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  1. Wildwookiee

    Wildwookiee Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 14, 2001

    Markus Pierce downed the last of his ale and promptly ordered another. The Bartender had cut him off, but that was a small detail. Years had passed since he had any thought to care about just what in the hell the Galaxy thought it was doing...rending itself apart at the seams. Even drunk he could feel them coming behind him.

    "You have the stench of a drunkard." The large one said with as much distain as he could muster.

    "That may be, but you look like a vrelt, and tomorrow I shall be sober." Pierce replied. It wasn't a very good reply, but in this state, he couldn't think of much else. He reached into his pocket and selected a cigarillo which he promptly lit. The smoke filled his nostrils with a thick earthy smell. He blew the cloud into the second antagonizers face. "And what are you hear for? To clean up after this schuba-scat?"

    The Large man wasted no time. He drove his fist into Pierces solar plexus, doubling him over at the waste. A quick uppercut straitened and threw him back against the bar where he hit his head and sunk to the floor. Blood oozed from a split lip and also from the gash on the back of his head.

    "It's a shame" he growled "That is not the way to keep friends now is it? With an incredible abruptness Pierce pinned his bodyweight against the bar stools and lashed out with both his feet to each attacker?s knees. The smaller one's popped, and with a whimper he went to the floor. The larger man stepped back with a grimace of pain on his face, but he was far from being incapacitated. Carried by the momentum of his kick he spun to a forward guard position and waited for his attacker to come.

    The Alcohol was definitely impairing him. He felt like he was back in the academy during zero-g combat training...only this time instead of no gravity someone was playing a cruel trick on him and modulating it back and forth. Despite this he was able to keep his balance. The large man foolishly cam swinging high. Pierce ducked two of the punches and a third he caught and deflected. He grabbed the man's wrist and within a split second had fractured it in three places. He bent the arm and broke it at the elbow joint.

    Spinning around he caught the large man with an elbow to the nose. Blood gushed everywhere. Finally he ended the fight the way he had intended in the first place by breaking the guy's knee...with a whimper the man fell to the floor, nearly unconscious.

    Pierce returned to the bar and ordered his next drink, which the bartender promptly brought. He was just about to take a drink when the blue flare of a stun gun flashed behind him. The bolt caught him and pitched him to the floor where he laid every nerve ending firing in a sea of torment. His last thought before sinking to unconsciousness was "stupid Stormtrooper poodoo."

    Tag GM in charge of Coruscant

  2. Darth-Zame43

    Darth-Zame43 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 6, 2004

    Nar Shaddaa

    ?Deal, I?ll get you as close to Yudu as I can. But you have to help me first. Of the record medical treatment. Nothing that?s traceable!?

    I wouldn't have it any other way.

    (Thinking)In my line of business you need to learn a bit about fixing bodies, not just how to destroy them. I don't need to tell her I've never fixed a human body before, just, you know...human-like.

    It is not a far walk but here, take this. It is just a coat but that will be more than enough to hide your face from more...rodian men looking for you. We are going to my temporary residence. I will be playing doctor.

    4 miles later...

    (With a smile...or as close to a smile as an Abyssin can get)I told you it wasn't that far away.

    Where's the key, where's the key....where....whe....WHERE IS THE DAMN KEY!!!!!...oh, left pocket.

    (Opening the door)Here we are. Please sit on the chair to your right while I grab medical supplies...So tell me, what do you know of Yudu the Hutt?

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  3. Zandoran_Celix

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    Feb 16, 2005
    Duece Darrick
    Nar Shaddaa, Sector Spaceport Authortiy Office

    [blockquote]Duece had been in the office waiting area for more than half an hour now. He watched through the transparisteel viewport that seprated the waiting area from the main office as Hector Daegus argued with a male Falleen.

    The viewport was thin and Duece could hear every loud word the Fallen male ahd to say to Hector and every equaly loud reply Hector gave.

    How do you expect me to conduct business here if everytime i land at this Dock the Docking fees rise 5 credits!

    The current state of war in teh galaxy has mad eit impossible to not rasie the Fees, Mr. Tellnik.

    Duece felt a hand grab him and spin him around. He was now looking into the face of a very angry male wookie. The Secondary Dock master, Mac'rar,

    Mac'rar, how pleasant it is to see you.

    That sentiment lasted less than a minute a mac'rar lifted him up and threw him out onto the Docking lane walkway.

    You know the policy Duece. No snooping around with Port authority business.

    duece stood and waved at the wokie in a dimissive gesture. Next thing and explosion happened near one of the docked shuttles at the far end of the Dock. Mac'Rar and Duece both took of in that direction. Duce pulled free one of his redemptors and prepared for a fight, but what they saw, made them stop dead in there tracks.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Anyone...To be Continued.
  4. TheEmperorsProtege

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    May 22, 2004
    OOC: I wish you would have let me the choice to react to what you were saying and doing without YOU taking my character to your place ;)

    IC: Shanara Taleel

    Nar Shaddaa

    [blockquote] It is not a far walk but here, take this. It is just a coat but that will be more than enough to hide your face from more...rodian men looking for you. We are going to my temporary residence. I will be playing doctor.

    Wrapping herself in the Abyssian?s coat Shanara walked behind him, trying to focus on where she was and where they were going. She didnt trust the Abyssian, but right now he was her best bet to get out of this mess alive.

    Temporary Residence? She wondered why the Abyssian was on Nar Shadda. Like everything it had to be something illegal. He might be a Bounty Hunter. Whatever it was Shanara needed to find out. Information was the most valuable resource.

    I will be playing doctor. Oh she had heard that before. Like a million times. She would show that creature what playing doctor SHE had in mind.

    Never letting him out of her sight she studied him as good as she could given her condition. At the moment she was no match for him. Even in her prime condition she might just best him, if she wasnt overestimating herself again. She knew for sure she wouldnt go anywhere near Yudu the Hutt. Not if she could help it. She had learned her lesson with that one. Her life would be much healthier without having him in it again.

    Finally they arrived at what the Abyssian called his temporary home. It wasnt much, but Shanara had seen and lived in far worse.

    Here we are. Please sit on the chair to your right while I grab medical supplies...So tell me, what do you know of Yudu the Hutt?

    He gestured towards a chair in the corner. Gladly she sat down while getting her blaster ready. She was as prepared as she could be given her state.

    ?Yudu... well.... I know he is a highly influential Hutt in the Nar Shadda underground and that you shouldnt cross his plans....? With a sad undertone she continued ?...ever!?

    Immediately hiding the emotions that just visibly crossed her face she asked ?What do you want to know? What is your business with Yudu??

    Touching the gash near her scar again she winced ?And get me some bloddy painkillers, will ya!??[/blockquote]

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  5. Darth-Zame43

    Darth-Zame43 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 6, 2004
    ooc:[face_peace]Will not happen again.

    ic Hassashyn

    Nar Shaddaa

    ?Yudu... well.... I know he is a highly influential Hutt in the Nar Shadda underground and that you shouldnt cross his plans...ever!?

    (Thinking)I have ruined the plans of far more influential people, particularly their plans about living...ah, here the medkit is. But I already know what she has told me. Find out if she has more valuable information. This may be difficult, it is obvious that she does not trust you.

    ?What do you want to know? What is your business with Yudu?...And get me some bloddy painkillers, will ya!??

    (Spinning towards Shanara while holding a large syringe in his left hand, and a white towel in his right.)Now we are getting somewhere. Painkiller.(gesturing to the syringe. Moves other hand to press the towel to the bleeding spot on Shanara's head.) What do I want to know? Well have you ever been to Yudu's for one thing. I need entrances, exits, security protocal, is getting in and out without been seen possible? I cannot tell you my business, but I can tell you that once I am done things will be better around here...listen, if I had any ill intentions toward you I would have let the rodian kill you. I do not intend to put you in harms way. I just need information...(looking at her body)You're going to have to tell me if anything is broken.

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  6. Zandoran_Celix

    Zandoran_Celix Jedi Knight star 5

    Feb 16, 2005
    Duece Darrick
    Nar Shaddaa, Sector Spaceport

    [blockquote]As Duece and Mac'Rar stopped and stared at the events unfolding before them, they began to put away there weapons.

    Before them stood an elderly man who was the mechaninc for the Spaceport, and what it looked like he had done was cross several power conduits to the fuel lines causing explosive compression and a whole lot of smoke.

    Hector arrived moments later with the Falleen male still hounding him about the Docking Fee. As Mac'rar and Hector began to speak off to one side, Duece decided to speak to the Falleen.

    Your not going to get Hector to budge on the Fee. He follows his superiros orders without question. He has to prove his everything like his father was.

    The Falleen seemed flustered with Duece speaking to him, but chose to not be rude.

    Dockmaster Daegus has already told me that the Fees have to remain as they are. It is the fact that Im afraid the Fee will rise while I am here and my ship will be impounded before my business has been taken care of.

    And what business are you in Mr. Tellnik?

    I buy and sell rare beverages from Vintage eras. I am here to see an important client and purchase what he has claimed to be a very rare Vintage from a long departed Era in history.

    Duece stopped to think for a moment. Torgan could be the only one here on Nar Shaddaa with the ability to make such a claim and then fake the actual Vintage being spoken of here.

    If the Falleen was here to meet with Torgan, it would explain perhaps why H had bailed, but why? Could the Falleen be connected to a bigger issue?

    Duece intended to find out.

    He watched as Mac'rar and Hector moved towards the shuttle for closer inspection of the damage as well as consulting their own datapads.

    Now was a good time as any to continue learning about the Falleen and his place in this mess, if he had one.

    Vintage beverages hmm? You must be a collector with fine tastes.

    The Falleen looked at Duece, his features slightly loosening.

    And you know of fine tastes Stranger?

    Indeed I do, Mr. Tellnik. I make look slightly uncultured, but fine drink and wonderful cuisine are something I like to enjoy on the rare occasions that I am able and permitted to.

    Well, I'm staying at the Royal De Se Markus. Prime Minister Markus Cellrin of Nar Shaddaa will be meeting me later tonight. Would you care to join me there?

    Now it was Dueces turn to make faces. He looked at the Falleen and could tell he was deathly serious in his proposal.

    Why would you invite me to a meeting with the Prime Minister?

    Because certain pieces of information that may be available to us here on Nar Shaddaa can not be gained through conventional means available to me. You would be privy to these un-explored avenues that myself and the Prime Minister can not explore.

    So will you be joining us? I will make it worth your while!

    Duece remained silent for a moment.

    I'll be there.

    Here is a datapad, in it is all the details needed for you and the address and times. Please do not be late.

    The Falleen Male walked away in a confident steady pace and disappeared into the city streets, Duece now had an even bigger mystery on his hands, but his gut told him that this was all connected to the job H had hired him for.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Anyone....To Be continued.....
  7. TheEmperorsProtege

    TheEmperorsProtege Jedi Knight star 5

    May 22, 2004
    IC: Shanara Taleel

    Nar Shaddaa

    [blockquote]The Abyssian came towards her holding a large syringe. Taking over the towel he pressed against her left temple she eyed the syringe suspiciously.

    What do I want to know? Well have you ever been to Yudu's for one thing. I need entrances, exits, security protocal, is getting in and out without been seen possible? I cannot tell you my business, but I can tell you that once I am done things will be better around here...listen, if I had any ill intentions toward you I would have let the rodian kill you. I do not intend to put you in harms way. I just need information...

    Shanara mulled all this over in her head. What should she tell him? Should she help him?

    She would go with the truth, as far as it would be to her advantage. She might still get something out of this. Getting her revenge and means to finally leave this rock behind forever.

    The Abyssian looked her over.
    You're going to have to tell me if anything is broken.

    She gave him a sarcastic look.

    ?What do you think? I just dropped out of a 80 feet garbage chute landing on....? She thought for a second, her eyebrows narrowing giving her a vey stern look. ?....whatever I was landing on.? Looking at the Abyssian imaptiently she snapped ?Get me some bacta and I?ll be fine.? She gestured towards the medkit behind him. Lifting her left arm made her cringe in pain. She needed the bacta desperately and at least a days rest.

    ?What?s your name anyway?? she gave him a questioning look. ?Are you a Bountyhunter??[/blockquote]

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  8. Darth-Zame43

    Darth-Zame43 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 6, 2004
    ic Hassashyn

    Nar Shaddaa

    ?What do you think? I just dropped out of a 80 feet garbage chute landing on.....whatever I was landing on.?

    (Thinking)Figures, the person I decide to ask for help is the loud and sarcastic one...

    ?Get me some bacta and I?ll be fine.?

    Her gesture put her in deep pain. Her left arm is badly injured, possibly broken. Fragile humans, a fall like that would have barely woken an Abyssian up. Bacta, huh? I guess I'll give her some bacta.(throwing the syringe back into the bag and grabbing one of the many medkit's.)

    ?What?s your name anyway? Are you a Bountyhunter??

    Hassashyn, but call me Hassa. And no, I am not a bountyhunter. What are you called? (handing Shanara the medkit.) ...You look tired so I will allow you to get some rest. You might be able to think better afterwards. First thing in the morning tell me what you know of Yudu.

    tag TheEmperorsProtege
  9. DarthSeti5

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    Jan 6, 2001
    Class: Noble
    Name: Tarquin Seti
    Nickname: unknown at this time?
    Gender: Male
    Age: 38
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Chandrilla
    Spoken Language: Basic, High Galactic, Huttese
    Other Languages: la langue ancienne of Chandrilla

    ---Height: 6?
    ---Eye Color: Light blue/grey
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Brown
    ---Skin Color: Pale white
    ---Clothing: Imperial Moff?s uniform
    ---Other: Is dreadfully

    Personality: Calculating and cold with hints of insanity
    Habits: Reading ancient texts, uses ink pens, works long hours
    Likes: Women, power, ancient artifacts, his Chandrillan ancestry, Lake Sah?ot
    Dislikes: The Rebellion, commoners, excessive heat
    Talents: Governance, politics, the exercise of power
    Weakness: A senseless hatred for alien races
    Limitations: Has difficulties seeing his own fallibility
    Racial Attributes: Nothing extravagant

    Affiliation: Empire
    ---Rank: Moff
    ---Branch: Political/bureaucratic
    ---Station: Chandrilla
    ---Unit: none
    ---Position: Political and military leader of the Chandrilla system
    ---Primary Weapons: Stormtroopers

    Personal Ship
    ---Name: Chandrillan Justice
    ---Model: Refitted Corellian Star Shuttle
    ---Accessories: Modified heavily from the original. Now includes military-grade shields, sublight engines, communication?s suite, hyperwave HoloNet transceiver with private communication?s chamber, and hyperdrive (x 0.8). Also sports 6 point-defense quad-laser cannons and two forward-facing proton torpedo launchers with six torpedoes in each tube. Tarquin has an entire living suite with private dining room, galley with personal chef, private sleeping quarters, office, and small conference rooms for intimate gatherings. For entertaining guests, there are ten luxury staterooms (two of which are permanently used by his chief military and political aides) and a large dining area/hall.

    The rest of the ship is given to its cargo space (only 750 tons, down from the nominal 900 in the original design) and bunks for 20 stormtroopers who comprise the Moff?s personal guard and the crew of some 40 members (most of which are dedicated servants of the Moff, his personal chef, staff servants, etc.). It is also generally assumed that the Moff has some facilities in the bowels of the ship for keep seditious rebels until they can be brought to justice?the Moff?s justice.


    From one of the high noble families of Chandrilla, Tarquin Seti came to power on the shoulders of his family?s money. Owners of a lucrative shipping corporation in the Core, the Setis had long ago bought a title of nobility on Chandrilla. Aspiring to enhance his own personal power, Tarquin left the Directorship of Seti Shipping, LLC to his cousin Dareth, remaining Chairman and majority owner, and began serving in the civil service.

    Tarquin led the COMPNOR Improvement committee on Chandrilla before taking over the planet?s governorship at the age of thirty-five. Only some three years later, he was granted the title of Moff of the Bormea system and has begun to tighten his control over his homeworld while also expanding Imperial law and authority over one of the last Core systems with strong sypathy toward the rebellion. It is unknown whether the Moff continues his COMPNOR services; however, it is generally believed that he continues to report to the Select Committee and may even hold an Improvement sub-committee chairmanship.
  10. TheEmperorsProtege

    TheEmperorsProtege Jedi Knight star 5

    May 22, 2004

    IC: Shanara Taleel

    Nar Shaddaa, Hassa?s residence

    [blockquote]Shanara was relieved when she saw the Abyssian putting down the syringe and grabbing a medkit.

    Hassashyn, but call me Hassa. And no, I am not a bountyhunter. What are you called?

    Hassa handed her the medkit. Browsing through it she finally found what she was looking for. Bacta.

    ...You look tired so I will allow you to get some rest. You might be able to think better afterwards. First thing in the morning tell me what you know of Yudu.

    Applying some bacta patches to her body she said ?You can call me Shan...? Looking back up at Hassa she continued ?...I will go in there...? She indicated an adjacent room with a nod. ?...and attach the rest of these...? She pointed at the leftover bacta patches in the medkit. ?...and get some rest. We?ll talk later.?

    Without acknowledging him any further she closed the door behind her and left him to his own devices in the main room.

    Shanara closed the door behind her and leaned against it ? exhausted. She could hardly keep her eyes open, but she knew she couldnt let down her guard.

    The room appeared to be a standard bedroom. Sighing heavily she eyed the bed longingly. No, not before I have made some precautions!

    She put the medkit on the bed and looked around the room. Good, there was a chair that she could wedge under the old rusty doorknob. It might buy her some precious seconds should anyone try to enter the room.

    Putting her blasters and the vibroblade on the bedsidetable she drooped her flightjacket and got out of her jumpsuit. Wincing in pain she sat down on the bed and applied all the bacta patches she had available. She started feeling whole again after getting some painkillers in her system. Putting the smaller and easier to carry tablet painkillers in her pockets for later use she put one of the blasters under the pillow and almost instantly drifted off to sleep.

    Tag: Darth-Zame43
  11. Rayson

    Rayson Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 10, 2002
    WOTG lives, and it's nice to see the bickery and fight for domination are still existant. :)

    Class: Noble
    Name: Frederic Seventez
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Age: 42
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Spoken Language: Basic
    Other Languages: Huttese (understand)

    ---Height: 6'1"
    ---Eye Color: Hazel
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Brown
    ---Skin Color: Caucasian
    ---Clothing: Black T-Shirt, and Olive Green pants, followed by black dress shoes
    ---Other: Small, but noticeable scar above his right eye

    Personality: Gruff, To the point
    Likes: Individuality, Getting to the Point
    Dislikes: Bellyachers, Babblers
    Talents: Tactical Planning, Thinking on his Feet
    Weakness: Women
    Limitations: Missing pinky on his right hand, easily dislocated right shoulder
    Racial Attributes: N/A

    Affiliation: Empire
    ---Rank: Major
    ---Branch: Army
    ---Station: Coruscant
    ---Unit: 22nd Squadron of Stormtroopers
    ---Position: Squad Leader, Sniper
    ---Primary Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Rifle

    The Force:
    ---Yes or No?: No
    ---Affiliation: N/A
    ---Title: N/A
    ---Force Abilities: (N/A
    ---Force Weakness: N/A
    ---Lightsaber Type: N/A
    ---Blade Color: N/A
    ---# of Lightsabers: N/A
    ---Other: N/A

    The undercity of Corellia is a brutal place for a child to develop and grow, and more often than not it produces the lowliest criminals and the ugliest slum available in the galaxy. Sadly, it's where the Imperial Major started his life, dealing and chewing spice. After many arrests, something in Seventez's head finally clicked, and he attempted to come clean. Many attempts later, he got it right, and he saw the streets of Corellia for what they really were. A wasteland.

    Frederic worked hard and long every day and night, hoping to one day join the ranks of the stormtroopers of the 501st. He nearly succeeded. His quick thinking on the field and irrational bravado in desperate situations. He quickly moved up the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Galactic Empire.

    At the age 39, Frederic was in line for a promotion to Major, but unfortunately, he was injured in a classified endeavor, and was unable to fulfill the promotion. Seventez was awarded the position of Major at the age of 41, when the recently departed Major was killed in an accident (Also Classified).
  12. DarthSeti5

    DarthSeti5 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 6, 2001
    IC: Pax Dellos
    [blockquote]?Mr. Dellos, then, your opinion is that the appropriations budget last year was? insufficient??

    ?Yes, Senator, after the previous six discoveries I have preformed and the two staff reports that I have generated, it is my unavoidable conclusion that the Alliance military has suffered almost as much from our budgeting as it has from Imperial aggression,? Pax said, using the quip from one of his chief staffers. ?More so due to the lack of vision behind the budget than the lack of funds. These camels we continue to produce are not just inefficient? they are dangerous.?

    Carefully crafted words in order to scare the committee. Now the Senators would go back to their aides and ask how they could get the Chief of Staff to shut up. At least these are closed sessions?Pax thought. That way everyone could speak a bit more freely.

    ?Mr. Dellos, can you speak briefly on a position for the committee on the rising cost of spun Tibanna gas?? one of the younger, more brash Senators said.

    ?Yes, Senator?we have to pay whatever the price is and purchase it in ever greater quantities,? Dellos replied simply.

    What the hell is this?

    ?Mr. Dellos, surely you comprehend??

    ?I understand that it is expensive, but without Tibanna gas our fighters and star ships will have practically zero combat capabilities,? Pax said, leaving no room for argument. Of course, with these men and women, there would be argument.

    The Chairman, a female Alderaanian called Selcha Daris, sighed, knowing where this was heading. With a resigned look, Senator Daris said, ?I?ll allocate one hour for discussion on this issue, alternating half-hours between the committee and the witness. Mr. Dellos, do you have an opening statement??

    ?Yes. I would ask the unanimous consent of the committee to set aside this discussion.?




    ?Sorry for that Pax,? Chairwoman Daris said, handing the younger Chandrillan a cup of Alderaanian tea. It smelled light and airy, with some pleasant citrus tones.

    ?Madam Chairwoman, you really shouldn?t waste this tea on me,? Pax said.

    ?It is mine to do what I will with it. There is no greater honor to my lost world than to remember it with friends.?

    Pax let out a sigh after soaking in the steam from his cup. The discussion had lasted several hours with numerous extensions. Pax?s knowledge of the Tibanna gas trade as well as its function in starships had been sorely put to test. Thank the Force for his own aides and burst transmissions to his datapad.

    ?That was a cruel trick, Madam Chairwoman, a closed session on Chandrilla turning into a closed session on? whatever it was we were talking about. I held in as long as I could, I swear, but?and don?t tell the other Senators this?but I blacked out there for a while. I don?t know where this tea came from,? Pax said, fairly stone-faced.

    ?I forget sometimes that you?re hilarious, Pax,? Selcha said, deadpan.

    The two shared a short smile between friends and sipped their tea for a few minutes in silence. Both were patriots and both understood the extent of their usefulness: politics and bureaucracy. In Pax and Selcha?s positions, it was heavy does of both. Yet, without people like them, the soldiers and fighter pilots of the Alliance would quickly find themselves without precious Tibanna gas. Certainly the Alliance would not exactly fall apart (Pax and Selcha, on cold nights in the hallways of the Hoth Echo base or on equally could nights in the depths of space on aging cruisers like the Greene). It would become small and fragmented. Politics and bureaucracy bound together large groups into functioning systems.

    ?Political science has never been a strong point of army privates,? Selcha said.

    ?Nor should it be,? Pax replied, eliciting a nod from the graying Alderaanian.

    ?Pax?I have a mission for you from the Minister of War.?

    ?Selcha you?re never that direct,? Pax said, genuinely disturbed (as seen through his use
  13. Yun-Yuuzhan

    Yun-Yuuzhan Jedi Master star 4

    May 9, 2001
    IC: Faron Anor

    Onboard Blessed of Yun-Yammka orbiting Dathomir

    The figure in white stood hunched before a crowd of warriors intent upon his eyes. His voice was strong, yet his tone, his pitch and volume did not know their purposes. He spoke with a strong lisp, unable to pronounce many words properly. Yet his eyes held his audience in check. They had iridescence similar to that of his armor, yet served him far better than a mere protective suit. His men did not love him. Many despised his infirmity, others held grudging admiration.

    ?Let my conquests stand as proof to those who speak my name in disgust, knowing I will not hear. Let them see as I do the glory I have gained. I have conquered these planets while they have followed in my wake. This planet Dathomir, our new capital, was taken by my hand. Let my rivals be warned. Those who seek my destruction are destined to disappointment. Those who wish me shamed will not see their hopes granted. For I, Faron Domain Anor, have the favor of the Twins Yun-Yammka and Yun-Harla, my Lords and Protectors. They have shielded me from the wrath of the Shapers and Priests. They took my hearing only so that I may perceive them with greatest clarity. They shall lead me to ultimate victory and the reestablishment of Yuuzhan?tar. Let my detractors spit on the name of Supreme Commander Faron Domain Anor. Only their regret will follow my drive onwards.?

    The halls of the Blessed of Yun-Yammka were high and wide, and teemed with frenzied warriors running from duty to duty. Though Supreme Commander and engineer of the invasion, Faron Anor was ignored by his subordinates. Commander Zhul Lian strode at Anor?s side. His eyes never left those of his superior?s, and he knew better than to use gesture to communicate.

    ?You give yourself too much credit, Supreme Commander. I mean no disrespect but only speak the truth. You have not conquered even half this galaxy yet, and that which has been taken you have not taken alone.?

    ?I have commandeered the conquest from the edge of the galaxy to Ithor and from Elom to Garqi. Only because those following my coufee thrust cannot keep pace must we retard our progress. Do you not take this as proof of my favor with the gods??

    ?Supreme Commander, you must not alienate those commanders below you anymore than you have. Without their cooperation you will be deemed a failure and replaced. Should the lot of them ignore your will, you will be shamed along with them.?

    ?My officers will do as I command or they will face punishment. I have already given them the chance to challenge me. None of them took it.?

    ?Yes, Supreme Commander, but you must remember you have few allies even within your own ranks."

    ?You, Commander, should know as well as any that I have no fear of being shamed. I have been regarded as such the entirety of my life, yet the Twins still give me their blessings.?

    ?Just remember the Warmaster is not yet within the borders of this galaxy. I am one of your few friends. You must not alienate the members of the only caste that will obey you.?

    ?My warriors respect me if nothing else. So long as I am blessed with victory I will have no difficulties from them.?

    The two turned from a long corridor into the small quarters of the Supreme Commander. The walls were lined with living paintings. Each was of a battle Anor had won and each was painted in the blood of one of his defeated foes. The Supreme Commander sat and began to draw a sketch for his next work. Zhul Lian stood patiently by his commander for some time. He watched his superior?s hands draw infidels ships burning and broken as they crashed upon the ruins of their own armies. Anor stopped for a moment and looked at the Commander.

    ?You were to give orders concerning the fate of our conquered races??

    ?Send envoys to each inhabited planet. Offer those that remain to join us and serve us with honor and privilege. Tell them that should they refuse they will have every last trace of their civilizatio
  14. Rayson

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    Apr 10, 2002
    Imperial Major Frederic Sevenez
    Coruscant: Imperial Cantina
    The Major lumbered into the cantina, and sat at the bar, ordering hastily. Beads of sweat dotted his broad forehead and neck. The barkeep brought his drink from behind the counter, and looked him up and down.

    "Just finish your workout, Major?" He inquired. The Major nodded and downed his drink, and set his glass back in front of the barkeep. While he waited for his next drink, he spun around in his seat and looked around the rest of the Cantina, looking for fellow officers. He found none, at least none that were decent conversationalists. He took in his surroundings. The bright neon blue and green, the Twi'lek dancers in the back right corner, and the game players, and the racing and racers that stayed to themselves. Frederic turned back around, his drink had come.

    He considered why he didn't interact more throughout the bar. Then all the reasons came back to him, and he slumped a little more over his drink. I don't like Twi'leks, games are a waste of time, and racing provides nothing more but mindless entertainment. That's why.. he thought to himself.

    Sevenez swallowed the remains of his second drink and the waitress obliged him with another. He finished that drink as well, and stood. He started to make his way out of the cantina, but changed his mind. "I may as well stay a while, I don't have anything better to do." He made his way back to the lounge seats, near the back of the bar, and settled himself.

    Tag: Cantina dwellers
  15. GrandAdmiralJello

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    Nov 28, 2000
    OOC: 'tis terribly short and not up to snuff, but it's better to get something out and roll with it.


    Palace Balcony ? Imperial Center[blockquote]
    Galactic Emperor Iaius Augustus Jello, Princess Arya Jello

    At this altitude, even the slightest of breezes cut like ice. The young princess drew her arms against herself and shivered as the air swept across the heights of the capital. It was dark, inasmuch as it was the night cycle but this planet never knew true darkness.

    Wearing just a light purple nightgown, Arya looked positively diminutive next to the awesome finery of her father. He still entertained guests well into the night, playing the role of galactic sovereign with zest and resolve. Usually, Arya was encouraged to accompany him (those things made a good impression) but he insisted on enforcing an altogether unreasonable bedtime, especially for someone who shared his energy and fervor.

    So it was singularly puzzling for her father to have called her out at this strange hour, especially to the balcony. She sneezed, partly because of the cold but mostly to get his attention.

    ?You?re probably wondering why I called you out here at this ungodly hour,? the ruler of the galaxy murmured. ?I would be too.?

    ?It?s cold,? Arya commented, ?and I?m tired. I was about to head to sleep before you called me.?

    Her father smiled. ?I?m sorry. I tend to lose track of time while I work. There?s just so much to be done, and I find that there?s simply not enough time in the day to do it.?

    ?You could always do it after,? Arya said pointedly. She gave her father a pseudo-pout, but was unable to hold the expression. Oh, she missed her mother but she definitely had a special connection with her tata.

    ?To be honest, it only occurred to me just recently. I?ve told you that you can learn a lot by following me and watching what I do, but I hadn?t realized that I?d neglected something crucial .?

    Arya perked up. Now this was something interesting! She had always been fascinated by government and high politics, much to the discontent of her mother.

    The Emperor gestured out at the cityscape. ?See that? See those tens of thousands of lights? They?re innumerable, but each of them plays a part in this grand thing we call civilization. That is why we rule, to prevent it from decay. It?s hard to see, sometimes, why we labor such. Sometimes we wonder why such a thing as the Galactic Empire is needed, where the old ways were much easier. The old ways nearly caused all this to be lost. Never lose sight of that.?

    In time, Arya would understand. For the moment, though, she had other things on her mind: like not freezing her hands off. ?I see,? she said as her teeth chattered, ?now may we please go inside before I get sick??

    The Emperor nodded. ?Yes, that would be a good idea. In fact,? he added, ?you?d best head to bed now, lest you get sick. We?ll talk some other time.?

    Cheater! [/blockquote]
  16. Darth-Zame43

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    Mar 6, 2004
    ic Hassashyn

    Nar Shaddaa

    ?You can call me Shan...I will go in there...?

    (Thinking)The name is Shan Shan, Shan, Shan, remember Shan...rhymes with Bert(Bert pronounced in his native language, of course...)

    ?...and attach the rest of these...and get some rest. We?ll talk later.?

    Hmm? Yes, yes. Go on.

    (Watching her move into the other room and close the door.)She puts up a good front, but it seems to be taking everything she has got to move an inch...


    Did she..just...pass out and hit the door on her way down?...I should go check on her. She could be injured...more injured.(Hassa walks toward the door quickly and places his ear against it.)No, no, she's still moving in there. Whew, can't have her dying on me yet.(He raises his hand and knocks on the door.)


    I will wake you up in 12 hours.

    I need to do something, anything, except sleep. Resisting sleep is easy enough on it's own, but I cannot let myself get bored enough to want to sleep...(sitting down next to the table and opening his lab top. His eyesight is in clear view of the door.)

    Time to get back to work.

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  17. dontlookatmethatway

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    Jul 5, 2005
    IC: Denair Kiyuth
    Imperial I Star Destroyer Inexorable Advance, Coruscant

    Denair rubbed tiredly at his eyes and tried to focus on the tactics book that he was reading. He was no longer smiling at having a way to escape this pointless assignment. He had been crushed easily by Markis in his first match. And his second. And his third. And the rest after that. Even when Denair used tactics like calling Markis to the simulator in the middle of the night, he had no more success than in the day time. He had started reading every book on starship command that he could get his hands on, staying up late.

    Denair realized that he was falling asleep again. He reached over for a glass and gulped down several mouthfuls of caf. He was tired beyond belief. The crew had begun to worry, noting the unkempt appearance of their captain: several days of stubble, red eyes, uncombed hair, and a uniform that looked like it had been slept in. Denair's temper was also even shorter than before. He was prone to angry outbursts. The crew had begun to think that maybe this whole simulator business wasn't such a good idea after all.

    Denair finished a paragraph and tried to remember what he had been reading. Looking back, he managed to recall that it was something about microjumps and moving behind the enemy fleet. ?Remember to... use that... next time.? he told himself sleepily. His knowledge of how to command a Star Destroyer had increased immensely, but Markis still managed to annihilate him. The man was too clever for his own good. No matter what he did, he got wiped out. Markis didn't fight like his colleagues from CMA, who seemed to only use textbook maneuvers. Markis was a big one for improvisation. On the rare occasions when Denair managed to identify a particular tactic and offer the proper counter, Markis was totally capable of changing his plans and turning his previous tactic into a whole new move entirely. Denair didn't like to recall the first battle between their fleets. He had played everything according to the book... and was stomped into the ground. So he had gone back to the books for new ways to combine his tactics. He also began to try to improvise, though he wasn't very good at it.

    Denair began to fall asleep and, realizing this, tried to reach over to take another drink of caf. However, he just couldn't get his arm to move. As sleep overtook him, Denair tried to remember the rest of the tactic he had just studied.

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  18. Zandoran_Celix

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    Feb 16, 2005
    Duece Darrick
    Nar Shaddaa, Sector Spaceport Authority Office

    [blockquote]Duece had been in the office speaking with Hector for about forty minutes. Both he and Hector had been friends since childhood. Duece had spent much of his youth at Hectors house seeing as his mother's place was unlivable for a child.

    Hector's father had been the Dockmaster for this sector of Nar Shaddaa's Spaceport. Then Hector had became a Dockhand at the age of fifteen, helping keep a comfortable living for the Daegus family. The apartment they had though was paid for by the Spaceport Authority because a Dockmaster for this Sector as highly trained and as hard working as Hector's father would have been an impossible find. And no other Dockmasters or potential Dockmasters would transfer into this Sector.

    Hector's father had allowed Duece to live with them for most of his youth as long as he helped Mrs. Daegus around the apartment and go to the stores and help bring back the needed supplies and groceries, while Hector and his fahter were at the Docks. Duece helped out and thus was given a bed and warm food at the table.

    Now Duece spoke to his old friend and planned on calling in a favor.

    What brings you here Duece? I know you don't need a place to stay or a warm meal, and you didn't come down here and risk Mac'rars wrath just to see me. So that means your digging for info.

    Duece was never one to mingle pleasantries once he was caught on by someone, decided to speak straight to the point of the matter.

    I was hired for a job and it seems my employer got cold feet. I was hoping you could tell me if any of the Docks here or in adjacent Sectors had high profile or suspicous characters come in or go out?

    It'll take a while to run that down. I can't do it now because of the paperwork I have to fill out for the Ships that Docked today and for the ships that have requested early docking spaces for the next week or so. Can you come back tonight?

    Duece consulted the datapad the Falleen had given him. The dinner meeting started at around the Ninth standard daylight hour on Nar Shaddaa. That probably meant that the Eleventh hour would be about the time that he would be free.

    What time will you go off shift?

    I'll be here all night. Come tomorrow evening I'm taking a Vacation.

    I'll be by sometime after the Eleventh Hour.

    Hopefully I have results for you.

    Duece stood and exchanged parting words with Hector. Then he left and entered back into the city. He felt that perhaps it was time to go and rest. But first he meant to see someone else.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Anyone on Nar Shaddaa.....To Be Continued...
  19. Wildwookiee

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    Apr 14, 2001
    Detention cell Imperial Center

    Pierce awoke to a searing pain in his side. He realized as he came to that instead of laying him on the bed in the cell the imperials had tossed him unceremoniously on the ground, and the pain was the corner of the bunk diging into his back. He groaned and rolled to a sitting position. In some ways Pierce would have preferred the rod jabbed into his spine.

    Damn, stun blasts are worse than a bad hangover, except hangovers usually were accompanied by waking up with someone else beside him.

    Pierce made a quick check of his body. No broken bones, no serious lacerations...he was just sore from the blast. He stood up and began to walk the effects of the stun off. Soon someone would come to either let him out, or lock him up. He had spent a small amount of credits hiding his past, but it wasn't well hidden; and if any one more than a junior grade checked his record they might get curious and check harder...they might find that he had gone AWOL...then things might get interesting.

  20. DarthSeti5

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    Jan 6, 2001
    IC: Tarquin Seti, Chandrilla
    [blockquote]His new dacha on Lake Sah?ot was, inevitably, gorgeous. Her previous owner had a certain taste in location. The building was atrociously small and common for Tarquin and he had it burnt to the ground a month ago. Already his abode was complete and far more opulent and proper for a man of his position. The previous owner had no sense for the necessities of the nobility. A woman who kept no servants? where was Mon Mothma from, Tatooine? Looking out a massive window on the lake, Tarquin smiled. Life is? good

    ?Your Excellency,? a nameless, faceless aide said to Tarquin, holding up a silver plate with a small, crystal glass containing a healthy portion of Corellian Whisky mixed with a few drops of crystal clear water from the lake outside. Seti took the glass, feeling its weight in his hand. It felt like? power. His own individual power combined with his political and military power. The Seti family had always had aides and servants, but only recently had offworlders had to address him with an honorific. Being the Viscount of Seti was important to only a small portion of a billion people on Chandrilla alone. Being a Moff in the service of His Imperial Majesty was important to everyone in the system.

    Taking a sip of the liquor, Tarquin felt the subtleties of the whisky. Ten years aged in white Corellian oak barrels. Master tasters selected the finest twenty barrels and simply bottled them at full proof, letting all the flavors and complexities stay where they belonged?in the liquor. Hundreds of credits a bottle.

    ?Leave me, this is? adequate,? Tarquin said with a hint of casual disgust. Like he was offended by simple perfection.

    Tarquin took the rest of the whisky and sat down at his office desk, reviewing the notes his political and military aides had left for him. It was all very similar: the rebel sympathy on Chandrilla was simply unstoppable. Tarquin did not believe that could possibly be true, yet, he saw it every day. Only last week, the defunct Chandrilla House had sent a Representative General on behalf of their assembly to advise the Moff on the House?s opinions on his Imperial decisions. That had been the effective death order of the House.

    [blockquote]From hence forth, the Chandrillan House will be deemed an unlawful display of political disobedience and any citizen of the Galactic Empire participating in the Chandrillan House will be considered a rebel sympathizer.

    ~ By Decree of the Moff of the Bormea System

    Two heroes stepped into the Rotunda the day after Tarquin?s declaration. They began to debate the merits of a totalitarian dictatorship placed solely in executive control. Tarquin had them arrested?not killed. Benevolence is important in keeping control over a population. Hopefully some reprogramming would convince the two that the Empire was necessary and proper and perhaps one day they would return to the Rotunda on Tarquin?s terms.

    Life is good, thought Tarquin, It would be better without the rebellion, though. They are keeping me from happiness. Another sip. Why won?t they just submit? Fools. Waste of energy on both our parts.

    Another sip.

    Yet, life is good, as the liquor burned his mouth, dripping money and power down his throat. Life is good[/blockquote]

    OOC: I'm away until next Tuesday, so don't blow anything up or something, okay?

    ~ DS5
  21. TheEmperorsProtege

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    May 22, 2004
    OOC: thanks for letting me use your character ;)

    IC: Shanara Taleel

    Nar Shaddaa, Hassa?s residence

    [blockquote]She was running. Again. Did it ever stop? Running from the shadows chasing her. Formless shadows. They were shouting. She couldnt understand what they?re saying. They were getting closer.
    She was running through familiar territory. The underbelly of Nar Shaddaa. She knew all the twists and turns of this place yet the shadows got closer and closer. She didnt dare turn around and face them. Afraid of what she might see. Something touched her shouler and yanked her from behind. She turned her head and saw....

    She screamed.

    It took her a couple of seconds to get her bearings. She was still in bed, blaster pointing towards the door. She hadnt even noticed she had grabbed for it. Panting heavily she set down the blaster next to her on the bed. Drawing her legs in she hugged herself and started sobbing.

    There was a crash at the door. The chair she had squeezed in under the doorknob shook rocked violently. She looked up and immediately had her blaster in her hand again, about to point it at the door just as said door came crashing into the room.

    Hassa stood in the doorframe, his weapon ready, scanning the room. When he saw there was no danger he lowered his weapon and looked at her questioningly.

    Shanara put the blaster away and shrugged.

    ?Must have been a bad dream. I?m alright.?

    She stared at him dismissively. As he didnt move she continued.

    ?If you dont mind I would like to get dressed. I will join you in the living area shortly and we can talk.?

    Gesturing with her hand towards the door she waited for Hassa to leave the room.

    Mumbling something incomprehensible to her he tucked his weapon away and left.

    Shanara slumbed back against the wall, taking in deep breaths. Shaking off the memory of the dream she put on her jumpsuit again. It had seen better days. But she was satisfied to not feel any pain. She was nowhere near healed again, but she could move her arms and legs without problems. Tucking her blasters in the belt and the vibroblade in her boot she went for her flightjacket.

    ?oh come on.....?

    It was ripped in several places and had a scorchmark where the blasterbolt had hit her. The arms would fall off soon enough. She had to get new clothes.

    Cursing under her breath she entered the living area and sat close to Hassa.

    ?Before we start.... do you have a cloak that doesnt stink of rotten rodian??[/blockquote]

    Tag: Darth-Zame43
  22. Zandoran_Celix

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    Feb 16, 2005
    Duece Darrick
    Nar Shaddaa

    [blockquote]Many of the city streets on Nar Shaddaa were unsafe. It was no secret that the Prime Ministers office held no true power. He was just a political front man for the Criminal Elements that control Nar Shaddaa in terms of Credit flow.

    Duece entered into the Brothel House district. His mother had retired from such work but had remained in service to the Hutts so to get a decent paycheck. her job was to screen the potential customers and to make sure they weren't going to hurt the "merchandise." The Hutts would rather use that word than others, to avoid conflicts.

    Duece entered the small apartment complex that his mother lived in, that was provided by her employers. He ahd begged his mother to leave behind this world of filth and depravity, but her mind was so warped she didn't see it as being wrong anymore.

    Duece only came by once in a while to make sure his mother was ok, but otherwise avoided this area of the city, becasue it was mostly controlled by Yudu the Hutt.

    As he came upon the apartment his moms tayed in he knew something was wrong...several apartment doors were blasted open, bodies laying in the hallway.

    his mother was there only twenty feet from him. He grew sick and turned to leave. As he entered back onto the street below he got sick. He knew who had done it. Only that hallway had been affected. A Gangster by an unknown name had been making threats against his mother and the women on that floor because of Yudu's unsavory business practices against his partners. With his mother and those women gone, all the Gangster had to do was return later with his men and claim the complex as theirs.

    Duece hurriedly left the area. His mother had made her choice. He now had to attend to business.

    TAG; Anyone...To Be continued............
  23. slumvillage

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    Jun 16, 2005
    Class: Scoundrel
    Name: Filose Naj
    Nickname: (optional)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 55(close to mid 20's in human years)
    Species: Falleen
    Homeworld: Falleen
    Spoken Language: Basic
    Other Languages: Falleen

    ---Height: 6'4"
    ---Eye Color: Red
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Black
    ---Skin Color: Green
    ---Clothing: dark Orange protective chestplate with blue under tunic, blue pants, dark orange boots, violet cloak and silver frozian scout belt.
    ---Other: None

    Personality: He is a large intimidating prescene to be around, though will be friendly if he is working with you. Very open minded and will work with anyone. Is highly competetive.
    Habits: Talking outloud to himself,
    Likes: To do things his way, Dirty police authorities, rubbing the short commings of others in their face, Imperials who respect him,
    Dislikes: Unexpected inspections, stuck up Imperials,
    Talents: Getting out of trouble, very adept at all spy workings; getting in, tampering with anything, taking whatever and getting out unseen.
    Weakness: His agility, although he does maintain great speed.
    Limitations: He has great strength but he lacks much agility with his bulky figure.
    Racial Attributes: Irresistable to the opposite sex. Able to hold breath under water for long periods of time. Immue to Force mind tricks.

    Affiliation: Smaller Factions
    ---Rank: N/A
    ---Branch: Smuggler's Alliance
    ---Station: Lok
    ---Unit: N/A
    ---Position: Spy
    ---Primary Weapons: DL-44 Blaster Pistol, modified hold out blaster, vibrokatana, vibrodagger

    Personal Ship (optional)
    ---Name: Silence
    ---Model: YT-1930 Transport
    ---Accessories: a saucer section that holds: crew quarters, galley, storage lockers, holo table, technical station and cargo bays.

    Background: Filose Naj was born on the Falleen home world with the same name. His two parents were not noble of any sort, so he spent his entire life without many priviliges. He lived in an area with lots of crime, as unnoble folk were always thinking of ways to make the noblemen angry. But the one day it all turned ugly. A group of human raiders came to his house while Filose was out and killed his parents, disposing of them in a nearby river.

    When Filose came home later that day, he found his entire house trashed, many things stolen and nobody anywhere in site. Those criminals had taken everything he cared about and stolen everything he had to live by. He had to take his revenge, and bite back just the way he had been bitten. He went into the secret storage room behind his bed and grabbed his father's most prized possesion, the Echani vibroblade hanging from his wall. He then proceeded to slaughter the raiders, who killed his parents and others within Filose's town.

    After avenging the deaths of his parents, Filose was very satisfied. He soon relized that their was nothing left for him on Falleen, so he found the raider's ship. Checking the navi chart, he found one planet that he recongized, Tatooine. He set the ship on autopilot and the ship took off, then Filose feel asleep. Many hours later, he arrived on Tatooine. He walked out of the ship and there was a man standing there waiting for him. He said his name was Achmed El-Gibar, and he was waiting for this ship to arrive for a while now, but it was not Filose that was supposed to come.

    Achmed asked how Filose came across this ship, so he told him his story, about how he avenged his parent's, then stole the ship from the raiders. Achmed nodded his head and placed a hand on the boy's shoulder, telling him that he had plenty of potential to be just like he was and he would teach him everything he knew. Naturally, Filose was confused, he didn't know what Achmed was, but figured it would only be good to learn new things. Achmed then told Filose he was a spy and a smuggler. He then taught the Falleen everything he knew about the business.

    His training went on from when he was 20 till when he was 50. Mostly hands on experience, accompanying Achmed on his missions. Achmed would grow old and die but not before telling Fi
  24. Darth-Zame43

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    Mar 6, 2004
    ic Hassashyn

    Nar Shaddaa

    ?Must have been a bad dream. I?m alright.?

    She screams bloody murder at 0831 hours because of a-a drea-

    ?If you dont mind I would like to get dressed. I will join you in the living area shortly and we can talk.?

    (Hassa turns and storms out of the room, mumbling in his native language.)That crazy son-of-a rancor. A dream...I don't believe it. Humans...

    (Sitting down again, typing on the computer.)
    [blockquote]Code/pss Alt-ti Del/bar
    Frnt 10711110706
    [entr]Del. Monolg. JT7
    [entr]Yudu Alt-ti scan/verify
    Initiate To protocal 7
    [entr]Virus delpoyed
    Memory deleted

    Rule Number 3: leave no traces of current operation information on hardware/software/machine. It can be stolen. Get the information, remember the information, delete the information. Rule Number 3 accomplished.

    ?Before we start...(Hassa turns his head towards Shanara, still bitter over her outburst moments ago.) you have a cloak that doesnt stink of rotten rodian??

    (Searches through his duffle bag and quickly finds what he is looking for.)

    (throws clothing at her)
    I have extras of the uniform I wear. They are able to take the shape of multiple different sizes and, might I add, take a couple of direct blaster shots before they burn through. It might help you not die sometime in the future.


    tag TheEmperorsProtege
  25. TheEmperorsProtege

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    May 22, 2004
    IC: Shanara Taleel

    Nar Shaddaa, Hassa?s residence

    [blockquote]Hassa tossed her some clothing that she eyed suspiciously. Sniffing it slightly she was satisfied it didnt stink and put it on.

    I have extras of the uniform I wear. They are able to take the shape of multiple different sizes and, might I add, take a couple of direct blaster shots before they burn through. It might help you not die sometime in the future.

    She gave him a sarcastic look.

    ?Thanks for your concern. Does that uniform come in various colors as well??

    She came towards him until she was just standing under his nose.

    ?I?d like camouflage black please? she said with an ironic smile tracing her lips while staring into his eye.

    ?And while you?re on that let me know what you want to know about Yudu so I can get out of here?

    Looking around the room she turned to him again with a questioning look

    "Is there anything for breakfast?"

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