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    "I then respect your courage in coming here, Booster." His thick thick black robes didn't move. Charth Maul continued to read the ancient Sith texts, his eyes glued to the page, even as he spoke.

    Silence filled the air between the two Masters. The power of the force was filling the temple immensely as it drew around the two. There was much power indeed...

    The High Priests slowly set down the Sith book and looked Booster in the eyes. He glared for a moment, then returned to normal status.

    "It has been a while, Master Booster. Now I'm going to get even more serious with you though. I want to know truthfully..." He paused a moment, as he picked each word with great consideration. "I want to know," silence yet again, "were you truly Piett_Clone? The same Piett_Clone who I always respected? The same Piett_Clone who served the Imperial Navy so well? The same Piett_Clone who worked so hard in recruiting members for the Empire? Are you him?! I must know, Booster."

    The Sith High Priest was quiet yet again as he searched his thoughts. He wanted to just hear the words of Booster: "Yes, it is me..." It all seemed like a dream. His face suddenly grew cold once more. The compassion and sincerety left Charth Maul's face and he continued to await Booster's answer. He began to grit his teeth as he looked at Booster in the eyes. I have to know... he communicated to Booster through thought.

    The Force summoned around the two greatly as tensions grew. Then suddenly Charth Maul's face grew sincere and warm again and he continued to stare at Booster in the eyes.

    I have to know...
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    **Kieran's Quarters, Pride of Lorien**

    Kieran suddenly woke, and found himself sweating in his bed, one thought running through his mind. they are coming

    ((OOC: my character has foresight so he would be able to fortell an attack such as this. ))

    He hit his comm on the bedtable. "Bridge!"

    -"Bridge here Captain, what can we do for you?" -

    "Contact Admiral Ben and tell him I believe there are imperial forces on their way. Prep all fighters for launch, and prepare our secondary weapons."

    -"Ay.. Aye sir"- the cadet responded.

    Kieran quickly dressed in his jumpsuit and hurried to the bridge.

    **Bridge of the Pride of Lorien**

    Kieran stormed out of the turbolift. "Report!"

    Tactical: "No sign of any imperials as of yet sir, though all systems are reporting full functinality. The Rebel shuttle with extra crew has arrived and we are arming as many of the weapons as we can."

    Kieran nodded, his vision had been a little sketchy on time, who knows, they might have..... His thoughts were interupted by a shout from Tactical.

    "Sir! Enemy ships entering on the far side of the system! 3 ISDIIs, 2 Lancer Frigates, 1 Interdictor, 2 Strike Cruisers, and 4 Assault Frigates. The Imperials must really want us."

    Kieran hit the comm unit. "Admiral, this battle is a little too close to call, I suggest we retreat."

    ((Reply Admiral?))

    ((Zarrin here is a list of the ships currently at Barkura for the Rebels: 4 MC-80a, 1 MC-95 (my own personal Mon Calamari cruiser, e-mail me at jedijosh@snet.net for stats) 1 marauder corvette, 3 Corellian Corvettes, 3 NebulonB Frigates, and several smaller support ships))
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    Fluke stood aboard the SSD Annihilator. He had been given command of it but a few days before.

    Standing near the viewport, chin in hand, he turned to his right. "Communications."

    "Yessir?" replied the lieutenant.

    "Patch me through to HC. It's time we got ourselves a mission."
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    *YY and Nithrak sat in the war room of the Executor's falgship. They were discussing the battle plan for the attack on Bastion*

    "After we have secured the planet or at least the space around Bastion we will make sure to send reinforcements to anyone in need of our help. Be it the Warmaster, Rockangus, or another commander. How many ships and personel do you suggest we set aside for this task, Nithrak?"

    "Half of our fleet. We can always call on them if we are in need of more force."

    "Are you sure of this?"

    "Of course, Yun."

    "Very well. We should be pulling insystem at any moment. Make a call to Prefect Rockangus and our Warmaster to inform them of our arrival."

    "I'll have an aide do so."
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    IC: Fhuver activated his villip, and sent a short transmission to his master, General Yun-Yuuzhan.

    "My Lord, our cruiser has arrived in system at Myrkr. As expected, there is no space fleet stationed here. Suggest that only a small backup force is required to secure space around the planet. I am going down with our drop ships to the surface. I expect to have the infidel governor prostrate at my feet by sundown. all reports suggest little in the far of groundside defence forces, mainly small civilian clusters in main cities.
    Furthur reports to come. glory to the blessed."

    Fhuver stood and donned his cerulean pearl vonduun crab armour. picking up his amphistraff, he strode aboard one of the transports and felt the shudder as the ship hit atmosphere.

    Although externally his face was impassive, inside he played through the numerous quivering faces of the hapless humans and insecure infidels, and how quick there submission would come.
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    Since the Prefect knew that both the Executor and General Yun would be working together to take Bastion, he decided to help the Warrior Lieutenant, Fhuver Vil, take the Rim world known as Myrkr.

    With a fleet consisting of fifteen Assault Cruisers, a modest amount of various picket vessels, and of course his worldship, Augen Sonne, the Prefect's Forces arrived over the verdant planet of Myrkr. Leaving Fhuver to direct his troops as he would, Rokangus began to order his fleet toset itself up in a defensive perimeter around the planet. Myrkr had no defensive fleet of it's own, so Rokangus only had to make sure that the planet was safe from outside threats.

    The Prefect's fleet began to position as Fhuver began to send his troops to the surface. Rokangus had heard much of the young warrior, the Priest caste had uniquely blessed him in a rare ceremony. The Prefect was sure the warrior was well equipped to handle the small task of subdueing the surface populace.

    As Rokangus watched his ships array themselves in a wide orbit around the planet, one of the acolytes approached from below his command loft.

    "Prefect, we have sensed several ships attempting to leave the planet's atmosphere," the acolyte said as it bowed it's head respectfully, "They seem to fit the description of civilian infidel craft. Most likely of the caste known as Smugglers."

    The Prefect digested this information. While the smugglers had little of value to the Yuuzhan Vong, they would still make worthy slaves. "Move appropriate picket vessels into position to intercept. Tell them to use the dovin basals to restrain the infidel vessels. I want these infidels captured, not destroyed."

    "As you command, Prefect," the acolyte replied.

    "Also have our assault cruisers begin to lay the dovin basal interdiction mines that our shapers recently developed. That should prevent any thing from leaving or entering this system easily." As the acolyte went off to carry off his orders, Rokangus turned back to the clear membranous viewport and waited for word from the Warrior Fhuver.
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    After the message was encrypted, Fluke finally got through to GrandAdmiralJello.

    "Sir, do you have any orders for me? The Annihilator is ready to go."
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    (I'm glad that we are spawning sith now, when only 3 of us were ever force sensitive.)
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    AJ, you're a member of HC, are you not?
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    ((Forunately... hyperspace travel time allowed me to post in time. Please do not attack without DF data... which forutnately you haven't yet.

    Bastion: It isn't called "Bastion". Not in this time era. But who cares. SECTOR HQ: Fleet: 9 ISD-Is (15 others around sector. Will be recalled for battle. Fighters: ISDs have standard fighter loads. (3 T/Fs squads. 2 of T/Is, 1 of T/Bs). Troops: at least 15000. Were you Rebels, you'd have to worry about putting down insurrections, and couldn't hold it. You Vong don't need to worry about that. Of course, the Empire is not giving up without a fight.

    Skai: SECTOR HQ. Fleet: 24 ISD-IIS with standard fighter loads. 40 planet-based TIE squadrons. 3 Golan II stations. Troops: 2,400,000, along with 5 million militiamen. It'll be a tough nut.

    Mykr: Only Talon Karrde.

    You Rebels wanted these...

    Clak-dor: Rim world. 1 ISD-I and 2 VSD-IIs with standard fighter loads. 5 planet-based squadrons. Troops: 40,000. That planet really hates the Imps. It'd be one place you'd be welcome, and could take over just by killing all the Imps.

    Endor: Ewoks.

    Varonat: Same as Clak'dor but the population doesn't support the Rebels. They don't support Imps either.

    Ison: Major trade route. 15 ISD-IIs with advanced loads (3 squads on T/Is, 2 of T/As, and 1 of shielded T/Bs). Troops: 2,000 (defenses are mostly space-based.

    Zhar: Have you read Shadows of the Empire? You should know this. Imperial base. 2 ISD-IIs with standard fighter loads. Imperial garrison with 600,000 troops.

    Ryloth: Rim world. 2 ISD-Is with standard fighters. Troops: 40,000. Mostly anti-Rebel.

    Tatooine: 1 Dreadnaught. Garrison: 200 troops. Though you'd have to fight through Jabba and other anti-Rebel brutes.


    Now, if you Rebels and Vong would kindly put AF (attack force data) as soon as you reach the system. The Empire will respond.

    I hope you Vong are ready. Unlike the Rebels, you are taking important systems. The Empire will respond in kind. If you thought our Sector Fleet at Chandrila was large, wait until you meet the fleet I will assemble to intercept you guys. Both Bastion and Skai are close to many key sectors, allowing me to send hundreds, even thousands of ships for defense.

    Of course, I'd never need that many ships, but I'm just telling you.

    As soon as you Rebels and Vong arrive, please give me time to post my response and give ordered.

    This should be a turn-based RP. I won't be able to respond until Monday afternoon or night (board time).

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    PoT was at crucial point. GAJ seemed unable or unwilling to deflect, the rebels from these minor worlds, but his reasoning was evident when information concerning the Yuuzhan Vong attacks filtered in.

    "Damn you all" he cursed to the air, shocking the quiet Noghri in the corner from his revere. Turning to the squat alien he issed his orders. "Tell your master that I need my facility in the unknown regions ready within the month. I wish for no more delays."
    Turning back to his shadowy thoughts, he mulled over the star chart brought to him by the dutiful Lt. Budaki. The rebels were working hard at fracturing their power at home, whilst the Vong pressed on to them from the rim toward the core.
    And then there was Project Genesis. just as the end was in sight, he stood to lose it all.
    Well not this time. He hadn't enjoyed his successful career by sitting still.
    Deep down, PoT was a man of action.
    "Contact Fluke Groundwalker. Inform the commander that the people of Bespin have been attacked, and in my capacity as HC council member, i am authorising that the system be rescued from the rebel terrorists, as outlined in the Imperial Constitution."
    Realising he was walking a fine line in how far his jurisdiction reached, he remained steadfast in his choice. If GAJ chose to demote him for issuing orders in his stead, then so be it, Project Genesis and the fate of the Empire meant more then PoT's personal ambition or status. Besides, his position as Director of Intelligence allowed him to commandeer equipment where neccassary, and in this case the fate of member world and his secret work lay in the balance.

    "I am taking executioner Squadron along with a freighter to meet with Fluke halfway." he intoned to his personal aide over the comlink, even as he walked to the hanger. "I await the commanders response."
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    The Counterpoint successfully dropped from Hyperspace into the Obroa-Skai system without a glitch.

    "No Vong as of yet it appears." Budaki scanned his scopes, nothing but the fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers and support craft stationed to protect the library world.

    "Sir, You have been hailed by the fleet's flagship," the computer informed.

    Budaki flipped a switch, activating his comm "Hello, this is Lt. Budaki, Intelligence Division. I need to speak with whomever is in charge, IN PERSON."

    A voice answered back, "Yes sir, upon confirmation of your security code."

    "You don't need to confirm my security code."

    "I don't need to confirm your security code."

    "I can proceed to the flagship."

    "You can procced to the flagship."

    "You will have your commander meet me in the hanger bay."

    "I will have my commander meet you in the hanger bay."

    Budaki smiled to himself, perhaps he had too much fun toying with lowly radar operators and secretaries. It was more fun to toy with the secretaries of course. "Thank you." He responded as he piloted his craft towards the flagship.

    OOC: Who is the commander of the Obroa-Skai fleet and what is the flag ship. if there isn't a flagship i will make a name up, and as for the commander, i will treat him like a NPC if there isn't one, okay?
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    Not prepared to wait for an answer, PoT put his comlink away, and boarded the large frieghter "Fearless" which Executioner Squadron used to ferry their ships around. On loan from the Executor, the squadron had been working as part of Coruscant's home fleet, but PoT now had a better use for his men.
    "Captain Vella, you may launch when ready. all the pilots are settled?"
    His female XO nodded. "Sir. yes Sir. May I ask our destination?"
    PoT nodded sagely. "The rebels have taken Bespin. It is our duty to take it back. Help, or no help. it is not only our duty, but our responsibility."
    His words may of subdued or buoyed the squadron, but he knew not, for he was up on the bridge as the freighter entered the swirling vortex of hyperspace.
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    The Counterpoint prepared to set down in the flagship's hanger bay when the comm buzzed once more.

    "Lt Budaki. Come in please."

    "This is Budaki, and this had better be important." Budaki was clearly irritated.

    "It is important sir, Grand Admiral Jello has informed us that he will be taking care of the defenses here, and that we should relay the command to all officers who need to know."

    "Well, that helps things." Budaki sat back in his chair as his ship touced down. Jello can more than handle the Vong fleet, I will have to sneak onboard the flagship during battle. Let's just make sure the Grand Admiral doesn't destroy it while i'm on it!
  15. Protege-of-Thrawn Manager Emeritus

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    "Sir, we recieved a message spool just before entering hyperspace." spoke Capt. Vella as she gestured toward PoT.
    Turning from the viewport, the young man sat down upon the command chair and sighed. "Yes?"
    "It's from Commander GroundWalker. He is unable to aid us due to conflicting prior orders concerning the defense of Bastion."

    PoT turned away angrily. "Despite the wisdom of our leaders, this is a mistake. If we fail at either Obra-Skai or Bastion, we could lose a major chunk of our fleet with the strength of the forces sent."

    Despite his disquiet, he stood up straighter. looking out at the milky swirl of space, he came upon an undesirable option.
    "Vella, tell me, do we have Zaarin's holocom listing? send him a call."
    The distaste he felt was obvious, but in times of need it became obvious who was TRULY loyal to the Empire, and who was just there for show. Despite some misgivings, none could doubt Zaarin's steadfast loyalty to the cause.
    And Zaarin's forces as part of ZT, were fast becoming PoT's only hope in this stressed and strained Empire.
  16. GrandAdmiralJello Comms Admin + Moderator Communitatis Litterarumque

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    Oooh... Imperial intrigue. Interesting. I am hoping your disquiet is just for RP purposes.

    You do realize that we don't have to use an SSD to fight off the Rebels at Bespin. Any of the local Sector Fleets would be willing to let the Director of Intel use a line of 5 ISDs.

    The Empire has the firepower. We just don't have all the posters to do it. I would gladly post everything, but this is an RP, and thats not the way it can go. The Empire could fight them all at the same time. The posters can't...

    Besides, we could always take back territory from the Rebels.

    PoT, see my thread at HC. The one involving my new battle plan. I am NOT ignoring the Rebels. I'm merely getting a politically safe plan with dealing with them. As long as the aggressively attack, the people of the galaxy will hate them.

    If we counterattack now, we will lost support. If we counter the Vong, we won't.
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    OOC: alots happened today..

    PoT, remember, rebel forces on Bespin have left couple hours ago i think. so don't expect a fight. :)

    and AZ, where the hell did you get the 4 new assault frigates? this was your original post, "..the ISDs Tiger, Reckoning and Forger had leapt into hyperspace, along with the Lancer Frigates Cascade and Blue Ruin, and the Interdictor Bomb, and finally the Strike Cruiser Hurricane." thats a total of 7 ships. now your next post says you have 11?!? please take out 4 of your assault frigates otherwise we'll magically have 8 MC-90s waiting for you here at Bakura [face_plain]


    Kieran: "Admiral, this battle is a little too close to call, I suggest we retreat."

    Ben thought for a second then said, "No we're holding our ground. Just deploy all your fighters and use the men i gave you wisely and follow my lead", with that Ben cut the holo and turned to his Captain, "Dekad, contact the Phantom, the Twike, and the Alban(the MC-80a's) and instruct them to microjump to the end of the system and come back behind the enemy fleet. Tell the remaining ships to deploy all fighters and have them wait behind the capital ships until called for."

    Dekad said,"sir, what about the ground troops?"

    Ben replied,"leave them there but have all capable attack craft, NOT the fighters, to come up and join the fray. The fighters are to remain on standby in case of possible retreat."

    Dekad answered,"yessir."

    As soon as Captain Dekad went off to do carry out his orders, Ben stood there thinking. The recent holo by the Grand Admiral suggested that he preferred more of a political attack. Which meant that this fleet could not have been sent by the Empire.

    He knew only one person who could possibly own this large a fleet and sacrifice it willingly for the Empire. Zaarin. This gave Ben an idea.

    He started sprinting toward the bridge where he found the Recon Officer. Ben said,"Lieutenant, have all ships record this battle. Try to focus in on what kinds of ships they are and note how space soaked they appear to be. After the battle is finished, bring it to me yourself." And with that, Ben went up to his command chair and started directing the battle.
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    (Yes, I am in HC as well as the TiC, why?)
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    Fhuver Vil strode amongst the streets of Hyllyard City, the greatest civilian populace of Myrkr.
    His warriors had already slaughtered most of the citizenry in the city, but there was a small pocket who had managed to hole themselves up in the town centre, barricaded the warriors away and sniping any warriors who cam near.
    Fhuver enjoyed the idea of the challenge.
    "Your lordship, the firebreathers are ready, should we let them free?"
    Fhuver turned around and glared at the sullen warrior. "No one told you to ready them. take them back into the transport. The Warriors of Yun-Yuuzhan are capable of destorying some pathetic resistance"

    The younger subaltern seemed shocked, and recoiled, his words coming out before his mind thought about them. "You would risk the warriors under your cont--"
    Fhuver seized foward and stabbed down with his amphistaff into the leg of the warrior.
    "Do not DARE to question my orders, nor try and think you have anticipated that which i have not. Would you have me deny my warriors the RIGHT to take down that pitiful fort? Have you thought about our goal here? We are to collect samples of wildlife for the Warmaster, and to eradicate the infidels. If we employ the firebreathers, we risk starting a forest fire, destroying all the life. take yourself to the shapers, and consider yourself shamed."
    Giving a sharp barking order, he organised the warriors into a formation, and led them foward.
    3 bolts lanced out to hit him, but his armour deflected them neatly. Charging close to the wall, he narrowed the snipers shot profile, and came upon the barricade, made of flimsy sheet metal and furniture.
    Along with a horde of warriors he scaled the wall like an insect, coming down on the suprised guards like a vengeful god.
    Swinging his amphistaff in an infinity arc, he collected two in the skull, spilling their gore on their comrades.
    Shrieking a pray to Yun-Yammaka, he coiled himself around a balastrade as bolts sizzled around, and brought his amphistaff down on the head of another.
    crouching down low, he watched his fellow warriors stream past, dispatching the panicked civilians with ease.
    But there was always another use.
    "Stop." he yelled.
    Suprised by his order yet dutiful in their task, the troops stopped and gained cover. Inserting his tizyworm, he stood foward and peered at the shuddering group of infidels gaurding the large building.
    "You, Humans. Surrender and we will end the slaughter. It is not your time to meet the gods. If one of you can garauntee the standing down of the citizenry, we will not harm you." his words came out in the foul language of Basic, soiling his toungue with the impurity of the infidels.
    One haggard looking man walked out. "My name is Talon Karrde. This filthy man to my right is the Imperial Governor. We will not take the word of a Vong. we know of your kind, the Imperial Holonet has told us of your ways."
    Fhuver saw the warriors fire burning in this mans eyes, and felt some respect. Turning to the governor, he seized on old Yuuzhan Vong axiom. "the weakest prey is the coward, and his greatest predator fear."
    "Governor! I beseech you for the sake of your people, come to me, and this ground will not be stained by your blood."
    The Imperial looked nervously at Karrde, and then at Fhuver. "I agree. just don't kill me!"
    "Swine!" yelled Karrde as he ran foward. His run was halted, as he slumped to the ground, a Thud bug wriggling in what was left of his neck.
    Straightening back up, Fhuver put the other bugs away. "I accept Governor. Set about calling your citizenry into the city central. Our business is in the forest proper. anyone caught outside the city will be sent to the gods."
    As the infidels submitted and started talking into their mechanical abominations, his warriors set about crushing and destroying the blasters and weapons of the infidels.
    A subaltern looked up at him with renewed respect and awe. "My Lord, we have recovered over 400 of the sessile tree creatures, and also a fearsome predator animal that managed to kill Ruh Tral. We have
  20. Master_Ben Jedi Padawan

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    Type: PC
    Name: Aero Windlore
    Nickname: Loremaster
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Vulpter
    Family Name: Windlores
    Native Language: Vulpterian
    Foreign Languages: Vong, Common Galactic Language.


    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 200 lbs.
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Skin Color: Tan
    Clothing: A Dark Cloak that conceals a munitions belt, dark pants and shirt, and a dark vest.
    Other: None

    Personality: Strong minded, intuitive, intelligent, and has a commanding presence. Is ambitious but loyal to those who win his respect.

    Habits: Is passive and calm in moments of crisis. Shows little or no emotion unless need be. Sometimes plays chess.

    Tastes: Likes order and perfection. Hates to be uninformed and out of control. Loves literature and classical music.

    Talents: Musician. Strategist. Leader.

    Affilitation: Empire
    Rank: 2nd. Lt.
    Branch: Armed Forces + Intel
    Station: Vulpter??
    Unit: Delta
    Position: Delta 6
    Primary Weapons: Lightsaber, blasters, and Laser Rifle.
    Secondary Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Lightdagger, and Stunner.

    Personal Ship

    Name: Dreamchaser
    Class: Star Cruiser
    Shields: Class A
    Weapons: Ion cannons, Infectors, and Chunky missiles.
    Cargo: Bacta
    Personnel: Aramis (Human), Alpha (droid), and Revalis (unknown).
    Passengers: Dr. Pectra.
    Accessories: Gameroom, Suite, Dining Hall, Library, Barracks, Kitchen, Viewport, Bridge, Comm room, and Intelligence Chamber.

    The Force: Yes.
    Affiliation: Rogue
    Title: Master

    Abilities: MInd probing, Levitation, Force-throw, Force lightining, Enhanced Physique (Faster running, stronger punches, etc...), Defying of Gravity, and Super Speed (So fast that he almost seems to disappear and reappear at the same time.)

    Weakness: Has a weakness on the chest, hard to breathe sometimes. Can tire and not pay enough attention. He expects others to be as noble as he is which sometimes causes his downfall.

    Type: Single.
    Color: White and Gold
    Number: Two
    Other: Can go into a astral limbo in which he is revealed many things that he would never have known otherwise.

    Background: The son of a planetary nobleman, he entered a secret Jedi order that was preserved on the planet. He learned the ways of the force well, but he betrayed them to the Empire. He won his position through the betrayal but he has regretted it ever since. He proved himself in battle before and is respected as a gentleman.

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    "Then let us begin the attack, general. I trust your troops are ready? There should be a respectable amount of resistance. Assuming all goes well in the attack, I may join you on the surface." said Nithrak.

    "The warriors are ready, Executor, and they would be honored for you to join them." replied Yun.

    Nithrak activated the bridge villip and issued a quick order: "Begin phase one, make sure we exit hyperspace before we enter the sensor range of Bastion. Any mistakes at this stage and I will personally see to it that the transgressors are shamed."

    Nithrak felt the grand cruiser make the jump to hyperspace. Things were about to get interesting.

    Some time later the fleet arrived outside of the system where Bastion was located.

    "Launch the infidel vessels and patch me through to the pilots." said Nithrak.

    "Connection establish." replied the villip master.

    "Warriors, today is a great day for you, and I envy you your place, for today you will sit at the feet of our great lord Yun-Yuuzhan. Your brave deaths will be remembered and honored throughout time. Glory to Yun-Yuuzhan!" Nithrak turned to the villip master and drew his thumb across his throat to signify he was finished.

    The Executor watched the ion trails of the 2 dozen infidel freighters as one by one they disappeared into hyperspace, headed to Bastion.

    "Yun, the attack will begin in 15 units, prepare your forces."

    OOC: Attack force strenghts:
    1 YV Grand Cruiser
    20 YV Assault Cruiser
    15 YV Light Cruiser
    8 YV Corvette
    Grand Cruiser: 10 Squadrons
    Assault Cruiser: 4 Squadrons Each
    Light Cruiser: 1 Squadron Each
    Dropships (does it matter? If so I'll post a number)

    1) I'll let Yun post troop strenghts, since I assume he'll be leading things planetside.

    2) I'm getting my info from [link=http://fan.starwars.com/NomAnor/BioShips.html]here[/link] if anyone has questions (or a better source of info). I made up the number of skip squadrons.

  22. Yun-Yuuzhan Jedi Master

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    OOC: 1250 ground troops in attack force against Bastion.

  23. Rokangus Jedi Knight

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    OOC: For my fleet at Myrkr here is the strength:

    1 Worldship
    15 Assault cruisers
    30 Light cruisers
    30 Picket ships
    Worldship: 20 Squadrons
    Assault cruiser: 4 Squadrons
    Light cruiser: 1 Squadron

    I have also laid around 200 dovin basal mines in orbit around the planet for defense and interdiction purposes.
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    OOC: I don't know what's going on, but I don't have time right now to read it all...I'll try to get back in the loop this week. are we still using AJ's site? I noticed that the RP is different. I'll post a short one, because I don't really know what's going on.

    IC: Cast recieved a call from his High General, requesting Assistance over Bakura. Admiral Cast then gave orders to set course for Bakura.
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    OOC: Damnit! I meant 12500 not 1250.
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