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    ic Hassashyn

    Nar Shaddaa

    Various colors? I'm an assassin, not a clothing designer. Hot pink would get me murdered on a mission.

    ?And while you?re on that let me know what you want to know about Yudu so I can get out of here. Is there anything for breakfast?"

    Nothing you'd enjoy...food from my homeworld. And sorry, the uniform doesn't come in camouflage black, only black black.(quick, sarcastic smile.)

    (Hassa turns his back to Shanara and begins pacing the room, back and forth.)What do I need to know about Yudu?...the same things I needed to know yesterday.

    1. How do I get in without being seen?

    2. How many men are protecting him?

    3. How do I get out without being seen?

    I would like those three questions answered in particular. Feel free to add any other useful information.
    (Pauses and turns to look at Shanara.)You can answer those, right?

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    IC: Shanara Taleel

    Nar Shaddaa, Hassa?s residence

    Hassa tossed her the uniform.

    Nothing you'd enjoy...food from my homeworld. And sorry, the uniform doesn't come in camouflage black, only black black.

    He gave her a sarcastic smile. She smiled back at him as she pulled the new uniform over her old jumpsuit. Zipping it up it sort of shrank to fit her body tightly. At first she got a weird claustrophobic feeling she wasnt too keen on, but it faded rather quickly and the uniform felt like a second skin.


    Putting the cloak on over it she watched Hassa pace back and forth.

    1. How do I get in without being seen?

    2. How many men are protecting him?

    3. How do I get out without being seen?

    I would like those three questions answered in particular. Feel free to add any other useful information. You can answer those, right?

    Dragging a chair next to Hassa Shanara sat on it backwards, leaning her elbows on the back of the chair, staring at Hassa.

    ?First, getting in without being seen wont be easy for someone like you...?

    She indicated his height.

    ?Yudu may be a slimy hutt, but he is mostly relying on human labour these days. Dont ask me why.?

    She put up her hands in a shrugging gesture.

    ?I smuggled myself in there as a servant and ... well... got out...?

    She said that last part with a weird undertone.

    ?.... through some old passages that noone seemed to bother with. Almost too small for me. So no way for someone like you.?

    She paused for a moment, thinking then continued.

    ?You could try and get an audience saying you want to do business with him. But you better have a reputation otherwise there is no way.?

    She shook her head

    ?Yudu doesnt do business with everyone.....as to how many men are protecting him? I have not the slightest clue. Lots of them. I dont think noone besides Yudu himself knows the exact number of his private army... sorry cant help you there. But the guys that were after me... they were part of his gang.... and I dont think he sent his best after someone like me.....?

    She raised an eyebrow and averted her gaze for a second. Her face all neutral again she continued.

    ?As for how you will get out..... I think you?re biggest problem is getting in. Out is usually not a problem. Unless you mind being dead when you step out.?

    She gave him one of those looks again. A look that said she knew more about that than she wanted to.

    ?Depending on your business it might be easier blowing his hideout up..... but thats just my opinion. You can find his business in the Duros Sector. Everyone will be able to get you in contact with Yudu. Whether you will want that is up to you.?

    She stood up and was ready to leave.

    ?Is there anything else you need to know or have I repayed my debt and can go??

    She looked at him questioningly. She was still not in good shape and didnt know whether she could take care of the Abyssian if he tried something. But he might be her only chance to get rid of Yudu and maybe even get off this forsaken rock.

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    ic Hassashyn

    Nar Shaddaa

    (Hassa listens intently as Shanara gives him the information.)Small hidden passages. X-out stealth. A lot of human workers...

    She was a servant for a Hutt? That couldn't have been pleasant.

    ...No doubt that I have a reputation. An audience is a small possibility. Lots of hired guns. Getting out will be the easy part, as usual.

    ?Depending on your business it might be easier blowing his hideout up..... but thats just my opinion. You can find his business in the Duros Sector. Everyone will be able to get you in contact with Yudu. Whether you will want that is up to you.?

    (Shanara stands up)

    ?Is there anything else you need to know or have I repayed my debt and can go??

    (Starring at her momentarily)I should kill her. She knows more than she should. Can she be trusted? I don't know her enough to trust her...kill her. She could put the mission in jeopardy. She could be captured and warn Yudu of your coming. Kill her.

    She gave you what you asked for. Let her go, she's been more than helpful. You told her you were a friend.

    Hassa is a man of his word.

    (Clearing his throat)Your debt has been repaid. You may leave.

    You're a moron Hassa.

    Quit flattering me.

    (Nods his head to her and then turns to his computer.)Have a long life.

    ...So it is going to be one of those missions.

    I need explosives.

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    Duece Darrick
    Royal De Se Markus

    Duece was now dressed in a suit. It wasn't anything truly rich and fancy, but it was better than most could afford on Nar Shaddaa. He was seated in the lobby of the Hotel, the Royal De Se Markus, the personal Hotel that Prime Minister Markus Cellrin paid for to be completed after he was elected in as Prime Minister.

    He hosted all sorts of Guests there as well as those traveling to Nar Shaddaa who would rather avoid the lower level city dwellers, or "The Scum" as most Upper Class citizens referred to them as.

    He had rented one of the lockers off of the main lobby. In it contained the bag with his normal clothing choice as well as the weapons he hardly ever left with. He carried with him right now a holdout blaster concealed in a nice holster at his back. He could quickly grab it, draw and fire within seconds of needing it. He had arrived a half an hour early to watch the hotel and make sure no double crossing was taking place. Though a double cross didn't make much sense especially with the meeting having not taken place yet, and him not doing anything to warrant a double cross.

    Twenty Minutes later

    Duece had watched the Falleen arrive and quickly enter the private dining room a few feet from the front desk. What was curious about this meeting was that the Falleen had no security detail with him. Almost as if he didn't want to tip someone off to his true intentions here on Nar Shaddaa.

    Duece walked over to the front Desk and explained he was here to meet with a Mister Tellnik an as to where he might find him. Knowing full well the answer to his question already he didn't want to create a panic and cause security to be hailed, so he decided it was time to play by the rules for a while.

    Mister Tellnik has left specific orders that if a man was to show up asking entrance to see him he has to provide the datapad given to him at an earlier time, on this datapad is a Secuirty Key data stream that proves the authenticity of the man. Please provide me with this datapad now.


    That was all Duece had to say. He had thought that perhaps the Falleen would create a fail safe such as this to provide a factor that meant only Duece could get in and not an imposter. He handed the datapad to the desk man and watched as the man plugged it into the secuirty terminal and watches as the code was checked, accepted and then clearance was granted to the person who had in his possession the datapad. A Secuirty Key card was printed out and then given to Duece. His instructions were to then enter the Door to the left and proceed to the Table where Mister Tellnik was seated.

    As Duece walked up to the table he noticed the Prime Minister and Mr. Tellnik were already seated and talking. Both rose from the table though when they saw Duece enter and begin walking towards them.

    I'm glad to see you didn't ignore my invitation.

    How could I, Mr. Tellnik. You offered me the chance to dine in the greatest place on Nar Shaddaa as well as meet with the Prime Minister.

    By the way, Good evening Prime Minister. My name is Duece.

    Duece, a pleasure to be meeting you, or atleast I hope so.

    As the Prime Minister and the Falleen were seated again Duece took the only other available chair that had been provided for him.

    You may call me Dornem, Duece. And as you probably know you will refer to the Prime Minister as his title permits. You are probably wondering why you are here. Well let me clarify this meetings intentions.

    We know you have connections here on Nar Shaddaa. It was obvious to me when you were at the Space Port earlier today. You are here to assist in a plan that has been unfolding for sometime. I'll let the Prime Minister explain the rest.

    As you know my position holds hardly any true power here on Nar Shaddaa, but events on the horizon are bringing about a change. Intelligence provided to me by an un-n
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    IC: Shanara Taleel

    Nar Shaddaa, Hassa?s residence

    Hassa stared at her. Rather intently. His stare made her worry. What if he tried to get rid of her? She might not be able to take care of him. Not in the state she was in. Actually she was pretty sure she wouldnt be able to take care of him. Even on her best days it would be a heavy struggle.

    She was on her guard, trying to be ready for whatever he might try. It was pretty much a hopeless situation, but she wouldnt go down without a fight. Shanara hadnt a lot to speak of, but she had heart and spirit that mostly made up for her lack in being a fighter. And luck. No matter what happened to her she always seemed to get out alive. Not in good shape, but alive.

    Hassa cleared his throat. That pulled Shanara back to reality. He said Your debt has been repaid. You may leave.

    She gave him an astonished stare, that vanished and was replaced by a smock grin. He bowed to her and turned to his computer. Have a long life.

    She bowed elaborately, almost mockingly and walked backwards to the door.

    ?See you in another life.?

    She opened the door and stood in the doorframe.

    ?I really hope you succeed, Hassa. Cant wait to hear about a big explosion in the Duros Sector.?

    She smiled as she dashed out the door. Poking her head back in she said

    ?Look up a Devaronian by the name of Varmar. He cant be trusted, but he has the best explosives you can find in the Duros Sector.

    That said she was gone.

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    Nar Shaddaa

    She ran down the stairs of the building and almost crashed through the doors to the outside. Noone was there to notice. She looked up at the window, trying to see whether Hassa was watching, but she couldnt see anything or anyone.

    Making her way down the narrow alley she glanced back just to make sure he hadnt changed his mind and wanted to off her. Relieve flooded her when she was past the corner and out of sight. Using one of the painkillers she had stashed in her pockets she immediately felt better and was on her way. She wanted to be there when Yudu would see his last hour. She wanted to see the giant explosion ending his business forever (hopefully). But first she had to get that new suit she was wearing checked out. She trusted Hassa, as far as she could throw him. Still, wearing such a fine piece of clothing that was wrecked anywhere was a nice change. She would have to do something about her flightjacket though. This cloak she was wearing was good to not be noticed, but she didnt want to hide. Her yearning for freedom came back and flooded her whole body like an ache. She needed a ship. Her own ship. But first things first. She needed a new job.

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    Duece Darrick
    Nar Shaddaa, City Streets, En Route to Space Port

    Duece had excused himself early from the wonderful cusine and drunken ranmblings of the two men he had been meeting with. After an hour of steady drink both became intolerable, as most drunks did. Duece had retrieved his bag, went to Room 316 and changed. As he ahd entered the room he found out what it was they felt was an adequate pay for his meeting them. 500,00 Credits sitiing in a lock box. He could probably retire right then, but he thought not.

    He had then left for his meeting with Hector. Before he had left his room though, he had made sure to set up the proper apropriations to make sure if someone entered his room while he was gone, he'd know before entering himself.

    We wlaked slowly down the city strets. He had promised Dornem and the Prime Minister he'd keep his eyes open for the girl. Knowing next to nothing about the girl. He made sure he looked for someone dressed as if they just wanted to disappear. It had been Duece's experience that most people who escaped from someplace or were on the run made it a point not to draw attention to themselves, yet they would still be paranoid and would eyeball every person and judge them on a friend or foe basis. They also, most likely, kept an eye open for oppurtunities to get clear and make the perfect run for the clear skies and be away from it all.

    So Duece kept his eyes open as he walked. He wasn't going to specifically try and track the girl down, even though he had implied it. If he saw her, then good, if not, even better. Why should he find her then send her on the hunt for an Abyssian anyways, as dangerous creatures as they were.

    As he arrived towards the Space Port it seemed some sort of commotation was going on. The Nar Shaddaa Defense Secuirty force was everywhere and they had their civilian as well as Squad airspeeders parked everywhere.

    He couldn't stick around here. If they found the homemade scatter pellet gun he carried he'd be detained for several days for questioning. That couldn't happen, not at this time anyways. The scatter pellet gun was dangerous, yet affective. It fired ten steel pellets each 3/4" in diameter. The pellets were loaded in gas propelled cartridges that fired them with rapid acceleration. Other Cartridges were loaded with 1" thick steel pellets that tore through a man in no time. It was his weapon of choice when going into a place alone and he needed to pack a punch to make a point.

    He made his way back into the city. Hopefully he could find a information source that could tell him what was going on without him having to ask the Authorities. But that would have to wait. The Royal De Se Markus still had a room in his name. And his equipment bag in his room had everything else he needed in it.

    Maybe he'd go ship shopping, and maybe find a good pilot while at it too, because as soon as Yudu and Torgan were dead, he'd want to make a clean and smooth getaway.

    TAG: Anyone on Nar Shaddaa...To Be Continued.

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    IC: Shanara Taleel

    Nar Shaddaa, Streets

    Shanara cursed under her breath. She hated her life. Finally getting her new jumpsuit checked out that damn murglak had nothing better to do than come at her. It had taken her quite an effort to dispose of him. And her shoulder ached again, throbbing to the beat of her pulse. She popped in another painkiller.

    The cloak she was wearing camouflaged her perfectly. She had passed several of Yudu?s henchmen and none of them even glanced at her. Given she was slightly hunched down and walking rather slowly and stiffly because it made the pain less she didnt resemble anything they knew about her.

    Lurking near the spaceport she saw that the Defense Security was all over the place. So much for trying to find passage off this rock. She hasnt had any luck finding a job either. At least none that dint involve her dancing or worse. She had to play her last card.

    Making her way back to the city she zigzagged through the Duros Sector until she finally arrived at her destination ? Booster?s Garage. The old man running this place had been nice to her occasionally and helped her when she was in a tight spot. For a fee of course, but he was the closest thing she had to a friend. And if she paid her fee she knew she could trust him.

    Nar Shaddaa, Booster?s Garage

    Peering through the entrance she saw him working on a speeder. His greasesputtered arms working slowly while he was cursing at a repairdroid frantically. She came closer and he was up in a heartbeat, eyeing her suspiciously.

    ?Aint gonna sell nothing to you scumbacks. Ya aint got no money on ya eva.?

    Waving frantically at her now she withdrew the hood that was hanging into her face. The old man?s eyes lit up.

    ?Shan, me thought you was dead. Afta all me heard bout Yudu an? da freighter...?

    She smiled at him and gave the old man a twirl to show she was still in one piece. Getting serious again she said

    ?I need your help, old man. Some serious business is going down at Yudu?s soon and I need to be there to....... get some stuff.?

    The old man was shocked but nodded knowingly.

    ?No prob, kiddo. He been harrassing me doing some maintenance on his droids....knowing me the damned best mechanic on this pile of poodo... but ya know me... I aint likin the hutt... and he cant do nothing to me neither....?

    Shanara nodded her head, smiling. She didnt know what the old man was talking about. But ever since she had known him he had had something against Yudu, holding him in check. And it never seemed like killing the old man would do the hutt any good. Yudu even came to the old man?s aid once, making sure he was still alive.

    But she didnt care about that now. All she wanted was to get back into Yudu?s hideout, hopefully using the commotion Hassa will create to her advantage and score some nice merch.

    ?Come back in an hour and me will have something set up for ya.? That said the old man left her standing where she was and went back to his broken airspeeder.

    Shanara knew she could count on him. He had never let her down. As she was almost out she heard him yelling after her ?Ya fee as usual!?.

    She looked back at him, but he was still busy fixing that speeder?s engine. Yes, she would pay the usual fee after she has gotten what she wanted.

    Having an hour to spare she made her way to the nearest cantina.

    Nar Shaddaa, unknown cantina

    The cantina didnt even have a name. The logo looked like it was destroyed eons ago. Entering the place didnt make it look any better. It was dirty and packed with all kinds of sentients, although that fact could be debatable for some of them. She made her way to the bar and ordered an alderanian ale.

    She was grateful for the cloak she was wearing. Usually people gave her a hard time in cantinas, not just because she was a young woman. This time it was like she was someone else. Incognito. She liked that. Maybe I should wear a m
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    ic Hassashyn

    Nar Shaddaa

    ?See you in another life. I really hope you succeed, Hassa. Cant wait to hear about a big explosion in the Duros Sector.?

    If she has any sense in her she'll be off this planet by the time there is an explosion.

    (Shanara opens the door and Hassa glances up.}?Look up a Devaronian by the name of Varmar. He can't be trusted, but he has the best explosives you can find in the Duros Sector."

    That'll be quicker than contacting HQ and telling them to send me a shipment. Quicker, and far more risky.
    Rule Number 4: Be self efficient. Do not contact Head Quarters during a mission unless absolutly necessary.

    I'm headed to the Devaronian.

    I've been in this hide out too long. Time to pack up.

    2 hours later.

    It took a little exploring and some questioning, but I've arrived at Varmar's. Varmar's Coffee Shop. A beat up little concrete building, shadowed by towering metal towers that go to the upper levels. Weeds climb up the outside walls and some creature I've never seen before is making her nest above the door. I suck in one last breathe of almost fresh air and head into the stink hole.

    The light is dim and slightly swings over one of the three rusty metal tables. It smells like dead rat; there's dirty dishes and half filled cups everywhere. A small man comes from a back room, a Devaronian. He seems happy, too happy. He walks up to me and asks if I would like some coffee. Including his horns his height reaches my chin and his mouth doesn't close all of the way. I tell him "No, I do not want some coffee." He gives me an uneasy smile and says:


    I didn't come for a drink, Varmar, I came for merchandise I know you carry.

    (Varmar twitches his fingers together uneasily)....Deathsticks?

    I pull out my blaster, aim it at his stomach and tell him that my time is valuable. He stares at the gun and gives a loud nervous laugh.

    Okay, okay, wow...okay....whew, just making sure man. Jeez. Follow me.

    I follow him to his backroom and through another door. He unlocks a few bolt locks and we go through yet another door.

    This is the place.

    In contrast to his 'coffee shop' the backroom is well lit, to the point where it almost hurts my eyes. Everything is nice, clean, and spacious. A variety of bombs and other weapons line the walls in rows that remind me of shopping aisles. The Devaronian tells me to look around and find an item of interest. I find more than one.

    ten minutes later.

    • 3 thermal detonators.
    • Check.

    • 3 frag grenades. Check.

    • 1 land mine. Check

    • 3 empire seekers. Check

    • 1 remote bomb detonator. Check.

    55,000 credits please.




    ...I have a family to feed.

    Maybe I'll kill them.



    He leads me out the way we came in, all the way to the exit of his coffee shop. Before I leave he questions me.

    Are you trying to start a war?

    If anybody finds out about this-

    I put my finger to my head a motion a blaster shot. He gets the message.

    Time to head to Yudu's.

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    Monzae von Kinuta

    En route to Nar Shaddaa, onboard the Heart of Mandalore

    The trip was short, but far from being sweet. Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa were just a short jump away from one another, and Monzae knew that once he landed, he may as well been accosted by local port authorities or thugs claiming to be port authorities. He didn't care, his Ryyk blades could slice through thick plasteel, and with his prosthetic arm and powered armor, he could do much worse to anyone wearing a light or medium suit of armor.

    Kinuta disembarked, eyeing the sentients around him, all of which were more than a bit disgusting in their own right: aqualish merchants peddling stolen parts, rodian thugs making illicit barters off-world, and even low-life human thugs placing bets on swoop races. Years of military training held back the metaphorical vomit he would have strewn across the ground before him, and Monzae knew that finding a worthy enough group would be like finding a krayt dragon pearl in a barq stack.

    He said nothing, as he was accustomed to when he was alone, for he saw one too many soldiers talking to themselves. Clearly they showed numerous signs of shell shock, and were very nervous when alone. Monzae was never nervous. Warriors weren't supposed to be. War comes and goes, and when it goes, you go with it. When it comes, you're already there.

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    GAH! I am not the Game Master. Stop PMing me.
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    OOC: are the GMs taking part in this game at all????:confused:
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    Who is the GM?
    Can I start playing now or is it too late?
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    My understanding was that WOTG is more free-form and they aren't as interventionist as GMs in other games. They'll step in if there is god-modding or some other problem.

    WOTG is run by the Triumvirate. The members of the Triumvirate are GrandAdmiralJello, Thok, and Fire_Ice_Death. The faction heads for the three major faction are as follows: GrandAdmiralJello for the Empire, Fire_Ice_Death for the Rebel Alliance, and Yun-Yuuzhan for the Yuuzhan Vong. You can direct your questions to these people.

    The game's only starting to get off the ground, so you probably can join (Of course, you'd have to ask the GMs to be sure)

  14. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master

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    I can tell you that you can join at any time and point in the game without GM consent. Thats the beauty of WOTG. Lots of freedom.
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    Ah, but the freedom tends to create a lot of unnecessary OOC Chatter, doesn't it?

    IC - Imperial Major Frederic Seventez
    Imperial Cantina

    The Cantina continued to bore the Imperial Major. His drinks finished and his friends disbanded, it seemed there was no reason for him to stick around. So he wouldn't.

    Seventez stood and pushed his way to the front door of the bar. The Cantina seems awfully full today.. He thought, But I don't recognize anyone....odd.

    Frederic pushed his way out the door and took in a breath of "fresh" air, if Coruscant's air could be considered fresh. The sun was shining high and bright, making the tall skyscrapers gleam a golden color, and almost giving the planet of machinery life. Almost.

    The Major walked slowly toward the Imperial military installation on the planet, his quarters located upstairs. He was tired, most likely caused by the dense air of the cantina.

    Frederic's destination slowly came into view. The dull grey military installation was merely three stories high, paling in comparison to most of the buildings on Coruscant. The first story was for training and strategic planning, the second story was offices, and the third story living quarters for those who didn't wish to own housing on Coruscant, the Major included.

    The doors of the building were wide and a slightly darker grey than the rest of the building, creating a nice contrast. They slid apart silently as Frederic walked through, and proceeded to the stairs, "Better exercise, by going this way.." He muttered to himself.

    He entered his quarters, and collapsed on the bed. He was tired, and didn't feel like conversing with anyone, and he hoped that he could sleep uninterrupted for a while.
  16. TheEmperorsProtege Jedi Knight

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    IC: Shanara Taleel

    Nar Shaddaa, unknown cantina

    Still dreaming of her own ship and the freedom she would have thanks to it something smashed into her back. Pain surged through her like yesterday. Or was it yesterday. It seemed so long ago, but she remembered the searing pain. Whatever had hit her had hit the right spot.

    Turning around with one of her most pissed off faces she has ever had she saw.... noone. Or rather she saw everyone. It seemed like noone was standing peacefully with his, her or its drink in this cantina. Literally everyone was banging and bashing each others skull in.

    She had to get out of here. Her condition was still too fragile to get into a dirty cantinabrawl. Throwing some coins to the bartender she made her way to the exit as smoothly as she could. Of course she wasnt as lucky as she had hoped. Someone fell onto her ? literally ? and she crashed into a table, lying there with her head spinning. The gamorreans at said table didnt take to that turn of events too kindly. One of them picked her up and held her by the collar. Her red-brown hair was in her face and she could hardly see. But something caught her attention. While the gamorrean grunted something incomprehensible her eyes met those of someone she thought she would never see again.

    Across the room, in the midst of all the trouble in the cantina stood a man. Upright, strong and proud with a mischievous smirk dancing across his lips he looked right at her, like he had won a prize. Someone threw a punch at him. But he deflected that rather easily and came towards her.

    Panic surged in Shanara. The gamorrean was still holding her and his brothers were nodding angrily to whatever it was he was saying. She didnt have time for this. She had to get out of here NOW.

    Her hand reached for the vibroblade in her boot and while the gamorrean was gesticulating wildly she severed his hand from his arm and ran for it. It took the gamorrean a second or two to realise what had just happened. Then they were after her.

    Nar Shaddaa

    Dashing around the next corner to catch her breath and trying to think things through Shanara leaned against the wall. Peering around the corner she saw the gamorreans searching the adjacent alleyways. She had to act fast. Sooner or later they would find her. Getting her blasters ready she wanted to deal with them one by one.

    As she was about to approach the first she heard a noise and the gamorrean went to the ground, not moving. She ducked into a dark corner and waited.

    A dark figure approached the gamorrean, making sure he was dead from the looks of it. Trying to creep deeper into the shadows one of her blasters graced something and made a small sound. She froze instantly, keeping a watchful eye out for the dark shadow.

    His head had turned towards her, searching the shadows. The dim lights from the remaining glowrods shimmered in his red eyes. He looked like the devil, minus the horns. That look sent chills down Shanara?s spine. She gulped. It was HIM!

    He advanced towards her in his creepy slow walk, ready for anything jumping at him from the shadows. The light reflected off his blaster aimed right at her. Or so it seemed. But luck saved her yet again as the gamorreans came back, angry that they didnt find her and walking right onto the scenery with their dead brother in the middle.

    One look and their weapons were aimed at ?Red-Eye?, but before any of them could even fire their first shot he had turned around, rolled onto the ground and fired two shots that hit the first two gamorreans straight in the head. Coming back up from his roll he dodged the 2 bolts sizzling past his head and two more shots from his blaster ended the whole firefight. The last two gamorreans slumped to the ground, dead.

    Shanara didnt witness much more than the first roll and only heard his first two shots. She was running ? yet again it seemed ? for her life. Not looking back and ignoring the pain she felt throughout her body she ran. Pedestrians she bum
  17. Zedd-Vega Jedi Master

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    Monzae von Kinuta

    Nar Shaddaa, some awkward merchant district

    Monzae squinted slightly, eyeing up the sentient species at the end of the walkway: a few more rodians, a nikto bounty hunter, and a few gamorreans that had filtered themselves out of a bar. However, they seemed to be a little more than a bit drunk and riled up over something Monzae couldn?t quite put his armored finger on. It wouldn?t matter, unless of course this was the best that Nar Shaddaa?s filthy streets could muster.

    The self-named Mandalore continued walking, passing alleyways and shoving past crowds who already seemed irritated. They would?ve turned and argued with him if it weren?t for the two blades that rested at his sides.

    And then came a sound. Distant first, it grew into castrophany so immense it could be heard far away in space. Well, sort of. In the Mandalorian?s exaggerated mind, it felt as if it could?ve echoed to Coruscant and back, but in all reality, it was somewhere near his position.

    Kinuta turned and craned his neck upward to see if the sound was ahead of him and turned his ear to follow it. His pace quickened before pausing at an armored halt before the alleyway where he found a humanoid cradled into a ball, sobbing her eyes out. Though Monzae wasn?t known for pity, the act he performed next would?ve thrown himself for a loop: he removed his Mandalorian fashioned helm and the gauntlet from his real hand, holding it out to the girl as if to help her up.

    ?Are you alright?? Monzae asked, his dark eyes gleaming in the dim light that flooded the alleyway. The Mandalorian was less worried about what the girl thought about him, and was more concerned with what she was doing in the alleyway crying her eyes out.

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    Duece Darrick
    Royal De Se Markus

    Duece had given up finding a good ship. He now lay face down on the best bed he had ever laid in. An hour ago had been the time he called it quits. All the ships he looked at were good, but to fit his needs they would need some big modifications, modificatiosn that would take most of his enormous paycheck and leave him needing more work.

    Something of interest though had been the information he had gained about Hector and the DSF and why they were at the Spaceport. Seems someone had framed Hector and now he was in the custody of the DSF. He was now under arrest concerning the murder of two Dockhands and two other unidetified men. As well as the malicious wounding of Mac'Rar and the bombing of both Spaceport Authority Dockmaster's Offices.

    As Duece drifted to sleep, he knew his job was getting harder and harder. But he kept reminding himself, the pay was worth it.

    TAG: NONE....To Be Continued
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    Wow Guys i see how it is, yalldidn'teveninvitemeback. Thats the not right

    Class: Noble
    Name: Anakin Dobski
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Spoken Language: Basic
    Other Languages: Wookie, Twi'lek

    ---Height: 6ft 5in
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Brown
    ---Skin Color: White
    ---Clothing: Officers Uniform
    ---Other: None

    Personality: Intelligent, self-perseverance, angers quickly
    Likes: Space, Women, Technology
    Dislikes: Imps and Vong of course, wasteful use of material
    Talents: Seeing the entire picture, organization, get with fixing mechanics
    Weakness: Anger
    Limitations: Thinks too much
    Racial Attributes: None

    Affiliation: Rebellion
    ---Rank: ??
    ---Branch: Navy
    ---Station: Mon Calamari
    ---Unit: Unknown
    ---Position: Commander
    ---Primary Weapons: Blaster and Vibroblades

    Background: Raised in a well-off family on Corellia, Anakin orginally joined Cor-Sec and was trained to become an officer. However with the sudden and unexpected death of his AD life was full of anger and he was booted from Cor-Sec. Tossed out onto his behind and with his life seeming to have no bright point he joined the Rebel Alliance with the hope of someday avenging his parents death. He joined the Navy and with his training from Cor-Sec slowly but surely started to climb the ranks.
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    OOC: sorry bout the short post [face_blush]

    IC: Shanara Taleel

    Nar Shaddaa, dark stinky alleyway

    The dark shadows were chasing her again. But she wasnt running. All she could do was hug herself and sob uncontrollably. The shadows got closer and she could see a pair of devilish red eyes glare at her like tiny suns. They got closer and closer. She closed her eyes, but she could still see them. No way of shutting that imagery out. She shook her head violently when something startled her.

    ?Are you alright???

    A man was leaning over her, extending his hand towards her. Seeing whether that was actually a friendly or evil gesture was beyond her now. Still in the aftermath of her daydream she drew her blaster and aimed it right at the stranger.

    ?Get away from me murglak? she said in a threatening voice. Her eyes were gleaming. It was obvious she was still under some kind of influence. The shadows of her daydream were vanishing ever so slowly as the scene was playing itself out in the alleyway.

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    OOC: Yeah, the Triumvirs live a double life as GMs and players. We don't give "GM posts," people interact with *real* characters to get their business done. The GMs will be posting as normal characters as well.

    It just so happens that it's a busy summer, so the GMs haven't been able to post yet. As August goes into September, you'll see more and more posting.
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    Monzae von Kinuta

    Nar Shaddaa, Alleyway

    Monzae arched his brow and ignored the blaster aimed at him. After numerous battles on countless worlds, Monzae grew accustomed to having multitudes of weapons aimed at him, and one tiny blaster pistol wouldn't be the worst of them. He kept his hand extended.

    "Murglak eh?" Monzae paraphrased, his dark brown eyes focusing on the girl before him. He pushed his hand closer to her once more, offering again to help her up. "I'm not here to hurt you. I'm just here to help you up, is all."

    Monzae gave her his kindest smile, which didn't seem very welcoming, but it proved safe enough. If the girl would fire, chances are it would either ricochet off of his armor or bury itself deep within his skull. Mandalorians never feared battle, and seeing as how this girl was merely frightened and not a heavily armed soldier toying with her opponent, Monzae reassured himself of the situation.

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    IC: Shanara Taleel

    Nar Shaddaa, dark stinky alleyway

    She saw the man arching an eyebrow as he ignored the blaster pointed at him. His hand was still extended. She didnt know what to make of him. He looked threatening, but his behaviour wasnt. But then again it was HER blaster pointed at HIS head and not viceversa. He might just want to lure her into safety and kill her as soon as she put her blaster down. She wouldnt be that foolish.

    "Murglak eh??. He extended his hand even further towards her. "I'm not here to hurt you. I'm just here to help you up, is all.".

    She just stared at him, but something inside her told her that she could trust him. He sounded sincere. She didnt know how she knew or why she did what she did, but she lowered her blaster and took the hand he offered and got up.

    ?Thanks.... I think...? She holstered her blaster and looked at him questioningly. Shan didnt know how to read this situation, but somehow she had a feeling that this might turn everything around.

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    OOC: I am terribly sorry about my long absence and subsequent short post tonight. I feel really dumb for not having posted in here yet!

    IC: Chief of State Kellyn Eron
    Dantooine Rebel Base

    A cool, black monitor exploded into bright blues and hazy grey colors after Eron turned on the nearest comm unit. A face appeared in front of her, a person she only knew vaguely from having been at a few of the same meetings. "Chief of State Eron," he started. He could only have been twenty years old, as many of the aides within the Rebellion and subsequent New Republic were.

    "Please, Lyn, call me Lyn."

    "Uhh, yes ma'am. Your presence is requested in Jenson's meeting room within the hour. Apparently you missed the meeting that was held earlier," the aide stated, perturbed.

    Lyn shook her head and put it in her hand. "Please inform the commander that I am deeply regretful that I was absent; I have no excuse but that I had fallen asleep." It was true; she had recently returned from a visit to several of the Outer Rim planets that were on the opposite side of the galaxy and was therefore quite jetlagged.

    "I'm sure he'll understand," the aide said tersely, and then the monitor went black again. She pressed a button to comm her own aide, who likely sat in a nearby room. "Reesa, do me a favor and don't make me deal with another guy like that lamebrain from Jenson's office. Next time, please just take a message."

    "Yes, ma'am, although he did leave four messages already and he demanded to speak to you directly." Only a sweet voice came from Reesa's end, without video.

    Lyn grumbled, "Thanks," and with that, she headed for the 'fresher. Jenson wasn't really someone she was worried about dealing with; she was probably on the same level as him in terms of rank. She just felt awful for standing him up, and letting the rest of the command staff and administration down. It likely wasn't of political nature, which was her primary duty, but she didn't relish the idea of being out of the loop at this point. Things seemed to finally be set into motion.

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    Monzae von Kinuta

    Nar Shaddaa, dark stinky alleyway

    After Monzae aided the girl to her feet, he quickly slid his gauntlet back onto his hand. No use carrying it around in his pocket, or so he thought. The Mandalorian narrowed his eyes at the girl, shifting his helmet from under one arm and underneath the other. He waved away her thanks with his free hand and eyed the entryway into the alley, looking up and down the street for a quick moment. "Mind if I ask what you're doing here?"

    Monzae needed info on who this girl was, what she was doing here, and why she was in the alley. If he were to reunite the Mandalorian clans, perhaps this girl could help in some way. That is, if Monzae found her handy enough with a blaster or proved her skills in some other military area of expertise.

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