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    Like a lot of fellow fans, I have just returned from Celebration V. I went because I love the Star Wars genre, and everything that has to do with it. I have followed Star Wars since the first screening of Episode 4 in 1977. I noticed one thing about my fellow fans--the vast, vast majority of the people I met that enjoyed Star Wars were always kind, generous, considerate and were always ready to talk to a fellow fan. I found this to be true throughout the years...
    ...until now.
    I will reference the VIP experience thread on this forum. Folks, I will say, without reservation, that I read indications of some of the most selfish and elitist attitudes I have ever experienced. What do I mean?
    1. The people who take great pride in barging in the lines for celebrity autographs and photographs.
    2. Barging in lines to panels and other large events.
    3. I did not think that getting "Knight" and "Master" privileges allowed such rude behavior.
    4. Rude and insensitive behavior toward volunteers and Security personnel who were staffing these events. These people--especially the volunteers--worked long and hard hours, going without sleep and food to try to make this event as pleasureable as possible--and I applaud their efforts. These people are also given specific instructions concerning the running of the events and the lines going to those events.
    5. Just because you have a VIP pass, it does not mean that you should bully these volunteers--or anyone else who happens to be in your area. You make yourself look really immature, selfish and inconsiderate.
    If the VIP pass does allow you access to a line, then show some manners. Saying "thanks" or "excuse me" and "please" makes people behave toward you in a courteous manner. Barging in and being loud makes you look like a dolt. Whenever people see you acting like this, they will pass the word around about you, and you may not appreciate what you hear.
    Bottom line--purchasing those passes does not give anyone the right to act like a bully. Remember, there are thousands of other fans who may have saved and scrimped to attend a Star Wars Celebration. Put yourself in their place.

    Edit: Sorry, but as you've said, [link=]there is another VIP thread already[/link]. Try to keep everything in a single thread.
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    I totally agree 100% with this post. I was in line for the Clone Wars season 3 panel and just happen to have the same bright orange colors shirt on like the crew. And these 3 VIP 's come storming up to me and my buddy who also had our orange fan force shirt on and said where do they line up. Well he had a Knight pass which gave him no preferred seating in the digital stage. SO I pointed to the end of the line. I was just trying to be helpful. So he said something rude to us and stormed to the front of the line and demanded to get right in.
    It seemed there were lots of people just being demanding and rude with these badges. Thinking they were the uber fan as they spent more money. Oh well. Maybe at CVI they will have everything sorted and learn from their mistakes and make it more clear what they get and what they don't get.
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