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SWRPF Archive War of the Galaxies IV : The Darkness Within. (A NR, GE, YVMF RP)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Protege-of-Thrawn, Jun 13, 2002.

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  1. Wildwookiee

    Wildwookiee Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 14, 2001
    OOC: What is the situation of my ships, the Coral Crusher, Petra, Wallaces' Folly, and several other capital ships that where attache'd to Bravo at the time of my disaperance?
  2. Kuna_Tiori

    Kuna_Tiori Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 20, 2002
    OOC: Try to look for your ships in the updated roster I just put up in the NR thread. You might find em, you might not.

    And in the future, please ask such questions in the NR thread, not here. Thanks.
  3. Wildwookiee

    Wildwookiee Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 14, 2001

    The massive buildings rose up all around Gerul Cast. He looked up, straining to see a bit of light. This was a tropical jungle, a jungle made up of plasteel and other synthetic materials. Here, in the perpetual night of the lower levels of Coruscant, it began to rain. Gerul pulled the hood of his robe further over his head. Though the planet was climate controlled, the condensation that accumulated here on the sides of the buildings, and the change in temperature from the top level to here created a greenhouse effect, and it rained.

    With deliberate steps, Gerul, Robert, and Shasta walked down the main causway of sector 11A, Imperial Center. Imperial Palace was more than a thousand kilometers away, and the turmoil going on there was still evident. Imperial troops were rampant several hundred stories above this paticular causway, and their plights could be seen on the vidmonitors all over. The three companions walked into a canteen that was advertising in several languages the newest Coruscantian culinary fad: A Nerf steak, pounded flat and grilled, garnished with a salad of vegitables and sauce, then put between two pieces of bread. They also advertised fried tuber wedges on the side. The group walked into the establishment

    Gerul waited for his eyes to adjust to the light. The patrons of this establishment were mixed. There were few non-humans though, and Cast made a mental note about that. In the back of the canteen there was a vidscreen projecting several different games. Around this monitor were screaming beings, holding cred chits, and shouting incouraging words...and in some cases insulting words to their bet on screen. The Group settled down in a booth that allowed them to keep an eye on all corners of the room.

    "Ok, we wait here until the Rebel Cell leader gets here," Gerul said

    "Are you sure that our message got out to them?" Shasta asked.

    "Well, we'll just have to wait and find out...won't we?"

    The team sat, and waited for the arrival of the unknown.

    OOC: Here's my team again...just so that we can have it in WOTG IV

    Gerul Cast (Male)- Commander, and Combat expert
    weapons- E-web blaster Cannon, Battle Staff, Twin Blaster Carbines
    Geruls massive build allows him to heft the ordinary ground emplacement, and fire it. The power pack is strapped to his back. This can be dropped for manuverablilty. His Genetically altered mind allows him to remember anything seen, and also has been preprogrammed with many fighting styles and techniques.

    Pierce (Human Male)- Medical officer XO, Combat expert
    A jedi who believes that there is no light or dark side to the force...just positive or negitive intent

    Shasta Marie (Human Female)-Demolitions, Vehicle operator
    -Holdout Blaster, and anything that blows up
    A Young girl...only 25, worked with cast when she was 17. Able to fly any ship or drive any vehicle...and loves any man who has an explosive personality.

    Gerry (Selonian Female)- Computer, insertion

    -Blaster Carbine
    Gerry is light stepped and gracefull. She started her carrier as a burgler, robbing the most affluent Correllians of their most prized posessions. She is an electronics and survelance systems wiz.

    Kefka Swer'tn (Bothan Male) Sniper- Linquistics
    -Custom Nightstinger
    Kefka's amazing ability with a longrange carbine is untouched. Myn Donos once praised Kefka as having superior skills to his own. Kefka is also skilled in numerous lanuages, and the subtle nuonces of many cultures.

    Robert Paulsin (Human Male) Demolitions, heavy weaponry

    -Wookiee Bowcaster

    Bob, like Gerul, is big for his species. 6'4, 330 LBS, and completely muscular. He was in the top 2% of his class at Cardia, and was accepted into Royal Guard training, but was almost executed because his grandmother was a Jedi. He is adverse in all forms of combat weaponry, and explosives.
  4. Admiral_Faln

    Admiral_Faln Jedi Youngling

    Jan 11, 2002
    Kuna, due to the disturbance at Bakura, your ship was pulled out of hyperspace at Zhar/Gall which is controlled by the Imperials. You suffer hyperspace damage and cannot continue your jump until you make repairs.

    LLTR: Please refer to my previous post in regards to the defenses. [face_plain]

    Yommie's sock... bannned :(
  5. cavalier_one

    cavalier_one Jedi Master star 4

    May 21, 2001

    Veroyn stood on the command deck of the Galactic Voyager watching the Eriadu system. Three new squadrons of fighters, fresh from the yard, streamed past the ship, dipping their wings in respect. Veroyn smiled as a squadron of the new E-wing fighters slipped past.

    To his left, he noted as the final touches were put to the two new orbiting Golan I platforms.

    Eriadu was becoming a fortress, a bastion.

    He sighed. War was looming, old enemies arising.

    "Helm, make course for Mon Calamari."

    The helmsman complied, and Veroyn gave the order to jump. The Galactic Voyager slipped into hyperspace.
  6. Long_Live_The_Rebels

    Long_Live_The_Rebels Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 17, 2002
    yomin i understand about the void and stuff, but i need to ask padme what planet to go to.
  7. Thok

    Thok Jedi Master star 6

    May 24, 2002
    "Sir long range sensors cannot determine what type of defenses the planets have, Suggest sending out plannetary probes."
  8. Admiral_Faln

    Admiral_Faln Jedi Youngling

    Jan 11, 2002
    c_1, you're coming out of hyperspace at Pzob, with severe damage to hyperdive reparable in 8 hours, using all resources. This damage is sustained by all back-up hyperdrives as well. Please request DF for the Imperials
  9. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001

    Bravo's shuttle reached the hanger bay of the Gallant. An honor guard awaited him.

    Bravo's Gallant jumped into hyperspace, as did the Coral Crusher, and three VSDI's. They would meet up with the Gallant II and the Petra in the morning.

    Before the jump, Bravo had boarded his Bravo's Pride and had jumped into hyperspace, heading a different direction. Aboard Bravo's Pride, was Channel Page and Wilkins' body. That was it.


    Ikrit like Bravo and Kyp, had felt the ripple through the force. A whole star system was now gone. As Ikrit, Kyp Durron, and the other two students walked the old fortress, Ikrit felt the old master through the force. From out of the darkness, stepped Jedi Master Plett.

    Plett: "Jedi Master Ikrit, it has been to long."

    Ikrit: "Jedi Master Plett, it has indeed been to long.

    Ikrit explained everything to Jedi Master Plett, about the civil war, the New Jedi Order, Bravo, Kyp, and Ikrit himself. All the Jedi, now 20 of them, sat around a small fire in the fortress.

    Plett: "Indeed, Bravo is the chosen one. I will go with you."

    Plett knew Ikrit was growing old, as he was.

    Ikrit's shuttle blasted away and jumped into hyperspace, heading for 2end Base.
  10. Long_Live_The_Rebels

    Long_Live_The_Rebels Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 17, 2002
    Since the used to be 5th fleet has been reoutfitted and renamed, lets start over.
    Lets try this,

    The newly named Republican Third Battle Armada arrives outside the system of Myrkr. George:"All ships, launch fighters, power up shields and weapons, Thok, send probes into the system, find out the defenses of this system, put it in a tatical report when thier done, quickly, also put the fleet in one of your formations." George sits down in his brand new chair, which is still smaller than padme's.

    Tag: Thok, Padme

    Yomin, now I believe I can have the defensive stats of the system Myrkr. Send them to Thok please.
  11. Veng_Commando

    Veng_Commando Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 26, 2001
    Getting board of waitng. veng went insdie and told the secretary there to tell any Bounty hunter or other person with the Admiral Olli.

    Thinking of things to do other than trade, Veng went to the R&D Department, to check up on the unfinished work of the now prisoner Yalraia Geovand.

    The Cloaking substeller, missing only the cloaking part. The harriet Fleet Carrier, unable to actually support any fighters. there was one tyhat was only to be approved of the testing department until it was finally allowed... he would check on that.
  12. Admiral_Faln

    Admiral_Faln Jedi Youngling

    Jan 11, 2002

    Requiem 3 was transferred to a ship heading extra-galactic to be cared for by the Supreme Overlord's "pet," and Riinor Halycron...
  13. Mayo_Solo

    Mayo_Solo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 9, 2001
    Yaliary lay caught in the throes of a nightmare in her small cell.

    Out of all the people, her mother had been chosen. She watched as her mother stepped away. Towards the waiting figures. She walked away with a group of people. Yaliary tried to follow her, but was held back by those around her.

    The revolution was to blame for her mothers death. She remembered this even in her sleep. She had had previous nightmares of the purge of the people in her plantes system. She and her mother were taken because they had the blood of an ancient order in their viens.

    She then dreamed of the work she was forced to do, and then of being shipped off world in a trannsport wither her mother, who was a genetics specialist. That was how the agent found them, and took her mother from her. She could hear a scream. Then realised it was herself.

    Her eyes snapped open. Some time had passed since Veng had left her cell, she guessed. This planet brought back memories she had hidden. That was why she had left.
  14. Admiral_Faln

    Admiral_Faln Jedi Youngling

    Jan 11, 2002

    One of the President of Malastare, Buliba's advisors, a man who helped spur the changes in Malastare's government, burst into the President's office, holding a datapad. Within minutes, the information was forwarded to the Dug Senator on Eriadu. He then submitted his case before the Senate.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Senate, I bring before you today a piece of information that is disturbing and chilling to me as a Senator, and as a Dug. When the Rebel Alliance was founded, they supported non-humans and humans alike. Now however, I have found irrefutable proof that the New Republic is becoming more and more like the hated Empire we hoped to overthrow. I sincerely hope that the shock of these pieces of information shocks you, because if it doesn't then the New Republic is truly lost. Were you aware, Senators, that the entire New Republic Military Command, all highest ranking officials are human, or near human? They have heaped titles such as "High Admiral" upon themself, and have lost fleet after fleet to the Yuuzhan Vong or the Empire. When Admiral Ackbar died before the Yuuzhan Vong entered the galaxy, so died the last sparks of non-human power. What of the Mon Calamarians who now die from an insidious plague, who risked their lives to provide the Alliance with ships? What of the Sullustians who fled the Emperor's wrath and forged a New Republic? What of the Biths, the Dugs, the Gran, the Mimbans, the Wookies? What of them, Senators, what of them?"

    The Senator sat down, and waited for a response.

    TAG: NR
  15. Gorin_Zachian

    Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 13, 2002

    He had finished the modifications on the Turbolaser, having to rework the power routers and the ejection system he belived that he has found a usable prototype. He sat behind the force feild, watching in the lab as his genesii "Assistants" aligned the Turbolaser, set up the power feed, and placed the test equipment on the target.

    "Sir," one of the assistants said, "we are ready be begin the test."

    "Good, Remove yourself from the test area immediately."

    The Genesii exited the test range and Gorin Powered up the Turbolaser. All of the sudden a small explosion ripped though the back of the Gun, and the lab Blacked out.

    "What in the Dark Sith! What is this?!" Gorin yelled, furios. The Genesii went back into the lab to check on the equipment. It seemed that the power converters used to change the power provided by the generator into energy usable by the gun were old and out of repair.

    "Damn those Directors! Damn them! Here I am perfecting a plan that would drive the invaders from our galaxy and i get set back days becuse some bumbling fools upstairs decided to provide me with old, useless junk. GAHHH!" he slamed his fist down on the panel, nearly breaking his hand.

    "Men, go and find some USEABLE power converters, and clean up that mess, i'm going back to my lab."

    He pulled himself, using Move Object back towrds his lab, and then into his quarters. There he pulled himself up and into his bed, and slept, while there was still time.

    OOC: Any guesses anyone? if you PM me and your right you'll get a mention.
  16. Yun-Yuuzhan

    Yun-Yuuzhan Jedi Master star 4

    May 9, 2001
    Unknown Location

    *Supreme Commander Yun-Yuuzhan sat at the spot where he had earned his name, on a dilapidated and worhtless worldship. The one where he had served Tsavong Lah and his father, the one where he killed 59 of the best warriors of his time with only his amphistaff. Those had been dark times and he no longer maintained the raw fury and rage he once had. His powers had never reached that peak again, where he moved faster than any being and had more strength than a dozen grown wookies. Now he was supposed to be a commander. Not something he enjoyed.

    As he relaxed, Yun felt the urge to contact his righthand to monoitor progress of Nightfall. He stroked his shoulder mounted villip and waited for Yomin Carr's visage to appear. A different face then expected was molded, one with few scars and tattoos in comparison to the temporary Supreme Commander*

    "Get me Warleader Yomin Carr, do not ask questions, and if you dare speak to me I will order you executed, and not in a slightly honorable way, get me the Walrleader, and gett him now."

    *The face disappeared and several moments later the visage of Yomin Carr formed*

    "What do you wish--"

    "I want to hear of Nightfall, Warleader. Must I remind you that if the only news you have to tell me is bad, your career with not last any longer than a few short moments after you tell me. Give me good news or give me no news."

    *Yomin's visage appeared calm and his answer was without fear*

    "All is well, I will give you no negative news as you request. The Gods smile upon us. But if I may say so, was I misinformed when you named me Supreme Commander?"

    "I outrank you, I shall address you as I see fit. If I want to call you 'Warleader', I will. It is good that your news is positive. Prepare for my arrival at your commad ship within the next few weeks. I could show up at any time, so be ready.

  17. DarthSeti5

    DarthSeti5 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 6, 2001
    IC: Pax Dellos; Senate Chambers; Olympus

    [blockquote]"Senators, may I remind you that the military information is available to you all. This was not kept secret, nor did it need to be. May I remind the Senators of the military protect that has been offered to all of your planets. And, may I also remind you that this Seante and its sister House of Assemblers is made up primarily of non-humans. Consul Krist Kre?fey is the leader of the House. You and your brothers and sisters elected me, and Kuna Tiori, and Jarv Yarlik. May I remind the Senators that they may at will decide to impeach a military officer if they are not doing their jobs to an adequate extent."

    President Dellos, stepped down from the podium. He continued along the terrace that lead along the Senate chambers.

    "Senators, this is the time for unity, not dissent. You know that we praise both humans and non-humans. If a non-human were to come up through the ranks they would receive an equal opportunity as a human would. This is not the time for this. The Yuuzhan Vong pray on our people, the Imperials openly attack our worlds. You all know that to split the Republic over this non-issue we will be destroyed. I feel for the peoples of Mon Calamari, and I know that we are doing our best. I do not know why you mention Mon Calamari, we have sent New Republic Medical's best doctors and scientists there to cure this plague. They have put themselves in danger to help the Calamarians.

    "And if the Senators are. . . dissatisfied with our ranking systems they may of course exercise their constitutional rights to vote for a change instead of condemning the military. Instead of talking, perhaps the Senator from Malastare could call for a bill to change the ranking systems so that they are more. . . politically correct. Why do you simply damn the Republic and the humans for this? Why do you not take action?

    "I will not allow this Republic to be split in two by this pointless bickering. You know that you have ultimate control over the military. If you feel that the leaders are incompetent, then take action and call them before a board of inquiry instead of simply stating the obvious. Yes, I know that all of the military leaders are humans. But there what would you have me do? Elevate a non-human to a posistion they may or may not be suited for so that you can feel that your respective races are being praised enough for their sacriface? Please, tell me what to do, Senators. Do you job instead of trying to create dissention."[/blockquote]

    TAG: Yomin(I do not like the fact that you are controling an NR Senator without our permission. We don't play your priests. . . [face_plain] )
  18. Protege-of-Thrawn

    Protege-of-Thrawn Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Mar 14, 2001

    The Genesii cast an Illusion, hiding himself as he neared the door.
    The team had left over half an hour ago, and hte rest of the team had slowly followed, diverting Stormtrooper patrols from the path of their wards.
    Leaving the datapad inside the container, the Genesii left.

    The datapad had a simple message for it's recipient.

    The Empire is sick, and I am it's cancer. Not all of us desire hate, yet some revel in it.
    We both have aims to address, and discussions to have.
    Meet me, on Level 112D of the Imperial Palace, Intelligence Wing. Below this datapad are the clearance cards you will need.
    I await our meeting,
    Guardian Angel.

    Lavos tightened his fist against the pain, and tried very hard to resist the urge to break something.
    It returns, in force.

    He had retreated to his throne capsule, but not even his circle could push it back away. A stalemate ensued, and Lavos began to sweat as realisation set in.

    It is adapting...soon, I will be no more.

    An ashern hue lit up his sullen features, the black retreating from the temples in lieu of the shock of white, his dull eyes blazing with the fire of resistance...a fire slowly wasting its only remaining fuel.

    Life closes its circle, new tangents emerge. I must deploy the plan, I only have months...maybe weeks.

    Turning to his computer screen, he uttered the verbal command.

    "Activate, Program: Apocalpyse."

    Turning back over, he wondered with a faint humourless smile, what Tavira would do when word reached her....

    Within the computer systems of Byss, a pre-determined signal shot out to satellites previously set in systems, disguised as asteroids. Other signals reached agents in all manner of places, from Eriadu to Borleias.
    A countdown began, set at 100, and by microns and decimals, it began to drop....

    Mon Calamari
    The link was obvious, when the Doctors thought of it in hindsight.

    The masker bacterium had released this protein which was causing the enzymatic increase in toxicity, hightening the virilence of the virus.

    The informations worth was still being determined, but it was a start....

    Meanwhile, more people grew sick, and perhaps may of even been dying...

    TAG: Bravo.


    "Madame, they are concentrating fire on our stern, on one focus point. Shields weakened...shields gone!"

    Tavira spun about. "Worry not, they have insignifigant power. reinforce shields from elsewhere and roll. Continue to concentrate all fire on the frigates before us, i want them dead. What is the status of our DSD net?"

    The captain turned and smiled. "All 12 ships - barring the Tempest's Eye which is experience power fluctuations in its core, and is still trying to lock it down - have their interdiction fields up and running. Nothing is leave this system."

    Tavira nodded. "Good. Have the jamming fields activated on all our frequencies, I don't want any messages to get through. Have our DSD screen destroy anything trying to flee, whilst we deal with these frigates. What of our fighters?"

    An officer in the sensor pit turned. "All fighters are continuing as instructed. With have some losses amongst the Interceptors - the Rebel's dogfight well - but our numbers will overwhelm them."

    Tavira sat back and watched her orders unfold. "Good. Have our bombers commence runs on the shipyards, Anhiliate it. All Defender squadrons are to mop up enemy fighters, then scout for survivors."

    TAG: Defending rebels.


    The officer shrugged indifferently.
    "Yeah, not a problem. You can go to Polyneye if you want, its our largest world without Yevethan presence, in the entire cluster. You can meet your 'contact' there. Here are your clearance details, and ID cards. Glory to the Empire, may the Imperial Dawn shine upon you this day."
    He handed the cards over in an officious manner, smiling and turning away.

    TAG: Bond.


    Commander Seal lowered her macrobinoculars. "Can you s
  19. Wildwookiee

    Wildwookiee Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 14, 2001
    OOC: Bravo, is there anyway that we could set up a meeting to return my crew to me? (The Petra and the Wallace's Folly...I'll let you keep the Coral Crusher, though I shouldn't) Vice Admiral Myrna Dubrovickofthe Fifth Beta fleet is currently in charge of my business. I'd like to trade it back in the conditions that we talked about earlier...if you do not mind, thank you

    IC: Vice Admiral Dubrovick stood on the bridge of her Flagship, the Alamo, and looked over her fleet. Cast wouldn't be happy with it, the three flagships of his fleet were missing, controled by his friend Bravo, unfortuneatly, no one knew if, when the time came, Bravo would relenquish his control on the New Republic's property.

    "Con, form up a defensive parimeter around the Olympus, at one hundred thousand meters, launch patrol craft and keep up alert status. Also, recalabrate every Turbolaser battery on all ships...I want them running at high percent."

    "Compliance", her second in command said, and he ordered her

    satisfied that the fleet was in top standing, knowing that there was much tension in the air, and that her fleet wouldn't be caught of guard, she left the bridge.

    After 10 minutes of touring the hallways, she finally returned to her chambers. At entering the room, she dimmed the lights and removed the constricting Admiral's jacket. After ten hours under the weight of the uniform, it felt good to be out of it. She then headed towards the 'fresher, and after several minutes emmerged, wearing civy's, and feeling much more relaxed. She sat down at her desk and picked up a datapad and wrote:

    "Fleet command"

    To:Head master, appropriations and supplies


    I am writing this to request the order of several ships to be added to my fleet. First off, we are down three ships, two Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II, heavly upgraded, and a pristine MC-85. These ships have been confiscated by former Admiral Bravo, and are crewed by men and women loyal to him and Admiral Cast. With the loss of these ships, our fleet has suffered a tremendous loss in punch, and is not as ready as it could be. Now, we are in no way weak, our fleet is well trained and equipped, in fact, it is the oldest fleet in the New Republic. I am asking for the following: a Trio of ASD's, modified to the specs that follow:

    4% increase in Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
    4% increase in shield striength
    4% increase in Thuster and Engine power
    10% thicker armor
    a total of 40 Concussion missle launchers
    a total of 40 Torpedo launchers

    remove all troop space to accomodate 11 squadrons of snubfighters.

    Thankyou sir, please pass this up to your superior officer, and give me a yeh or nay on it...thankyou

    V.A Dubrovick

  20. Kuna_Tiori

    Kuna_Tiori Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 20, 2002
    Due to the Bakura disturbance, all the Yuuzhan Vong in the GFFA suddenly and inexplicably die.

    Just kidding. But I'm still very angry. :mad:

    Also, Director P-o-T, a question: How did you smuggle in all those asteroids? Hyperdrive cores are fairly easy to detect, as indicated by DT I.

    And about Yomin's complaint: I beg to differ. The heads of Navy, Starfighter, Army, and now Intel are all humans, yes, but Borsk Fey'yla was the head of Intel, and I know for a fact that many nonhumans hold high ranks in the Republic Army. You can view the roster and see this yourself.

    IC: Republican Glory, Zhar system
    The starlines faded as the consular yacht was pulled out into hyperspace. "What's going on?" Kuna demanded.

    "I don't know, ma'am," a flustered Threepio protocol droid answered her. "But not only were we decanted, but our hyperspace motivator has been damaged. It's impossible to go to lightspeed!" (sound familiar? ;) )

    "We're in trouble," Kuna muttered as the mechanics went into the rear to hurry and fix the hyperdrive. "Plot a course to the edge of the system."

    "Ambassador, we've picked up a local Imperial task force in-system. They have not detected us, however."

    "Good. If they do, send a recorded message that we're a peaceful ship and that we don't mean them harm. We will leave the system immediately."

    "Ma'am, won't they not buy that?"

    "Whatever, just stall for time. Keep us as far away from them as possible."

    "Right away, Ambassador."

    The Republican Glory and her four Y-wing escorts continued to skirt the edges of the system and began to move out of the system altogether, trying to avoid the Imperial fleets while repairing the damaged hyperdrive.

    OOC: The hyperdrive will be repaired in 8 RP hours, or 2 hours and 40 minutes RL time, IF the protest I posted in the WC thread is defeated. Because I will not be online att that time, the Republican Glory and her escorts will jump to lightspeed at that point in time, without my posting it, and will arrive at Ryloth an appropriate duration of time later. Is that acceptable?

    If you don't understand what I'm saying, basically...

    IC: 2 hours and 40 minutes from now near the Zhar system
    Tiori's ship and her escorts jumped to lightspeed for Ryloth.

    Get it?

    Also, Yomin I will need numbers for Ryloth, if there are any.
  21. Juno_Epsilon

    Juno_Epsilon Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 28, 2002
    OOC: sorry for the long time since I last posted ... gah stupid exams.
    ***Suarbi Shipyards***

    It had taken 2 hours to bring down hammer but the troops and Juno had done so. Hammer was now shut down and the virus program being removed. It was a large and unusual program. Almost too complex to be a Virus.... It was a Full program. Juno looked through the 5 Gig's of information. He could not for his life believe that such a terrifying program could be produced and released by any consciences person. This had to be a set up. Juno was standing over the massive droid. His Data pad sat on the table. He moved to go through the information. It was dangerous for anyone to handle.
    The droid itself had been brought down thanks to a brilliant idea that came from one of the troops on the security detail aiding in the bringing down hammer.
    Troop:".... What if we magnetize the floor then he can't move or turn round? Then someone can push him from behind and we can de- activate Hammer and figure out what's wrong with him."
    Juno had liked the Idea and put it too play. The plan worked flawlessly.
    Now the massive droid, Juno's best friend, was lying in front of him like a heap of slag. For the Troop that made the suggestion Juno promoted him and made him a Sub -Commander.
    **10 min later**
    Juno was still going through all the information when an Officer came in.
    Officer: " Sir Grand Admiral Marissa Fairdream wishes to speak to you she has sent for a transmission to you."
    Juno: "Very well I will take it here"
    The officer gave a stiff salute "Yes sir" and left.

    Tag: M_J

    You know what the worst part is...... This is only my first Post in the WOTG IV... Gah.. well it looks good. Thanks to the GMs for getting it done so quickly.
  22. Darth_Ghast

    Darth_Ghast Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 9, 2002
    So many power hungry enemies!
    Where to begin! [face_laugh]

    Intel Skyhook, Coruscant.....

    [blockquote]IC: High above the Capital, Ghast and Miranda were preparing for the Coronation. Ghast was wearing an ornate light black armour trimmed in silver with a heavy, flowing black cloak. his lighsaber was fixed firmly to the back of his belt where it was hidden but easily accessable. Miranda wore a similar black light armour but with reddish/gold trimming, her lightsaber also clipped the rear of her belt safely under the scarlet hooded cloak which draped from her shoulders. They were the image of royalty and appearence was nine tenths of reality as far as the Sith were concerned.

    The Director of the skyhook commed through to their suite, looking slightly nervous.....[/blockquote]

    Director: My Lord, I bring you news from the surface. It appears tht the entire Imperial Palace has been remotely shut off to the outside world. All automated defences are on and the oxygen supply vents have even closed. Entry seems impossible....

    [blockquote]The Emperor sighed heavily.[/blockquote]
    Ghast: Jello, no doubt under the assumption we were all inside. Trying to soil the Empire's shining moment with own brand of snide filth. But as limp and inept as I would expect from him. I wish it hadn't come to this. Director, send a message to all of our people on the surface. I want every CPU with a remote receiver removed and replaced by bonifade Imperial techs. Start with the planetary sheilds one at a time then progress to the ground defences, then the space defences. I want all of the databanks from the Palace emptied to a secure location. I want you have new encrypts created and disseminated to all military outlets then engage the system jamming, no transmission will get through except using the new encrypts. Ensure that the frequency sheild around this facility is constantly engaged.

    I will continue the Coronation from here.

    [blockquote]The Director snapped off a curt salute and Ghast noted the new pin on his chest glint proudly. He established a Battle Meld link with Miranda and the Genessi lurking at various points around the room then sneered, they all replied with a loose shuffle in agreement at Ghast's thoughts. In unison, they surged out of the Emperor's private suites and into the Communications hub to find the team of slicers Ghast had hand picked during his days as the High Inquisitor. He had left them for Tatooine many months ago and ever since the team had been slowly chipping away at the amazingly encrypted files of Palaptine himself. The Emperor approached the team leader and glared down at him menacingly at his terminl in the crew pit, his eyes projecting a resolve hot enough to melt transparisteel..... [/blockquote]

    Ghast: Hello again, Lieutenant. have you found anything of use to me in the months since last we parted, specifically Palpatine's own reset codes for what would seem to be evey piece of Imperial hardware ever conceived and realised. I hope for your sake that you have because you life is depending on your response.

    Lieutenant: Yes, sir. sir. I mean to say, sir, that we have found and isolated the file, sir, but it is still encrypted in ways we've never conceived, sir. So you see, sir, that when i say.....

    Ghast: Shut up. Pull all of your slicers off their respective projects and put them to work on this reset code. You will decrypt it and soon, or I will murder you all and your families and everyone you know and raze every planet you have ever had the kriffing misfotune to visit! Now get to work.

    [blockquote]Ghast turned and strode away. The Lieutenant's had mouth dropped as the colour drained from his face. He fumbled for his cup of kaf with a shaky hand and returned to his terminal with a renewed vigour. [/blockquote][hr]
    ISD II Decimator, Gyndine....

    [blockquote]Captain Sobarson received Jello's transmission and immediately his training came to the surface. "Officers decorum
  23. Nord

    Nord Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 6, 2001
    IC: Asinowei Torinth: Sylan

    Asinowei waited patiently for the download to complete. Whatever it was being sent from Eriadu was a very large file. As it finished, she retrieved the encrypted data and decoded it. "Ah, plans." She scanned the info bringing together a brief overview of the data. The New Class projects for the New Republic. Great! Now, I must work this into my schedule. Now if I can get Taluran Nal'katir here.

    "Anything good?"

    Asinowei glanced back to a shadowed corner. "Yes. I have my instructions for the New Class projects. I need you to do me a favor, Natirus."

    "Anything you wish, my dear." The man stood, though remaining in the shadows.

    Asinowei smiled sinisterly. "I need to borrow your talents. I want you to follow one of my teams...or mainly those who will be working on Project Disarray. I want to know their motives and if any of them has the slightest notion to betray my trust."

    "Gladly. And what of the volunteers?"

    Though, she could not see his face, she could feel his dark smile. "They will be volunteers. I don't want you to use your powers to confuse them into agreeing to what I am planning."

    "I know your mind, Asinowei. Do not pretend that it hasn't entered your thoughts."

    "And how is it that you know that, may I ask?" Asinowei took a few steps towards the shadows.

    Natirus laughed darkly, "I do what I must to keep up with you, my dear."

    Asinowei smiled and turned towards a table nearby, pulling out a bottle from its cabinet.

    "I see you found the cargo to be to your liking."

    "I find anything with a kick to my liking in these times." Pouring a glass for her
    guest, Asinowei entered the shadows.

    Taking the glass from her hand, he tipped his head slightly in thanks. He drank it slowly and cautiously.

    "Stop it."

    "What?" He asked innocently.

    "Stop pretending to be worried about my motives. If I were going to poison you, I would have found a more interesting way to do it."

    Natirus laughed agreeingly, "And I would have found it quite an ambitious attempt."
  24. Admiral_Faln

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    Jan 11, 2002

    A single coralskipper jumped insystem ((And since it did not go through enemy territory, it doesn't fall into my "biased" situations. Of course, that's probably bias in itself, right? [face_plain] )), quickly scanned Bastion for defensive fleets, space-born defenses, and a planetary shield protecting the planet...
  25. GrandAdmiralJello

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    Nov 28, 2000
    OOC: Ghast: Hardware doesn't have any files to isolate. It's a set of circuits, indistinguishable from any other set. You wouldn't be able to find or isolate any of them.

    As for the signals being jammed, well, you can't really block hypercomm transmissions.

    As for you not being in the palace, I assumed you would be inside when you said you would retire to your chambers. That assumption IC means that I was using holocam data from inside the Palace. If you are indeed not in the Palace, then my IC move could not have happened. So...


    SSD Vindicator, Gyndine

    "Captain, I am altering your orders. If you recall, I am not only Emperor, but a Grand Admiral... the Supreme Commander of all military forces. You will stand down, or I will be forced to regard you as a traitor, and will remove you from command."

    He cut the transmission, and turned to Plasvic, "Prepare the Dreadnaughts for their ground run. The rest of the Armada is to screen their runs. If that enemy captain does not surrender, I want you to seize control of those shipyards there, and begin saturation fire on the defense fleet."

    OOC: Dreadnaughts are carrying those clones you've heard so much about. Each Dreadnaught carries 13,000 troops. (Using the Dreadnaught's standard crew complement minus the 2,000 needed on Katana Dreadnaughts.


    ISDII Admonitor, Ord Trasi

    Grand Admiral Thrawn studied the enemy retreat. Best to let them escape, and word of our existance spread. A flustered enemy is a defeated enemy.

    "Send a signal to Nirauan. I want a small defense fleet and ore miners to be sent here at once."

    Captain Niritz nodded.

    "Have the Dreadnaughts begin deploying crew and troops onto the shipyards. I want them immediately under our control, and they are to begin producing ships."

    OOC: Each of these regular Dreadnaught have 2,888 troops. These are Imperial and Chiss troops, not clones.

    TAG: Ghast

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