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SWRPF Archive War of the Galaxies IV : The Darkness Within. (A NR, GE, YVMF RP)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Protege-of-Thrawn, Jun 13, 2002.

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  1. DarthSeti5

    DarthSeti5 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 6, 2001
    IC: Mon Calamari

    [blockquote]"How would you suggest we deal with these mines?" asked the New Republic Admiral.

    The Saarai-kaar then interupted the conversation, "My Jensaarai and I can remove them."


    "Admiral Cortex, I am dropping the interdiction field. And know this, you have three days to get your armada out of our territory. The field will be dropped in five minutes. If we see any signs of you trying to do anything in the next five minute, it will not be dropped and you will be destroyed."


    The Saarai-kaar had gathered four of her best Ring Defenders. They ladnded within the massive ship and formed a circle.

    "We are now going to help the Republic. We must remove the mines off of this ship. Prepare for a meld. . . "

    The Jensaarai closed their eyes and focused on their leader, lending their strenght, melding themselves until fivee became one. They have acchived Battlemeld. The Saarai-kaar reached out with the Force and found the first mine through the use of Farsight. The Saarai-kaar then used Telekinesis to gentlely lift it up. The Saarai-kaar was a figure of great power, and with four other strong force-users she could easilly move all of the mines off the ship without disturbing them at all. The mines would never know they had been moved. In less than an hour, they would be floating in space, and the Saarai-kaar would be hardly drained. The first mine moved past her and her Ring Defenders and through the magnetic field that kept the air in the bay they were in. The melded Jensaarai moved on to the next. . . [/blockquote]

    OOC: AD, you can leave now. . .
  2. cavalier_one

    cavalier_one Jedi Master star 4

    May 21, 2001

    Commander Kellin reviewed the situation. His firepower had collapsed the shielding on a portion of the SSD - a welcome surprise.

    But the Imperials were responding with more aggression.

    He needed a plan.

    And he found one.

    He opened the comm to the fleet.

    "All corvettes, begin high speed strafing runs on the SSD on my mark. Frigates, pull back and encircle the shipyards; target anything that attempts to break through."

    Shutting off the comm, he addressed his flight ops officer.

    "Detail half the fighters to cover the corvettes, and half to cover us."

    "Aye, Sir."

    He opened the comm again, this time to the shipyards.

    "Are the destruct mechanisms primed and ready?"

    "Yes, Sir," the chief technician replied.

    "Good. Fire up your engines, and power up your hyperdrives."

    "But, Sir, there is an interdiction field-"

    "I know what's out here, Chief! Now, I want the shipyards to make the run to hyperspace along these coordinates."

    He sent the tech the vector.

    "But, Sir, that vector takes us right p-"

    "I know, Chief. Have your men stand by on the evac shuttles."

    Kellin relayed his plan to the Chief.

    "That's crazy, Sir."

    "I know."

    Outside, the modified corvettes begun making hit and fade strafing runs, covered by the fighters. The modifed corvettes were faster and better shielded than standard corvettes, but Kellin knew they would not last long against an SSD. He hoped his plan worked.

    It had to work.
  3. AnakinDobski

    AnakinDobski Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 16, 2001
    Cortex moved passed the Interdictor Field.

    [/i]5 Minutes Later[/i]
    They were at the base. Grav wells up and the new hyperspace route for them to take ploted. The entire base jumped to hyperspace.
  4. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001

    Bravo's fleet was yanked out of hyperspace. Alerms went wild.

    Bravo: "Report!"

    Senior Sensors Officer: "10 enemy vessels!"

    Bravo: "Type, class, group!"

    Senior Sensors Officer: "One interdictor cruiser, 7 CR90 Corellian Corvettes, 1 Dreadnaught, and two Nebulon-B Frigates!"

    Tag GM
  5. DarthSeti5

    DarthSeti5 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 6, 2001
    IC: Pirate Group

    [blockquote]"Eh, looks like some Republicans vertured a little too far into our territory, eh fellows?"

    A chorus of approval sprung forth from the crew.

    "Let's show them who's the major power out here. Power up the Int-Field have five of our corvettes engage their major crusier. Quick strafing runs. Nebs, run anti-starfighter."[/blockquote]

    TAG: Bravo

    IC: Tey-Ral

    [blockquote]Tey had been meditating for five hours, longer than he had ever tired to attempt before. He was not hungary or thirsty. He was fully submerged in the Force, a rarity for Tey-Ral. Tey found it quite difficult to engulf himself in the Force while fighting. He was trying to find out why through meditation. A vision came to Tey, a planet. Eriadu. He had been continually drawn there. He knew that it was nearly time to go.

    Tey brought himself out of his meditative state slowly, slowly opened his eyes and let his Force vision fade away. Tey jumped up and shot his hand out. He focused, intent on his goal. Practicing for two months had got him far. He could summon his pike with the Force. Tey-Ral strained, he focused, focused. The silver pike began to move, slowly. . . slowly. Tey-Ral put all of his might into his thoughts and the pike fewl through the air four feet and found itself in his hands. Tey could no longer add anything to his training, he needed a master. But where would he find one? The Force would show him.

    "Teeky," Tey-Ral called. "Teeky, begin." The modified Asp moved out of the shadow of the forest with great speed. Tey had just enough time to engage the pike, the two ends jumping out nearly a meter each. He brought one end to collide with the Asp's single blade and an idea struck him. Tey twisted the pike and one end receeded into the handle, leaving him wiht on blade. Tey-Ral had been trained with melee combat in the military, and saber was something he knew. But not nrealy as well as pike. He would givee it a go. . . [/blockquote]
  6. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001

    Bravo: "Pirates, I love pirates. Comms, tell al friendly ships to move into a circle around the Coral Crusher, she looks like their target. Starfighter control, have our starfighter launch and destroy those CR90's. Comms, also open up a channel to the pirate groups's command ship. I feel a party coming on."

    With a smile, the Senior Comms Officer went to work.

    Senior Comms Officer: "Enemy vessels, this is the Imperial Star Destroyer Gallant. Do you wish to party today?"

    The Senior Comms Officer turned to Bravo with a smile.

    Bravo: "Good," Bravo was smiling, this would be so much fun. "Have the Gallant II team up with us, on the Coral Crusher's bow. We'll target that interdictor cruiser with ion cannons, all of them."

    The starfighter pilots waiyte din their cockpits on the hanger decks. Only the Gallant and the Coral Crusher were launching starfighters. Altogether, 17 starfighter squadrons. Bravo hoped the pirates wanted to party, because Bravo wanted to party.

    Tag DarthSeti5
  7. DarthSeti5

    DarthSeti5 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 6, 2001
    IC: Pirates

    [blockquote]Two of the corvettes exploded with great brilliance. The other three turned and made haste to return to the protection of the frigates and the interdictor. A signal was broadcast to the attacking ships.

    "Ummm, we didn't know that we were. . . ah. . . infringing on your territory, we um, ah. . . we surrender."[/blockquote]

    OOC: Bravo, you won here. But if you keep going after pirates they will continue to get stronger and more cunning. Keep that in mind. You get all the ships here except for one frigate and one of the corvettes that survived. They got scared and jumped out of the system.
  8. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001

    Bravo smiled.

    Bravo: "Pirates, the low scum of the low scum. Prepare the boarding parties. I want to find some more pirates and soon...I want to party some more."

    Channel Page looked at Bravo from her helms position.

    Channel Page: "You seem happy."

    Bravo: "Oh yes...very happy. The one thing Jonesy, Wilkins, Williams, Smith, Nerd, and I always did was have fun. And last night, they spoke to me through the Force. They told me to have fun. We always had fun during the battles in our early days. So, to win, we must have fun. Yes, these pirates will get smarter, but so will we."

    Channel Page: "I see, sir."

    Bravo: "Lets go home and get our ship repaired and refited for the next battle."

    3 Hours Later

    Bravo had boarded the interdictor cruiser in his new stormtrooper armor and he and his troops secured all the ships. On the interdictor cruiser, Bravo crouched in front of one of the captives. Bravo still had his armnor on.

    Pirate: "Who...who...who..."

    Bravo: "Who am I? I am General Bravo."

    Pirate: ""

    Bravo smiled under his helmet. This was fun, striking fear into people.

    Bravo: "No, I am part of the New Jedi Order."

    Bravo came up from his crouched position and faced the commander behind him.

    Bravo: "Take the captives to our ships. Have them questioned. Offer them a deal. Secure this ship and prepare to hyperspace jump to 1st Base."

    Commander: "Yes sir."

    30 Minutes Later

    Bravo's fleet and his captured ships jumped into hyperspace.
  9. Miss_Jaina

    Miss_Jaina Jedi Youngling star 3

    Nov 30, 2001
    "Hello? Admiral Fairdream?" Moff E4psilon's voice startled her.

    "Sir! I need to know what your plans were and are for our army?"

    Tag: Juno
  10. Gorin_Zachian

    Gorin_Zachian Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 13, 2002
    Byss, Lab 32 A

    The power Converters had been resupplied, at the inscincere apoligy of the directors. they ha dbeen teste, and retested, as had all the equipment in the lab. Three days after the incident they were ready to go again. the Turbolaser was set up, the power Converters were attached, and the Testing equipment was hooked up. He looked at the small metal object, shaped in a long cyndrilical shape with a rounded cone at the tip, and compared it to the old "Photos" of what men had called a "Bullet". The photos were like holo-vids, only they were two-dementional, and on actual paper. What an archianic practice. he thought, Why would anybody go to the trouble of doing this? His thoughts were interuped as the head Assitant called in.

    "Sir, everything is ready, and we have tested all equipment. Everything looks green sir."

    "Good, remove yourself from the testing area, and from my presence."

    "Sir?" he asked, startled at the order.

    "You heard me, REMOVE YOURSELF!" he yelled, and the Genesii quickly exited the lab, where he was met by some gaurds who had been tricked using Jedi Mind Trick into thinking that he was a traitor. They were going to throw him in the brig, and by the time that they went though all the proceddures and things to find out that he wasen't really supposed to be there, he would be long dead. All the Genesii had exited the testing area, and he, once again, powerd up the Turbolaser. Insted of a small explosion their was a high pitched screaming, and then the laser bolt streaked out, hitting the target dead on. He checked his screens. Nothing, absolutely nothing.

    "Damn! What happend there?"

    "Sir it appears that, though the test bolt was fired succsesfully, the ensuing laser destroyed the Bolt, as shown by the few micro seconds of transmission we got."

    "Hmm.... I will have to ponder on this. You are dissmissed for now."

    The Genesii shuffled quickly out of the room as Gorin sat, thinking on what he could do. The problem was that if he altered the trajectory of the laser bolt, that would mess up accuracy, and make it un-useable on a large scale. He went back to his lab and began to draw up designs, just as he was beginning to put the finishing touches on a idea he had, his chest exploded in pain. He reached out and hit his medical alert unit, just before the blackness claimed him. And he thought on it no more.

    OOC: Anybody got a guess now?
  11. Grand_Admiral_Piett

    Grand_Admiral_Piett Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 30, 2001
    OOC: C_1, could you please post damage for your NR fleet?

    -ISDIII Havoc Bridge

    "Sir, the NR is manuveuring for a hyperspace jump"

    "Let them be, enoough damage has been sustained by them. No need for senseless destruction."

    "Yes Sir.."

    The Grand Marshal paced to his colleagues and marched off to the bridge to recall all fighters. He also sent an encoded transmission:
    Encoded Trasmission 843367473

    to: Special Operations
    from: ISD III Havoc

    NR has begun departure, board ISD III Havoc for debriefing.

    End Transmission


    Everything's proceeding as planned.. With that thought in mind, the Piett now decided to greet Colonel Theron personally upon arrival. Piett then looked down on his datapad and received a damage assessment for both the NR and Inquisitor Armada:

    IA: 5 Squadrons of TIE Interceptors have been destroyed. ISD is under minor repair.

    NR: ...

    TAG: C_1,
  12. AnakinDobski

    AnakinDobski Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 16, 2001
    20 ISD II's,9 ISD III's and 4 MC-90's came out of hyperspace at Gyndine. Cortex had heard about a shipyards here. All of the other ships and space stations had went to the Unknown Regions behind Coruscant.

    He saw 2 Imperials fighting each other.

    He saw the one was being destroy and went to cover them. He had all 20 ISD II's and the 9 ISD III's overlap there shields to cover the 4 MC-90's.

    The MC-90's got a 100 percent lock on the shipyard. They fired all of there tractor beams. They then moved out from behind the ISD III's and ISD II's taking the shipyard. All of the ships then jumped to hyperspace towards there new base.

    (Time to get to base from Gyndine 1 and a half RL days.)
  13. Protege-of-Thrawn

    Protege-of-Thrawn Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Mar 14, 2001
    I'd like to remind the RPer's that the area of infection on Mon Calamari has been quarantined, so that the disease will not spread. The people who got sick from the "cure" are the same people who got sick in the first place, so no one else is sick.
    Kuna, if you had payed attention to the story line, you would know that the masking agent suppressed symptoms whilst allowing the virus to spread. You have a planetwide infection, which is only slowly awakening as the strength of the UV blast dies as it moves further from Coral City.
    And to answer your question, the satellites disguised as asteroids were taken in on a slow ballistic course in WOTG III. Go and look, if you wish.

    Also, GAJ, can you please explain what on earth happened at Coruscant? You shut down the oxygen then inexplicably turned it back on. I hope your not using OOC info. Explain in the WC, or face nullification.

    Mon Calamari

    The Scientists Jason Bravo had employed were the best, some of the best medical minds the New Republic could offer.
    They knew they could find a cure...but the pressure was deadly. So many dead, and so many was horrible.
    "Derek, I think I've isolated the protein mutation set up by Bacterium B's toxin release."

    The head scientist came over to examine his findings. Bacterium B was the name given to the seemingly benign 'cure' the Imperials had provided, which had only served to further erode the health of Mon Calamari.
    "Well Sir, the normal cellular PrPC protein can in some cases, mutate when exposed to pathogenic protein markers that develop with age. It seems this enzyme increases this mutation when introduced with the protein."

    "And how does this work with the virus?"

    "Whilst the virus is in remission in the lymph system, it invades host cells, instructing the DNA to first mutate and then shed the rogue proteins. It's not the virus which is killing them sir, it's this protein marker."

    "Can we cure it?"

    "No sir, no biotic would see it as pathogenic. We must destroy the virus and stop the cause of the mutation."

    "Any guesses?"

    "Bacta has been effective in horrendously large doses Sir, but we are yet to see if that also halts infection through the bacterium. I just need more time sir."

    The head of the team nodded sadly as he turned to the news...more dead, more dying. "That is a commodity we cannot afford."

    TAG: Bravo. (I basically told you how the disease works, your turn to be some damage!)


    Tavira watched as the frigates pulled back, harried by her constant bombardment.
    "Ma'am, the coverettes are vectoring in, with fighter cover."
    She arched an eyebrow. "The enemy still has fighters intact? Fine, detail 7 squadrons to crush what is comign for us, and focus all power upon those coverettes. I don't even want them to make it to firing range. How is the DSD screen holding?"

    The sensor pit came alive, as the screen in front of her reverted to a system wide map. The DSD floated out far and wide, creating a huge field of both jamming and interdiction. Her swarms of fighters both dogfighted and chased the frigates into the shipyards, surrounding and harrassing them, the 4 TIE Defender squadrons pouring enourmous Torpedeo volley's into the shipyard superstructure.

    "Good. Inform the DSD's to keep engines alive, I don't wan't ANYTHING to leave this system. If they do, I will deal to those responsible the fate reserved for the rebels."

    TAG: C_1

    Jai was shocked to find Genesii surrounding his bed as he was hoisted up and taken through the window to a waiting hovercar, and brought up high above the skylines.
    "Sir, something has been done to the palace, and we feared you might also be targeted."
    "What do you mean, 'something'...?"
    "The air is dissapearing. We are at a loss to explain it."

    Jai turned angrily to the vidscreen, and began familarising himself with the situation.
    He would work it out. Hopefully.

    Doornik 319

    Boba paced slowly aboard the Knig
  14. Wildwookiee

    Wildwookiee Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 14, 2001
    Gerul Cast felt dizzy, as the air seemed to suddenly become thinner. Pierce beside him sat strait backed, and his eyes widened.

    "Sir, I don't know how or why, but suddenly someone or somthing turned off the air...literaly."

    Gerul sat and thought, his mind going through all the processes of his Genetically inhanced mind. It ran through his programming, through the information that he had possessed and the knowledge of the workings of Coruscant. He already knew that the planet needed air purifying systems, but he had never thought that that could be used as a weapon. His eyes widened as he realized the possiblities...JELLO

    " we're leaving, abandon mission and head back down to base. Make sure we're not tailed...once we're there, we're going to hack into the central computers, and see just what we can learn about the air processing plants in this area"

    the team left, and ventured back down into the depths of Coruscant. They reached their door, and hanging on it was a message from the "guardian angel" Gerul read it, and pondered it for a few seconds.

    "This could be good news or bad news. I don't know who or what is aiding us, but I am leary of shadows, no matter how friendly they seem. I want to attend this meeting, but I want Kefka and Robert to follow behind, and position themselves in case our friend is hostile. We also need to make sure that the codes to operation Black Moth are safe.

    Gerul picked up the access cards and the security clearance to meet their friend. Several hours later, the team reached Imperial Palace. Gerul went to the designated area and presented his credentials.

  15. Protege-of-Thrawn

    Protege-of-Thrawn Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Mar 14, 2001
    Coruscant, underlevels.
    Outside the Imperial Palace, a shock storm was brewing, as the aftermath of the oxygen shut off began to overflow into a frenzy of activity, this ominious sign was creating a dour mood.

    The two guards looked suspiciously at the credentials, then keyed in for conformation. The transmission was intercepted and rerouted by an Imperial Intelligence program, which took it straight to the terminal of G2A-432, who donned his hood and walked to the gateway.
    Looking at the seemingly civilian group, he spoke.
    "My master wishes to meet with you. Come."
    Suddenly, the Genesii team that had been following the Rebel's came alive, appearing from all sides, 4 in total. They nodded to the hooded one, and then dissapeared again to create a perimeter and discourage pursuit.
    Obviously unnerved, the rebels looked back to the hooded figure.
    "My Master exists in the lower levels. follow me."
    Escorting them via corridors, and turbolifts, lower and lower, they entered the seediest of underworlds, walking past a collapsed man in agony, throwing up a black viscious fluid.
    The hooded Genesii pointed to a warehouse, and stairs behind the doors.
    "In there. I must leave now."

    With that, he left, leaving the team before this door, and these stairs, into the unknown...

    Behind the door ;)
    Jai sat in the command chair, two Genesii before him in the pit, keying terminals, as the screen before him showed the team waiting outside.
    It was an abandoned warehouse, set up in secret, to have this command centre underneath. From here, Jai could view on the central holoprojector, the entire galaxy, complete with holonet and COMPLETE access to Imperial Intelligence and Fleet updates, galaxy wide.
    The computers took up the entire lowered section, a pit seperating his throne, the holoprojector, and Gata - who stood next to him - from the entrance way, a blank concrete sheet on the other side of the pit, only a single bridge allowing people to cross.
    "Will they come in?" he asked Gata casually.

    "Time, Milord, will tell." replied Gata, focussed on the team outdoors, his eyes misty as he focussed on one in particular...

    "Yes Gata, a Jedi. Or at least a wannabe Jedi. Just look at the way he holds himself, stands."

    THe Genesii frowned. "It is unnerving how you do that without the Force."

    Jai sighed. "My father taught me one thing above all others - don't rely on some 'Force'. Your mind is all you need to exist and thrive in this world."

    Turning once more, he awaited his guests.

    TAG: WildWookiee.
  16. Emperor_Yun_Yammka

    Emperor_Yun_Yammka Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 2, 2002

    The smouldering rubble was still steaming, days later, after the legion had fallen.

    The Vors had stayed away, believing a curse to be around the former Cathedral of the Winds, unable to comprehend his power.

    Soon that will change.

    Meditating in the hulk of what was once an Imperial AT-AT, now collapsed, Emperor Yun-Yammka, the one who called himself a God, thought of things long gone, and to come.

    "Lavos will kneel before me, and the galaxy will once again feel the wrath of the Yuuzhan Vong." he intoned, too himself more then anyone.

    For beyond the AT-AT was, the festering corpses of thousands. Stormtroopers, Vors, they all had fallen.

    This world, was now...his.

    He knew what he must do. Draw on both the Force and the knowledge of his people - of shaping.

    Meditating, he began to refine the Masterly art of Alchemy...

    To be continued... ;)
  17. Darth_Ghast

    Darth_Ghast Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 9, 2002
    OOC: Uh huh....whatever you say Jello ?[face_plain]

    Intel Skyhook, Coruscant.....

    [blockquote]IC: The final dignitaries were even now being escorted to the function hall of the facility high over the Capital. The room, while far from worthy of the Coronations of old, had a magnificent transparisteel wall that allowed the audience to drink in the magnificent splendour of the Galaxy's central system. As per the Emperors orders, all civilian traffic had been halted and now only military ships were free to move through the highly restricted space. As the final dignitaries were seated, a massive ISD II loomed close to the viewport, the sight of it's hull bristling with fully powered turbolaser batteries and ion cannons was as intimidating as it was awe-inspiring.

    All part of the Emperor's show.

    All major sectors were represented here, from Governors to Moffs to Admirals and the Dukes and Princesses, Kings and Queens of the older families of the Core. Ghast felt it was finally time to claim his place in infamy among the stars. He made a sharp hand signal and a blast of tumpeting fanfare heralded the arrival of a new age for the Empire, the reign of Emperor Ghast. He started down the long walkway in regal splendour, his armour glinting in the artifical light. The crowd surged to their feet with applause and while they needed little encouragement, Ghast gave them some for good measure with a comforting blanket of Telepathy stimulating the endorphins of every one of their underused brains. He continued down slowly and reached the gilt ceremonial throne......[/blockquote]
    ISD II Decimator, Gyndine.....

    [blockquote]Captain Sobarson swallowed hard as the Royal Mandate Armada began to deploy. He saw the figures on his readout ticking down, the ground forcess would be away in minutes. Minutes he did not have.....

    He ordered sheilds arrayed to double fore and all turbolaser and ion batteries charged and targeted. As Jello's forces edged ever closer to the abandoned shipyards, he thumbed open the detonation switch for the sabotage device planted in every Imperial shipyards to guard against such unforeseen acts of piracy. He squinted slighlty as he pushed down and saw a simple flash from the yards, the power generators blew and began venting hazarous material into vacuum. He sighed deeply, then regained his composure. He would die a warrior if that was what it was to come to.

    But even as the shipyards began to slowly rotate at the loss of the inertial and gravitic compensators, a fleet slotted neatly out of hyperspace between his forces and Jello's! Ranging fire began to rain down but what appeared to be a mixed group of ISD II's and MC-80's congregated to pool their sheilds as defence. Sobarson didn't think twice as the mysterious new force moved painstakingly towards the listing shipyards.[/blockquote]

    Sobarson: Recall all fighters! Helm, full to port then round the equator at full speed! My tactical display assures that all ground forces are away and our duty with the shipyards is served. We stand no chance of victory here and discretion is the better part of valor. Lay a course for Balmorra.

    [blockquote]The ships swung in unison away from the new invaders who had worked fast enough to already have thick cables already wrapped tightly around the yards. Sobarson didn't look back. They used the natural rotation of the planet to gain speed to slingshot out of the system as fast as their subspace engines could carry them. When they cleared the planets gravity well, the order for careful navigation (ooc: read as half-speed) of hyperspace was given and the starlines soon stretched into its silver blue saftey.[/blockquote] [hr]
    ISD II Deaths Head, Ord Trasi.....
    [blockquote]Captain P'tarn sneered as he took stock of the information being channeled to his tactical display. The insurgant forces were making directly for the shipyards, their arrogance knew no bounds. The final TIE Bombers, back from their intereference mini
  18. Yomin_Carr

    Yomin_Carr Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 12, 2002
    Domain Carr

    The gigantic worldship holding the spawning grounds of Domain Carr... the entierty of Domain Carr, thousands... millions of Yuuzhan Vong, all ready to serve the gods... their clan leader, Yomin Carr, and the warmaster. But now, the enormous worldship was all but empty hurtling back the way it came, heading towards the one who was above even the warmaster himself. Supreme Overlord Shimmra.

    ((Shedao's lack of involvement in the RP is forcing me to bypass him, to go to a more...mystical leader... Shimmra))

    The worldship, one who Yomin had personally refurbished at Anzat, making it, at least more stable, until it could be truly reborn. Now Domain Carr drifted back towards the Supreme Overlord's gargantuan worldship, more world than shipl, dwarfing the largest infidel construct, the Death Star, dwarfing even the abomination, Centerpoint Station in the Corel system. The worldship was fashioned of black coral, and gigantic enough that it looked from the absurd distance that Domain Carr viewed it from it looked like a tremendous void, blotting the light of stars around it. As Domain Carr approached, it went literally blind, unable to see anything through view ports, and gravitic sensors useless in the shifting gravitic atmosphere of so many dovin basals aboard the larger ship. Finally, a docking arm reached out and straddled the smaller worldship, allowing a tiny group to progress into the behemoth...


    Domain Carr came from Anzat, at double normal speed. Once it was extragalactic it progressed to normal worldship travel...
  19. AnakinDobski

    AnakinDobski Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 16, 2001
    The 4 MC-90's went back to the new base with the shipyard they had captured. They would need to repairs for sure.

    The 20 ISD II's and 9 ISD III's went to a different place. They went to Rendili Star Systems. They would come out of hyperspace in 3 Hours.AD
  20. cavalier_one

    cavalier_one Jedi Master star 4

    May 21, 2001
    Grand_Admiral_Piett: Losses were post in WotG III.


    The corvettes continued their runs, darting across the SSD; some went over, some under, but all unloaded the full extent of their weaponary into the mighty vessel. The starfighters, remnants of the planetary forces, coupled with a few squadrons off the frigates drove with them, attempting to keep the Imperial fighters off the corvettes.

    Three corvettes took devastating hits as they strafed, sending the doomed vessels into the shields of the SSD.

    At the shipyards, Kelling sweated. His fighters were being pummelled by Imperial fighters, and his frigates were taking devastating hits from TIE Defenders. Two friagtes were already spinning, lifeless. The XQ platforms stationed near the shipyards added their firepower to the defence.

    "Kellin to Shipyard. Are you ready?" he asked into his comm.

    "Yes, Sir," came the answer.


    With a deadly thrum, the shipyard's engines powered up, starting to move the mighty construction. The shipyard had taken several hits, and parts of the superstructure were torn away as the movement and speed increased. The vector was a dangerous one; it took them past the SSD in an attempt to get into the rear of the Imperial formation and get free of the interdiction field.

    "All frigates; form up on the shipyard, escort formation. Main targets are those Defenders. Corvettes, stay on mission."

    The frigates formed up on the shipyard, turning their firepower on the TIE Defenders. As one, the shipyards and the frigates moved off on their dangerous course.

    Tag: PoT
  21. AnakinDobski

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    Aug 16, 2001
    The ISD II's and ISD III's came out of hyperspace. It looked like some of the shipyards were inactive. The ISD II's and ISD III's overlaped their shields.

    The surrounded 2 Shipyards and sent down crews to but hyperdrives on them.

    They also focused all of their tractor beams on the 2 Shipyards.

    Unknown Regions
    The LEC Base was up and running again. The shipyards had fixed the JSD and crews were fixing the new shipyards.

    The shipyards were now to work on making 1 JSD and 1 JSD II.

    The 2 new ISD II's went off to in the Unknown Regions. They went towards Endor, but they remained deep into the Unknown Regions.

  22. Warlord_Ken

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    Dec 2, 2000
    IC: Platform on Tipoca City, Kamino
    The roar of the seas and the pattering of the driving rain made it very difficult to hear each other, but the Republic-sympathetic Kaminoan Joan Te's voice was strong and vibrant. "Come on!" she called out to the two Republic soldiers left behind to monitor the clone production. "I'll take you to Holala City, they're not under the control of the Empire, and they have communications equipment there!"

    Te and the the two men clambered aboard Te's pterodactyl-like creature ((forgot what they're called)) and they headed off towards the horizon...

    IC: Outer edge of Kamino system
    The ship of Jaren Nast ((I forgot what was it and what's it called, and I'm too lazy to look it back up, so I'll just say it's a modified YT-2400)), the Nast Rider, came out of hyperspace in the Kamino system to find the stormy planet blockaded by an Imperial fleet.

    "What the-"

    "Nast Rider, you have come into an Imperial-held world," a mechanicla voice chimed over the comm. "Prepare to be boarded and do not offer resis-"

    Nast swatted at the comm and it went silent. "Not on my watch," he grumbled. The Rider had been modified for increased speed and maneuverability, much like a smuggler's ship. He kicked in the maneuvering jets and the ship lurched forwards and down, heading straight for the planet and avoiding the Imperial warships.

    TAG: Emperor Jello
  23. Bravo

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    OOC: The following posts after Mon Calamari are quick and ugly. These are meant to just tie things together. I won't be online on Tuesday for sure. I won't be online much or at all the following 2-3 weeks. I might be online on Monday, I don't for sure yet.

    Mon Calamari

    Greenstaff and his staff had found the agent for the cure. With huge amounts of bacta issued to 5,000 patients, they hoped this would atleast slow it down if not cure it.

    The new death toll was in, out of 80,000 civilians infected, 60,000 were dead. Out of 5,000 military personal, 4,000 were dead. Although there was some talk about just letting the patients die, Greenstaff wouldn't allow it. Becasue he knew, for the virus to never show up again, they had to cure every patient, cure every last thing on the planet. The planet would take months if not years to cure completely. The patients only had about 2 weeks left. Greenstaff was put on the spot light and as was the New Republic.

    Tag POT

    OOC: POT, the bacta should start working in one RP day or by Monday morning. Thanks for the info, although I don't really understand. Maybe after thinking on it, I will understand it.

    1st Base

    Bravo's new fleet was repaired.

    Bravo sat in his command room and was surrounded by officers ready to do his orders.

    Bravo: "Okay, first thing is first. We need a small base set up here. We also need a small training base set up here. These bases will be temporary only, I hope. Second, we need to get supplies etc. If we want to beat pirates, we need to act like pirates. And lastly, I want a Jedi Acemdy set up here. Lets get to work people."

    The holo imagine of the galaxy faded away and the officer sslauted and left.

    OOC: You can veiw my new fleet's stats in the Smaller Fractions thread.

    3rd Base

    More Y-Wings were coming in and they were upgraded.


    The minning operation was under way. This operation was huge, no minor thing. But, the whole mining operation could be moved in a matter of hours if they had to move.

    OOC: Okay, Booster's minning operation will be able to produce 1 million credits in ore per day. So, every RL day, Booster has made 2 million credits. As I get mor eminning operations going, I will be making more and more. For anyone who wants to know where I got everything, its all from Operation Sweep the Doorstep. I was at Mon Calamari getting repairs and supplies for almost 2 RL months, so thats 4 RP months.

    2end Base

    2end Base was prepared to move once they got the order to.

    Minning Operation 2

    More minning supplies were deployed from Bravo's fleet. The pirates had a few minning supplies also that Bravo captured. A second operation was under way.

    OOC: This one will be able to produce 50,000 credits a day, so 1 million credits of ore per RL day.

    Unknow System

    Bravo's group had recruited just over 10 thousand soldiers in one week. They headed back to Bravo's fleet with a jumble of transports.


    Ikrit and the Jedi heard about Bravo's last jump, and they jumped to 1st base.
  24. Wildwookiee

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    Apr 14, 2001
    OOC: The only members of the insertion team to appear before you Jai is Gerul Cast and Pierce. The rest are monitoring from a distance. Other than that, AD, I need the stats of your Mon Cal base...don't say you've moved it because you have NO idea I'm comming. Also, as an informed player in this game, I would like a DETAILED description of all your bases, the amount of shipyards you have, and the number of ships you command...not where they are...just the amount.
  25. GrandAdmiralJello

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    Nov 28, 2000

    "Have the Dreadnaughts hold from their runs and engage tractor beams," commanded Jello.

    Plasvic nodded slowly, "Yessir. We're going to need more than the Dreadnaughts sir, most of them have sustained damage to their landing decks as the deployed troops."

    "A minor concern. Have the fleet move to the other side of the facility, and accelerate the shipyards into geostationary orbit."


    Ord Trasi

    Interesting... Thrawn steepled his fingers, "Well, they've done just what we espected them to do. Have the Dreadnaughts deploy their maintence crew to adjust the replusors on the shipyard."

    Captain Niritz barked the order to the comm officer, and then sent a confirmation signal to the Vindicator indicating they had taken the system intact.



    Grand Admiral Batch was asleep in his quarters when he received word of the unknown transport entering the system. Who was the idiot that transmitted the signal? We are supposed to be cloaked.

    Batch had his cloaked Star Destroyers position themselves in front of the transport and tractor them.

    TAG: Warlord_Ken

    OOC: Before you ask, the Interdictors use CGT.

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