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Want to Join, Have Fan Film Idea.

Discussion in 'Miami, FL' started by RONDC20, Mar 20, 2001.

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  1. RONDC20

    RONDC20 Jedi Master star 1

    Feb 10, 2001

    Hello my fellow Star Wars Fans. I am a Star Wars Fan who lives right here in Miami. I live in Kendall to be exact. I have been looking for an orginized group of Star Wars Fans to hang out with and Talk about Star Wars and just do Star Wars like stuff with, And even do a fan film with.

    My idea for a Fan-Film right now I'm in the middle of writting the screenplay. Basically it's about this Bounty Hunter who decides he doesn't want to be a Bounty Hunter anymore and join the Rebellion against the Empire. So at the start of the movie he goes to his employer"Jabba the Hutt" and tries to quit, but it's not that easy. He manages to escape only to have his ride blown up(An S-Swoop Speeder Bike)and must hijack a Sand Skiff. What ensues is an exiting Chase Action Sequence through the desserts of Tattoine involving Jabba's Goons and Desert Skiffs.

    He escapes only to have an Imperial Star Destroyer orbiting Tattoine wating for him. apperrantly one of his bounties was a highly respected and reguarded Grand Admiral and they are there to punish him for his crimes against the Empire. So now not only is Jabba after him, so is The Empire.

    Iv'e Got Darth Vader, Iv'e got Jabba the Hutt, Iv'e Got Boba Fett, Iv'e even got a possible cameo by Chewbacca(still debating that one) Iv'e even got a Gungan Sidekick/Co-Pilot, don't worry he's nothing like Jar Jar, He's learned to speak proper english, There is not one ounce of clumsiness in his bones, he is a recourcefull and usefull partner, who knows how to fight, fly a ship and fire a blaster, He's more like Cheiwe and nothing like Jar Jar Ok.The timeframe is still under debate, It can be anywhere from before a New Hope to before Return of The Jedi. So what do you guys think? Who wants to help me get this Fan-Film Made?

    So what do you guys think can I join you guys?

    Ronald C
  2. awing_pilot

    awing_pilot Jedi Youngling

    Feb 8, 2001
    Welcome aboard...we will be meeting soon
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