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SWRPF Archive War of the Sith Part IV: The Invasion of the Cha'ala

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by MASTER-OF-EVIL, Jun 29, 2007.

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    OOC: Big thanks to Corellian_Outrider for your efforts in this post. Thanks.


    IC: Ariek - Cairo Blade - Hakura
    Hapes - Heavenly Lookout - Icarus

    A shaft of golden light emitted from the small opening on the underside of the Icarus. A series of rings dropped down and a bright beam of light rode the shaft down and Ariek materialized within the rings. The light went out and the rings rapidly returned back to the ship.

    "Neat." Ariek laughed. "That beats the crap out of a turbolift."

    She checked her hood and started walking under the shelter the hull provided, in the direction of the Palace. She looked up to see two figures standing in the rain. "Excuse me, no loitering near the starship. Can you kindly leave. You are setting off the alarm."

    Cairo standing in the evening rain as the figure of a woman presented herself and announced him to leave. Cairo took a step forward with Hakura motionless behind him.

    "Can you kindly if you may, ask Kal to get his lazy rear out here and tell him that his brother is wanting to speak with him." Cairo replied in a civil tone to the lady before him.

    "Or will he allow me inside to speak with him, milady." Cairo added and waited out in the pouring rain as his body was glistening a shine from the rain as he stood under one of the luminous lights from the globe poles about the Lookout.

    "As lazy he may seem to you, he is occupied at the moment." She answered him as she drew near. "As am I. Write down your name and contact number and he'll get back to you."

    Ariek continued on towards the Palace, she didn't break her stride as she took a glance at the man. "I don't see the family resemblance here."

    Cairo regarded the woman. Clearly knowing this was not a time for such things. "Okay, it seems he is busy as you say he is milady. I will let you be and on my way out. Just remind him that Cairo was asking for him. Thank you for your time." Cairo bowed and walked a few steps back and turned around and eyed his apprentice and she took her cue to follow suit.

    "What happens now, Master?" She asked once they were a distance away from the woman and the ship as they walked around the fountain.

    "Nothing Hakura. It seems everyone is preoccupied, another time perhaps Hakura. It looks like we might have to accelerate our time here and be ready to leave." Cairo said pondering on his thoughts. He then remembered something. He stopped in his tracks and Hakura stopped abruptly and was about to ask why ad then he said out loud.

    "Masamune." He needed to get in contact with him but how?

    "Hakura prep my ship and have it ready to go." Cairo said to her.

    "As you wish." with that she vanished into the Palace and back to the Shadowrunner.

    Cairo walked up the steps soon after and made his way to the kitchen area once more as he was starving for some food before he leaves. He could smell the heavenly smell of the ready food as it wafered down the corridor he was walking through until he reached the kitchen door and looked upon the sight of the food laid out before him on the table on which Mara was enjoying on her own.

    "Where is everyone else?" He asked her.

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    A note concerning MOE's last post regarding Ariek.
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    ~OOC~ Special thanks to both Pashatemur and X-T-M.@};- @};-
    I really appreciate everything you both have done. Without your input, this post would of been a mere shadow of what it is now.

    ~IC~ + Guest Appearances: Se'Iva and Aerith Lockhart
    Hapes Consortium - Heavenly Lookout

    Se'Iva walked with purpose to stand opposite the angry man. "You are disturbed," she stated simply.

    What am I doing? I asked myself as I stopped by my gear, neatly stacked against the wall. I can't carry it all in my arms at once. I reached down and picked up the sheath with my free hand and left the rest to pick up later.

    Se watched with curiosity, perceiving the man's momentary dilemma and with a curl of her extended fingers, levitated the gear and raised her brows in query at Rowan.
    Rowan?s aspect stony and off-putting, Se?Iva set the gear down, detecting the man's reticence though at a loss as to the impetus for it.

    She was only trying to help. I could feel the set of my muscles and by the look of her face, she could see my anger. Managing a faint smile I grabbed both saber hilts and attached them where they belong on my belt. "Please. No offence but I am a bit iffy about others near my belongings. I can sort the rest out later."
    Se?Iva nodded. I expected her to take that as a polite invitation to leave me be, but instead the woman remained.

    As I reattach the sheath to my belt, I walked out into a corridor, the Cha?ala still at my side and I moved to a passage, the only path I know in the place and that leads to the main entrance of the Palace. I crisscrossed my tracks and tried to lose her but the woman would not quit my side! Well, if she found herself lost, I suppose she would fend well enough. Clearly she was force sensitive and seemed able enough.

    My mind turned in the tense, quiet conversation with Cairo. His actions had disappointed and upset me. With each furthering step further I took, my mind slowly moved past the anger phase and into a more focused line of thought. Is he still an agent of evil? Or does he think I'm still a kid? Why didn't I just walk away sooner. Why is this 'angel' still following me?
    ?Listen, um? I don?t know how to say your name,? I said as pleasantly as I could under the circumstances. ?If you just go back the way you came, you?ll be where you are suppose to be.?

    ?I am where I choose to be, thank you, and where Se?Iva chooses to be is where Se?Iva should be,? she answered warmly, the voice, which I realized I had not heard previously, almost? mesmerizing!
    I stopped and turned to look at the strange beauty and then seeing she was intent and really not knowing what her reaction would be, nor caring at the moment just wanting to put some room between myself and Cairo, I continued.

    So intent was I that I walked past the large open doors to the main entrance of the palace and out onto the great columned porch onto the first large step before realizing it was raining, large drops pelting down on me. I blinked and then found myself laughing as the sensation cleared my mind, free of everything. I held out my arm and let the droplets form in my hand, my dirt encrusted arms streaking as the beads of water trailed down.
    There was the alien woman standing with me in the rain and the moment seemed so odd after all that had happened, I could only laugh the more.
    She cocked her head slightly and seemed, though I was guessing, for her face was so serenely placid, her facial expressions were subtle and fleeting.
    ?The humidity amuses you,? she asked and turned her pale face up to the rain and closed her eyes only to look again to me and laugh in what had to have been sheer imitation, a strange flexing of her facial muscles as to mimic mine.

    ?Um? actually that?s not your best look,? I offered the still sardonic looking Se?Iva, before sighing as the magic wore off and turning back to the main entrance for a place to sit out of the downpour. Upon nearing the
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    ~OOC~ This post is a tribute to S-J-M who was a character consultant for this post. Many thanks mate.

    "Just like old times."

    ~IC~ Ariek - Kal-El
    Icarus - Hapes Consortium - Heavenly Lookout

    Resting her legs over the arm of the command chair while sitting at an angle, Ariek relaxed on the dark bridge, reading and decrypting Rowan's journal. The sound of the rain was soothing, the only thing missing was a bed and a holodrama to fit the mood.

    The squeaking sound of boots pacing back and forth destroyed the serenity. This was the twenty-fourth time Kal returned from a lap around the ship, something has got him anxious.
    Ariek sighed and turned her head to face him. "Kal. Stop it! The floor is polished enough. It doesn't need you going over it again for the hundredth time!"

    "He has been gone for ages," Kal pointed out the viewport. "What's taking him?"

    She closed her eyes to rest them from the screens. "Did it ever occur to you that he is having a romantic time with the love of his life?"

    "Not for one second." Kal replied. "It's not like him to take such a drastic choice unless he was forced into it. Do you think that happened?"

    "Oh give it a rest Kal." She then returned to her reading.

    "What are we suppose to do till he get back? Its coming along dinner time." Kal interrupted her.

    "Go figure!" Ariek waved her hand at him. "Can't you take hint? Do I have to spell it out to you?"

    Kal stood there at the doorway, stunned for a second and then laughed it off. "Ha ha, I get it. I get it. Let me know where you like to be dining tonight, I'll get the dinner started."

    Ariek didn't bother to answer him, she was more absorbed with the text on the screen. Eager to find out what happened in the past. Kal took a few seconds to soak her in and then turned away, leaving her alone on the bridge to her reading.

    Bright luminescence flooded into the bridge through the viewport, bathing everything in an eerie white light. Ariek swung her legs off the armrest and stood up to see what is the cause of it. From her viewpoint, the exterior beyond the window was shrouded by the illumination. She dumped her datapad on the command chair and rushed over to the systems console. The proximity alarm had been triggered on the ship, the white dots on the sensors indicate two life forms standing in range of the ship. Immediately she could tell 'Outrider' was not one of them.

    "Kal!" She called out, hoping he was nearby. No answer came. "Oh great. I was just comfortable too."

    * * * * * * * *

    Ariek stepped back onto the bridge after coming back from her quarters with her parka. Made from bovine leather, soaked in red dyed to make it the colour purple. Fleece from the Ovis used for the lining, to insulate the wearer against the cold. It was given to her for their last adventure: the ill fated rescue of Constance, Queen of Calinor.

    She wove past the tactical display to check the sensors again, just incase the two had moved on.
    "Hmm..." She sighed and saw that the two white dots were still there. "I'm going to get wet."

    She threw on the parka, the hood still down and done each button up. She then flicked her hair out of the back and made sure it wasn't catching on anything. Her comlink chirped, she leaped over to the command chair to sit down and answer it. "Icarus, Ariek speaking."

    ["Ariek, just the one I wanted to speak to."] Rowan's voice broadcasted through the speakers.

    Ariek sat up properly to the sound of his voice. "Hey babe, how are things?"

    ["Oh just dandy. You and Kal?"]

    "Great. Great.... Just keeping busy. Kal's a worrywart, wearing a hole through many decks." She slowly leaned on the console. "What's up?"

    ["Oh, I need your help with something."] He paused for a second. The rattle of keys on a keyboard could be heard in the background. ["I need your help to find the location of the Raptor's Fury. The-"]

    "I've found it already." She exclaimed.

    ["-ition. You're k
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