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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by GrandAdmiralJello , Apr 27, 2003.

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  1. GrandAdmiralJello

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    Nov 28, 2000
    Welcome to final chapter of War Of The Galaxies, The Final Gambit

    By order of Darth Attorney: There shall be no more than 6 threads at a time involving the War of the Galaxies Role Play.


    Story Background:

    [link=]War of the Galaxies, the Original[/link]
    It is a dark time for the Galaxy Proper,
    the Rebel Alliance was dealt a heavy
    blow at the battle of Hoth with the death
    of Luke Skywalker and several other key
    leaders and warriors.

    With the loss of his son, Lord Vader
    committed suicide and the Emperor was killed
    in a freak accident involving one of his Force

    But while the Empire and the Rebellion healed
    from their losses, a new threat has emerged
    from the pools of darkness. Aliens from another
    galaxy have dared to cross into our own and
    wage war against the citizens and its sovereign
    government, the Galactic Empire.

    Now it is a year since the Battle of Hoth and the
    Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire have new
    leadership, but the age old war between the two
    powers continue even as the invaders push forward
    toward the center of the galaxy...

    [link=]Clash of the Titans[/link]
    Many battles have been fought and won between the
    Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. But as the
    growing threat of the Yuuzhan Vong presses further
    into the Galaxy, the once distinguished enemies of the
    Civil War have settled their differences for the time
    being with the signing of the "Two Galactic Govern-
    ments" treaty.

    Now the Yuuzhan Vong face a deadly and determined
    foe as the two powers ultimately wage war against the
    invading aliens. The tide of war changes rapidly in
    favor of the Galactic Alliance at the Battle of Vortex
    with the death of Warmaster Shok Halycron, brother of
    the late Jace Halycron.

    With the defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong at the hands of the
    combined forces from all corners of the Galaxy and a newly
    developed war machine, the Genesis Project, the alien
    invaders are in retreat. But the war is not over with just yet,
    the future still holds a great many obstacles for the Galactic
    Alliance and the Yuuzhan Vong to overcome...

    [link=]Breaking of the Alliance[/link]
    A serious blow has been given to the Galactic Alliance by
    the Yuuzhan Vong and its allies after months of defeat after
    defeat by the Galactic Empire and Galactic Republic.

    Director Kane Lavos foolishly pursued with his Genesis Project
    in hopes of creating the perfect warrior to fight and counter the
    Yuuzhan Vong in ground battles. But in doing so he has created
    a monster that has now escaped. Emperor Yun Yammka, Yuuzhan
    Vong God of War incarnate, roams the galaxy on a killing spree
    for Jedi blood while uniting the Yuuzhan Vong under his rule.

    Meanwhile Warmaster Nithrak Tewl succeeded in capturing the
    Second in Command of the Galactic Empire, implanting him with
    a mind control worm and unleashing him after the newly declared
    Emperor Jello. But Nithrak's plans were foiled by High Inquisitor
    Jace Halycron by defeating the unstable High General Mitth and
    releasing him of his master's control.

    Although the attempt on Jello's life was foiled, elsewhere President
    Yarlick of the Galactic Republic attacked the ISD Tiger and tortured
    General Zaarin. While the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire deal
    with Yarlick, the late Lord Budaki unleashes a computer virus into the
    HoloNet from Coruscant, destroying anything electronically connected
    to communications, including all systems in the Imperial Palace.

    But the most recent blow has been given by Warleader Yun Yuuzhan,
    prisoner of war now escapee, has successfully assassinated High
    General Mitth, leaving Imperial Center devoid of leadership and order.

    The Galactic Alliance is beginning to crumble apart, the HoloNet has
    been disconnected by order
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    May 24, 2002
    OOC: YAY! IT LIVES....AGAIN! I feel soo privaledged to be post #1, may this be the best chapter yet!


    A long time had past, and things were all different. It had just seemed like yesterday that Thok had lost his main base of opperations, but in reality, it was a full year ago. But that was behind him now, and before him was the beautiful mining operation. Now fully operational, this planet would be one of the largest and most profitable opperations in the galaxy. Complete with sheilding from the very close sun, the whole opperation was completely self contained, and required no outside intervention.

    Everything had come into his wildest plans, thanks to some good deals Thok had made in the past. He was a very rich man, and used his money to set up a very profitable buisness and a great fleet to have by his side. Hopefully it would be enough to keep him alive that much longer....

    Tag: no one



    Sitting in on his personal throne, Malik Domain Halycron had been still stationed at guarding Eriadu for quite some time. It had seemed that the shipgrowing on the planets surface had become a complete success over the last year. Unfortuneately, over that year Malik had not had any contact with any of his superiors.

    Reaching for his Villip, Malik massaged the little creature awake. Summoning his superiours, he waited for a response.

    Tag: Yun or Jace



    A year had past since the most crucial moments of his life had happened. A year ago, he was a rebel. Now, he was wearing an imperial uniform once again. A year ago, he had not talked to his father since he had left him, now he was in better ties with his father since as long as he could remeber. It felt good to be on the correct side. But even though that made him feel good, it was still a hard time in the galaxy.

    Turning to his computer, Zev brought up the communicator. Typing in the neccessary information, he commed over to his father, to talk to him once again.

    Tag: Mitthy


    OOC: Jace...lets just say it took Turk a year to get to you ;)

    Toprawan Sector

    Hearing the first part of the message, Turk became slightly worried, but then realized that something must be wrong when Jace replied back to him.

    "I am sorry that ive come at a bad time...its just that the imperials had overrun and taken my planet. I...I didnt know where to go."

    Tag: Jace
  3. Stridarious

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    Nov 27, 2002
    Hello, it is good to see that the WOTG tradition continues and thrives here at the RPF. I know that you know the rules and so thus I will keep it short and sweet. This RP (Role Playing) is of mutual intrest to me, and I would greatly appreciate it, if in a spare moment of your time if you could inform me of the games occurances VIA either e-mail ( or [link=]PM[/link] (Private Message) me as soon as you can. I would love to look it over further to know of this story line and to have a current follow up. It would be most helpful. Thank-You for your time and sorry for the interuption. :)

    P.S. Great story detail, it really shows great amounts of work went into the creation of this RPG. Great work! I wish you well, and may the Force be with you!
  4. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Field Marshal Veers


    A year later and the galaxy was tossed upside down. Maximilian Veers sat in his home eating a light meal and pondering on how much has changed in a year. The Empire had split up into two main groups with a couple splinter groups here and there. High General Mitth was a traitor and blamed to be the root cause for all the tribulation and grief caused in the galxy by Emperor Jello. The latter part he did not believe and knew it was only propaganda to make the Emperor look good.

    Veers snorted in disgust at the tactics the Emperor had stooped to in order to keep the Empire together. "All the good it did." He muttered and coughed several times. His chest hurt and he was hot. The last time he was sick was on Yavin IV when he had contracted Creek Fever while trying to survive the week after the battle.

    He would not be sick if it was not for the destruction of Thyferra and the galaxy's only bacta supply. No one knew who was responsible for the destruction of Thyferra except that it was the same person who had destroyed Bothawui as well. The only thing he knew was that the ships involved were cloaked and the rebels were blaming the Empire. The only ships in the Empire that were capable of cloaking were those commanded by the missing Grand Moff Tuk'la, going on five years now.

    "If there was anyone to suspect being behind anything, it would be that Moff." Veers thought out loud. Ever since Tuk'la had disappeared the galaxy had been spiraling downward into darkness. The Emperor had failed countless times to protect the galaxy from the enemies of the Empire. He had allowed Coruscant to be razed to the surface by the Yuuzhan Vong, had allowed himself to be dethroned by some Sith Lord named Darth Ghast and rumor had it he even allowed himself to get killed. How he could be alive, if the rumor was true, was beyond Veers.

    Unless he is a clone. He thought.

    Veers could have gone on and on about the Emperor's failures if his comm unit had not begged for his attention. He quickly finished his light meal and took his drink over to the comm unit on the living room caffe table. He covered his mouth as he coughed a couple times before activating the device.

    The image of his son, Zevulon Veers, appeared in front of him. "Zevulon. Its good to hear from you."[/blockquote]

    TAG: Thok
  5. AdmiralZaarin

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    Jul 8, 2001
    Nagi, SSD Knight Hammer

    Zaarin wondered why his SSD was falling apart. Ever since he'd run off to his little base here around a year and a half ago, the spare parts for the Knight Hammer were dwindling. In fact, other ISDs had been cannibalized for bits and pieces. The worst part was that he couldn't even contact the rest of the galaxy as all lines of communication were down. Rumours here and there spoke of massive Yuzzie victories, but Zaarin thought of this as mere rumours. The Navy had proved it could crush the Yuuzhan Vong menace with ease. Still, it remained in the back of his mind. He'd send several shuttles to find out why no supplies were coming through. "When was that shuttle due back?" inquired the general. "Five months ago, sir."
    Zaarin rolled his eyes. As it was, half the SSD's engines simply refused to start. Several turbolaser batteries just wouldn't work. As it was, only one other man knew where Zaarin was...Kane Lavos. Who was probably dead. Lavos' death would be terrible, but what terrified Zaarin more was that he may still be alive...

    Tag PoT
  6. Yoda_Drinks_Red_Bull

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    Sep 27, 2002
    Edge of Imperial Space

    Jarrede had curled up into a ball and slept. He didn't know how long he'd slept for but he was awoken by the sound of the pod touching metal.

    Jarrede got up and looked out of the viewport. He had been picked up by a tractor beam and was now sitting in a hangar with several troopers running towards the pod. Jarrede grinned as he saw the uniform on the troopers and the servicemen around the hangar. They were New Republic uniforms!

    Jarrede opened the door of the pod and stood up with his hands held high. His hands came out first and then the rest of his body.

    "Please don't shoot. I've come to join you all," Jarrede told the troopers.

    "What's happening?" asked a man in a Vice Admiral's uniform.

    "Sir, we picked up this pod and the passenger claims to have defected," reported a trooper.

    "Look at that man, haven't you seen him before?" the Vice Admiral asked, "That's the former CEO of CEC!"

    Several of the troopers mumbled as they recognised Jarrede.

    "The Empire seized my company and I've been on the run ever since," Jarrede said.

    "I was sorry to hear of your loss, but why are you in an escape pod?" asked the Vice Admiral.

    "Perhaps if we could discuss this somewhere else," Jarrede told him.

    "Of course," the Vice Admiral replied, grinning. He walked over and offered his hand to help Jarrede down.

    "I am Vice Admiral Treshen Gall," the Vice Admiral said as he shook Jarrede's hand.

    "Jarrede Kingston,"

    "Let's go to my office," Treshen said, motioning to the turbolift.

    Jarrede took a gulp of his caf after he'd finished his story. Treshen sat with his foot up on his desk and absorbed the information.

    "And where are your surviving security force members?" Treshen asked.

    "One their way to edge's of Imperial space right now," Jarrede answered, "Could you arrange their pickups?"

    "We're under strict orders to not give away our position. This is a unique base and we wish to keep it," Treshen informed the former CEO.

    "Ok, my other companion should be near me somewhere," Jarrede said hopefully.

    "Yes, we will search for him. For now though you deserve some rest, I'll have the corporal outside show you to a room," Treshen said, standing up. Jarrede stood and they shook hands.

    "Thankyou," Jarrede replied as he left the office.

    TAG: No one
  7. Thok

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    May 24, 2002
    Zevulon Veers

    The image of his father came over the image display.

    "Zevulon. Its good to hear from you."

    "As it is good to talk to you once again father. How is your medical Leave comming?"

    It still was such a shame that Tyferra was now obliterated...and that his father was not getting the bacta treatments like he needed anymore.

    Tag: Mitthy
  8. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    Field Marshal Veers


    "Miserable." He replied and knew he looked just as miserable as he claimed. "I don't know which is worse; the illness, the medicine they are giving me to fight off the pneumonia or the sheer boredum of sitting around in this house?

    "Hows everything on Bestine? Any activity from the undersea forces?"[/blockquote]

    TAG: Thok

    High General Mitth

    [blockquote]ISD II Death - Outer Rim

    The Four Horsemen floated invisible through the star filled space. They and their master Apollyon had lived up to their names destroying Bothawui and Thyferra; bringing war, famine, death, and pestilence to other worlds and earning a reputation only fitting for their names.

    So Emperor Jello called him a traitor and an enemy of the Empire. So he blamed him for a lot of the tragedies that had happened over the years. Mitth chuckled from the Admiral's chair on the bridge of the Imperator-class II Star Destroyer at the irony. So the Inner Empire believed the Emperor's lies, unfortunately for Jello those lies also helped Mitth build a reputation in the Outer Empire and the rest of the galaxy.

    Something to be feared and not to be trifled with. All Jello accomplished was to banish him from the Inner Empire and allow him to gain a foothold in the Outer Empire. He was only able to gain a very few worlds for his territory. Worlds that he promised would be protected from the Yuuzhan Vong and the Rebellion.

    Unfortunately they were unaware of the fact that he was working with the Yuuzhan Vong and had worked a deal with them. Any worlds he could take away from the Empire, they would leave alone. His Four Horsemen and the meger defense fleets that were left were the only things defending the worlds from the Rebellion and the Outer Empire.

    He also had one powerful assest that he fed supplies whenever he could. An assest that received no communication from the rest of the galaxy except from him. An assest everyone had forgotten except him.

    "How goes Project: Genocide, Major?" Mitth asked the holographic image of his second in command and skilled hacker.

    "It goes well. The surviving Bothans are believing everything I leak to them. They have declared Ar'kai on the Galactic Empire and vowed they would not rest until every Imperial is dead." Replied Major Erik Riggers.


    "We have a big problem." Captain Jonath Resid, Gray Falcon and the lead medical doctor in the entire fleet, said from next to Riggers though on a different ship.


    "Its getting extremely low. I'm being forced to decide who gets any and who dies." Mitth could see the turmoil in the mans eyes. He may be a killer in combat, but he still had the heart of a doctor. "We should not have destroyed Thyferra."

    "It was necessary to our plans." Mitth replied in an irritated voice. "We can pillage a nearby world or convoys for more bacta if we have to. Although Thyferra is gone, there is still alot of bacta out there. It is far more valuable than the most precious gems and metals in the galaxy and can help us in our cause against Emperor Iaius Jello.

    "Anything else?" When he received no reply he dismissed them and returned to pondering on the future of the galaxy. "Jello, you may have hendered my influence but you have not gotten rid of me yet."[/blockquote]
  9. Thok

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    May 24, 2002
    Zevulon Veers

    "All reports of their activity have shown up nothing in the past few months, untill last week. All of the remaining forces surrendered to us. Seems as if they finnaly ran out of supplies down there. But now we have a substancial ammount of their AT-AT swimmers under our control."

    Tag: Mitthy
  10. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Field Marshal Veers


    "Would you consider Bestine secure enough to be transfered to another command?" Veers asked and covered a few coughs with a hand.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Thok
  11. Thok

    Thok Jedi Master star 6

    May 24, 2002
    Zevulon Veers

    "Yes i would deem it that safe. But one more thing was found here as well. In the underground garrisons, a rather large stock pile of Bacta was found, perhaps you could use some of it?"

    Tag: Mitthy
  12. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    Field Marshal Veers


    He sat up straighter at hearing that his son had discovered a large supply of bacta. "How large exactly?" He inquired. The Imperial Military needed a lot of bacta badly if they were going to continue to fight the Yuuzhan Vong onslaught. Bacta was difficult to come across these days and was being regulated and taken by the military. The people did not like it but they accepted it when they were told the alternative of what would happen if the military failed to stop the Invaders.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Thok
  13. Thok

    Thok Jedi Master star 6

    May 24, 2002
    Zevulon Veers

    "How large is large you ask? Well, apon the surrender of the Rebels, we found around 3,000 barrels of it in the two underwater garrisons. This ammount should help out imensely."

    Tag: Mitthy
  14. Yoda_Drinks_Red_Bull

    Yoda_Drinks_Red_Bull Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 27, 2002
    Waystation Guardian

    Treshen watched Jarrede leave and brought up his datapad. After finishing up his work he stood and walked to the command center of the station.

    "Prepare probes and dispatch them to Kuat, Fondor, Corellia, Borleias and Balmorra," Treshen ordered.

    "Yes sir," replied an officer.

    Ten minutes later ten probes were launched to Kuat, Fondor, Corellia, Borleias and Balmorra, two for each system.

    TAG: Imps at Kuat, Fondor, Corellia, Borleias and Balmorra
  15. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000

    The IR-3F System Patrol Crafts that patrolled the out-system and in-system of the Corellian system detected the two probots that entered the system and immediately went after the spying machines. Within minutes the probots were destroyed before too much information could be sent back to its owners.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Yoda

    Probot Scan Results

    60% Complete
    Lots of Civilian Traffic
    Lots of Inspections
    Holonet Active
    Sub-space Active

    System Fleet
    InterCruiser Restrainer
    ISD II Hunter
    IR-3F Hulk
    IR-3F Thor
    IR-3F Birdman
    IR-3F Spiderman
    IR-3F Magneto

    Not in Orbit

    [link=]Type IV-A Stardock[/link]
    --10 Gun Emplacements
    [link=]Repair Yards[/link]
    -- 10 Gun Emplacements
    [link=]2 Golan I Platforms[/link]
    [link=]Type A Mines[/link]
    [link=]Type B Mines[/link]
    [link=]Type C Mines[/link]

    Field Marshal Veers


    "Three thousand?" Veers repeated, surprised that the rebels had that many. "It will certainly help out immensely in our war effort against the Yuuzhan Vong. Should last us a couple months if we do not get too hard any time soon."

    "As soon as I get well again, I am going to be transfered to the frontlines." He continued. "I will need someone I can rely on and trust to watch over Corellia for me while I am away."[/blockquote]

    TAG: Thok
  16. Thok

    Thok Jedi Master star 6

    May 24, 2002
    Zevulon Veers

    "You are going to be transfered out? Perhaps i should come see you before you leave. If not, i might not have another chance to do so for a long while, or perhaps, ever again. With your permission, i would like to board the frieghtor holding the Bacta thats heading coreward, and meet you on correllia."

    Tag: Mitthy
  17. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    Field Marshal Veers


    "I'd appreciate it if you come. It does get lonely in this house and I'd like the company." He coughed and groaned. "Ugh...and maybe I'll get over this sickness faster if I didn't feel so gloomy either. When will you be departing?"[/blockquote]

    TAG: Thok
  18. Thok

    Thok Jedi Master star 6

    May 24, 2002
    Zevulon Veers

    "I can leave as soon as possible. Actually, the freightor was schedualed to leave tommorow, but i belive i can get it to leave in say....45 min. Then it will only be a few hours before i see you next father."

    Tag: Mitthy
  19. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    Field Marshal Veers


    "Then I'll see you tomorrow morning." Veers replied.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Thok
  20. Thok

    Thok Jedi Master star 6

    May 24, 2002
    Zevulon Veers

    "Very well then father. See you tommorow!"

    Quickly shutting of his com unit, Zev packed his bags, and ran to the spaceport. Pulling a few strings, the cargo ship took of 30 min later, and headed to Correllia.


    1 day later

    Soon as the ship landed, Zev made his way over to The Veers Residence. With a quick ring of the door bell, he awaited his fathers presence.

    Tag: Mitthy
  21. DarthSeti5

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    Jan 6, 2001
    IC: Pax Dellos

    [blockquote]The taste of bacta still lingered in Pax's mouth. With the shortage, he was hesitant to allow such a large waste, but he surely would have died had the magic extract not been used on his wounds.

    Pax remembered the scene vividly . . .

    "Sir, the ship is responding negatively to the new engine design. We believe it's the frame. It's not up to withstanding the new stresses," the Junior Engineer spoke to his commander in an aside.

    "Are you certain?"

    "All the virtual tests indicate unusual stress on the engine frame herself. Most specifically the nacelle casings leading back into the ordinance packages."

    "Let me see those."

    The Senior Engineer took the data-pad from the underling and read over the schematics. It all read true. The engines were too powerful for the ships. They could tear them apart.

    "Continue with engine test eighty-three G."

    "But, sir!"

    "Yes, Lieutenant Gevers?"

    "But, the engines. They're not fit for that test, they could . . ."

    "They will be fine. All we need to do is finish this one test and a new nacelle design can be implemented. Test station three, proceed."

    The Ranger ship sat in her cradle, white among the sea of silver and gray and black. In finished design called for a black hull. The ship was, at the moment, not the thing of beauty Pax Dellos called it. The gunboat looked like a developing child. Her engines were loosely connected to the rest of the ship by a tangle of pipes and wires and feeds. They were held to the ship by large pieces of durasteel which connected with the fore-section.

    Pax Dellos stood, as he always did, at Station Alpha, for the test. The ship began to quake, a phenomena Dellos had grown accustomed to over the months. Pax watched the ship, but his mind lingered on to the damaged platform several hundred kilometers away. "
    Escaped . . . how could he have escaped? And caused so much damage. And death . . . Pax thought while watching the ship inside her prison of metal, which happened to be violently shaking now.

    Something was amiss. The ship was more than quaking. It was moving the entire cradle about, this way and that. The engines were not about to be held by their puny nacelles and one began to brake free of the ship, it flew out, at great speed, and exploded, sending liquid fire out in all directions. The second engine caused the most damage. It did not break free, but collapsed and made contact with the experimental core inside the Ranger gunboat. The ship instantly vaporized and sent the cradle flying. Bits of it flew in all directions, one directly for Station Alpha.


    "Sir, the newest weapons tests are in for the Veroyn. They're showing at twenty percent increase in the turbolaser output when fusion cores are carried in the multipurpose bays . . ."

    The report continued until Pax could no longer imagine there were words left in Basic that the Commander had not used.

    "Thank you, Commander Gevers. Inform me when the Veroyn enters her final test stage."

    "But, sir, would it be prudent for you to . . ."

    "I trust you to finish all the minor details, Gevers," Pax said, without must thought or inclination for reply. "Good day."

    "Go-good day, Mr. Dellos."[/blockquote]
  22. Yomin_Carr

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    Jan 12, 2002
    OOC: Sorry to those of you who may have been confused... I thought this posted...



    The sludge heap of a planet known as Duro was endangered. The galaxy was falling fast, the Core's defenses ripped open for the invader's grasping talons. In this system, and in most other systems of the Core, the first hints of invasion were appearing. Scout ships twirled through the edges of the system daily, as incoming space-goers told horror stories of Grutchins and coralskippers. A full-scale attack was on the horizon, no longer a matter of if Duro would be attacked, but when.

    Unfortunately the divided Empire had no resources to spare for the planet. The standard defense fleet, guarding the shipyards of CorDuro more than the planet or the habitats in orbit, was gripped by uncertainty.

    But for some, there was hope in the foul air of Duro. Reports filtered in over the newsnets and by word of mouth, reports of some planets who did not resist, but presented their planet to the invaders as a token of good will. Supposedly these planets were treated well, perhaps even better than they had under the Empire. Hushed talk of collaboration was in the air, kept hidden from the ubiquitous stormtroopers, but word still reached the local governor.

    The Empire was lucky. Loyalty reigned supreme throughout its worlds, at least among the government. Such talk would not be tolerated by their governors and admirals, their moffs and generals. No proud son or daughter of the Empire would allow a world to slip from the grip of Coruscant without a fight. And yet...

    Armed revolution and corruptness still posed a threat. Revolution could give the invaders an oppurtunity, while the willingness of an officer to save their own life could lose a planet.

    On some worlds, the citizens, while not loyal to the Emperor, were loyal to their planet, and would do anything to save it from the grasp of the invaders. Not so on Duro. The people of the planet were weakly held to their mother, an umbilical cord of gravity the only tie they still allowed. Duros did not exist on the planet, only a few refugees, resettled in the stinking muck by a benevolent admiral's signature, whose planet had died with theirs. They were fearful of the invaders, but were either violently angry or weakened by grief. Apathy in the skies above, and grief and anger on the ground. A perfect mix for an agent such a Yom Anor.


    A small transport passed under inspection by a bored officer, more concerned about the dangers of plasma blasts and magma missiles than what a small, twenty-something man could pose. And in doing so, he unwittingly released a danger far greater than from the giant ships lurking under the veil of space...
  23. Protege-of-Thrawn

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    Mar 14, 2001
    OOC: Jello, I assume your char would of left during the fast foward for a time, whether or not you want to remain on Kyana is up to you. Jump in at any time.

    Kyana, edge of the battle ground.

    They came under the cover of a brief asteroid incursion. Over one hundred of them, flitting in and out of existence it seemed, the dreaded Vor Wing Fighter Craft.
    Shaped out of the shadow, they had appeared without warning when the Vortex defense force was torn apart, and Reece was smashed by the Shaped Evil of Vortex. They had become synomynous with the revitalised push of the Yuuzhan Vong, and seemed unstoppable when in numbers.

    Jai Lavos knew it was grim when Leonia came online.
    "Jai, we are under attack. I'm moving to respond."

    Jai turned to the hologram in his office and frowned. "Attacked? What by?"

    Tavira's image rocked as her ship, the Viper's Touch was hit by many gouts of plasma. "It's the Vortex ships, hundreds of them...We've just lost the Doubtless.."

    Jai's eyes curled into fury as another hologram appeared, showing the flamming wreckage of one of their Star Destroyers, with Leonia's flagship under immense attack, the system filling with ships....

    The Kyana Confederacy had successfully mounted a defense of most of the space between Coruscant and the Unknown regions, extending out to the conquered Reece. This had seemingly pushed the Yuuzhan Vong simply further into Imperial Territory, but now it seemed the Emperor Yun Yammka wished to pursue his nemesis' home turf once more...

    "Leonia, pull out! You can't--"
    Jai's cries were muffled as another explosion rocked the ship, Leonia Tavira gripping the comm as she looked frighteningly at the comm. "Jai, don't let them get to the planet!" Turning to her bridge she snarled in native Durreese "All Warriors crown the sun with glory!"

    The ship intensified her furious fire, not heeding nearby friendly ships, simply aiming at destruction. Kyana Fighter craft slowly dogfought their way through the invaders, who turned to the errie suicidal tactics that were the War Vorrs way....

    "Jai! Tell Kane I'm sorry, I--" Tavira's image dissolved into static as the Emerald Green Imperial Star Destroyer imploded in a titanic spaceside fireball.

    "NOO!!!" Screamed Jai in disbelief, as Topb Loke charged in at the commotion, having heard of the attack.
    Dropping to his knees Jai regarded the white fuzz that now represented the last image of his surrogate mother he'd ever have..

    His mother, his only real mother...

    Closing his eyes against the tears, he tore his face to the side, unwilling to confront the General of his ground forces...His work, his people...terror, frightened, cowardice...


    "Jai, We have them in atmosphere! At least a squadron!" Cried General Loke, as he shook his head at his Commander's seeming psychosis.
    Jai nodded. "Clear the skies, deploy our weapons. I want them dead."

    Topb Loke nodded, he had of course already sent such a directive. "Are you alright Jai?"

    The young man, for all the worlds looking a weary man nodded in a negative arc. "Leonia's dead Topb, they just took the whole ship down."

    The General paused in dismay. "Oh jeez Jai, I'm sorry. I'm...I'm so sorry, what--"

    Jai squeezed his eyes shut again, denying the salty shame from slithering it's insidious sorrow down his face. "Thank you friend. Where are the Jedi Commando's? Get them out in the community in case they sneak anyone into our lands during the commotion."

    Topb nodded. "I'll comm Pierce soon enough, he'll handle it. You should see him when this is over."

    Jai nodded, fighting back his sorrow once more as he turned to the battle. "We have them now...what are they doing?"

    The ships were orientating themselves down near the palace, all suddenly speeding up to ram something.
    "Get them! Don't let them hit us!" Cried Topb into his commlink, as fighters filled the skies converging on the enemy craft, raining fire on them.

    All dissolved save one. But instead of hitting the palace like they though
  24. AdmiralZaarin

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    Jul 8, 2001

    Mmm...pie... thought Zaarin as he replied "Where do I go to help the Director?"

    Tag PoT
  25. CaptKieranFlar

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    Dec 14, 2001
    A bright flash...

    Almost a hundred billion voices crying out in surprise and then being extinguished...

    But still crying out in one mind...

    Shouting out in shock, Kieran leapt up from bed, shivering, his bedsheets soaked in sweat. This was the upteenth time he had had the nightmare. Ever since...

    Kieran had heard that Jedi and other force users sense when some disaster kills alot of people... But never had he imagined it could continue to haunt him for so long... Perhaps no one had ever had to experiance this before, as even the Death Star paled in comparison to the act he had commited.

    Walking over to the viewport, he placed his hand against the transparisteel pane, staring out into the sky. Here hundreds of light years away Kuat still shone there, just another star amoung the countless trillions. In a few hundred years the planets in this system would see the star raise in magnitude several fold, before dissapearing from their sights forever. Thanks to the speed of light, his attrosity would be replayed for countless generations to come.

    The attack had gone flawlessly. The superpowered freighters had entered on the side of the system opposite of Kuat and the drive yards. To the controllers at Kuat it must merely have looked like nerf herder pilots emerging far from the planet, and too close to the sun. The freighters had then plotted a course to Kuat, a 'daredevil' course taking them very close to the sun. For that was their true target. Once in close orbit of the sun, they powered up the small grav well generators recently put into production by the Morians. As they focused the combined power of the gravity wells inward on the sun of Kuat. The sun experianced a sudden surge, as in a few seconds it gained 6 times it's normal mass. This sudden addition set off a chain reaction, resulting in the nova of the Kuati star. Billowing out in a curtain of death, the star's evelope had enihilated everything in the Kuat system. Ships, Defenses, Planets, and Shipyards.

    Now, a year later, Kieran could still not get over the audacity he had to order the attack. The loss of so many lives, including the crews of the freighters who had vollenteered to give their lives to strike at the Empire.

    Turning from the window, Kieran sat down on the edge of his bed and attempted to gain through meditation, the peace he would never again pocess...

    OOC: There we go.... for those of you awaiting it, the fate of Kuat, and how I accomplished such a feat. My proof that this is realistic? Recent studies by several research institutions have lead to a theory that when stars quickly gain 1.5 times their mass, usually by pulling it off another star, the star goes Nova. Using the small gravity well generators, copied from the prototype I salvaged from teh Death Star fragment, (yes I have been building up to this attack for almost a year) which are 1.5 times as powerful as a standard interdictor generator, my freighters (of course they were extremely souped up, both in power cores, and in hull armor)'gave' the sun in the Kuat system, many times it's own mass, in only a few seconds.

    This method was approved by DS5, with smaller approvals from GAJ on the matter of interdictors affecting other objects around them, and Yomin on superweapon like acts.

    Blah...... Now if you excuse me....... I have to get back to the stage.... 18 hours working backstage..... 5 hours sleep..... and now for another 18 hours...
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