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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by CmdrMitthrawnuruodo, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. GrandAdmiralJello

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    Nov 28, 2000
    Flag Rec Room, Imperial Star Destroyer HIMS l?Aiglonne ? Hyperspace [blockquote]
    HIH Princess Arya Padmé Jello

    Sometimes the Empire could be amazingly efficient, supplying the minimal required equipment for a particular purpose but enough that it would function at peak efficiency. This, indeed, was the spartan militaristic part of the Empire?the side that built field bases out of metal and supplied its troops with grimey nutrient pastes that would keep all the soldiers in fighting fit without anything as unnecessarily comfortable as flavor.

    In other instances, there would be an almost indulgent sense of conspicuous consumption. While the New Order preached frugality and discipline, the very Imperial æsthetic involved bold and lavish construction on the grand scale. The plenitude and prosperity wrought by the régime had to be demonstrated for all and sundry?not just the receptive audience in the Core worlds.

    The flag recreation room on l?Aiglonne was an example of the latter. The floor was wrought in polished marbles of various textures and veins, while the sweeping lines created by the tall mahogany-trimmed walls and the coffered ceiling tended to make the room feel far larger than it actually was. Imperial monumentalism tended to make use of these illusionistic spaces to create a sense of smallness in the viewer?a smallness that was made all the more clear in contrast to the colossal magnitude of the Imperial edifice. That, in short, was an allegory of architecture.

    The princess herself was more of an allegory in archaism. Her dark brown hair, formerly bound up in a combat braid, flowed loosely across her shoulders like shimmering silken threads, blending in with the molded leather cuirass she wore. Her cerulean eyes were fixed on her adversary, just as her marble-like face was frozen in martial concentration?as if it were sculpted by an ancient artist. Indeed, were it not for the barest motion caused by her breathing, one might have just as well assumed that she was a statue of a ferocious?yet still elegant?goddess of war.

    Her opponent, then, was an expression of galactic modernity at its most exaggerated. A skeletal metallic frame housed tubes and pistons that released steam whenever the frame moved, while just a few surfaces were covered in unadorned plates of hard phrik. The figure?s souless glowing red eyes bathed the skull-like head with a sinister light. To complete the horrific image, the creature?s arms ended in a dreadful needle-like appendage and a flat protective shield.

    It advanced slowly and methodically. Gears whirred and buzzed, giving the combatant a vaguely insectlike impression. By way of contrast, the princess swept forward gracefully and with a delicately measured cadence, like the steps of a courtly dance. Her blade was held out only at a slight angle from her arm, pointed just off-center from the droid?s spine.

    The phase I dark trooper was the first to get into optimal combat range. Towering over the diminutive young princess, the droid swung its deadly blade downwards to bisect the human opponent. Knowing full well that the droid possessed more strength than she did, the princess stepped to her left and riposted with a cut to the droid?s exposed sword arm.

    Her azure blade skipped off of the droid?s armor like a droplet of water on a hot pan, making the same sort of sizzling noise in the process. The droid swung his arm around and batted Arya across the head, momentarily blacking her out.

    She recovered quickly, though her head throbbed maddeningly, and resumed her attack. She arced her blade above her head and sliced at the droid?s midsection; her blow was expectantly intercepted by the droid?s shield, so she reversed her strike and cut underneath the droid?s shield. The inertia was enough to partly cut through the material, causing the arm to sag and unbalance the droid?s attempted return stroke.

    She hopped back lightly and awaited the droid?s next attack. When it jabbed its blade out towards her chest, she firmly knocked the weapon aw
  2. The_Eighth_Cortex

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    Aug 29, 2001
    Combine-Post of 8th & Jello, IC as Sacrev Quest and Tol Nomas, Coruscant, Warehouse in Invisec

    Tol looked from the squibs gesticulations to the tall fellow who appeared at pains to effect a royal air but come off as a disreputable king of naught. Just like any two bit courtier building himself an empire of ruffians and ne'er-do-wellers.
    The squibs seemed insistant that he was a rising player in Coruscant's underworld, and Tol Nomas had very specific instructions regarding the capitol.
    "Alright, the squibs have proven persuasive. We might have a business opportunity to discuss. Why don't you come inside. What's your name?"
    "Quest," replied the oily voice of a fallen minister, "though those in the overcity often call me Lord Quest."

    Tol Nomas supressed a smile. Lord eh?
    "Good to make your acquaintence. Let me introduce you."
    As they entered through the smokey mileau of the warehouse's impromptu - and illicit - spice lounge they came to the innocuous but technologically reinforced meeting room at the back. Over a dozen faces looked up, each regarding Quest with a range of suspicion to minor curiousity to outright hostility.
    "Aves, Cal'dara, the squibs you've met, the Todyarian is Magga, representing the illustrious bloodaxes alliance." He returned the pensive bow from the flying creature and then gestured to the wider group. "The others you can become familar with later, but I believe we should turn to business. Everyone, this is Lord Quest. He's going to hopefully be joining our venture supplying Coruscant."
    "Oh?" interjected the Falleen at the edge of the table, leaning forward. "Then how come I've not heard of you? What's your business here friend?"

    "Playing the Court gets very tiring. I'm afraid you'll find that it quickly grows wearisome to compete with some of the allegedly most powerful people in the galaxy, all for the sake of a dinner invitation," Quest cultivated the impression of a very bored aristocrat, "I want to do something a little more exciting then that. What use are influence and contacts if they just get you a better place setting at some cocktail party or another? I want something more real."

    Tol Nomas tried to smooth over the suspicion in the air with a smile and broad arms. He was quickly realising what an opportunity had landed in his lap with this Quest fellow, he finally had the elusive Coruscant arm of the network he'd been unable to crack so far. Under Emperor Jello, Coruscant had become even more of a fortress than under Palpatine, and a man of Quest's position and ability would be perfect for what was planned.

    "Gentleman, please. To business. Now, the first shipments are ready and will be delivered as per the location nexus I supplied you with. But we are concerned that the oversupply of ore and other resources may...stress the credulity of many prospectors and lead to...Imperial entanglements. We want further distribution to the market to be slow. You'll pick up inflated prices, and will sustain them for longer. We hope you'll agree to our request. But we have another matter. We need two things. One, an assurance that no one is siphoning to this rebellion we've heard about. Sympathies you may have are your own, but we don't want to support either side in this civil war if avoidable. Secondly, we want to look to open new markets. Specifically, the markets in biological materials, and spice. We would love to know who can facilitate us in both these endevours."

    He turned to Quest, trying to avoid the look of hungry hope in his eyes. "How extensively can you find markets for ore and biologicals here on Coruscant without supplying the Rebellion?"

    Quest steepled his fingers and leaned in. "The industrial centers of Imperial Center have long since closed down and no longer require ore and biological resources as such. However, a good number of corporations here have their factories on Brentaal and further down in Tapani space. They're always looking for new partners."

    Tol nodded. "We have yet to supply such regions
  3. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000

    I'll have a reply tomorrow
  4. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Darth Stygius

    [blockquote]Drakonian Lair - Undercity, Taris

    The lighting in the room was dark save for the dim glow of a few glow-rods along the wall and the blinking flash of light from the neural dampener and the binders that held the dark figure up from the floor. He breathed slowly and deeply, his face twisted in deep concentration as the Sith Lord fought against the dampening affects of the device around his temples. He had no sense of time and therefore had no clue as to how long he had been a prisoner of this Drako Voss. All he really knew about his situation was that he could not touch the Force for no longer than a second or two and when he could were sporadic each time.

    But he was touching the Force.

    He imagined he also probably felt like a beacon of dark energy each time he was able to fight past the effects of the dampener. A beacon echoing outward and through the Force to touch those who were sensitive enough to feel it and knew to look for it. At first he had regretted the inability to suppress his presence in the Force but now he decided he would rather have the Jedi Princess come for him. It would give him the opportunity he needed to escape his captor and flee to the next world that held his sacred artifacts.

    With time he would be ready for that opportunity.[/blockquote]

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  5. Ace_Aso

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    May 14, 2008
    Name: Dak Lanvov
    Gender: Male
    Known Languages:Basic, uses translator for reading needs

    ---Height: 5'5
    ---Eye Color: Green
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Brown, with a light coloring of blue
    ---Skin Color:white
    ---Clothing: Simple shirts and tunics with long sleeves that cover up to hands, simple gray gloves with tip-less fingers,simple long pants.
    ---Other: (scars, tattoos etc)

    Personality: Dak is usually a very quiet, avoiding person who often day dreams about strange things and loves to read. However, he obsesses or ideas he reads about and sometimes even fully convert, however he always abandons these ideas in the end and obsesses over new ones. He will endlessly preach his ideas to you if you give him the chance. His constant change of ideas is the foundation for a very unloyal philosophy, he has no problem with betrayal.

    Habits: Daydreams constantly( he tends to get caught up in his thoughts, obsesses over random things such as political or religious beliefs or over particular cultures,raises on finger in the air when trying to make a point, eavesdrops

    Dislikes: when people disagree with him, when he finds out conclusively that he is wrong about something, people not listening to him, being the center of attention against his will.

    Likes: Being alone, convincing others that he is right, tricking others, finding a new obsession, reading, imagining things

    Talents: Is a natural pilot, knows how to hide/ keep a low profile

    Weakness: His fickle nature makes him very untrustworthy, obsessions can be annoying, can sometimes forget what he's doing, not very good with his team

    Limitations: whatever his current beliefs disallow him to do

    Racial Attributes: The ability to be a fickle idiot

    Affiliation: Rebel (currently)
    ---Profession: pilot
    ---Primary Weapons: laser cannons

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: " Dak's Cloud"
    ---Model: R-22 Spearhead

    Biography: Dak was born to a law abiding family on Coruscant. He was always interested in flight, and when he turned eighteen he registered for the imperial academy for pilot training. Although they were generally impressed with his piloting skills he was expelled for his strange behavior in less than six months.

    Angry at this, Dak joined the rebellion in order to prove his worth. He was a very good pilot, but his lack of rebel spirit and general disobedience were not popular among his superiors and team mates. Eventually, after converting to a pacifist religion, he secretly left the rebellion during a minor battle, most though he was dead.

    After leaving the rebellion, he quickly shed his pacifist ways and did odd jobs. He became a mercenary pilot for awhile, but the career was not a successful one. He eventually returned to Rebellion, and acted as if he had been lost all the time he was away.
  6. SnipeHunter

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    Aug 30, 2005
    Name:Verice Karn
    Species:Yusaan Vong
    Known Languages:Yusaan, basic (cant write basic)

    ---Height:2m 6cm
    ---Eye Color:Green
    ---Hair/Fur Color:Black
    ---Skin Color:Normal
    ---Clothing:He always wears a cloak of Nuun
    ---Other:he has many scars and tattoos which most are for recognition to Yun-Yammka except one that runs over his neck which was from his first fight when he was neally killed in training as well as a strange scar on his back that was from a Jeedai lightsaber

    Habits:He takes his worship to far quite regullarly
    Likes:pain, a good fight and trying new stratiegies in battle as well as outside of it.
    Dislikes:Technology, The weak and not getting the best social anmd religious recognition
    Talents:Agile and Quick to learn
    Limitations:No Force
    Racial Attributes:Higher pain tollerence, strong

    ---Primary Weapons:Tsaisi, Thud Bugs, Snap Bugs, Razor Bugs, Blast Bug, Plaeryin Bol, Steng's Talons, Sensislug, Irksh Poison, Blorash Jelly

    Background:After surviving his first real fight after training where he was disarmed and almost killed by his own amp-staff getting wrapped around his neck, somehow he managed to damage the amp-staff somehow so it wouldn't take any commands before gutting the other fighter with his bare hands, after that he was taken into the Hunters. There he was taught special fighting styles and given extra wepons that were able to be hidden easily so he could become an espionage specialist. He is currently getting given his mission.

    OOC: hey sorry its taken me so long since this was approved to reply but I've currently been in the middle of a major move and only just got the internet back. Also since here it is 1 am next time im online during the day i'll attempt to write an intraduction post.
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