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Story [War and Peace] Fragments of Our Lives [UDC5. Various characters. romance/angst/drama/etc)Week 20 up

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Alley_Skywalker, May 18, 2010.

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  1. Valiowk

    Valiowk Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Apr 23, 2000
    Such lovely drabbles, Alley! I don't like Dolokhov or Anatole, but I couldn't help liking their brotherly interaction very much, and the fact that they're so innocent when around each other.

    This was probably my favourite line from Week 15 - such a lovely summary of the relationship between the two! :)

    Loved the contrast between Acrobat and Barbarian in Week 16. I think it's a general rule that people feel bad about being the one to suggest a break-up in a relationship, even though it might have had to end sooner or later or the other party could equally well have been the one to suggest it, and even though the relationships formed later with others might actually be better and healthier than the original. I actually don't think there's anything unhealthy with Nicholas preferring not to think about his feelings for the two women - I just hope he'll be able to not return to dwelling on the matter at some point of time. :)
  2. Alley_Skywalker

    Alley_Skywalker Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 27, 2005
    Valiowk: I love Dolokhov and Anatole and honestly, I think Dolokhov acts very differently with loved ones than he does in public, so to speak. As for Nicholas...well, I think in his situation it would be better to not think about his feelings for Sonya and Maria. He'd made his choice -- marry for money -- and he'd do well to make the best of it.
    Have you seen any of my other W&P stuff? It's too bad we don't like the same characters because I do tend to focus a lot on Dolokhov. I'll leave a few links for you nonthless.
    [link=]About Him[/link]
    [link=]Letter To Sonya[/link]
    I would sai that the couple of fics I have posted off-site are significantly better than those three so if you wanna take a peek I can always PM you links :)

    WEEK 17: SIBLINGS (Rostovs, Bolkonskis, Bezukhovs, Kuragins, Dolokhovs)


    Pierre?s family situation had always been awkward. He knew his father from boyhood but their relationship and situation was neither proper nor typical. His mother was half-present, half-absent from his life, always hysterical, emotionally unbalanced. He spent most of his time between aunts and governesses, who all whispered and looked shifty when they took him to his father.

    One time, when leaving his father?s house, he had encountered a woman with two boys slightly older than him in the hall. He did not know them. ?Who are they?? he had asked the woman-relative accompanying him.

    ?Your brothers,? she had said.


    Andrei and Maria had grown up in Bald Hills with their father. Their mother had died when both were young. Andrei had the vaguest memories of her and Maria did not remember her at all. Their life was quiet and sheltered; they were very close, partially because of Maria?s sweet nature and Andrei?s awe of her and partially because they had no other children to play with. Their father had no desire to bring Maria into society even once she was of age. When Andrei married and moved to Petersburg, his sister was left alone and retreated completely into religion.


    Out of the four Rostov siblings, Natasha was perhaps the only one who enjoyed the country with all her heart. Nicholas liked the hunts, and no one could argue that it was cooler and fresher in the country than in Moscow in the summers, but most of the Rostov children found the city life much more enjoyable and entertaining. Vera, after coming out into society, felt bored in the country without the suitors and festive balls. Nicholas missed his friends and Petya missed the opportunities to tag along with Nicholas on whatever adventure his older brother might take him on.


    It had been quite the scandal. No one knew how the rumor came about, but the word was that Anatole and Helene Kuragin were in an intimate, inappropriate relationship, far overstepping one of familial relations.

    ?This is absurd! I can?t believe father believes this nonsense,? Helene said, pacing across Hippolytes room. ?Anatole?s only twelve!?

    ?This is why they?re sending me to study in Paris,? Anatole stated gloomily from the bed.

    ?Well the way you two carry on?? Hippolyte drew out, then ducked to avoid Helene?s fan. ?But, honestly, I think father simply wants to put a stop to the rumors.?


    Galina sat watching her brother curiously as he paced. ?What did they do?? she asked, tugging at the strings of her bonnet.

    Theodore let out a half-intelligible string of highly censurable adjectives to describe a group of his agemates. He turned to see his younger sister looking at him, stunned. ?Sorry,? he said sheepishly. ?I just can?t stand them anymore. They think that just because they?re rich they can be insulting.?

    ?What will you do?? she asked, softly.

    ?I?ll ask Mama to give me Father?s guns.?

    ?No!? The girl ran forwar
  3. Alley_Skywalker

    Alley_Skywalker Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 27, 2005
    A/N: To alleviate any possible confusion, I'll note that the Rostov children were introduced briefly in the epilogue. The Kuragin-Dolokhov children are my OCs, children of canon characters.


    (A/N: 6th definition for peel reads as ?to undress.? I will use this definition.)

    Anatole loves riding. He?s always been good at it and there?s something perfect about the way the wind sweeps through his hair and blows back the skirts of his tailcoat. He loves spurring his mare through the fields, vaulting over ditches and branches once in the woods. He comes back to the house around supper after a long ride, jumping over the gate. The boy waves at his father who stands watching him from the porch, shaking his head disapprovingly. ?I?ll be right in, Papa!? he shouts, and catches Theodore?s brief smile as he rounds the house toward the stables.

    Maria carefully undoes the ribbons of her corset lacing, one by one, feeling as the top of her dress loosens and begins sliding off her shoulders. She has dismissed her maids and is undressing herself, unwilling to have anyone?s company tonight, for she can still feel Anatole?s had in hers, his lips on her lips and on her neck. She wonders what it would be like to have them on her shoulders and her breast?lower. She takes in a deep breath as she slips off the dress and begins to undo the lacing on the underskirts. What has she done?

    Alexander Kuragin looks up from his book as a gale of girlish laugher rings from downstairs. Within moments, his sister has run up the stairs and into his room. ?He?s going to marry me!?

    Alexander looks up skeptically. ?Who??


    ?What makes you think that, silly??

    ?What do you mean? He was just here! He asked Papa for me hand.?

    Alexander stands so fast his head spins. ?Anatole was here? He asked Papa for you hand??

    Annette smiles radiantly. ?Yes. Oh, Alex, I shall be married!?

    Alex laughs and sweeps his sister in a hug, spinning her around the room.

    Annette fixes her stylish hat before the mirror, then twirls around, admiring herself. She is gorgeous with her blonde curls, full lips and Kuragin-grey eyes. Her dress was made by the best Petersburg tailors, the design straight out of a French catalogue. This will be both her coming out party and the announcement of her engagement. She and Anatole will be the sensation of all of Petersburg.

    In the hallway. Her parents are having a much less idealistic conversation. ?A girl as pretty as she could have scored a better match.?

    Hippolyte sighs. ?It?s a family thing, dear. It?s complicated,?

    ?Prince Bolkonski is here,? Katherine says from the door. ?You?re needed to entertain him.?

    Maria looks up at her sister. ?I don?t want to marry Nicholas. Why can?t Mama understand that??

    ?Regardless, Maria. Besides, Anatole is engaged. You know that.?

    ?Oh, you?re not really going to give up, are you?? Lise asks from her perch on Maria?s bed.

    ?Hush, Lise, you don?t know what you?re talking about,? Katherine snaps at their youngest sister. ?At least, unlike Dolokhov, Nicholas truly wants you. And he?s such a brilliant match!?

    ?If he is such a fine match, why don?t you marry him, Kitty.?
  4. Valiowk

    Valiowk Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Apr 23, 2000
    I haven't read your other War and Peace stories before, so thanks for sharing the links! I liked the vignettes very much, especially About Him - you do such wonderful character analyses! Would you please PM me the links to your other stories too? Thanks! :)

    Love the five different takes on relationships between siblings. No sets of relationships between siblings are ever the same, but among siblings who have grown up together, at least, there is always deep affection in their own manner.

    As for the next generation, I can only say "Tsk tsk". [face_shame_on_you] ;) :p
  5. Alley_Skywalker

    Alley_Skywalker Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 27, 2005
    Valiowk: I'm glad you enjoyed the other fics, and I love character analysis :D And I PMed you links :) Someday I will write that NextGen epic that is chewing at my brain...



    They meet at the theater, at the opera to be exact. Natasha notices that he has been looking at first, but then, when he enters the box adjacent to hers, she barely sees him because she is too busy admiring his sister. But then Anatole turns and gives her the barest of smiles. She feels a rupturing deep in her stomach and a heat that spreads from her core to her head, her arms and legs, the tips of her breasts? She burns as he smiles at her, carelessly, lightly. She?s afraid of this feeling, she?d never felt it before.


    ?Such lovely singing, wouldn?t you agree?? Natasha hears Anatole?s question but can not make out the words. He is sitting behind her in the box and she can feel his eyes on the back of her neck. She turns to grace him with a smile and for a moment drowns in the silver of his eyes. He is beautiful and as the music and singing fill her ears and her entire being she could almost sing from the sudden, inexplicable happiness that his presence brings.

    ?Yes, it is.? She means to look away, but can?t until he does so first.


    ?She?s so lovely! What a foot, what a glance! Have you ever seen a girl so bewitching??

    Dolokhov leans back in his chair and regards Anatole across the table. All of dinner had been like this. Theodore doesn?t think the boy has gushed like this over a woman in quite some time. ?In fact I have, mon cher,? he says with a smirk. ?Just the other day, at the regular tavern??

    ?Oh this isn?t the time for you stupid jokes! Can?t you stop teasing me for a moment?? Anatole takes a deep breath. ?Ah Natasha. I?m madly in love.?


    Anatole finds Natasha among Helene?s guests. His sister had teased him no less than Theodore but finally agreed to invite the young Rostov girl to one of her soirées. He tries to speak with her, but she is flighty. He dances with her, arms around her waist. How delicate she is, how perfect. None of the women present could compare, and his sister only associates with the finest of society so that?s saying something. Anatole takes her away from the crowd where he kisses her. ?I cannot call, but I must see you again.? The answer is in her eyes.


    ?Anatole, enough!? Theodore grabs Anatole?s shoulder and turns him around from where he?d been staring at a point beyond the window for almost half an hour. ?She sells you out and you? You can?t be that in love with her.?

    ?I just don?t understand.? Anatole gestures helplessly. ?Why did she agree to run with me only to tell her household? Or if they found out accidently, why didn?t she send warning??

    Theodore pulls Anatole into an embrace. To think he?d almost lost him to this idiotic escapade. ?Who knows. Women will puppeteer men as they please given half the chance.?
  6. Valiowk

    Valiowk Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Apr 23, 2000
    Thanks for the links to your other fics :) - I replied regarding those via PM.

    I really like the way you're able to get into the characters' minds - I would never be able to imagine Natasha's thoughts on my own. You also do a great job getting the reader to not condemn this "idiotic escapade" right at the beginning, but instead take a more sympathetic view of the fact that our characters are, after all, extremely young. There have definitely been a number of times when I read a book and thought to myself, oh God, how young and foolish these characters are, then not spared extra thought about how this must all be a new experience for them and it's understandable that they may be confused about what the right thing to do is, so it's really nice to be able to rethink such incidences in books and have a new perspective on them. :)
  7. Alley_Skywalker

    Alley_Skywalker Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 27, 2005
    Valiowk: They are young, especially Natasha and I don't understand why of all thing people hate on her for this: falling in love. She was honest wtu Andrei, after all, breaking it off with him beforehand. Not like she was "cheating" and he was so far away for so long and she didn't know him for that long to begin with. I think her attraction to Anatole is very understandable. And I think Anatole gets a lot of blame for the wrong thing. He might deserve a smack upside the head for immaturity and irresponsibility but his feelings are genuine. I think too many people seem to either not realize or ignore that. He's married but head-over-heals in love and not smart enough to think of anything less drastic than an elopement. He's foolish and impulsive, but not malicious.



    She was but a girl when she met him. Or so Lise told herself. Paris had been a charm, an uncontrollable whirlwind of emotion, sight and smell. The Paris countryside, the Paris balls, the Paris fashion. And him. Of course, how could she forget him. Or his brother, that obnoxious, adorable child who tried to stick his nose into everyone?s business but only meaning well. She hardly remembered his sister, and that was all for the better as Helene didn?t seem to be inclined to give her the time of day. He was about Andrei?s age, but they were incomparable.


    ?Hush. Why are you crying? Mademoiselle Meinen??

    ?Lise. Call me Lise, I beg you,? Lise chokes out through the tears that well up in her eyes.

    ?Lise, why are you crying?? Hippolyte repeats. He?s holding her hand and in its white glove it looks very small in his much larger one.

    ?Prince Bolkonski. I?m engaged to him. I can?t?we can?t?? She can?t look at him, into those Kuragin-grey eyes.

    ?Why can?t you??

    ?Because I?m betrothed!?

    Hippolyte watched her for a moment, then reached out and tilted her face upwards, kissing her until her breath caught. ?It?ll be our secret.?


    Andrei isn?t rough on their wedding night. She is relieved though not surprised. He?s a good man; she wouldn?t have married him if she didn?t believe that. In the morning he is gone before she wakes up however and the morning sun pours into her eyes as the maid draws back the curtains. ?Where?s Andrei?? The girl gives her no adequate answer before leaving the room. Lise sits up and pulls back the blanket. There?s blood on the sheets but that?s normal. And it?s proof, if only to herself, that despite Paris, she was still pure on her wedding night.


    Being pregnant is like magic. It seems to wipe away all her worries, all her uncertainties, all the anger she feels lately. Andrei actually smiles at her these days. She was afraid he never would look at her fondly again. Somehow she?d displeased him, though she couldn?t say what she had done to make him so unhappy. Although his sudden fondness toward her didn?t last, she didn?t care anymore. This child ? her baby ? would be her salvation. It would love her purely, unconditionally and she would love it. The saying goes that pregnant women glow. Lise thinks she knows why.


    ?Is it really such an effort for you to come to this soirée, Andrei??

    ?It?s no effort, dear. It?s torture.? Andrei untangles himself from her and heads toward an acquaintance.

    Lise sighs. She feels eyes on her and turns, meeting crystal-grey eyes. Him? No, thank God ? his brother. How Anatole has grown! The boy gives her a nod and Lise smiles back. She looks around for Hippolyte but doesn?t find him. Lise takes a glass of wine and goes to find her husband. The man who so obviously despises her. He?d slain her dreams. Or perhaps she?d done that herself.
  8. Valiowk

    Valiowk Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Apr 23, 2000
    This set was really interesting, and a great conclusion to the UDC5 series. :) Thank you so much for sharing this with us! [:D] I think you've just made me a fan of the Lise/Hippolyte pairing! [face_love] ;) The sentence "And it?s proof, if only to herself, that despite Paris, she was still pure on her wedding night." really broke my heart - it says that whatever happened in Paris, Hippolyte and Lise still acted honourably enough there...

    Any chance of seeing more rare pairings in your other works? I really like the possibilities they open up. :cool: :)
  9. Alley_Skywalker

    Alley_Skywalker Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 27, 2005
    Valiowk: Thank you for reading and reviewing. I loved having you and your wonderful comments along for the ride!
    I love rare parings so they're all over the place in my fics :) I'm actually thinking of doing W&P for UDC6 as well lol. I can't get enough of this fandom. Also, yay! I'm glad you liked the Lise/Hippolyte paring :) I was just always rather upset with Andrei for how he treated Lise simply because he didn't think hard enough before marrying her. I kinda wonder if that is what would have happened to Natasha if she'd married him... And, yes, I always did imagine that Lise was a good girl and Hippolyte doesn't have his brother's charm or his nerve :p
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