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Vocal Casting Call -- several voices (8), several ages (7 to 35 yrs. old) needed

Discussion in 'Fan Audio' started by GreytaleNovastar1138, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. GreytaleNovastar1138

    GreytaleNovastar1138 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 8, 2005
    Balance of Power, Episode III: ?A Force Undying? needs your help!

    If you'd like information on the first two episodes, either see my signature, PM me, or look up Balance of Power on youtube. I've posted links before, but they were considered "advertising"... oh well.

    If you are interested in helping with any of the dialogue, it would add to the production greatly! BOP I consisted of my voice 95% for of the sound plot, and BOP II consisted of my voice for about 70% of the sound plot...

    ...this time, I?d like each Episode III character to have his or her own voice!


    1. DO NOT POST TO THE THREAD with your entry?see the instructions below. Thanks in advance!!!
    2. Record clearly, please! Use .WAV format? PCM? 44,100Hz at 128kbps, 16bit, stereo is ideal. The bit rate can be higher if you like. I would also be fine with 22,050Hz if somehow 44K is not possible for you.
    3. You may record for as many roles as you like?but in the event that you are cast? you will only be cast for ONE role.
    4. You DO NOT need to record ALL of the line examples. You can? however, you may want to record at least two.
    5. Record each line that you choose to work on into a separate file please.
    6. When saving, please use the character?s name, followed by an underscore, followed by the few first words of the line:

    EXAMPLE: SKYBLADE_Indeed you are very wise.wav

    7. Please do not alter any pitch or frequency settings without first asking me. I may be happy to hear your recordings with a ?deeper? voice, but? just tell me! :)
    8. Pack your files into a .ZIP folder ? or something compressed.
    9. E-mail your entries to with the subject ?EP III Vocals -- ? and your full name (as you want to be credited if you are cast).

    Thanks in advance! :)

    Entries need to be submitted by July 31st or earlier to be considered.
    Entries that blatantly ignore the above requests, and/or are unrecognizable will not be considered.

    Here are the roles, along with brief descriptions, and example lines:

    ALEXANDRA NOVASTAR (Approx. age = 17)

    The heroin of this story, Alexandra is both beautiful and tough? intelligent and brash. She is the epitome of balance between her educated, well-trained self? and the aggressive, stubborn, prideful self that can become her undoing. In this episode, she struggles hard to do what she knows is right? but fear, doubt, and anger cloud her mind at the most inopportune times? when she needs clarity the most!

    Alexandra: (visibly upset, a little frantic & worried) No? I didn?t. I got upset. You?re right, I lashed out? just like father used to warn me about. I?ll never get it right!

    Alexandra: But he isn?t! I can?t hold him, hug him! Watch him train, learn from him? I feel there is something I should have done, something I could have done, and he would still be here! I?ll never see him again!

    Alexandra: ALL of our fates hang in the balance. But yours is the one at the most dire crossroads. YOU must choose?

    UNKNOWN DARK FEMALE (Approx. age = 32)

    A twisted soul that has been reborn, she is both sensual and venomous. She persuades and persists with others to understand her side of things while plotting their untimely demise. She is a convincing soul? but a lying one!

    Dark female: You are as useless and weak as Necrolosis warned! So be it? your mistake becomes? your? DOOOOOOM!

    Dark female: Are you going to allow this underling to command your actions??! Silence him!

    Dark female: You are not meant to be some pathetic teacher of weak-minded children, you are a DARK LORD! Unleash your incredible power? fuel your strength with what is deep inside you!

    Dark female: Now, if you could overcome your blind weakness, you?d begin to fathom the limitless powers of the dark side as well. But I
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