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So NV Want more out of your Fan Force?

Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by Talon_Wolfe, Apr 27, 2003.

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  1. Talon_Wolfe

    Talon_Wolfe Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 8, 2002
    Here is something I posted recently on the Vegas boards in response to a discussion there, but I thought it would be worthwhile to post here as it contains info for those of you who might want more out of this Fan Force:


    Hi there,

    I thought I would address your concerns as the Boss of the TwinSunsSyndicate (TSS), the Henderson Fan Force. The majority of the socializing of the TSS is through our boards. There we have games, discussions, and more. Our discussions and interests range from video games, to costume and prop creation, to TV shows we like, to fan fiction and more. Every Saturday (unless cancelled), the role-playing arm of our group meets for role-playing games. Periodically, for a special movie, we organize opening night events, such as when we all went to see the midnight showing of the Twin Towers (where I gave away a Yoda and a Count Dooku action figure). We also coordinated with Lucasfilm and the larger fan force for the IMAX opening of Attack of the Clones, where we went in costume. We had representation at the Jedi Knight II competition held at Gateway Computers. We have obtained a special discount that our members can use at a Star Wars toy store.

    We have a good relationship with the Vegas Fan Force. Several of them have become friends, and we welcome them. They are welcome at what we do, and they have expressed the same to us, although to my recollection, we have yet to be able to join them for any of their events, although we have done some together.

    In the future, I can tell you that the TSS is planning outings to see The Matrix and X-Men 2. These are open for anyone to go to, I will post more information on our boards. In addition, our '5 Minute Film Festival' is not dead, just merely postponed. I will post more about that as well.

    The Henderson group is not simply the role-players, either. We have a larger number of members that aren't interested in the RPG. We have been a collective group since before 1998- before our inception as an 'official' fan force with the use of the boards. Those who come on Saturday nights are not our total population, there are many more, many of whom choose not to post on the boards.

    We will continue to exist in this way, doing periodic activities, doing our weekly game, and primarily socializing on the boards. We have been a steady presence with gradual growth, and we will remain so. Our style may not suit everyone, but in time, maybe it will, as we continue to evolve.

    Although we talk in person every week, there has been no 'official' meeting between myself and MoronDude concerning combining the FanForces. To say that we are all 'one' FanForce is inaccurate, except that we both belong to the same larger body. At the time of its inception, the Henderson group served a different group of people, and a different set of needs. This still, to a large degree, holds true, although there are several who hold a 'dual' membership.

    If anyone wishes to see more out of either Fan Force, I would encourage you to do a few things:

    First, remember that each chapter is still evolving, so while what you see now may not be enough for you, realize that in time, it might be.

    Second, PM your city rep and tell them your concerns, and that you would love to get involved to make things better, or to help in whatever way you can. Willing people with good attitudes mean a lot to City Reps. Trust me.

    Third, post on the boards. This keeps things lively, it's fun, and shows to visitors that there is activity and life. I visit other chapter's boards, and a tell tale sign of life is the activity on the boards. I can guarantee you that City Reps keep track of who posts, who lurks, who is a 'loose cannon' and who is a potential asset. Remind the other members to post, tell em you miss seeing them on the boards. I do that all the time, and I believe that it helps our boards. One of the first things I notice when I visit other chapters is how active their boards are (or are not).

    Fourth, if anyone is new and want t
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