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SWRPF Archive War of the Galaxies IV : The Darkness Within. (A NR, GE, YVMF RP)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Protege-of-Thrawn, Jun 13, 2002.

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  1. Baron_Fel

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    Jul 28, 2001
    Check your Private Messages. I PM'ed you some info for joining the WOTG.
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    Jul 24, 2001
    BAron_fel do you always do this to the NEw people? Just Kidding.
  3. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    [blockquote]Hawkbat's Claw

    Mitth growled quietly at the Yuuzhan Vong warrior standing in front of him, then just as abruptly he bellowed with laughter. "It seems I am destined to be a prisoner of the Yuuzhan Vong after all."

    He gawfawed for a few seconds longer before calming down. "Maybe there really are Gods out to get me. Or I am just one unlucky son of a fool."

    Mitth sighed then and cast his eyes to the durasteel floor of the ship. "I wanted to give the location of Byss to the Yuuzhan Vong, but couldn't bring myself to willingly do it." He looked up to meet Yun's gaze. "Much as it loaths me to say this, but thanks for making the job easier on me." He smirks.

    "You are probably wondering why I am doing this in the first place. After all I am suppose to be a loyal Imperial to the Galactic Empire." Mitth tilted his head slightly, he gave Yun-Harla a moments regard before flickering his eyes back at Yun-Yuuzhan. "I want revenge against Lavos, Jello, and Thrawn." He said with enough malice to melt the ice planet Hoth.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Yun
  4. Yun-Yuuzhan

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    May 9, 2001
    Hawkbat's Claw

    "So do I," Yun-Yuuzhan replied to the Chiss, nodding his head, eyes wide and teeth revealed, "I want them all dead and skinned so I can make trophies of them. And Nithrak wants you and Lavos as well, so therefore I will deliver you to him, then deliver Lavos to him.

    You won't escape this time. Oh no, you're going to die one last time. And Nithrak will be the one to do it. I know our long history is close to an end, but don't you want to hear something interesting?"

    *Yun watched as Yun-Harla cocked an eyebrow and glanced at the Warmaster at the same time as Mitth. The question had sparked something*

    Mitthy replied slowly with slight agitation in his voice. "I always want to hear something intersting."

    *Yun-Yuuzhan gave his enemy a feral grin and sat on a ammunition canister he had dragged over towards the sitting area*

    "You were my boss once. What do you think of that?"

    "You're lying," growled Mitth, a cold burning in his red eyes. "I would have remembered someone like you, Yuuzhan Vong are quite obvious."

    "Well, considering I was a spy and did serve under you long, I don't expect you to remember me. But I did serve with the Imperial Special Forces under you command, and I did get a few rewards from you.

    Maybe you remember a tall human who Darth Vader took a liking to? No? Well, if you do, that was me.

    But anyhow, we're about to exit hyperspace, so relax and get ready for whatever afterlife you see yourself going to."

    TAG: Mitth
  5. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    You've lost me. When did this happen?


    Mitth sneered at Yun Yuuzhan. "Liar." He said one last time. Could he have been that gulliable to allow a spy into his own ranks? He shook his head of the proposturous possiblity.

    "You might not want to kill me so early. I want my revenge and that can be of some use to you." Mitth gambled. "After all I was the Second in Command." [/blockquote]
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    Jul 19, 2002
    IC: Admonitor, High orbit over Gyndine
    A single Lambda-class shuttle, flanked by 4 TIE Interceptors, maneuvered its way into the Star Destroyer's docking bay.

    In the Admonitor's docking bay, soldiers and officers alike were clustered around, whispering.

    "Have you heard the rumors?" one said. "Some new guy's coming to take over!"

    "Really? Wonder what he'll be like."

    "Attention! General on deck!" a deck officer barked.

    The shuttle descended into the bay, and the landing ramp hissed open, to reveal...

    ...a middle-aged Chiss officer, wearing an olive green Imperial Army officer and with a rank bar identifying himself to be a full General. Not a Brigadier General, not a Major General, not a Lt. General. A General.

    Some lieutenant gasped. "Another Chiss?"

    Some nearby soldiers glared at him, but it was too late. The words had been spoken.

    The Chiss general glided over to him with a stride that was both firm yet casual and showed he was in no hurry. "Is there a problem, Lieutenant?" the Chiss General spoke in a deep, even tone that sounded much like the fabled Grand Admiral Thrawn.

    "N-n-no, sir, not at all," the unfortunate lieutenant stammered.

    "Is there a problem with having a Chiss as a superior officer? Are Chiss emotionally or mentally incapable of directing an army?"

    "N-n-no, sir, not at all," the unfortunate lieutenant repeated.

    An amused smirk crossed the Chiss's face. "You need to work on less redundancy in your conversations, Lieutenant."

    The lieutenant looked up, surprised. "Of c-course, General."

    The Chiss's gaze turned from the lieutenant to encompass the whole audience. "I am General Tyuam, loyal servant to Emperor Jello and his Galactic Empire, not the excessive and perverse version created by Emperor Ghast. I have been given full authority to assume theater operations for this system. Now, I'd like to receive a full briefing, if that is possible."

    An Imperial officer stepped forward. "If you'd please, General Tyuam, we have a conference room ready."

    "Thank you," Tyuam replied, and the Chiss followed the senior officers into the briefing room.
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    Nov 28, 2000
    OOC: Yeah, just so you know-- you're on the fabled Grand Admiral Thrawn's ship. He is in charge of all system operations, and since Mitth is leaving, I shall again take him over.

    You are in charge of ground forces.

  8. Darth_Ghast

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    Mar 9, 2002
    OOC: let DS5 post his own rulings. I don't believe you and I don't trust you so I'm yet again ignoring your magical mystical cloaking technology that you simply refuse to reveal to a non-GM. And can you provide a link to the post where the SSD Vindicator put in for upgrades to it's turbolasers please? Also, the Knight Hammer and a segment of your forces simply cannot be at Kamino because you posted this early last week:

    "Noted. Request partial reinforcements from Kamino to stay within possible ambush range--this might only be the first wave. Also, have the Knight Hammer brought here immediatly."

    I'll expect a ruling on the nulling of this post anytime soon from DS5 or any of the GM's who choose to make their snap calls during IM chats and not actaully post their rulings anywhere on these boards for the rest of us players who don't seem to matter in the grand scheme of things. I know there are lots of you. I'll continue without the presence of the Knight Hammer. I can only imagine the horror of having one's every action questioned by other players. That must be hell for you Jello ;)

    The Battle Of Kamino......

    [blockquote]The Genessi warriors on the bridge of every vessel in the Inquisition Armada and Fondor Fleet activated their Telepathy, Control Mind, and Battle Mind and opened unseen lines of communication between the mighty fleets of the New Order, their powers amplified by the presence of Inverted ysalamiri which had been standard on Imperial vessels for months now. Meanwhile, all of Jello's forces were floating in space, deaf and mute.

    The Inquisition Armada began taking heavy fire of from the flagship of the group, the SSD Vindicator, but it was expected and the double front sheilds proved more than adequate. As many vessels slowed through tractor beaming and interdiction inteference, Jello's lines seemed to bend and spread to encopmpass the fleet. It broke roughly in half, part splitting up and to the left and the other down and to the right. Power remained switched from ion control to engines on all capital ships. They weren't here to disable anything. The dense swarm of Carracks and fighters erupted from the core of the formation, Defenders and Bombers shooting in all directions to attack the bulk of the Jello's force, the slow and ungainly Dreadnaughts. Their targets were the poorly defended sheilding blisters which were easy targets for a Defender with proton torpedoes, let alone a Bomber that could hit a specific buliding from an ionosphere!

    The force of 12 speedy Carracks leapt forward with engines firing, the fastest capital ships on the field they shot ahead of the slower SSD Annihilator and swept around to double back, commencing high speed strafing runs at point blank range on the ISD II's with heavy turbolasers batteries and laser cannons as the Annihilator continued to drive hard for the planet, it's sheilds splattering with green turbolaser fire. It returned in kind, ignoring it's opposite in the Vindicator and focusing upon the ISD II's that stood before it with concentrated bursts from it's 250 forward batteries.

    Across the system, the Fondor Fleet continued to speed across the dead of space until it reached maximum firing distance to the left flank of the enemy. They opened up with a shattering volley of heavy turbolaser battery fire, providing cover fot the half of the Inquisition Armada which were dipping and swerving sharply to the right.

    Even as the Inquisition bullet broke, the First Imperial Battle Armada arrived at the edge of the tightened Interdiction field in formation corresponding to a full frontal assault. The Genessi Communicators instantly followed their orders and picked up the buzz of the minds that could only be their brothers, empowered as they were with Inverted ysalamiri. Sheilds were tipped to double front and fighters were deployed from the Sparrowhawk carriers (arranged at the well sheilded rear of the group). The Armada, following the battle plan, switched all ion control power to engine strengt
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    Mar 14, 2001
    GameMaster Rulings.

    Ghast and Jello. I am sure you BOTH know the rulings regarding OOC bickering and arguements conducted in this thread.
    I will post this in the WC as well, but you are both hereby banned from the WOTG Role Play for the next 48 hours, from this time stamp.
    I SUGGEST you use this time to engage in some mediation, both in the War Council and via PM's to each other, and any GM's whom you wish to help with the process. I would gladly offer my services, if you require them.
    How's that for snap IM rulings? ;)

    bterrik, Unfortunately, since you all blundered in without DF info, you have obviously inadvertently GMed. Apocalypse station is in an 'inner orbit' you could not possibly target it in your first post unless you hyperspaced in through the interdiction net and the minefield. I will null your post and give you the oppurtunity to post again.

    Byss, Groundside

    Jai stopped and held it all from within, a surging force, a whirlwind, a slight breeze that promised a violent storm to come.
    He turned his head, and saw Pierce concentrate as he exerted his now considerable power to shield himself from all.
    "Pierce...I can not allow you to come with me on this next journey. I must go to my father's side. He and I have a mixed destiny, I shall go where he does, and die when he does. If not for him, I would be a smoking corpse on Agamar, not a boy who was allowed more life then destiny had in store for him. If you need to escape, here is the codes to the hanger bay."
    Jai tossed two datacards to the floor, one for the bay, and another for a personalised YT-1300 freighter.
    "Leave if you wish, but if you prefer to stay, the observation and meditation chambers to the east are deserted due to the security alert. You will be safe there."

    Turning, nodding to Gata who had finally found him, Jai turned his thoughts upward, to that strange cloud of Force Haze around Lavos' chambers, projected by his Genesii Tank's, and his father, who would also be looking skyward, his thoughts on all possible futures and the futility of it all...

    Jai turned whilst the Genesii was distracted, and looked at Pierce, who had a troubled expression as he gazed at the cards on the ground.
    "Goodbye my good friend...I hope we meet again, day."

    Turning, he ran with Gata, to the turbolift, and to his destiny.

    Byss, Throne Room.

    Flickering too life, Lavos rose from his small enclosure, here, in the room he had 'existed' in since he had first been diagnoised with the disease.
    Now, his appearance frail, he confronted his last moments in this room with a profound finality.
    He would die by the end of this battle, he know that much. Both defeat and victory promised that, if Apocalypse managed to succeed where his scientists had told him was too powerful, too impossible...the amount of power to target many worlds at once.
    But that was immaterial. He would be the victor here, and the Imperial Dawn would rise again, a glorious radiance to shine upon the ecstatic faces of the righteous, a warm embrace shared by all sapient beings, all from the divine hand of Lavos.
    A dream, he would make oh so real for billions. For trillions.
    The turbolift behind him opened, and the Genesii Elder - Gata - and his son walked foward, Jai continuing past to another door, which he entered and closed behind him.
    Lavos smiled as he viewed the stars above, wondering which were metalic islands sent to destroy him.
    "Watch my son, and learn."
    Flickering about beside him, Jai looked up to his father and nodded.
    "I embrace this lesson like all others, for to fail is to die, and to learn is to transcend life."
    "We confront it son."

    Byss, Space control.

    The sensor station lit up, as the IFF transponders were compiled and collated into a meaninful picture.

    Modified ISD II Warhawk
    DSD Terminal Velocity
    Modified Strike Cruiser Battle of Yavin
    ISD III - unknown registration.
    2 ISD IIs - unknown registrations
  10. Yun-Yuuzhan

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    May 9, 2001
    Hawkbat's Claw, Dathomir system

    "Yes I know exactly what you are," Yun-Yuuzhan assured Mitth, raising a dart pistol while walking away. "You're my enemy, and I won't make the mistake three of my old friends made, two of them now dead."

    *Yun fired and a dart that hit the Chiss in the neck and released a sedative into his bloodstream*

    "You won't see me ever again. But you will see another old friend."

    *The Warmaster left the hold and entered the cockpit, and sat down in the copilot's chair. Boba Fett didn't even glance over at Yun, but he was curious nonetheless*

    "You worked for the Empire?" he asked with the slightest of interest.

    *Yun nodded, looking out through thte viewport at Dathomir and all of her defenses*

    "Almost a decade ago, before the invasion, I was sent here to find out as musch as I could about the ruling government/s. So I joined the Imperial Army, knowing I was best at fighting and information on their military would benefit us the most. I served with the Special Forces for a short time, then I was pulled out because of my Force talents. There's not much else to tell. Get us planetside."
  11. bterrik

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    Jan 11, 2001
    OOC: PoT, I am going to pick up after your post.

    IC as Captain of the Battle of Yavin:

    "Sir, they are deactivating the mines in front of us." the sensor operator said.

    "Good. Lower shields. Sensors, have you located Apocolypse yet?"

    "No, sir...wait. Incoming targeting data from the remainder of the Command group. Location of Apocolypse confirmed, sir." the sensor operator said.

    "Good, feed those coordinates to the gravity well projectors and engage them over Apocolypse. Allign the emitters so that the well is no larger than the size of Apocolypse and deploy as soon as you can."

    Within the ship, power surged up through the gravity well generators. For a microsecond, a gravity well formed aroung the Republic ships, then was gone. Several seconds later, it reappeared only 7 km long, precisely on top of Apocolypse.

    "Lock the coordinates for Apocolypse's orbit onto a data stream and tight beam it, heavily encypted, to Wounded Tiger and the rest of Phoenix Force." he ordered.

    Within seconds, the transmission had spurted from their array and was minutes from reaching the other ships, stopped from hyperspace well outside of the system.

    TAG: C_1, PoT.

    OOC: PoT, I agree with your ruling in this matter, however I believe I have rectified the situation here. I would also ask that in future situations where you think someone might have GMed at Byss that you ask Yomin_Carr to rule, as both DS5 and yourself have something to gain or lose from this battle, hence a conflict of intrests.

    Much thanks.
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    Jul 28, 2001

    By now defences were all up and ready for any attacks. Plasma cannons were up, mines were placed, and hangars were built.

    Shapers also found the Caridan Battle Arachnid, but with their limited shaping abilities they sent them to the Carr shaping compound on Anzat.

    In orbit, twelve ships jumped into darkspace, heading towards a trade route. The other ships formed defensive postures around the system.
  13. Wildwookiee

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    Apr 14, 2001

    Pierce did not care about his safety. He did not know why Jai Lavos had affected him as he did. There was a yearning...a hope, still in the man's eyes, and Pierce wanted that to stay. With hope still there, change was possible, and perhaps a peace could be reached. Jai was fanatically loyal to Kane, which was understandable, and wanted to be there when his father died. How did he know that? Kane is going to die tonight...the Force has consigned his fate...cure or no cure, Pierce had not saved a life.

    An overwhelming sorrow came over him, remembering his own Grandfather. The pain of not being there in time ached like a knife in his stomach

    It was during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of his world. They came down en mass, and began immediately loading the people up, and taking them into orbit. This culture had been primitive, pre-space flight...which had been the reason that Pierces' Grandfather had chosen it as a place to hide from the holocaust of Jedi.

    That day, Pierce had gone down to the city to buy food, but he had wandered around as well. He found his friends, and they went to a 'cinema'. All of this was against his Grandfather's wishes. His grandfather had asked that he return as soon as his chores were up.

    Suddenly there was a flash of light from the heavens. The people screamed, unaware of what the flash was. Molten lava began to drop from the sky...people began to scream about a meteor attack, and praying to God to forgive them...thinking that it was some sort of judgement.

    Cities crumbled as the maelstrom of deadly lava rained death amongst the people. Pierce was horrified...he knew what it was, but the technology was unfamiliar. He knew that the meticulous and strategic placement of the missiles was definately from a ship in orbit, and whoever was shooting would soon come down to the planet and mop up what they missed.

    With Force inhanced Speed, Pierce ran the two klicks to his house up in the mountains. When he got there, his grandfather was no where to be found. "Stupid!!" Pierce cursed himself for not thinking. He reached out with the Force and found his Grandfather running towards the city, with his Lightsaber in hand.

    By then, large bulky asteroids came soaring out of the a formation. They slowed by some unknown means and landed. Pierce began to run to his Grandfather, Gladius Revera in hand as well. He also kept tabs on the situation that was going on in his Grandfather's eyes. He reached the edge of the city, which meant that he was a good 2 klicks ahead of Pierce. Pierce ran faster and harder to catch up to his Grandfather.

    His grandfather steped down into the street. In front of him was a column of twenty-five warriors. They were an unknown species, scarred and tattoed all over their bodies. Some of them had seemed to augment their bodies with implants...He knew of no such race as this. What was even more startling was the fact that they could not be read through the Force. Try and try again, they were just holes to Pierce's Grandfather. These warriors advanced towards him throwing projectiles at him. Pierces Grandfather lit his Lightsaber and charged the beings. Open to the Force, he focused on the holes in it, and used that as a reference to where his enemies were. The next few minutes were an amazing display. A Jedi Master, who had been in charge of training all with Sabers, fighting his hardest, and seeming to win. In minutes, the twenty-five warriors were down, Pierces Grandfather still standing.

    Pierce reached the edge of the city and began running towards his Grandfather, who had engaged another group of Warriors. He was bleeding from his side and had a wound on his head. Pierce had already ignighted his saber when he met his Grandfather. They disposed of the rest of the the Warriors there.

    When it was over, Pierces Grandfather sunk to his knees. Pierce ran over, and looked at his Grandfather.

    "Cortese, don't worry about me. You have learned all that is needed. The the Force and I are
  14. AdmiralZaarin

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    Jul 8, 2001
    Zaarin's ship, the Valour, four of the remaining ISDs, and one VSD that was so badly torn up half of it was probably vented into space, complied, shutting down their systems and weapons. One ATR for each ship flew out from the yards to capture the vessels. One ATR, the Tiger, flew into the Valour's hangar. When it landed, the doors opened and stormtroopers rushed out, fanning to secure the vital sections of the ISD. Fifteen went up to the bridge to meet Zaarin, who came down to the Grisha, his personal SLC, with them and flew to the yards.
  15. Gorin_Zachian

    Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 13, 2002
    OOC: WW i don't think you can use Alter perception to hide your force presence fom other force users. i think you can only use it to hide from people how rely on the regular 5 senses. If jace dosen't agree with me null this post.

    Byss, Control Room

    Gorin's orders were ignored once Lavos made his, but there was something else. Using See Force he sensed something... indistict... something good he couldn't quite place. There was something.... no... someone in the room.. .and there was only one person it could be, Pierce... the Jedi. He was on high alert now and reached out to the now open door. Using Move Object he shut it and locked it, no one was leaving, which was no problem from the military men at their stations, but might be for this Jedi. He also reached out with Telepathy to call out to Ehele, a sense of a threat and imminent danger. The yalsimiri near him, inverted of course, allowed his message to go though insted of it just being a presence. He then reached out with Control Mind and had one of the soldiers in the room stand gaurd at the door. Gorin didn't know what he was doing but he planned to stop it, whatever it was.

    TAG: WW
    Gorin's Force Profile
    Apprentice Skills:
    See Force: Level 2 (New Rank)
    Telepathy: Level 1.75
    Jedi Mind Trick: Level 1.25
    Move Object: Level 5.5
    Alter Perception: Level 1.25

    Knight Skills:
    Drain Energy: Level 1.5
    Drain Knowledge: Level 1.5
    Control Mind: Level 1.5

    Corridor C, as Ehele

    Ehele had herd Gorin's call and reached out with Telepathy to the Genesii, his students. He didn't have enough telepathic power to send a message, but they were trained to react to that call from him as an order to assemble on him. He began to move twords the Control Room, followed by a quickly rising number of Genesii. the number totaled out at 15 Genesii, most of which were novices. They all used their Enhance Ability: Speed to get there quickly, running full bore, while Ehele used See Force to make sure Gorin was still alive.

    TAG: WW
    Ehele's Force Profile
    Apprentice Skills:
    See Force: Level 1.5
    Jedi Mind Trick: Level 1
    Move Object: Level 1
    Force Push: Level 1
    Drain Energy: Level 1
    Telepathy: Level 1.5
    Enhance Senses: Level 1.25
    Enhance Ability: Level 1.5

    Knight Skills:
    Force Lightning: Level 1.25
    Knight Defence: Level 1.25
    Knight Speed: Level 1.25
  16. Wildwookiee

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    Apr 14, 2001
    OOC: It has been used before...when a Jedi Pulls his presence away from another. Everyone is concentrating on other things, and so I think that I could do that...though let's check with the Force GM.
  17. GrandAdmiralJello

    GrandAdmiralJello Comms Admin ❉ Moderator Communitatis Litterarumque star 10 Staff Member Administrator

    Nov 28, 2000
    OOC: WW, Alter Perception only changes a single stimulus--it does not ready oneself invisible. Illusion is what you are thinking of. Check page 1 of the WC for the Force power explanations I provided.
  18. DarthSeti5

    DarthSeti5 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 6, 2001

    Game-play is being temporarily halted until such time as we figure out a way to solve all of our problems before they figure out a way to jump out of the screen and eat us. Please refer to the WC for any updates on our progress.

    Thank you.
  19. Wildwookiee

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    Apr 14, 2001
    my bad...sorry instead of about this.

    Pierce Altered everyone's perception of him. Instead of seeing a Jedi, all they saw was a lowly computer technician on duty. They neither knew his name, nor his function, but they could all remember seeing him around, just nothing standoutish about him....

    ((sorry for the poor grammar and sentax...I'm VERY tired)) GM's, tell me if this will work or not :)
  20. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    I'm not in the mood right now to sit here and wait until the GMs press the play button so I'm gonna post whether they like it or not. :mad:


    The Chiss General gurgled as he slowly came back to consciousness. He could not remember very much, whatever Yun Yuuzhan had used to drug him it had fogged his brain of the last recent events all except that he was selling the location of Byss.

    No matter, he knew the memories would eventually return to him.

    High General Mitth cracked open his crimson eyes slowly allowing them to adjust to the lighting in the room. Strange, the light appears to be moving.

    Luminin bugs lit up the ceiling above him and the Chiss realized where he was.

    "Shaveit." He cursed again in the past several days. He was on Dathomir, at last.

    "Good, you are awake. Saves me the trouble of doing it myself, unfortunately." Someone said nearby.

    Mitth was on an organic table, strapped down by some jelly like substance. He tested his restraints and regretted it. Stabbing pain coursed throughout his entire person. The jelly like substance appeared to be the source but Mitth couldn't tell exactly.

    "Warmaster Yun Yuuzhan wants to thank you for foolishly providing the location of Byss. Now he has entrusted me to seek the rest of the knowledge you possess in that infidelic skull of yours." The unknown Yuuzhan Vong said.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Baron_Fel or Yun
  21. CaptKieranFlar

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    Dec 14, 2001
    OOC: I also have to get several things moving...


    Pride of Lorien

    With a last keystroke, Kieran finished the letter to his commanders and programmed it for a delayed send, 3 hours after his departure. Once finished, he turned to meet the gaze of a ensign hovering in the doorway.

    "Sir...The Dark Dragon is ready." He rattled.

    Kieran nodded. "Very well. Have the modifications to the computers been made as I requested?"

    "Yes sir."

    "Then lets be off shal we?" Kieran motioned and the Ensign left.

    Once the ensign was gone, Kieran turned to the table beside him and took his belt in his hands. Fastening it on his waist, his hand brushed against his lightsaber and he stopped.... Feeling something, though not knowing what it meant...

    He shook off the feeling and strode out the door to the waiting lift, which took him to the Marauder Corvette Dark Dragon, the original corvette that he had started the Morian Raiders with. From that all things had grown. Boarding the black painted ship, he walked to the bridge and ordered the launch. Once clear of the asteroid field they launched into hyperspace.
  22. Yun-Yuuzhan

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    May 9, 2001
    Dathomir, Nithrak's Chambers

    "I assume I need no introduction," Nithrak said as he entered the room and dismissed the warrior who had been ready to question the chiss. The warrior left the room, Nithrak and Mitthy were alone to kill or converse as they pleased.

    "I've just returned from Vortex, at Yun's request. He said he had something special in store, I never thought it would be you, but here we are. How are things; before I kill you that is."

    TAG: Mitth (I'll try to get Nithrak to get online and end this for you two quickly.)
  23. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    That would be great Yun. One last time to RP with my greatest foe. :)


    "Life sucks." Mitth replied. "So what will it be this time, Nithrak? Mind control worm? A fight to the death in some arena you have? Or just a simple slow and painful death?"[/blockquote]
  24. Wildwookiee

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    Apr 14, 2001

    Pierce, looking all the much like a normal computer techie walked up to a console in the command center, and punched up the main memory bank. Inside here was stored many things...matrix of the genetic codes of the Genesii, certain plans for the Apocolypse, and being hooked up in the control room, there was no encryption. Pierce quickly scanned the info, and punched up several entries... Bioweapons, Force Augmentation, and Genesii training. He slid one of the datacards into the slot infront of the terminal, and pressed the copy button. he then pressed a button, and returned the screen to tactical, and pretended to read it very carefully.

    OOC: I think this would work...I'd like to use this to find out about the Mon Calamari Virus, the new strains, and the reverse Miri...
  25. CaptKieranFlar

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    Dec 14, 2001
    OOC: 1000! Tis a marvelous thing to be a pirate king! It has lasted thus far.... Will the next chapter be its last?


    The Dark Dragon came out of hyperspace over Coruscant, staying within normal shipping lanes, broadcasting it's IFF, identifying itself as the Lonely Nerf.

    Sitting on the bridge of the 'Lonely Nerf' Kieran stared out the window at Coruscant below. They were just passing over the day/night line into the planet's shadow. Beneath them the awe enspiring glowing lights of the city formed the circles that used to indicate where the Galactic Senate was, though destroyed in Palpatine's takeover. Though Kieran didn't doubt Palpatine had tried, the lights on the planet did not bend to the Imperial will, and still stood vigil, marking the site that once housed the Republic.

    He snapped out of this trance, and looked to his comm officer. "Hail Couruscant control and give them our authorization, request landing, etc."

    The comm officer nodded and complied, flipping a few switches on his board then speaking into his headset. "This is the Lonely Nerf carrying vehicle parts and passangers for planet's surface, requesting permission to land." The comm officer then flicked another switch on the console and awaited a response.

    The wait was not long, as the droning voice of a Coruscant Control tech came on, "Lonely Nerf, permission granted. Merge into lane 35, and proceed to landing pad 567 Epsilon."

    "Acknowledged Coruscant Control." The comm officer signed off and gave Kieran the thumbs up.

    "You heard the man," Kieran ordered the conn officer, "once we are landed, signal me. I will be in my quarters."

    He left the bridge and proceeded to the barren room he used as his quarters on the Corvette. His belongings were all on the Pride, so the room was empty except a bed, chair, and a computer terminal. Sitting down on the bed, Kieran began a meditation he had not done in some time....

    The force is mother, it is father.
    It is friend, it is companion.
    It is lover, it is spouse.
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