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    sorry, here comes my post to go along with that

    IC: Gerul and Pierce looked at the door.

    "Cast, there's a force presence on the other side of the door."

    "is it Darth Ghast?" Cast asked (note the alliteration in that last sentence)

    Pierce closed his eyes and reached out his mind.

    "No...the force on the other side of that door is not as focused as a sith lord would be. He is cunning, ruthless, and calculating, but he's not a sith lord...just your standard Imperial intelligence officer."

    "Alright Pierce...thank you."

    Gerul walked up, and keyed the door.

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    Two fleets which had just assaulted Tatooine jumped towards Bastion, at half speed to prevent any hyperspace effects.


    DF for Bastion

    Bastion: 2 Golan-II Space Defense Stations
    4 Platform/3s (also serving administrative and spacedock purposes.
    1 Imperial-I class Star Destroyer
    4 Nebulon-B Frigates.

    AF are two of the Yuuzhan Vong fleets that attacked Tatooine, will be provided when they reach Bastion.
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    OOC: WW - The bases did move, as I did lose the battle. I moved everything once I got back to the base.

    DS5: Nulled my old post about Gyndine.

    20 ISD II's,9 ISD III's and 4 MC-90's came out of hyperspace at Gyndine. Cortex had heard about a shipyards here. All of the other ships and space stations had went to the Unknown Regions behind Coruscant.

    He saw 2 Imperials fighting each other.

    He saw the one was being destroy and went to cover them. He had all 20 ISD II's and the 9 ISD III's overlap there shields to cover the 4 MC-90's.

    The MC-90's sent crews down to capture the command center. 1000 Battle Droids and 1000 Droidekas went down also in case they were needed.

    The command center was captured easily.

    (Tag Jello and Ghast)
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    OOC: Sorry for the OOC post only. Ghast I need you to post in the WC that you would have let me take the Gyndine shipyard without Incident.AD
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    Bravo looked out his personal quarters' view port. His personal quarters' were dark, only his computer screen lit the darkness of his quarters. Out in space, was a galaxy spining in space, around that galaxy were stars and the endless night of space. It was night time and Bravo was tired.

    Bravo went to his personal desk and from one of the drawers, a contact he learned from Booster and was later given their comm singal by a unknown person. On the srcatch pieace of paper, all it said was "The Consortism". Under it was it's number to contact. Under the number, was just one word "Help". At his personal comm system, Bravo contacted the "The Consortism".

    To: "The Consortism"
    From: General Bravo
    Subject: Help
    Body: Hello "The Consortism". I have been given your contact number. If I understand this correctly, you are here to help me. Well, if that is true at all, is there any way you could send me some troops and some much needed supplies? I hope to hear from you soon.

    -General Bravo

    Tag "The Consortism"
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    Outside Myrkr

    -The CSD The Shadow Dream

    "Admiral, probe data is being sent back. It seems that were a tad out gunned. Hopefully we can make our attack swift and fast.

    Probes from Myrkr show 40 ships in high orbit.

    10 Heavy Assault Cruisers
    20 Assault Cruisers
    9 Corvette Analogs
    1 Grutchin Carrier

    "I suggest that we do not come close to this fleet. If we get too close we could get stuck in a interdiction field. Remeber were on a hit an run mission. Whats shall be our target?"
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    OOC: I null my posts of being at Gyndine.

    IC: 20 ISD II's,9 ISD III's and 4 MC-90's come out of hyperspace in the Rendili System. They soon found the shipyards. Many where inactive

    They began to surround 2 shipyards and there ships shields overlapping. All fighters were also launched.

    (Tag Ghast's Empire)
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    OOC: AD, your post is nullified. When you enter the system, you post what you want to do (AD's fleets jumped insystem and began to surround two of the shipyards) going to do then tag them.



    "Commander, infidel ships coming insystem, small scouts."

    "Odd... progress to code Matalok. The planet should be able to take care of itself while we're away."

    "Yes, sir, we have reports of our first ships making the microjump, and the second one. Jumps initiated, fleets are in position."

    "Excellent. Inform Supreme Commander Carr that we've sent the fleet to him."

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    Byss, Lab 32A

    Operation: Sigularity was back on it's way twords completion. Having finished the test Runs, and modifying the ejection system even further, they had been able to maintain accuracy of the laser bolt, while still having the Sigularity Bolt, as they were now called, vere slightly off course, so as to not be stuck by the laser bolt. They had the working prototype set up for it's final test, and then they could move on to other matters.


    There was the tell-tale, high pitched screming and then a loud roar as the turbolaser bolt shot out, still hitting the target dead center. Gorin checked his readings, everything was green, the Sigularity bolt was still in working order, although it was slightly off-center of the target.

    "Sir, we have readings in. The turbolaser bolt is still 99.9785% effective from an un-modified turbolaser Bolt. The Sigularity bolt travels at 87.945% the speed of the turbolaser bolt, while in atmosphere. More tesing in a vaccume still needs to be done to find the actuall speed in a combat situation. The metal casing on the Sigularity bolt shatters on impact, as our models projected, while the interior systems remain intact, but imbedded in the target. We are not sure wether this effect will happen in the Coral ships the Vong use, but in this test model it works. We have also determined that the modifications we have done to this turbolaser can be done in about a hour, now that we know exactly what they are, and done by two people."

    "Excellent, exclent. Put the modification Information into my personal Files, and put or modified Turbolaser into Prototype storage. then, meet me in my personal lab."

    Gorin, useing Move object, as always, moved back to his personal lab, and brought up the schematic of the sigularity bolt. With the propellent removed from the sigularity Bolt, modeled after a "Bullet", there was an area in the back of it with empty space. This space would be used as soon as he could look over some of his odd design plans. The genesii team walked into his lab, and he set them to the task of looking at his design plans, checking them against Test models, and seeing if it was possiable to work. he just needed acsess to one more schematic and he could begin work.

    "Computer, accses design plans for the Interdictore crusier, specificly, for the Gravity Generators."

    "Accses denied, you do not have proper accses level to open these files."

    "WHAT! Damn those Directors, i told them to make these files open to me WEEKS ago. Computer, give me a line to Director Kahm."

    "Line open."

    "Director Kahm, this is agent Gorin, Imperial service number 12561876389, i requested accses to the Interdictor Crusier schematics, and all related design shcematics weeks ago. Yet today i try to accses these files and i am denied accses. Can you explain this?"

    "Agent Gorin, we have recived no such request for these schematics."

    "Of course you have, i sent them though all the proper channels, and even personally handed the request to Director Prese himself. Surely you have a record of these requests."

    "I'm sorry agent Gorin, but our... memory files were.... damged recently. We have no record of your request. If you would like to make a new request you can speak to the proper secritartys and submit a new form. Good day."

    "WAIT! You would set my reserch back days...." with that the director cut the communication. "Damn! Computer pull up records of all recent, non-classified, requests for desgin schematics."


    the list cam up, and gorin scrolled for less than 30 seconds. "See look theres my request, damn those directors, Computer..." then there wads a blip on the screen, and the record of his request was deleted from the records.

    "DAMN! Computer, send the following request from though the proper channels." At that he pulled up a list of all design schematics, and spent a half hour selecting and finding the interdictor Crusier Designs, and all related designs.

    "Acknowlaged, sending now."

    "Damn, Ok assistants, you are f
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    *Suarbi Ship yards: Center of Operations(bridge of Ship yards)*

    Juno Received the transmission From Admiral Marissa Fairdream:

    "Hello? Admiral Fairdream?" Moff Epsilon's voice startled her.

    "Sir! I need to know what your plans were and are for our army?"

    In Reply

    Juno: "We will be using the cloning facilities for the use of producing solders for the Glory of the Empire and for the replenishment of soldiers on the ships build. And the cloning of highly trained officers."
    End transmission.
    Short and sweet how he liked most things done.
    Tag M_J

    Once he was finished with this the commanding officer of the Shipyards came to him.
    Officer:" Sir last night while we were taking care of Hammer. Admiral Yaliary Geovand was abducted and taken out of system by an unknown shuttle!"
    Juno: "What the!? She was taken right out of system.!!!!" My word. Prepare a search team. the best pilots and my personal death troop of droids. then send them after her. Track her down she is an Admiral ad if word got out that she was gone the 3rd Suarbi Imperial fleet would be at a stand still..... What are you waiting for? GO"
    **** Ten minutes later ****
    5 TIE Defenders and one Lambda Class Shuttle left the ISD II Olympus and headed out to follow the path taken by the abductor.

    Tag Mayo if you want

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    OOC: Thank you C_1, I wasn't aware of that..

    NR:1 MC80C, 2 Neb-B2, 2 Lancer Class Frigates

    Piett now stood still awaiting a vessel to board the hangar of ISDIII Havoc..The Grand Marshal grew impatient and looked at his datapad and keyed in commands:

    Operation Sweep.
    All TIE Bombers are to paralyse planetary defenses and batteries. Also target military installations.

    Commanding ground forces is Major General Rak'ta'lik and will commence planetary assault as soon as TIE Bombers has finished sweeping any military installations.

    The Grand Marshal then heard the P.A announce the commencement of Operation Sweep. Piett now faced the open hangar, awaiting Colonel Theron to arrive.

    TAG: Theron, SEA
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    ISDIII Havoc - Armoury

    Major General Rak'ta'lik was readying his people for the coming invasion of the planet Chandrila. He selected heavy weapons, a Rail Detonator, 6 Sequencer Charges, 2 Thermal Detonators, a Blaster Pistol with a grapple hook attached and a standard Imperial Stormtrooper Sidearm. His armour, a modified version of the standard Stormtrooper armour, which accomodated his lekku inside the helmet. He looked like a cross between an Imperial Gunner and a Stormtrooper. All of weapons and armour were heavy by human standards, but he was one of the Twi'leki warriors, noble, courageuos, fearless and strong. He boarded the Drop ship with his own personal Company, Upsilon Company and waited for the order to go

    TAG G_A_P
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    Sitting in RP limbo while one scrambles to name your ships and characters sucks...fine, I'll develop another NPC...and I just finished naming the ships...so, here goes.

    *Sitting outside the interdiction field at Mon Calamari...*

    The star-specked space around the MC-100 Nephalem was majestically strew with a wing of the titanic warship's starfighter compliment. Carrying over 7 wings of Imperial starfighters - 290 fighters in total - the Nephalem could carry more fighters than a Super Star Destroyer, and more than all up-to-date starfighter carriers.
    Of these 7 starfighter wings - most of them currently TIE models - one TIE Defender wing soared. Under the competant command of Wing Commander Skyron Archilles, the Defenders played a vital part of recon in the immidiate area.

    Between NR troops and the Jensaarai - specifically the Saarai-kaar - the JSD II was ready to see battle again, now under patriot New Republic command.

    One Squadron of TIE Defenders broke off from the main wing, and took a fly-by of the JSD II's forward hull. The twelve agile engines of death jinked and juked along the hull plating, dodging weapon emplacements and observation domes.

    A loyal son of Alderaan, even after his homeworld's unfortunate demise, Skyron Archilles had already acheived veterancy in the Nephalem's starfighter wings, and upon promotion to Wing Commander, received command of every srafighter in the fleet.

    When comms went active, Skyron jerked himself out of his joy at flying the greatest snubfighter in the galaxy - the TIE Defender - and headed back to Nephalem's obsidian hull; and from there, the landing bays.

    OOC: Just developing my fleet's resident Wing Commander while I try to name my ship captain.../>/>
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    Once recieving the transmission to report for debriefing, the Black Wolf's boarded the cloaked ship and headed towards ISDIII Havoc.

    The ship uncloaked once it was close to the Imperial Destroyers. They put in the required code clearance and were allowed entrance to the hanger of the ISDIII Havoc.

    After the ship landed the six Special Operatives exited the ship with their equipment. Seeing the Grand Marshal walk to them, they dropped their baggage and stood in attention and saluted him.

    TAG: GAP

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    OOC: Apologies WW, I was under the impression that Cast had some redundant Force Sensitivity. My Error.


    JAi stood and glanced out as the door opened, feigning surprise.
    "Ah, our rebel visitors. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jai Lavos, child God of the Corrupt Sisterhood, son of Kane, the providence to the poor and suffering of Coruscant. You, are strangers to our land, yet fit in very well. Our aim is the same: the ultimate destabilisation of the Empire, in lieu of a more just reign."

    Turning as Gata finally brought a match up on his screen for the man's identity, Jai frowned.
    Big Fish...Father was right, he IS still alive.

    "And you Admiral Cast - is that still your title? - are an integral part of our future."

    Turning to pass the pad back to Gata, he gestured to the holoprojector in the centre, as the galaxy came up and glowed.
    "This is the known galaxy, split into territories. My father dreams of a time when this galacy is painted in the one colour, with the one aim. The Empire must die, but so must your Republic, if this is to occur.

    He wishes to meet with you."

    Jai let the words hang as he observed Cast formulating a response, knowing how delicate this situation was.

    Gata blinked twice, indicating the Genesii patrols were still keeping tabs on the extraneous forces, able to report of any ambushes or sneak attacks.

    TAG: WW.


    Tavira shuddered as the two Coverette's hit the shields, an explosion echoing through the ship as the shield's blew some power line somewhere.

    "We've lost power to ventral sheilding, but I'm shunting from elsewhere, we should be covered....Ma'am, the shipyards are underway."

    Tavira frowned, looking at the ships vector.

    "Have the Tempest and Lavos' Fist orientate to block the escape of the shipyards and any other forces. I want all DSD's underway and moving, keep the field centred on the enemy."

    She turned back to the reports, appalled at her losses - nearly 3 full squadrons of fighters - and wondering why the paltry defenders were still fighting, and not dead."

    "I will be most displeased if those fighters still exist in the next heartbeat.

    Wipe them out.

    All of them."

    The SSD shuddered as a new and savage volley of fire rippled out and began to savage the remaining coverette's, ranging shots striking the approaching Spacestation. The Defender Squadrons formed up with the Bombers, and continued to pound the Superstructure of the station.

    TAG: C_1

    Doornik 319

    Boba smiled, and turned to Zaarin.

    "Form up the fleet. have the payload put in our hanger bays, and launch immeadiately."

    Leaving the think tank alone to finish it's schedule - seemingly secure in it's secrecy - the Knight Hammer launched into hyperspace, along with 14 ISD II's in tight formation.
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    "The Consortium" : Please see tag on my last post.

    POT: I know I tagged you, check my last two latest posts. Sorry I couldn't provide you with the correct post and location.


    Bravo smiled as he saw Jedi Master Ikrit desend the ramp. An honor guard awaited Jedi Master Ikrit and his group of Jedi. Bravo was in his Jedi robes. Bravo quickly saw that another Jedi Master followed Ikrit, Kyp Durron, and the two Jedi students. There was 16 other Jedi, 15 Jedi Knights and 1 Jedi Master.

    Bravo bowed his head to Jedi Master Ikrit.

    Bravo: "Master."

    Ikrit: "My young Padwan how do you do?"

    Bravo: "I am tired my master. But, the Force is still srong with me."

    Ikrit: "The Force will forever be strong in you my young Padwan. These Jedi are Jedi Master Plett's students."

    Ikrit turned and with a hand motion, showed the whole group. Bravo bowed his head.

    Bravo: "Jedi Master Plett, it is an honor sir."

    Plett: "The honor is also mine, Padwan Bravo."

    3 Hours Later

    After learning about Jedi Master Plett and his students and Jedi Master Plett learning about Bravo, it was time for some breakfest at 9:08 AM in the mroning. The Jedi rose from their sitting positions on the floor.

    Bravo: "Do you wish to join me for breakfest."

    Jedi Master Plett: "We would love to."
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    Gerul looked at Jai Lavos and felt a shiver run down his spine. He had seen his face before...wait, no he hadn't. There was a familiarness to it...somewhat like dreaming of someone, but knowing that they do not exist, and yet here he stood before Cast. Memories, foggy and unclear danced around in his mind. This person knew who he was...who he really was, though he might not know it. This person knew that he was an Imperial biological experiment...an experiment to create the perfect soldier...but they had failed.

    Cast had turned on his makers and using the panache and intellegence that they had given him, had destroyed every living thing on the asteroid base which he was imprisioned...not that it was hard...there were more scientists than troops. He had run around from there, not knowing who he was, the memories of his life before his capture had been burned out of his brain, and replaced by knowledge of weapons and vehicles; strategy and tactics...oh, and anger. anger at the world anger at the universe, but most of all, anger towards the Empire. He fed the anger by being recruited by Talon Karrde, and running spice for him...wating to be jumped by an Imperial patrol, just so he could shoot his way out. But Karrde taught Cast control, and it allowed him to come out of the turmoil and hate filled mind state that had driven him for years. For the first time since then, Cast felt that old hate well up in side of him. He pushed it down though, turning it into a fire in his belly...a fire that might explode if fed too much.

    "I know of your father Jai, and I know that all you say is true...the Empire must fall, and I want that more than anything. I danced on Palpatines grave when he died. It gave rise to a more corrupt Empire, which I had the pleasure of fighting against...I believe you remember Slus Van and Sullust. I will meet your father, on the condition that you allow my team free passage off of Coruscant, and back to New Republic space."

    Pierce was right in step behind Cast

    "I will not let you go alone Gerul...I will go with you"

    "Thank you my friend, but this road I travel is mine, and mine alone," replied Cast.

    Pierce looked pained "Nevertheless, I will stand beside you. Please do not deny me the honor of sticking by you"

    Gerul thought for a moment. Pierce was not going to leave...but did Gerul really want him to? Was it his fear of his death that kept him from saying yes to Pierce? Gerul knew that he would be facing the true leader of the Empire. Jello was a pawn under Lavos' command, and a meeting with him might be very fruitful. Still, it might pay to have a friend at his side.

    "Alright Pierce..."


    OOC: The history of my charicter needs to come into play. I assume that Lavos will know of his existance...though I don't know if he knows that it is Admiral Cast. Cast just recognized Lavos' face by seeing Jai...and seeing that face, and hearing that voice brought back memories. I hope this can be an "interesting" plot twist.
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    Kellin heard the desperate reports of the corvette commanders over the comm as the SSD unleashed a thunder on them.

    "Pull them back, have them aid us here."

    The remaining two corvettes and the ragtag fighters accompanying them disengaged from the SSD and made best speed to the shipyard and frigates.

    The frigates were faring well; the main Imperial assault was concentrating on the shipyards and the fighters, allowing the frigates some breathing room. But not all of them were in one piece; two lay drifting in the shipyard's wake. The fighter squadrons were almost decimated, and the shipyards were suffering damage.

    "Commander, two DSDs moving to intercept. They'll be in position well before we reached the mark."

    Kellin nodded. Time to play his hand.

    "Have the shipyards reached full speed?"

    "Yes, Commander."

    "Give them the go for Alpha Sequence."

    On one of the evacuation shuttles docked at the shipyards, the chief technician activated a short sequence. The commands were relayed to the command centre via a hardlink running from the shuttle to the yard. Firstly, the topside thrusters flared for six seconds, changing the shipyards course. Not by much, but it was a significant change. The ventral thrusters flared in response, steadying the shipyard in it's new course. Next cam the entire core memory wipe. All information in the computers was erased; back-ups were available from Eriadu. The technician then shunted all power, including engine power, to the shipyards shields, reinforcing them for what he hoped would be long enough. Finally, he severed the hardlink.

    Doing all he could, he gave the evac order. Twenty evacuation shuttles rose from the shipyard, carrying the crew and workers, angling away from the shipyards and heading for Roche.

    Kellin watched as the shipyards changed course. They couldn't escape, so he had decided on another course of action. One that he hoped would hurt the Imperials.

    The shipyard was now on a direct course with the SSD. Kellin had waited until the shipyards had achieved maximum velocity before ordering the engine power shut down. Since the shipyard would keep moving without added thrust, Kellin had decided to shunt the unneeded power to the shields. With reinforced shields, he hoped it would be enough to protect the yards until they had completed their mission. And he had the remote for the explosives on the station. If and when it hit, it should go with an extremely large bang.

    "Break all ships off! Disengage and head for Roche!"

    The remains of the Republic fleet pulled away from the shipyard, now locked on it's terminal course.

    Transports and freighters launched from Roche, carrying Verpine refugees and technicians, and all Republic information housed on the planet since the core memory banks on the planet had been wiped. They gathered in large groups, rounding the planet in an attempt to get to the other side of the planet and hopefully escape the gravity shadow. If they couldn't they would wipe all information contained before capture.

    Kellin watched as the terminal shipyard neared the SSD. He needed this to work.

    Surprise, he thought.

    [bTag: PoT[/b]
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    Bravo walked into the War Room in his new battle armor, as was mostly everybody else, but the people who would supervise the battle from space. Bravo's helmet was hooked on to his equipment belt and his E-11 in it's hoster, as was everybody else's.

    Bravo: "Gentlemen."

    Everyone: "Sir."

    Bravo walked and stood in the circlea round the hologram projector.

    Bravo: "What do we have?"

    Channel Page: "General, sir, we have located the pirate's base. From information from the captives and the deal we gave them, this pirate groups controls...or did control this whole area of space. They were one of the largest pirate groups. Their base does not have any shielding, but it is armored. They have 2 ships around the planet. The CR90 Corellian Corvette and the Neb. B, which are both damaged, and whicg retreated two days ago in that space battle. The enemy base has about 100 enemy soldiers and about 50 base staff. It looks like they are about to leave, sir."

    Bravo: "Okay then, lets sit in a course for that planet. The Gallant II will come with us as support, as will the Long Shot to prevent enemy ships from escaping. We will send down Bravo Company as the attack force. We will do a quick raid. Okay people, lets go."

    Bravo and the group exited the War Room after they turned everyting off in the War Room and locked the door. Bravo walked up to the captain of the Gallant.

    Bravo: "Tell the Gallant II and the Long Shot to come with us. Have the Petra and two CR90 Corellian Corvettes head to 2end Base and bring her here."

    Captain: "Yes sir."

    The Captain gave a slaute and Bravo returned one.

    20 Minutes Later

    Both the Petra and her two escort ships jumped into hypersapce, heading for Second Base. The Gallant, Gallant II, and the Long Shot went into hyperspace heading for the enemy base.

    OOC: When I arrive at the enemy base, I will have a GM act as the pirates. Upon my arrivial, I will post the bases defenses. I should arrive at the enemy base in one RP day. But due to personal issues, I might not be online for a week or so.
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    Intel Skyhook, Coruscant....

    IC: The Emperor soaked in the adulation of the massive crowd gathered before him. Seated upon the throne as he was, with all manner of lights and holocams focused on him, he finally understood what it meant to acheive greatness.

    One of the dignitaries rose from behind the podium and came to stand behind Ghast. He produced a simple crown and held it above the Emperor's head like a halo for the devil, a sliver wreath encrusted with priceless Adegan jewels, cut and polished to a magnificent and timeless lustre. The dignitary spoke ancient words and invoked ancient things that stirred in the hollow places of Ghasts mind. The man slowly lowered the crown until it sat lightly upon Emperor Ghast's brow. He closed his eyes for a moment, half expecting a bomb to explode due to Jello's hideous codes. Of course, it did not. Although it never hurt to be prepared.

    The crowd roared to their feet in thunderous approval, the holocams whizzed and whirred all over the room as Ghast stood again and came to the front of the makeshift stage. That was the signal for the Intel to punch out a single tight beam frequency though the jamming to every commsat and repeater unit in Imperial space. He waited for the applause to die but didn't spend his time idly.....he instead seized control of the Dark Side and brought it to him. It writhed and flailed but he had more fine control now than ever. Like plugging in an archaic power socket, Ghast was instantly imbued with the limitless power of a Sith Master.

    He felt the presence of hundreds of infected ysalamiri magnets around him as he reached deep into the Dark Side and used the endless pain and suffering he found there to fuel the fires of Hate all through his Empire. It slowly trickled out of him into the feeble brains of the already devoted in the hangar. It spilled out into the Coruscant system and permeated the brains of every Ensign and Officer and Captain and Admiral and Moff. It careened out like a mushroom cloud to engulf the systems of the Core. The holocams broadcast his eminence everywhere, even places where his magics could not reach and they all knew he was in now in control and they dared not cross him. The Hate spewed out of him and into his words.....

    Ghast: Peoples of the Empire! I greet you now as Emperor. Long have I toiled in your service and many battles have I fought for your safety. I have assumed this burden in defiance of a man who would see our ruin. A man who in his term sought to sully and dilute all for which the Empire once stood, proud and true! He sought to defile our very way of life in his perverse agenda! You know already of whom I speak. I speak of Grand Admiral Jello.

    Even now he attacks the Empire he claims to love in a mad lust for power and privilege he has to right to! Just this very day I have been informed that Jello and his mad clone Thrawn have attacked and subdued the soverign Imperial planets of Gyndine and Ord Trasi. The Empire is under threat.You are under threat. Your family is under threat. From one man. And from his madness.

    The crowd inside the hangar were becoming anxious. The fear they felt at Ghast's words and Jello's threats were quickly turning to distain and horror...

    Ghast: And I ask you now: will you stand idly by and watch your world destroyed as Ord Trasi is right now? Will you stand by as your home becomes a battlefield as Gyndine is right now! Because I will not! I cannot stand by while a madman and his insipid excuse for a pet rape and pillage my people! It is with great vengence and furious anger that I strike down upon those who attempt to poison and destroy my people!

    Ghast stepped away from the edge of the stage as he felt a wave of dizziness stage him like a blow to the back of the head. He was stretching his powers too thin, this Hate was indeed powerful but taxing as well. He thrust his fist into the air and rabid crowd roared. Across the Galaxy uncon
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    IC: Admiral Darth Seti; Eriadu

    Seti had taken his place on the bridge of his old command ship, the Defiance, one of the most powerful ships in the fleet. It was from where he was now standing that he commanded his fleet. . . and now an entire armada. One of his fleets had left on a special assignment, but would be returning soon. Then he would once again step into the battlefield.

    The uniform felt good, it had been a long time since he had designed a uniform. As an admiral, he took his privilage to wear his own uniform. It was a modified Commodore's Dress. It was mostly black, with a brown triangular panel just above his right breast and trimmed with crimson. Seti has been out of uniform for several months and somehow, it was all most like coming home.

    Darth Seti's command station was ready and waiting for him on the flag deck.

    "Admiral on deck!"

    The hundred person crew of the flag deck rose to attention as Seti walked out to his station. It was at the center of the flag rail, the never center of the ship. Here was where fleet command, fleet communications, and fleet tactical had their stations. The flag deck housed all the stations for controling his aramda. It was slightly raised above the smaller main bridge section and was a straight throwback from the massive view screen. Seti spoke as he took up his position at his command station, "At ease. It is good being home again."

    "Yes, sir. Welcome back sir," spoke Captain Fern'ik, his first officer. "All stations are now at your command."

    Seti pressed his hand against the imput screen of his station and a few moments later the station came alive. Three large holographic displays appeared before him with massive amounts of information scrolling past his eyes. Seti smiled. He saw the blinking light of a priority message. From Mon Calamari:

    TO: Admiral Darth Seti
    FROM: Mon Calamari Space Command
    ENCRYPT: thejsdofsalvation
    BODY: Admiral Seti. Captured Heavy Cruiser, Jedi-class Star Defender mark two, is being transfered to your armada after final repairs are made. Be prepared to accept it into your battle group.

    Well, this was an interesting turn of events. Seti brought up all data available on this JSD "II" that the NRI and the navy had come up wtih. "What a turn of events. This will greatly aid our assault."
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    OOC: I will arrive at the pirate's base by tonight if I can get online tonight. So, if you are a GM, look for a tag from me tonight if I can get online.


    Bravo's small attack force was in hyperspace. Although Bravo was now in his Jeid Robes and the other soldiers were in their uniforms, not their combat gear, everyone was ready. In the Jedi training room, Bravo practiced with the other Jedi on his Force skills. While standing upside down on his hands, Bravo lifted objects from the room using Move Object. The rest of the class sat along the walls quietly and watched.

    Two bothe sides of him, Bravo had moved tables, chairs, books, weapons, and other objects and have placed them on top of each other.

    Ikrit: "Remember, patiences."

    Plett: "Yes Bravo, patiences."

    After Bravo had completed the task, Bravo using the Force and using Move Object, stood upright and using Move Object, put everything back into their places.


    Booster sat in his command room. Aves was with him, along with 3 other officers.

    Booster: "Good. Four million credits in 4 days. As Jason and I discussed, we will buy supplies, ships, starfighters and other things. By the end of the day today, we will have made another 2 million credits. Lets contact 3rd Base. Also, lets buy a few old Y-Wings and lets give them to 3rd Base."

    3rd Base

    3rd Base had reviced the message and began modifing as many Y-Wings as they could.

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    The two Yuuzhan Vong fleets jumped insystem, and immediately set up a jamming web, and an interdiction field. They then began firing on the meager ship defenses, focusing the power of one entire fleet on the lone Star Destroyer, while the other fleet fired on the Frigates, hoping to blow both of them to bits. Coralskippers were immediately launched, and they and their other starfighter analog brethern began to raid the defensive platforms of the planet.

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    IC:Beta fleet from the 5th armada exited hyperspace over the coordinates which Admiral Cortex's fleets originated from.

    OOC: AD, what is here...I need DF, and other numbers.

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    OOC: So certain you are, Ghast... You expected me to blow you up during your ceremony? I have no need of such messy techniques...

    SSD Vindicator, Gyndine

    "My master, agents on Coruscant are reporting that Ghast is to have a ceremony on the Intelligence Skyhook in six hours," reported Lord Vader.

    Jello motioned to Vader, "Rise, Lord Vader. I want you in the communication center immediately. As soon as the transmissions begin, you are to isolate the signal from the HoloNet, and remove it from the S-threads."

    Vader looked up, "Can it be done? The HoloNet is supposedly secure against all intrusions."

    "That is correct. However, the Hand of Thrawn and the Central Computer Center on Coruscant contain key routers for all HoloNet signals. I control both of them. It will be easy to intercept any transmission as soon as it begins, and instead piggyback my address on the same frequency."

    Six hours later...

    Ghast had begun his ceremony without interruption. However, as soon as his address began, the signal was interrupted and deleted from the HoloNet--replaced by Jello's own tranmission.

    He sat in his Throne in his command chamber, with a hologram of the Imperial Seal behind the chair.

    "I bring greetings to the citizens of the Empire. We are currentely under a state of emergency. Traitor forces based in the Deep Core have launched a despicable plan to destablize the Empire for their own twisted ends. Masterminded by the still-living Director Lavos, and lead by the Sith Ghast, they have seized control on Coruscant, and have taken over much of the Core."

    The Emperor's face turned to one of profound regret, "I must inform you that some in the Starfleet have chosen to follow the traitors, either seeking power for themselves--or falsely believing that Ghast's methods are best. I have engaged traitor forces at Ord Trasi, but the loyal government has pledged loyalty to me, and is being pillaged by traitor forces. The planet has been surrounded by mines, and civilians have been murdered when Ghast detonated the shipyards--obviously not willing to allow loyal Imperial forces to take control. Gyndine, under military control, has stayed with the enemy, and opposed the Empire. It was cleanly occupied by my forces, without any harm to civilians."

    The Emperor injected a supreme confidence into his voice, and spoke powerfully to the holocam. "Ghast must be opposed now. The circle of twelve Grand Admirals, as well is the Ruling Circle of Grand Moffs have contacted me with support. Many fleet elements--currently being jammed by Ghast's forces--will soon follow. Ghast's control is tenous, and can be quickly dealt with. With him and his forces out of the picture, the Empire can ascend to new heights, and the Yuuzhan Vong invaders can be drived out for all eternity. The senior Grand Admirals and myself have already drawn out plans to drive out our enemies, and restore the Empire to its golden age. Ghast has already done many harmful things... but those require your cooperation. If you refuse to work with the murderous traitor, he will be powerless to stop the march of the Empire."

    "His Sith powers will bring back the terrible days of Palpatine. The days were all were supressed, and his greed sucked us all dry. Ghast is no different. He seeks only to enrich himself at the expense of the Empire and the galaxy. He must be destroyed now."

    Jello looked determidly at the holocam, and made a vow, "I will not stand by and allow Ghast to destroy all that we have worked hard for. How many died in the Clone Wars and afterwards, trying to bring about improvements to the ailing Old Republic? How many fought to preserve the New Order that placed the people about the bureaucrats? Count those that died upholding the ideals of the Empire against the Rebellion. Now look out there, at the tempest that is the Yuuzhan Vong... they have killed many of our sons and daughters, and will attempt to kill many more. They all died for the New Order, for me, for you. Will we defame the/>
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