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    Nov 10, 2004
    Welcome to War of the Sith Part IV: The Invasion of the Cha'ala

    GM - MASTER-OF-EVIL(I'll be handling Sith)
    Co - GM - Mandalore_Fett(The Republic Character sheets)
    Sub - GM - Xaverri-The-Magician(She'll handle the Jedi Order and Free-Agents)
    Sub - GM - Pashatemur(Pashatemur will handle any players wanting to join the Cha'ala faction and act as an advisor as well if you want a deeper understanding of the Cha'ala)


    -No swearing
    -No god-moding
    -PM me or The Sub-Gm's with your character sheet.
    -Have fun with this peoples! peace
    -If you are tagged. Let The GM or Sub-GM's know if your not available to post your reply.

    Factions -

    The Jedi Order

    Order of the Sith

    The Republic

    Free Agents



    The Restoration Zone Planet of Ruusan lays in ruins from a gureilla attack by the minions of the Underworld figure known as The Boss. An unknown Alien race have unleashed their wrath on the Sith stronghold planet of Fondor which lays in tatters and now is the staging ground for their armada which lay in the Deep Core and the remaining Sith fleet have re-gathered on the system of Corellia which has been in their control for almost two decades and are massing for an offensive which is spearheaded by the Republic as a last ditch effort to rid of the Sith once and for all which is lead by Grand Admiral Seerdon of the Alpha fleet of Omega. During the destruction of Fondor, an elite commando team boarded and their objective is to search and destroy the flagship of the Sith fleet the Midway-Class Destroyer Carrier Miy?til which since has crashed on the surface of Corellia. But little do they know that the flagship of the true Sith is on its way from deep within the Unknown Regions which is led by an ancient being of terrible power to the unsuspecting Republic forces that are about to launch their offensive.

    The Grandmaster of the Jedi Order had been in seclusion after his secret mission to the outer edges of the known galaxy in search of the rogue planet of Zonama Sekot in seeking of aid for the coming battle against the alien force known as the Cha. Darth Scimitar has returned from the depths of the Deep Core while fighting and keeping the Cha at bay for almost 2 decades which sparked the Deep Core Wars and barely escaped with his small force and with one last attempt, broke the lines of the Cha above the planet of Fondor while kidnapping the daughter of the now dead king of the Cha'ala who risked his life in order to see his daughter Se'Iva safe passage out of the Core with the Lord of the Sith. Now because of the King's treachary, the leader of the armed forces of the Cha, Cho'eitas, is hell bent on getting his revenge for 20 years of humiliation at the hands of Lord Scimitar and also in killing his commander Regnant He on board the Cha flagship at the hands of Lord Scimitar.

    Jedi Master Mara Blade, held her daughter's funeral on the war-torn planet of Ruusan, which brought many that were close to her daughter from the ranks both the Republic and the Jedi Order but also attracted the attention of their unknown enemy which ended up taking the body of her dead daughter off-planet to the Royal planet of Hapes which Jedi Mara is from and now is on the way in finding out the many truths the lie within the planet as well as taking back her daughter's corpse.

    The Republic forces have re-grouped on Coruscant in preparation for liberating Corellia from the Sith forces under the leadership of the newly appointed Grand Admiral of the Republic Forces, but little do they know that an ancient evil is also arriving to Corellia to see the final touches of the Sith forces as well as the destruction of the Jedi and the one who took his son's life the being known as the Lightbringer......

    The Agrieved once called by Jedi Master Revan as 'The True Sith'

    The Agrieved is a civilization many tens of thousands of years old that dominate a satellite galaxy just outside of The Galaxy.

    The satellite galaxy has been known as MR-0211 or the Shadow Box by Republic and Galactic

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    Nov 10, 2004

    Name: Darth Scimitar
    Gender: Male
    Age: 56
    Homeplanet: Destroyed by him at an young age.
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Sith-Master
    Personality: War Veteran participated in the Battle of Ruusan and the Mandalorian War over 20 years ago, Leadership quality's very calm and patient and a cunning warrior persona.
    ---Skin Color: tanned-white
    ---Hair Color: brown with Red streaks
    ---Eye Color: Black
    ---Clothing: Has adapted to his new surroundings and appreance has changed over the past 20 years.

    Darth Scimitar had gone to investigate the disappearance of Admiral Vergesso somewhere just outside the Fondor system and also to discover the source of the Disturbance in the Force that have clouded the Jedi for sometime now that lays somewhere in the Deep Core. Upon discovery, Lord Scimitar found something he did not quite expect and was attacked by an unknown alien race known as the Cha'ala and attacked on Scimitar's one-man fighter and crashed onto the planet below and once on ground, he had sensed the Admiral was not far from Scimitar's location and proceeded until the Cha'ala sent the "Seeker" spore fighters to locate the Dark Lord and when in hiding from his new enemy came an unlikely ally for the Dark Lord which represented the opposite of the Darklord's Order and also gain knowledge concerning his new ally and why he appears to others not to have aged a day since he arrived in the Deep Core and among his men, whispers regarding this say his new ally had taught him so very alien-like abilities but no one knows the truth behind this only the Dark Lord knows why he appears to look like a 25 year old instead of a 56 old man. But since then they have been fighting against the Cha'ala for the past Two Decades and now with Scimitar's new Sith force assembled together from the late Admiral Vergesso's remaining army and during the Deep Core Wars, Scimitar and his elite commando units not only retrieved their capital ship that was stolen from them but uintentionally destroyed the Cha'alan Fortress on the planet J'P'T-Tan which the Dominant Leader barely escaped and now hold a indefinte grudge on the Sith but on Darth Scimitar personally to the destruction he has caused but also that he is a from a lower-life form compared to the Cha'ala which puzzles them up until now that he has been able to hold them off for the past 20 years. Darth Scimitar has launched a desperate attack on the Cha'alan fleet not only to escape the Core but also to kidnap their Leader, the Dominant and now Darth Scimitar are on their way to Fondor which is controlled by the Sith Military which he counts on being their backup once they arrive but also hopes to have kidnapped the Dominant once they arrive, only time will tell. Now the Sith army are on the defensive until Scimitar rallies his forces for their last stand on Corellia and will join them shortly as he has family business to attend to.


    ---Name: Scythe
    --- Manufacturer: Hand-Crafted and built by Lord Scimitar
    --- Length: 28.5-meter long craft
    --- Speed: Lightspeed, customized star courier based off the design of his former ship the RimRunner but with advanced capabiltites.
    --- Crew: 1 pilot and 4 passengers and speeder bike.
    --- Weapons: Armed with 2 AG-IG laser cannons mounted on small firing arcs with a wide firing range , 2 concealed Dymex HM-8 concussion missile launchers each with a magazine of 8 deadly torpedoes and 1 retractable blaster cannon. All of these weapons are connected to a targeting computer in the cockpit.
    --- Shields/Armor: Unknown Technology discovered by the Dark Lord of the Sith during the Deep Core Wars.
    --- Special Features: equipped with a full-effect cloaking device that grants invisibility upon command. The Scythe can carry 4 passengers onboard and the total cargo capacity is 95 metric tons. The Scythe can also carry a Sith sta
  3. Mandalore_Fett

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    May 27, 2005
    GM Approved


    Name: Masamune
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Homeplanet: Unknown
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Jedi Order
    Personality: He has little patience for fooling around. Still, he is a steadfast warrior.
    Appearance: Unknown unless if you have met him.
    ---Skin Color: White
    ---Hair Color: Black with grey streaks
    ---Eye Color: brown

    Biography: Masamune is the legendary guardian who accompanied Grand Master Vanda on his private mission almost 7 years years ago. He's also a friend of Jedi Master Mara and is the Brother to Former-Jedi Master Blade now Darth Scimitar. He is somewhat taciturn, but he knows what's going on a lot better than most on journeys. He has little patience for fooling around. Still, he is a steadfast warrior. And had been a great help in protecting Mara's daughter until her demise on Abredo-Grae and held a hero's funeral on the planet of Ruusan and now is chasing those who blew his flagship cruiser to the Hapes Cluster.


    In the market for a new one since my last ship was blown up to scrap by the Sith in the last installment:p

    --- Force Sensitivity: Yes

    Weapon : Bushido Blade.

    Second Character

    Name: Mandalore Fett
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Homeplanet: Concord Dawn
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Bounty Hunter/Lone Operator Available to the highest Bidder.
    Personality: Was 16 and participated in the Mandalorian War almost 30 ten years ago. Im all business, laconic, and deadly.
    Appearance: A faceless enforcer, Mandalore's distinctive armor strikes fear in the hearts of fugitives. He is a legendary bounty hunter, accepting warrants from both the Sith and Republic and the criminal underworld.
    ---Skin Color: Unknown
    ---Hair Color: Black
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Clothing: Black with gold interlacing Mandalorian Battle-Armour

    Biography: Orphaned when his settler parents were killed in an uprising by a rogue Mandalorian group called the 'Death Watch', Saved by Zaadon Starkiller and his group of Mandalorians peacekeepers, and soon joined their cause. Becoming a squad commander,Mandalore led some of Zaadon's groups into the major battles and soon began to earn the respect of the fellow Mandalorians. When the Mandalorians were employed on what they thought was a simple mission on Korda Six, they found themselves walking into a trap set by the Death Watch. In the process of escaping, Auron, Zaadon's second in commander, left Zaadon on the battle field. As a result, Zaadon was killed by Vaap, the leader the Death Watch. Auron found himself being forced to leave and all the Mandalorians wanting to follow Mandalore. Mandalore became Zaadon's Legacy.

    On Ruusan, the Mandalorians found themselves on the wrong side of a battle once again. While thinking they were eliminating a group of rebels who wanted to overthrow the local government, they really were setting themselves up. The Death Watch had planned to make the Mandalorians look like they had killed innocent people. Once the Jedi arrived, it was a fierce battle. A young Jedi Knight named Blade realized the mistake, but only too late. The Jedi Knights nearly eliminated their outnumbered opponents, and many of the Jedi lost their lives. Mandalore was the only Mandalorian in that battle left alive. Sold to slavery, he sat in slave ships rotting away until space pirates invaded his ship, and he managed to get free in the process. Mandalore retrieved his armor, which had been restored to original status by the governor of Ruusan, who set him up. Hunting down the Death Watch, he finally walked away victorious after a long battle with Vaap. With nothing left to do now, Mandalore took up bounty hunting.

    ---Name: The Slave V has a distinctive shape making it instantly recognizable. Its large engine cluster dominates the lower section of the ship when docked, with the cabin resting atop it. Once airborne, the Slave V pivots 90 degrees, so that its base becomes its trailing edge and its top-
  4. godofwar1233

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    Jun 22, 2007

    Name: Vandormir Glorian
    Gender: male
    Age: 23
    Homeplanet: unkown
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Sith Knight
    Personality: Cruel, and vicious
    Appearance: No one ever sees his face because of his cloak
    ---Skin Color: pale white
    ---Hair Color: unkown
    ---Eye Color: red
    ---Clothing: riped cloak with hood always over his face.

    Biography: Little is known about his past only that he was once a man who was force sensitive.
    His last reported age was of 23.
    He is seen from time to time by farmers on Corellia but they never live long enough to see his face or tell their tales.The only reason people now of him was when he encountered a young woman by the name of Val Clanfear who he quickly fell in love with.But when she removed his hood she saw a disfiguered man, and when she looked into his eyes she was killed out of the power that comes from him.
    From then on he has never been seen outside of the Order of the Sith.

    ---Name: Vandormir's Wraith
    --- Manufacturer: Mandalmotors
    --- Length:size of a fighter
    --- Speed: goes about 5 kilometers a minute
    --- Crew: 1
    --- Weapons: two small blasters on each wing.
    --- Shields/Armor: made with durasteel for wings and the shell is mandalorian steel.
    --- Special Features: completley black with the sign of the order of the sith.
    --- Interior Description: Not very comfortable with a black leather seat and a close cropped command system.
    --- Exterior Description: all black

    Force Sensitivity: Yes

    Lightsaber: Yes
    ---Blade(s): One
    ---Colour: Red
    Lightsaber Form: Ataru
  5. Xaverri-The-Magician

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    Apr 11, 2005
    Sub-Gm Notice : Just to inform any newcoming players before posting your character sheet within the thread is to seek the corrosponding Gm's for approval before posting thank you and welcome!

    GM - MASTER-OF-EVIL(I'll be handling Sith)
    Co - GM - Mandalore_Fett(The Republic Character sheets)
    Sub - GM - Xaverri-The-Magician(She'll handle the Jedi Order and Free-Agents)
    Sub - GM - Pashatemur(Pashatemur will handle any players wanting to join the Cha'ala faction and act as an advisor as well if you want a deeper understanding of the Cha'ala)

  6. Xaverri-The-Magician

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    Apr 11, 2005
    Name: Mara Aeris Blade
    Gender: Female
    Age: 49
    Homeplanet: Corellia
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Left the Jedi Order to explore the Outer Rim and Has now returned to the Jedi after Feeling the disturbance in the Force
    Personality: Very Skilled in hand to hand combat aswell lightsaber skills and very calm in nature and headstrong in battle and friendly to others and puts other lives ahead of her own to complete her tasks.


    ---Skin Color: Silky White
    ---Hair Color: Black
    ---Eye Color: Blue
    ---Clothing:Her personal Robe...Given by her Former Master. Its brown with black.

    Biography: explained through the next few posts to come.

    ---Name: Unpredictable
    --- Manufacturer: Unknown
    --- Length: 24 meters long
    --- Speed: Unknown
    --- Crew: 10 to 11 (on average)
    --- Weapons: Dual turbolasers and as well as other "secret" armaments."
    --- Shields/Armor: Unknown.
    --- Special Features: It's not exactly clear where Jasmine acquired the Unpredictable. The primary systems were modified so many times that the original classification and even the company that built it were hard to determine. It's possible the ship was a developmental prototype from some showroom floor, cobbled together from several different models. Key components are obvious retrofits, from the stolen navigational computers to the uncommonly powerful hyperdrive. A number of smuggler-specific customizations have been made as well, though only Jasmine knew where or how to access them all.
    --- Interior Description: The interior of the Unpredictable is comprised of several sections, including a cockpit, crew quarters, medical center, tactical battlestation, cargo hold, and even a makeshift garage to store swoop bikes and modify equipment. Its weaponry consists of a gunnery station with dual turbolasers, as well as other "secret" armaments.

    --- Force Sensitivity: Yes

    --- Lightsaber
    -----Blade(s): Blade of Light.
    -----Color(s): Transluscent white.
    -----Handle Description(s): Silver hilt with black linings interwining on the handle.
    ---Lightsaber Form: Makasashi and Soreusu and other Forms of saber combat from her Former Master...
  7. Corellian_Outrider

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    Mar 9, 2002
    GM approved

    Nickname/Callsign: Outrider
    Gender: Male
    Age: 47
    Home planet: Corellia
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Neutral (with shades of gray)

    Physical Description
    ---Height: 1.84 Meters
    ---Skin: White
    ---Hair: Blonde
    ---Eyes: Blue
    ---Clothing: [Usually] Freighter Togs, Coveralls, Brown Boots.
    [Currently] Worn white shirt underneath Roldan's ceremonial Battle armour (Treated dark Leather on steel Chest plate, with pictographs etched into the armour depicting his family history), Leather gauntlets, Dark green woollen hooded cloak, leather belt with a sheath, pouches, slots and sharpening stone attached to it, worn dark leather boots

    Personality: Was a cheerful, light-hearted person until an incident that changed his life forever. His experiences since had left him a quiet person, intelligent, keeps to himself most of the time. His personality changes to suit his current situation to survive but one thing remains: he's fiercely loyal and protective to the ones he love.

    Bio: Born in a small town outside Coronet City, the capital of Corellia, he was raised and trained among the Corellian Jedi Order and became known as the 'Outrider'. On the eve of his promotion to Knight, was called to prevent a pirate raid on Selonia that lead to an ambush leaving Outrider wounded. After that incident, he was to spend his time patrolling and protecting the outlying systems of the Corellian Sector along side members from Corellian Defence Force and the Corellian Security Force. A few years later, he was called from his duty to help thwart a rising Sith Incursion along side the Jedi Order. The battle was bloody and few survived. After losing both his friends and his Master during those horrific events, Outrider took off on his own and leaving the Order, to seek solitude. Moving from system to system, he earned a living hauling cargo and other shipments to settlements, hiding his true identity until a call from the Force awoken an old feeling, one that he has not felt since his early days. Abandoning his current lifestyle, he searches for answers to questions that need answering and the true behind what he felt through the Force.

    Called out from exile by a message from a person from his past, Outrider was thrusted back into the ever growing conflict of galactic dominance of the Republic and Sith. Saving the life of a Jedi, and in turn her saving his, they worked together until they got separated during a skirmish in the Tatooine sands, over a little girl. Past catching up faster when an old pal joins the fray and teams up with Outrider to 'rescue' the 'enemy' from the 'enemy' and to seek answers to questions that need answering. The one they 'rescued' was in turn 'rescued' my the very girl he swore to protect. The two friends departed Tatooine going separate ways but hoping to achieve similar goals. Returning 'Home' and reunited with a childhood flame Outrider set about finding the right path to take and in turn rediscovered a part of himself... and gained a 'pet'. After returning to Republic space and summoned to a special session of the Jedi Council, Outrider's service was required by Grand-master Vandar to join him on a quest vital to the Republic's future. At one of the waypoints, the Sith attacked, causing the group to split up. After meeting a new acquaintance at the bar, they set off together to rendezvous with Vanda on Vjun. The ship they used was heavily damaged and crashed in the ocean, Outrider died on impact. His body dragged out of the wreckage by an 'enigma' and tries to bring him to life. His death was felt by many following the death of a 'Blade' in the Force. Only with the help of a 'Guardian Angel' does he lose his former 'shell', brought back into the world, reborn a new man. Regrouping with Vanda, they made their way off Vjun and continued what they started: The Quest to save the Republic.

    The search lead them into the unknown regions of space until they at last found what they were looking for. A year passed, leaving Vanda to his job, Outrider returned home to fulfil a promis
  8. time_jedi

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    Jun 30, 2007

    Name: Hakura Wispruner/ Darth Wicked, Dark Lady of the Sith
    Gender: Female
    Age: 44
    Homeplanet: Coruscant
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Sith
    Personality: Quiet, swift and precise, and stern.
    Appearance: Slim, 5?3?, mid back length silver hair, Oriental in appearance
    ---Skin Color: White/Tan
    ---Hair Color: Silver
    ---Eye Color: Hazel
    ---Clothing: Traditional black robes.

    Biography: Hakura?s past was always kept a secret. She is in search of where she came from, who were her parents. Her whole life, as far back as she can remember, has been full with Force training in the dark arts. She was told that the clue to her birth could be found through the Sith, and that was Darth Scimitar. Lord Scimitar had given Hakura insight to her true heritage of herself and of her parents more specifically her father Slithus Markus who was a sithlord at the time of Hakura's birth. Once she learn't part of her origins, she became Lord Scimitar's apprentice and birthed her as Darth Wicked, Dark Lady of the Sith.
    She had been on numerous missions with her master, the infilitration of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, her mission to capture the child of Blade but failed as the Jedi were there to protect her on the dunes of Tatooine and was rescued by the same child as she was captured by two rogue Jedi and discovered that her master left her as the leader of the Sith until he returned from a personal mission within the Deep Core to discover the source of the disturbance in the Force and has recently returned after a 20 year journey from within the Core to arrive at his daughter's funeral and now she is on her way to the planet of Hapes along with his master and new ally from the Deep Core to seek the kidnapper......

    Weapons: One single bladed red light saber/ However she also uses a traditional sword made of metal with a lion head for a hilt. This was given to her by Darth Kain, saying the sword held a key to her past. Darth Kain was found slain several months later, thus she kept the sword as a reminder?.and a tool.
    Ship(s) None

    ---Force Sensitivity: High
    -----Blade(s): Normal sizes
    -----Color(s): Red
    -----Handle Description(s): Sleek in design to match her grace, metal hilt with several inscribed symbols around it. Rubber gripped with a rotating blue crystal on the bottom.

    MASTER-OF-EVIL Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 10, 2004
    Name: Grandmaster Vanda
    Gender: Male
    Age: mid 800's
    Homeplanet: Unknown
    Race: Unknown
    Affiliation: Jedi Grand Master of the Jedi Order
    Personality: Sage-like
    Appearance: .66 meter tall.
    ---Skin Color: green
    ---Hair Color: greyish
    ---Eye Color: brown
    ---Clothing: simple Jedi robe

    Biography: In the waning days of the Republic, Vanda was a respected senior member of the Jedi Council. Serving alongside such luminaries as Seth Jodavin and Mara, Vanda was present during the turbulent events that would eventually unravel the centuries-old Republic and seal the fate of the Jedi order.
    Vanda served an important role in the Jedi Council. When young Padawans began their first foray into Jedi training, they did so under Vanda's guidance. Many of the Republic's greatest Jedi trained under Vanda when they were children -- schooled in groupings called clans. Once the Jedi hopefuls grew older, approaching their teenage years, they would then be paired to an elder Jedi Knight or Master to continue training one-on-one.The pall of the dark side fell over the Republic during its twilight years, and Vanda grew increasingly concerned. The emergence of the dark side created a disturbance in the Force strong enough to cloud the Jedi's insights into important matters. Sensing the grave uncertainty of the future, Vanda recognized the need for answers. Grand Master Vanda now has encountered what the source of the disturbance is was all the more troubling....

    ---Name: - The Master's Trail
    --- Manufacturer: - Corellian Engineering Corporation
    --- Length: - 28 Meters
    --- Speed: - 65 MGLT
    --- Crew: - 1 Pilot, 2 passengers
    --- Weapons: - 2 Ion Cannons
    2 Double Laser Cannons
    --- Shields/Armor: - N/A
    --- Special Features: - The enigmatic Jedi Master known as Vanda is the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Little is known of Vanda?s history before joining the Order a long time ago, and despite his prominent status within the Jedi Order, he remains a being of mystery.Master Vanda pilots the modified assault ship The Master's Trail. The distinctive profile of the The Master's Trail is known throughout the Republic, from the capital of Coruscant to distant trading worlds like Nar Shaddaa, Celanon, and Ord Mantell.The Master's Trail is a modified Surronian assault ship that Master Mara owned long before she entrusted it to Vanda during the Sith Uprising six years ago. Master Vanda uses the ship as a mobile base of operations when he is out of the Capital.

    The Master's Trail is roughly twenty-eight meters long, with a hull that is curved and appears to be somehow sculpted. The ship is powered by a cluster of four Surronian A2-grade and four A2.50-grade ion engines, with a sublight speed faster than that of a Jedi Starfighter and only slightly slower than that of a SITH fighter. In an atmosphere, The Master's Trail can achieve a top speed of 1,150 kilometers per hour. Its maneuverability is enhanced by having the pilot individually adjust each engine?s exhaust nozzles through the on board computer system; this eliminates the need for maneuvering jets. Vanda has installed a set of four emergency braking jets in the forward wings and on more than one occasion has used them to slow The Master's Trail so rapidly that pursuing ships overtook it, thus providing an easy target for her weapons. The modified Corellian Engineering Corporation H2-1 hyperdrive gives the ship a Class One hyperdrive rating.The weaponry consists of a pair of fire-linked ion cannons facing forward as well as a turret-mounted double laser cannon. The laser cannons can be handled from the turret?s gunnery position or controlled from the cockpit, although at significantly reduced accuracy.

    The forward compartment has the cockpit, with seating for the pilot and two passengers. The small emergency escape pod is set immediately behind the cockpit. Behind the ship?s "neck" is the main cargo hold, although cargo space aboard The Master's Trail is at a premium. Most of the rear compartment has been filled by The Master's Trail large power core, reserve
  10. Master_Of_The_Sith

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    Nov 23, 2004
    GM Appoved


    Name: The Boss/Lotus Kaan(known as that name in the Criminal Underworld)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 78
    Homeplanet: Ossus
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Underworld(Free-Agent)
    Personality: War-Veteran
    Appearance: Unknown
    ---Skin Color: White
    ---Hair Color: greying hair
    ---Eye Color: brown
    ---Clothing: Wears a black robe to conceal his appearance


    The Boss is a legendary soldier, and the founder and leader of the Viper unit. He is known as the Father of Republic special forces. During the Mandalorian Wars he was part of the invasion of Vjun and ultimately helped lead the Allied forces to victory.

    The Boss served as a mentor and father-like figure to Cairo Blade, with whom he developed the fighting technique known as Close Quarters Combat (CQC). Blade has a deep attachment to him, and is reluctant to oppose him in combat even though he must in order to complete his mission. During Operation: Mandalore Eater, in addition to CQC, The Boss also uses a rail-gun pistol called The Patriot which was made especially for him but prefers the weapon of his 'life'.

    He is also the son of one the original members of the Wiseman's Committee, the head council of The Philosophers, the Republic branch of which would later become The Patriots, the true power holders of the Republic.

    Before the Mandalorian War, he was an instructor at one of the Philosophers "Charm-schools".

    During the Mandalorian War he established the Viper unit.

    In the last days of the Mandalorian War, he and The Vipers took part in the landing at Vjun. They had been given a top-secret mission to locate and destroy enemy KDY-12 Turbolaser installations. His wife was pregnant at the time and gave birth to a child on the battlefield who was taken away by The Philosophers. He would later grow up to become the man known as Slithus Markus.

    When the Mandalorian War ended he disbanded the Viper unit.

    In the years after the War he was sent to Onderon, to Iziz as a part of a Black Sun-sponsored invasion under the guise of taking Onderonian exiles back to their homeplanet. The Onderon government betrayed them and the exiles were killed by the Onderonian army.

    In the years leading up to the return of the Sith he faced The Sorrow, his old comrade in Tatooine on a secret Black Sun mission. The Sorrow had gone back to the Republic after The Vipers had split up after the Mandalorian War. The Boss killed The Sorrow. It is revealed to the Boss that The Sorrow let him kill her in order to complete his mission. The ones who gave The Boss that mission was The Philosophers.

    During the events of Ruusan, The Boss apparently defects to the Sith, taking the rest of Viper unit along with him. In reality, he was ordered to betray his brothers to go undercover and steal the Philosopher's Legacy from Colonel Serpine, and destroy the ShadowReaper. However, Colonel Serpine launched an Republic-made portable Vaporizer Beam shell the Boss smuggled into Ruusan with this at Night Sister's design bureau 'OKB-754', to destroy all the data on the ShadowReaper. Coupled with the TOL(The Order of Light) Unit's aircraft radar signature, leads Trade Alliance Nikita Whispruner to believe the Republic was behind the Vaporizer attack. Because Whispruner demanded proof the Republic was not involved, the Republic government realized that to stop an all out war, it will have to abandon its most treasured soldier, and stage a mission into Ruusan to assassinate him. The Boss realizes that he will have to give his life for the home he loves so much, and die at the hands of his most beloved disciple, Cairo Blade. Following his orders to the bitter end, he is ultimately defeated by his Apprentice; it was for completing this mission that his Apprentice received the title of "Bringer of Light". Although history officially remembers him as one of the world's greatest traitors, Cairo Blade insisted that his tombstone read "In Memory of a Patriot who Saved the Galaxy".

    This selfless
  11. Xaverri-The-Magician

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    Apr 11, 2005
    Approved NPC.

    Name: Mr.Zee
    Age: Unknown
    Homeplanet: Unknown
    Race: Unknown
    Affiliation: Mara-Aeris Blade
    Personality: Very kind, sage like and a very good gardener
    Appearance: very short and stubby and chubby
    ---Skin Color: black
    ---Hair Color: hidden under a turban
    ---Eye Color: black
    ---Clothing: a vest, white pants and pointy shoes

    Biography: Mr.Zee is Mara's caretaker of the Heavenly Lookout on the planet of Hapes and at one time was taking care of her one time daughter Jasmine Blade until a friend of Mara's known as Masamune came and took her to train her in the ways of the Force outside of the Order of the Jedi and he is one damn good gardener.
  12. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Art Curator | Oceania RSA | CR of NSW star 5 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ notice to the GM

    I am treating this installment of the RPG as if the last one wasn't close. So Outrider's journey continued and there has been a major event that will change his life forever. due to length constraints, I will not post it here. If you want to know what it is, sent me a PM and I'll tell the summary.


    The breaking of the heart.

    In the meeting room onboard the ancient cruiser, Icarus, I sat slumped over the conference desk, cradling my head with my hands. The vibration of the engines felt throughout the ship as the hyperdrive chugged along. Strewn on the table laid a sword, a shield and a lightsaber. In the chair I sat, still clad in the ancient ceremonial battle armour of my fathers, the mud covered cloak wrapped around me for warmth. My body shook as tears streaming down my face as I tried to work out what went wrong.

    I didn't notice the door opening behind me nor Ariek's presence as she came to check up on me.
    "Ymar and the Daedalus will arrive with your message." She informed me but her voice fell on deaf ears.
    "How did it come to this? Why did it have to happen?" I asked myself out loud.
    "Outrider?" She said as she leant against the wall. "Are you alright?"
    "'My Prince'... she used to call me that-" I kept talking, oblivious to her voice. My mind travelled to a different time and place.
    "Who? What is going on?"
    "-how much heartache can one person take?"
    "What happened out there?" She asked, not knowing what to do. "Why are you saying things like that?"
    "S-S-She was just there... Nevermore." I then sighed. "Marcus, Valin, what have you done?"

    Kal entered the room and motioned Ariek to leave. "Check on the systems will you honey? I'll explain later what happened."
    The door closed behind Ariek leaving just Kal and I alone. He moved to the chair next to me and placed a hand on my shoulder.
    "How are you holding up 'little brother'?" He asked and took a seat.
    'Little Brother'. the name echoed in my mind and snapped me back to where I am. I haven't been called that in decades, but by someone else.
    "I-I-I don't know." I answered Kal. "It hurts to even think. To breath. I can't stop thinking about her. I can still taste her."
    "I don't pretend to know how it feels to lose someone close like that, but you don't have to suffer needlessly. This is not Ruusan again mate. I'm sure she'll forgive you." Kal tried to reassure me. "If it makes you feel better, it isn't you fault."
    "My fault? You heard them, everything I do is no accident. I was not born, I was created for their purpose! Manipulated from the START!" My voice then went quiet while my body shook from the shock of the last three days. "Everyone that is close to me always gets hurt. Now the power that resides in me has been unlocked. What I soon become...I don't know what to do anymore. I am losing myself and soon cease to be... I wish I could just disappear from everyone and be in peace."
    "Rowan." Kal tapped my chest with his forefinger. "What you are is inside there. I believe in you, we all believe in you. I know that you will do the right thing."

    I only nodded and let his words sink in. They reminded me of the talk I had with Mara a few days ago at Jasmine's funeral. What makes it more powerful was the the weight in his words. The fact Kal was there with me the last few day when my life came crashing down upon me.
    "Thanks for all you have done for me back there."
    "Anytime mate. A friend in need is a friend indeed." Kal smirked. "Just like old times."
    I laughed for the first time in ages. "Just like old times."
    "Oh, by the way." Kal started. "I've just checked the co-ordinates, why are we going to Hapes? What will we find that is so important there?"
    "What is left of my heart."

    Tag: Kal
  13. LordDarthUmbrus

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    Sep 24, 2004
    OOC: Mr. Dür really doesn't belong to any of the groups above. He is sort of 'Out There', as it were. He is the King of a group that consider themselves 'The Ancient Sith'.

    Name: A?grive Dür
    Gender: Male
    Age: Looks mid 50s, actually ancient.
    Homeplanet: An unknown world in the unknown regions
    Race: Undisclosed Race
    Affiliation: Emperor of the Ancient Sith of the Outer Empire
    Personality: A?grive Dür is the soul of pure evil. Sadistic, treacherous, deceptive, murderous . . . any negative epithet you can throw, A?grive Dür is it.
    Appearance: Athletic, 5.9 in height, hairless except for arched eyebrows affixed in a permanent scowl over the eyes and a thin mustache and beard that ends in a goatee.
    ---Skin Color: Palid, greenish white
    ---Hair Color: none
    ---Eye Color: Yellow and Red (Sith Eyes)

    Black armor with various razor sharp protrusions marked with red Sith runes and draped with red skirts with black runes. A black, high collared, velveteen cape with red Sith charms and runes. Around his head, A?grive Dür wears a circlet that looks like two human spines intertwined around his head. The two twisted spines meet at the forehead in two screaming skulls. The eye sockets of the skulls are affixed with red Bloodshine stones.


    The evil Sith King, A?grive Dür, is the Lord and Master of the Ancient Sith Empire that exists beyond known space. He is considered the black heart of all that is considered Sith in the Galaxy. His appetite for chaos and destruction are boundless. The unfortunate beings that live within his rule live, purposely, in constant fear. Holocaust, grief, and most importantly terror are the hallmarks of A?grive Dür?s dark reign.

    A?grive Dür is beyond ancient. He is seemingly immortal, living continually from generation to generation, feeding off the lives of his subjects to perpetuate his own life force. So long as he can reinvest the Force continually into a new breed of subjects to feed on, A?grive Dür will continue to exist.

    Their fear and horror empower him. With sinister armies of agents, troopers, dark Force spirits, Force twisted monsters, and dark emanations from his own will, A?grive Dür can generate a dark side to the Force that he can bend to his will through the fear of his own people.

    Lately, he has felt an outside tap to his Force?s dark side, one that comes from deeper inside the galaxy. For the past few millennia, something has been pulling at his dark will. It grows stronger every passing age. A?grive Dür wills at last to use those that have finally evolved the facility to generate and use the dark side of the Force to expand his black will across the galaxy. More fear and death means more life and power for him. For A?grive Dür IS the dark side. The dark side is, in fact, his creation.

    Sheth?aurang: A multi-pronged, silver broad-bladed sword inlaid with indestructible galvanic obsidian. Red Bloodshine runes cascade down the spaces not enlaced with the obsidian. The blade resembles a crackling flame. The runes and charms on the blade can focus dark side energies making their effect vastly powerful.

    Mooreth Sheid: A tall staff, nearly 2 meters tall, made completely of indestructible galvanic obsidian. The top of the staff is topped with something Dür calls The Gloreb, an artifact of pure dark side energy. It looks like a miniature black hole, complete with surrounding event horizon. It is said that A?grive Dür has been able to destroy entire star systems with the power of the Mooreth Sheid. It is thought that it contains a singularity that can be, by the power of the Force, expanded until it consumes the entirity of the targeted system.

    ---Name: Moore?gleth
    ---Class: Principle Command Ship
    ---Size: 50 Mile diameter disk.
    ---Weapon(s): Hundreds of weapons emplacements with a range of energy projection and manipulation weapons. Hundreds of launching platforms for various ordinance and payload carrying probes and missiles. A capital ship shattering superlaser housed in a dishlike indentations on the ships bottom face.
  14. 694377

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    Jun 24, 2006
    [hl=black]694377 - Approved by Xaverri-The-Magician[/hl]

    Name: Nightshroud
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Homeplanet: Coruscant
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Free-Lancer - Bounty Hunter
    Personality: A mystical Man, stern and upright while at the same time dark and mysterious.
    Appearance: (See image)


    ---Skin Color: Pale
    ---Hair Color: Black (Down to Mid-Back)
    ---Eye Color: Red
    ---Clothing: Nightshroud wears a crimson red cloak covering his back and almost half of his face. His body is covered in leather, and has a steel gauntlet on his left hand, and steel boots (See Image).


    Every since a Young Boy, Nightshroud always wanted to become a Bounty Hunter, just like his father. During his 16th Birthday, his father promised him a trip to collect Bounty with his father. Nightshroud's first hunt was a Success, and thus beginning his Bounty Hunting Carrier. His First alone Hunt was when he was 18, and got a Great lot of Credits, and alot of prase from his Father. He was presented with the Family's most prized Bounty Hunting weapon, a triple-Barrel Blaster, constructed far before Nightshroud, and even before his father was around. Around the ages of 19 - 22, he was shot, and was killed, but he was used as a test subject. He was somehow braught back to life, and thus found his way back home, and never spoke of the insident. From that day, he became more stronger, each time he collected and hunted. During when he was 24, his Father retired from Bounty Hunting and so left his Son to carry on the Bounty Hunting name of his family. His parents were killed when a huge explosion destroyed the lower-part of the Building, and sent it falling and crashed in the lower-depths of Coruscant. He continues life, working for both the Jedi and the Sith, whenever they needed one. Now, at the age of 27, Nightshroud continues Bounty Hunting. Nightshroud stands at 6'0", and carries with him a A "Triple-Barrel Blaster" (See image).

    Ship (none)
    ---Name: N/A
    --- Manufacturer: N/A
    --- Length: N/A
    --- Speed: N/A
    --- Crew: N/A
    --- Weapons: N/A
    --- Shields/Armor: N/A
    --- Special Features: N/A
    --- Interior Description: N/A
    --- Exterior Description: N/A

    Force Sensitivity: No

    Lightsaber: N/A
    ---Blade(s): N/A
    ---Colour: N/A
    Lightsaber Form: N/A
  15. Mandalore_Fett

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    May 27, 2005
    IC: [hl=black]The Guardian of Light Masamune[/hl]
    Ruusan Space

    Masamune just touched down within the newly designed Republic cruiser that was his new replacement after the destruction of his ship the Scout and he was lead by his commando unit and greeted the Captain of the ship.

    "Welcome Guardian Masamune, since this ship just came out of the production line, it hasn't been given any name yet, Master Jedi." The young Captain said.

    "Well then, since my last ship was named Scout, I'll name this The Reconnaissance." Masamune hefting his Bushido Blade on his shoulder.

    "Fine name, Master Jedi! What is your course of action, sir?"

    "What of the situation Kashyyyk?" Masamune said over his shoulder as he was on the move to the command deck.

    The Captain played catch up with the legendary Jedi, "Uh, sir, it is has been liberated from the hands of the Sith but request further assistance especially the Jedi effort, they are requesting Masters to aid the Jedi on planet side, sir." The captain caught his breath as he finally caught up with the Guardian of Light entering the turbolifts.

    "Then Master's they shall have, Captain. Set course for Kashyyyk and make haste as we will need the aid ourselves for the upcoming battle ahead." Masamune said in a serious tone of concern.

    "Yes, sir!" The Captain left Masamune and his unit as he went to make preparations to leave for the Kashyyyk system.

    Masamune slid his left hand into his sleeve and brought out his communicator.

    "Mara you take care with yourself. Brother you better keep your word, I only agreed to her go with you because this is for Jasmine and only for her and that goes for your apprentice and your alien ally. Mas out!" Masamune let out a sigh and headed towards the bridge of The Reconnaissance and saw out the viewport the sleek onyx vessel of his brother's as it made its jump to lightspeed towards Hapes. Masamune closed his eyes behind his shades for a moment of reflection and gave the nod to proceed and the stars became starlines and went the opposite direction to the Wookie home planet of Kashyyyk.

    Tag: Mara, Scimitar, Hakura and Se'Iva
  16. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Xaverri-The-Magician Approved

    Name: Kildare Offal
    Nickname: Kil
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Home planet: Unknown
    Race: Presumed Human
    Affiliation: Jedi
    Personality: Kildare is headstrong and aggressive. He still maintains a level of respect and is very loyal. He is a strong believer in the Jedi Ways and never lets his cocky nature get in the way of his training or missions.
    Appearance: Kildare?s skin is permanently dyed an off red. He is tall and muscular for his age. He wears reddish-brown Jedi robes. He has shaggy black hair and blue eyes.
    ---Skin Color: Reddish
    ---Hair Color: Black
    ---Eye Color: Striking Blue
    ---Clothing: Reddish Brown Jedi Robes

    Biography: Little is known of Kildare. He was left in the care of a Jedi while he was on Kashyyyk. He became the padawan of Mara Aeris Blade when she returned to the Order. His early Master was ambushed and killed when he was young. His skin was stained after wandering away from the makeshift Jedi Academy on Kashyyyk and spending two days in a tanners workshop. Kil is leading the recovery effort, under his Mara's orders, until another Master arrives to take over.

    Ship: N/A

    Force Sensitivity: Yes

    ---Blade(s): One Single
    ---Color: Blue
    ---Hilt: White Metal with a Blue Grip
    Lightsaber Form: Well-versed in Shien, knowledgeable in Ataru
  17. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    IC: Kildare Offal

    Kildare paced around his room. His Master had left the Kashyyyk recovery effort to embark on a personal mission. She had said that she would contact him when she arrived at her destination, where ever it was. The only reason Kil worried about her was that the mission wasn?t known to the any of the other Jedi. All other Jedi were out on missions, which is why no one else knew. It was also why Kildare was in charge.

    Kil sat with a thump on his cot in the Kashyyyk capital, Rwookrrorro. Quite a handful to say, Kil thought. Since living here his entire life he had learned the Wookiee language, but still struggled with some words. Kil realized he should be making sure things were going alright, and exited his tree quarters.

    Kildare breathed in the fresh air around him and began down the steps to the main floor of the tree pathways. When he got to the last step he paused before walking down. He looked around. He wanted to see if anything noticeable was going wrong. He saw nothing and continued out into Rwookrrorro. Kil walked up to a group of Wookiees who were overseeing the reconstruction of a home. He noticed one of them stumble and a bunch of wood start to fall. Kil extended his hand and caught the bundle with the Force.

    Kildare continued past this group and made sure everything was running smoothly. As he was walking he helped at random, if he saw it was needed. Kil walked to the end of a walkway and turned to go to the ship docks. He climbed the steps leading up to it and when he arrived he looked up at the sky. Master Blade had told him to expect a Master to come eventually, so he made a point to keep a look out.

    Tag: Mandalore_Fett
  18. 694377

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    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Nightshroud
    Coruscant - Apartment

    Walking up the stairs towards his apartment, he placed some credits in his pocket. Nightshroud approached the door, and tapped in a code, and suddenly the door slid open. As he walked in, he placed the credits on a nearby table, and walked into the other room.

    Pouring some water into a glass, Nightshroud walked back into the other room, and sat down on a chair which was directly facing the window. Taking a sip, he raised, and put his legs up on the table. Nightshroud looked out of the window at the sunset, and took another sip.

    Finishing the glass, he placed it down on the table. Nightshroud watched as the city continued to move along without worry. He had a slight smile on his face, and then folded his arms.

    TAG: Anybody
  19. Mandalore_Fett

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    May 27, 2005
    OOC: Thanks X-T-M for your input as the King, greatly appreciated :)

    IC: [hl=black]Mandalore Fett[/hl]
    Hapes Consortium - Royal Palace of Lockhart

    The man in the Mandalorian armor walked steadily down the dark, cavernous entrance of the Hapes royal family's floating castle among the clouds of Hapes. Once, years ago, the man had been a Jedi Protector during the Ruusan campaign. That had been before he had been "killed" by the forces of the liberators and paid the price for his crime.

    Now he had no name save the one he had adopted for himself - Mandalore Fett. Over the past the thirty years, he'd become the best-known and most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. He was not an Sith bounty hunter, though at times he worked for the Sith. He was not a Guild bounty hunter, though he regularly took Guild commissions and paid dues. No, Mandalore Fett was an independent bounty hunter. He set his own hours, selected his own commissions, and lived by his own rules.

    He paused midway down the stairs leading to Lockhart's throne room to survey what lay before him. The huge chamber was light, peaceful, filled with soft music.
    Everywhere bodies were standing in his path. Fett's gaze followed the movements of several of the Royal's handmaidens moving to their King and Queen along with the Prince and Princess of Hapes. Mandalore Fett was far too self-disciplined to seek carnal gratification. The joy of the hunt was his sole pleasure, what he lived for. The credits were an extra, a necessary bonus, a means to accomplish his ends, but it was the hunt that nurtured him, kept him strong and self-reliant and focused.

    As Fett descended the steps that led into Lockhart's audience chamber, the Royal Family's Twi'lek majordormo, Rikta Gerido, bustled toward the bounty hunter, bowing unctuously and babbling greetings in his fractured Basic. Fett ignored him.

    Realizing that he would never be allowed to approach the Royal's carrying his Blaster rifle, Fett carefully laid it down on the bottom step. He was still armed dangerously enough to have killed the Royal's and completely destroyed the audience chamber, and the King and Queen knew that, but the King also knew Fett's reputation for honesty. The King had paid him to come here and speak with him, and it would have been a breach of bounty hunter protocol for Fett to accept such a meeting if he'd had an outstanding bounty on the King's head.

    Leaving his blaster rifle on the stairs, Fett strode straight up to the King's dais. The King was reclining above the crowd, so he'd be high enough up to have the best view of the audience chamber.

    At a gesture from the King, the band quieted down. Fett stood before the King, and inclined his head slightly. He spoke Basic.
    "You sent for me?"

    "I did," said King Lockhart. "Bounty hunter, I thank you for coming to see me under these dire times. Your five thousand credits will be deposited before you leave this throne room."
    Fett nodded silently.

    "Do you you know why I have summoned you here, bounty hunter?"
    "I'm assuming it's because you want to post a bounty, so I'll hunt down and kill someone," Fett said. "That's why people contact me."

    "No," King Lockhart said. He stared levelly at Fett, obviously getting to the point. "I want to pay you not kill someone."

    The macrobinocular viewplate that was built into Fett's Mandalorian helmet included infrared vision, plus motion and sound sensors. The bounty hunter could literally see the King tense, and change color. This is important to him, Fett realized, surprised.

    "State your offer," Fett said.
    "There is an outstanding bounty of 1 million credits on a human who has proven very useful to me. I wish to pay you 1 million to ignore that bounty until further notice."

    Fett had one word for Lockhart. "Who?"

    "Cairo Blade. His been of a great help to the Royal family and still does despite what has transpired in the galaxy. I'll pay you to stop hunting him."

    Mandalore Fett stood there in
  20. godofwar1233

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    Jun 22, 2007

    IC:Vandormir Glorian
    Courascant - Jedi Temple

    Vandormir has been watching the Jedi Order for months now, preying on any "Padawan" who went out alone, little by little he has been destroying the Jedi's future when he saw him, the boy of 13 just now becoming a padawan, he was about to spring his death trap when he felt another life force something much stronger, in walked a large, human, jedi master looking old and decrepid. He decided to sping next here, but he would have to wait a little while as it seemed that the Padawan was reaching for something, something that ignited as the blade flew into the master jedi's chest.

    Fleeting up to the boy Vandormir quickly grabs the saber, flings him onto his back to await his hellish demiss.
    "Wh-What are you going to do with me." The boy asked scarred "I am nothing but a sith just like you, see i killed my master."
    "Name?" Vandormir said in his hissing way
    "Lu-Lucky Lawl."Lawl said
    Vandormir decided to finish the the master off with a quick and deceisive death field only to find that the master had gone leaving a blood trail into the temple.
    "He has left to turn on the alarm, but as for me what are you going to do with me?" Lawl said

    Vandormir walked along some of the higher side grails carrying Lawl in one hand down to the Interplanetary Space shuttle. He felt a life force not far from here and he desperetly needed to feed on someones force energy.Quickly he looked up seeing a man set down his glass and just watch the city, a perfect target, he threw down the boy and lept up into the complexe building through the window.

  21. 694377

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    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Nightshroud
    Coruscant - Apartment

    Whilst placing his glass down upon the table, he folded his arms. Watching the city, a smile made its way across his face. Suddenly from the corner of Nightshroud's eye, he saw a man jump up from a nearby platform, and up towards the Balcony of his apartment.

    Watching as this suspected force-user landed upon the platform, Nightshroud quickly rolled towards his Triple-Barrel Blaster, arming himself, and aimed at the male through the door.

    "...What is you're business here?"

    Having his finger firmly on the trigger, he awaited the male's answer.

    TAG: Vandormir
  22. godofwar1233

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    Jun 22, 2007
    Coruscant - Apartment

    "...What is your Business here"
    "Business, my business is to fed on your mortal soul."Vandormir hissed at him flicking down a lightsaber.

    Vandormir stepped toward Nightshroud in a battle ready state.

  23. 694377

    694377 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Nightshroud
    Coruscant - Apartment

    Nightshroud watched as this strange being who seemed to want to murder him ready themself into a battle stance. Nightshroud could not be bothered with this right now, so watched as the being.

    Placing his Triple-Barrel Blaster back in his holster attatched to his right leg, he raised his arms to his side.

    "...Come on then, do it, for i only live to serve and carry on a legacy...I have no family, i have no friends, and i have no memories, so just do it and get it over with"

    TAG: Vandormir
  24. godofwar1233

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    Jun 22, 2007
    IC: Vandormir

    "...Come on then, do it, for i only live to serve and carry on a legacy...I have no family, i have no friends, and i have no memories, so just do it and get it over with"

    "So be it." Vandormir said quickly igniting his lightsaber and raising it about to cut the mans arm off.

  25. 694377

    694377 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Nightshroud

    Watching as this mysterious person advanced quickly, and looked as if he was going to cut his arm off, Nightshroud stood there, waiting so he can finally rest.

    "Answer me this, tell me the name of the man who i shall fall to..."

    TAG: Vandormir
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