle tooth and hammerhead (ok, not sure why that didnt fall under Star Wars men, but apprently wanted them)
    3. M. Falcon (couldnt spell millenium then)
    4. Wallet.
  15. royalguard96

    royalguard96 Jedi Knight star 5

    Aug 13, 2001
    Some of the vintage ships are wonderful and have definitely help us through the test of time so far. There were clearly more original sculpts in the vintage line compared to OT ships in the modern line.

    But I think people who turn a deaf ear to some of the modern stuff are really missing out. The AOTC Republic Gunship is gorgeous (right Sithy?)

    I agree with k3PO in that the new sculpts for ships like the TIE Bomber and Vader's TIE really make those pieces stand out among the modern OT ships.

    The level of sclupting and articulation on the modern figures also puts the vintage ones to shame. Then again, you can't contain all those childhood memories in a 4 inch peice of plastic, can ya? ;) That's why I worked for 3 years to finish my vintage figure collection and remain an active modern figure collector.
  16. Allie Fox

    Allie Fox FanForce CR Macon GA US star 3

    Jan 13, 2000
    I really love the vintage line and prefer it over the modern. I think the only reason I feel that way is because of the nostalgic trip the figures take me on. I have collected Star Wars toys and other memorabilia since I was eight years old (in 1977). Santa Claus left me the original "Early Bird" kit for Christmas and I've been hooked on the toys ever since. I started "collecting" rather than "playing with" the toys around 1985, just as the original line was coming to an end.

    During the "Dark Years" I maintained by picking up the odd piece that would be released here and there.

    In October of 1999, I came across a set of 12 backs at a flea market and added them to my collection.
  17. shocktrooper

    shocktrooper Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 2, 2002
    My Collection

    Darth Vader
    Storm Trooper
    Snow Trooper
    AT AT Driver
    Death Squad commander
    Imperial Commander
    AT ST Driver
    Tie Fighter Pilot
    Emperor's Royal Guard
    AT AT Commander
    Luke Bespin
    Han Bespin
    Han Solo (large head)
    Bossk Bounty Hunter
    FX7 robot
    Boba Fett Bounty Hunter
    IG-88 Bounty Hunter
    Dengar Bounty Hunter
    Power Droid
    Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
    Leia Boushh disguise
    Squid Head
    Luke Skywalker Hoth
    C3P0 removeable limbs
    General Mandine
    Lando Calrissian Skiff Disguise
    Biker Scout
    Bib Fortuna
    Gamorean Guard
    Admiral Ackbar
    Nien Numb
    Klaatu in Skiff Guard
    Rancor Keeper
    Han Solo Endor
    Leia Endor
    Max Rebo band
    Taun Taun
    Speeder Bike
    Miny Rig Tank
    Miny Rig Ship
    Imperial Attack Hoth Base
    Small Battle damage Tie Fighter
    Small Battle damage X-Wing
    Die Cast Snow Speeder

    Every now and again I think of buying the rest of them loose but I can't bring myself to buy a beat up second hand toy, some how I feel it will lesson my collection as they are all sentimental having been bought by my family for me.
  18. BushiFox

    BushiFox Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 16, 2002
    I must say, I'm all about the looks. The new star wars lines just look sooooo much better than the vintage. So, while the vintage served me while growing up, there is no way it compares to the new line. I mean. Darth Vader with Removeable helmet. How cool is that? Sure there are some things that vintage did right that I feel hasbro is messing up on. I would love for more cloth accessories for the characters. I would love for Commtech Stormtrooper style articulation for everyone... I would really like for them to stop rehashing vintage vehicle molds for their ships...I think the action fleet could have been the best if it was done scale ships. How awesome would it have been to have a fleet of tie fighters chasing a to scale falcon? *sigh*.
    I'd buy it anyway.

    You guys just don't know about the Vintage Shuttle. Last summer, you could get a loose one for 50 bucks. If you wait till star wars movie fervor dies down, you can probably get it again. This is not the time to be buying Vintage star wars stuff. You do it during the years there are no movies out. (a general rule, doesn't mean you won't still get really good deals of saberholder demonstrates.)

    MJ: where did you get the FAO shuttle for 110??????? Also, I know trading is not allowed, but, I thought I'd let you know that I do have a POTF Han carbonite w/coin. He is just sitting snuggly stored up all nice and pretty. And, I'm sure if you wanted to stop by we could talk about this more. :)
  19. Mara_Jade_Fan

    Mara_Jade_Fan Jedi Knight star 6

    Feb 1, 2002
    Bushifox, I got the New Imperial Shuttle from FAO for $110 or rather $108. I have a coupon with a code that you just call FAO and they take 10% off of anything you buy before December 31st. My shuttle is coming the end of January.
  20. cfawcett

    cfawcett Jedi Youngling

    Dec 26, 2002
    Ok, another question here....

    How many of you "vintage collectors" have tried collecting the new stuff? What did you like about it/dislike about it?

    How many of you "modern collectors" have tried collecting vintage? What did you like/dislike about it.

    From my vantage point, is has seemed to me that almost all vintage collectors have given modern toys a shot. Some stick with it and are still collecting them, others do not.

    Myself, I collected POTF2 from the beginning up until about the Tarkin wave. Then I suddenly realized that every time I went to look at my collection, I never paid any attention to the new stuff, I only enjoyed the vintage. The new stuff lost it's appeal as soon as it got home from the toy store. So, that's when I quit collecting new toys and sold all my new stuff off.

    I've noticed though that *many* modern toy collectors have never even given vintage a shot. This makes me kinda sad. How will you ever know if you like vintage or modern more if you don't try both? So, here's a challenge... to both sides... if you have never tried vintage or you've never tried modern toys, do yourself a favor. Go out and get some. Try a variety. Loose stuff, carded stuff, ships, figures, non-toy items. Don't spend too much money, just dabble.

    Then over maybe three months, pay attention to which of those toys you like to view most when perusing your collection... that will be what is giving you the most enjoyment. I've challenged many people this way. Some are right where they belong with their collecting, but others I know who took that challenge realized that they never knew what they were missing out on until they tried it. A few have almost completely switched from modern to vintage or vise versa.

  21. Abhors Elder

    Abhors Elder Guest

    I am mostly into modern, but I gave vintage a try a couple of years ago. I bought some loose figures, and really enjoyed it. I'm trying to get a larger collection going. I'm looking for a job so I can afford more vintage figures, and put some money away in the bank for college and future use.

    -saber holder
  22. Abhors Elder

    Abhors Elder Guest

    cfawcett ,
    I noticed in your collection pictures that the last POTF Glasslite figure you need is C-3P0. I thought maybe you'd like to take a look at this. I came across it during my daily ebay searches.

    [link=] C-3P0 [/link]

    -saber holder

  23. Gunga_Din

    Gunga_Din Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 23, 2002
    Well i have no vintage Star Wars items believe it or not. I started with the the Episode 1 line, potj etc. Basically your modern lines. You can see my adictivness with my lord of the rings post so plz don't start on vintage or my wife will divorce my ass. But i do appreciate the vintage stuff and i will always be envious of those who possess it. You lucky singe bastards!
  24. Mara_Jade_Fan

    Mara_Jade_Fan Jedi Knight star 6

    Feb 1, 2002
    I pretty much started collecting vintage items and then moved into collecting modern items. Whereas I have collected at least one each of every vintage figure, I only collect the modern figures that I really like. I have found that what gives me the most joy are the vintage figures, the props (lightsabers, costumes), and rare items such as glasses from Austrailia, and R2D2 clock from England, painted figures from Russia, a piece of carpet out of Senator Palpatines office in Episode 1 (that I got from a man from Denmark), a vintage Takara metal R2D2 from Japan, and things such as my R2D2 cooler which I can use often. I also really love the carded figures that I have had autographed by the actors at various conventions. So... I started out with vintage items and have pretty much moved into collecting everything... but I only buy what I really like.
  25. Allie Fox

    Allie Fox FanForce CR Macon GA US star 3

    Jan 13, 2000
    At first I was determined NOT to collect the new line. I was not very impressed by the molds of the 1995 line. One day I walked into Wal*Mart and the entire set was before my eyes and I gave in. I was a pretty steady collector of the POTF2 line until the re-sculpts began. I got tired of the countless Luke's. When Episode One debuted it's line, I didn't buy a single item(and haven't to this day).

    Today I pick up the occassional piece if it strikes me as interesting. I haven't seen anything from any of the prequel films that impress me enough so I've stuck to getting only the classic trilogy characters from this new "Saga Collection."

    My vintage collection was pertty much complete(to my satisfaction) when I put together a complete set of loose figures. Together with the leftover items from my childhood and the set of 12 backs, I'm happy.

    I now concentrate on other non-Star Wars items from my childhood. My collection has grown to include Indiana Jones, Battlestar Galactica, Mego POTA, TRON, etc. I not only collect figures, but also posters, games, dolls, guns, and(hopefully) a Marx Toys Green Machine. My entire collection is on display in my playroom I've dubbed "Childhood Lost."
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