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Vreti sa invatati limba corelliana?

Discussion in 'Romania' started by mara_alexia, Jan 4, 2005.

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  1. mara_alexia

    mara_alexia Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 29, 2004
    Vreti sa invatati limba corelliana, atat cat sa va descurcati prin peregrinarile voastre prin Galaxie? Aveti aici un mic dictionar de cuvinte si expresii:

    Aa'kua - "respect", respecting personal space
    Aanor ishiia zals - "Love conquers all"
    Aliha sel valle volgoth? - "What do you want?"
    Bhesj! - term of impatience
    B'rrsk - "Head"
    Phrenbi - To decapitate
    Brekken Vinthern - "Bitter Winter" (refers to Alzheimer-like disease)
    Chakta Sai Kae - Old Corellian toast
    Chirq - a bright shade of red
    Chumani - "friend", also an insult to strangers: "weakling"
    Cjaalysce'l - "You are wearing the road well", a greeting meaning that the recipient's reputation has preceded them
    Contemplanys Hermi - "Meditative solitude"
    Corellisi - "Corellian", the Corellians' native name for themselves
    Doaba - "peace"
    Doaba ol'val tru - "peace and hope", a greeting or a farewell (esp. at a funeral)
    Doko prek anuda ten? - "Can you speak this language?"
    Droyk - A swear word
    Dust-happy - Corellian slang for spice addiction
    Eharl - "elf" or "trickster"
    Frink - A swear word
    Guerfel - "fool"
    Gylif fho ihn gylif - "A life for a life"
    Halle metes chun, petchuck - An insult, translation unknown
    Ihn Corellisi nyeve min bhiq suman ehin nyiad. - "A Corellian never turns his back on someone in need."
    Jeboe'i - "thief"
    Kas tulisha abia al port. - "Chaos opens the door to opportunity."
    Ke'dem - Someone who is condemned or fallen, also imbalanced or crazy.
    Khasaan'l - A greeting
    Khoehng - "king"
    Koccic sulng - Reprimand, "Be quiet."
    Koccic sulng il pla - "Shut up and play"
    Lofahchu ets pyroni vyoryn viske. - "Loyalty is a smuggler's worst vice"
    Mahn uhl Fharth bey ihn valle. - "May the Force be with you."
    Midys - "middle"
    Midys Corellisi - "Middle Corellian", a language
    Min - "mine" or "his"
    Min min - "I" or "myself"
    Min min vil ut valle Nharquis. - "I will eat your ashes"
    Min min volgoth noh petchuck. - "I want no bad blood between us."
    Nhar'qual - "dark death"
    Oblivyn - "nothing"
    Ofax ets burrin tehn. - "the air is too heavy here", meaning the situation is ominous or dangerous (ie: "I have a bad feeling about this")
    Ol'val - "hello" or "goodbye"
    Ol'val, min dul'skal, ahn guld domina - "clear skies and good luck, my friend" or "may fate be with you"
    Olys - "old"
    Olys Corellisi - "Old Corellian", language
    Ohna fulle guth - A challenge or insult
    Osk'y - "enemy" or "rival"
    Petchuck - "animosity" or "bad blood"
    "Where in the Nine Corellian Hells am I?" - A colloquialism used to express confusion or being lost
    Sahsahlah "the promised land" or "the place of wise fools", used in conversations when opinions differ and one party wants to indicate that the other will not get their way.
    Saltan valoramosa n telvalk mord - "Assumption is the first step to a shallow grave"
    Selba - A youth held in high regard by elders
    Skrag - A swear word
    Socorro - "scorched earth"
    Tejha Larel - "undying love"
    Uldyr - The rainy season
    Volgoth - To want
    Wagyx - "ass"
    Yke hyon fhars oblivyn cnous oblivyn - "He who fears nothing, knows nothing."
    Min Larel - "My Love", a term of endearment

    ROGUESQUAD Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 27, 2004
    Eu prefer bazica...
  3. Luke_StarCristal

    Luke_StarCristal Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 27, 2004
    hmm interesant dar raman si eu cu bazica si...
    Mith'riss valder bun'ss alora del mul'f ! :)
  4. sergiurusu

    sergiurusu Jedi Knight star 5

    May 30, 2001
    de ce oare am impresia ca seamana mult cu engleza? ;)
  5. mara_alexia

    mara_alexia Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 29, 2004
    Mie mi se pare o amestecatura inttre engleza, germana si limbi nordice. Oricum, e clar ca pare o limba "fabricata". Dar mi s-a parut interesant. Mai cunoaste cineva site-uri unde putem gasi si alte limbi din SW?
  6. sergiurusu

    sergiurusu Jedi Knight star 5

    May 30, 2001
    stiam de povestea cu Klingoniana, insa nu am crezut ca si cei de la SW vor ajunge aici...
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