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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by MASTER-OF-EVIL, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. 694377

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    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Nightshroud
    Kashyyyk - Rwookrrorro

    "Nothing had 'Arrived', i was seeing if, and only if, you believed in Myths, that's all..."

    Nightshroud walked back towards Masamune.

    "And i would class this as imprissonment if you donnot allow me to leave this instant"

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    Feb 27, 2007
    IC: Kildare Offal
    Rwookrrorro, Kashyyyk

    Kildare finally heard the question. In his worry of a new Sith he had not given it any thought. Kil was a slight confused as to why this bounty hunter would be asking that. Of all the questions in the world. Kil also figured he was reading into the situation to much. It may have been an innocent completely off-topic question. The crazy and lunatic population of the galaxy supplied these questions in the thousands.

    ?To answer your first question, yes I do. But aren?t you an antsy creature? Why do you need to leave so quickly??

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    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Nightshroud
    Kashyyyk - Rwookrrorro

    Nightshroud was getting bored of exclaiming himself over so many times. It seemed that the Jedi were suspisous about him. He placed his hands on his hips and looked directly at Kildare in the eyes.

    "Must i keep exclaiming myself? I am a Bounty Hunter, i hunt Bounty...But then again, there is another dark secret, hidden in my long-forgotten past..."

    Nightshroud then looked down onto the floor.

    "A few years ago, i was captured and imprissoned, similar to what you two are doing right now...I was tested on..."

    Looking back up, he glanced over at a small knife.

    "Tested on by a sith lord, who had disappeared, and never re-surfaced. That is why i asked do you believe in myths, the myth of Lord Talos...Many sith lords do not entirely believe in the myths, and never spoke of them, whilst i was doing jobs for them a few years back, and neither did you Jedi. Did you ever hear the myth? I don't think you ever did, not many know it..."

    Nightshroud then turned back and looked at them both.

    "He travels by the Night, the shadow, and hardly ever shows himself in the daylight, but if you knew him as i once did..."

    TAG: Masamune, Kildare

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    Nov 10, 2004
    GM Notice: Just wanted everyone to know that we have won Best New Star Wars RPG in the Summer 2007 Role Playing Forum Awards which was recently held.

    Congrats to all of you for as well for the work thus far and continue to do so in future. This win is for you guys :)


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    Jun 22, 2007
    OOC:Sorry for keeping up with the Blockade business I got it through my thick skull now.[face_beatup]If you get my meaning.

    Corellia - Science Building

    Vandormir felt that it was time to make his presence known.
    "Begin heating up the speeder, I want at least a battalion of guards to come with me on this mission all armed with Force Pikes."Vandormir said as his advisor straped on his cape.
    'This is how the Cha'ala will meet their end.'Vandormir said rage building up in him.
    "My leige the speeder is warmed up, and we have prepared the Elite Guards to begin their journey."The Advisor said
    "Excellent we leave now."Vandormir said calmly.
    'So it begins.'Vandormir felt something say in his head.
    Shaking his head the growing pain leaving.
    He quickly walked to his speeder.
    "Men tonight we have dinner in the Flagship of the Cha'ala!"Vandormir said
    "No Survivers! No Survivers! No Survivers!"The Elite Guards said
    'Excellent.'Vandormir heard it again, but this time stronger.
    Vandormir watched as his troops loaded up,this is what he was waiting for after all the skirmishs with the Goverment, all the recruiting vidoc's.
    "Drive Commander."Vandormir said
    The speeder began to gain speed as they left the hanger.

    They arrived at the Castle in minutes.
    "Wait here."Vandormir said to the commander "Any sound of a fight join in."
    Vandormir began his rampage in the castle killing every thing that came into his presence.Throwing nobles into the wall, crushing guards heads with the force,and redering the porters usless.Untill he came to a cringing noble.
    "Tell me where is A'grive Dur? Now or you will die a horrible death."Vandormir said noticing the fear in the nobles face.She pointed down the altered hallway.
    "Thank you."Vandormir said before choking the life out of her.
    He continued down the hall, noticing many ex-students.

    TAG:A'grive Dur

    OOC:I didnt know what to call the noble class so I just called them nobles, tell me if this is ok.

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    Nov 10, 2004
    OOC: Sorry for the very long delay on this post everyone but it was a necessary one. Thank you, X-T-M, Time_Jedi and Pashatemur for your respective inputs as your characters and everyone hope you enjoy it. The main characters have arrived into the rpg finally lol. Sorry again people.

    IC: Darth Scimitar/Mara Blade/Hakura/ Se'Iva
    On-Board Scimitar's vessel Scythe on-route to Hapes Consortium

    Scimitar piloting his ship and by his side his apprentice Hakura on the co-pilot's chair and he looked over his shoulder to see his new woman in his life, he couldn't stop stealing a glance of your beauty and her radiance and couldn't help but smile as she came up behind him and then followed by his wife Mara as she took her spot behind that of Hakura and looked outwards through the viewscreen and Scimitar returned his gaze as he saw one new Republic cruiser as a shuttle looked to have docked within.

    Scimitar piloting his ship and by his side his apprentice Hakura on the co-pilot's chair and he looked over his shoulder to see the woman who had long occupied his thoughts approaching. He smirked. Again, she was clothed only enough to satisfy the barest of social mores. Her platinum tresses provided nearly more cover than the filmy aqua shimmersilk that floated about her tall and lithe frame.

    Se?Iva had been his enemy, a dread enemy. The irony made Scimitar smile. How all had come to pass, and now she would be his ally, a much-needed ally. Still, just now, it was not her strategic relationship to him that made him glance at her. He couldn't stop stealing a glance of her beauty and her radiance, her unabashed and clear blue gaze always unnerving and he couldn't help but smile as she came up behind him. He could feel her warmth, after all, there was little between her flesh and the rest of existence!

    Se?Iva was pensive, though she noted Blade?s glances. She considered his possessive attitude with reason, considered how he regarded her hungrily and she smiled faintly, allowing her opalescent skin to fluoresce for a moment. He had come to know Cha ways to know what that meant.

    She had learned to accept these emotional mental forays of his, identified much of it as Sith, distinct from many of the Galaxy?s species, though not so dissimilar as many non-Sith thought and she understood them quite well. She could enjoy them too, though her delight could come just as easily without touch as with it, the connection of all things in the fluid and nurturing ether brought all forms of communication!

    Blade liked her long and fluid movement. It appealed and stirred him though they were not necessarily movements meant to excite him. Still, she obliged his admiring eyes and his desire by stroking his shoulders as she came up behind him, sending the warmth of her own life radiance into his body with abandoned. There was no need to speak. She might have kissed him, but she was learning decorum, and Mara came behind her.

    Scimitar took her small gesture with satisfaction, and noted Mara?s cryptic demeanor as she followed behind Se?Iva and took her spot behind that of Hakura and looked outwards through the view screen. Scimitar?s attention was taken however by an occurrence beyond the view port and returned

    his gaze forward as he saw one new Republic cruiser as a shuttle looked to have docked within.

    "I was begin to wonder if the Republic will start upgrades on their cruisers," Scimitar commented.

    "Well if it wasn't for your declaration of war 20 years ago and to add the fact you either destroyed or took our manufacturers from the Republic, then we would've upgraded a longtime ago." Mara replied to his observation.

    "Don't blame me that you were on the receiving end of this and to the fact i wasn't leading the Sith for the last 20 years either, that was Hakura, you can blame her for that as i was fighting my own war within the Core," Scimitar eyed Se'Iva behind him.

    Mara saw the c
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    ~OOC~ Thank you X-T-M for you most valued input. Also for M-O-E for some advice. And Congrates to everyone for the RPG winning it's award. Keep up the Great Work :)

    Location: Hapes Consortium - Heavenly Lookout

    "So where were we mister, so tell me whats bothering you, Outy?" She said with some concern.
    "I don't know what to say." I said and shook my head. "I believe it all is coming to an end."

    Enimsaj nodded. "Every beginning has an end and I can feel mine is nearing, I don't know why but I feel at peace with the thought." Enimsaj mostly speaking to herself distantly.

    Peace. Lucky girl. That's the only think I ever wanted in my life. Wait, that is not entirely true, there is something else that I want...
    "Hapes is the only place that I feel safe and at peace." I told Enimsaj and nodded at the battle. "It appears that is no longer so."

    Enimsaj tilted her head. "It still can be, Outy. Your eyes can decieve you, don't trust them and the peace you seek is within not without if you catch my meaning." Enimsaj winked at the scruffy looking Outrider.

    "Words cannot describe what I have been through." I said to her.

    "I'm sure words can describe whats coursing through you. Mmmm the heart, the center of the total personality, especially. with reference to intuition, feeling, or emotion. Too much turmoil in you Outy.

    "You wanted to know what is on my mind? All you had to do was ask. You know all of what happened to me before, I think it is fair that I should allow you to know the rest. " I told her as I surrendered myself to her. "Do what you have to do, I will not fight you."

    Enimsaj smiled. "Oh Outy, you would actually let me? Wow, thats something I didn't expect from you." Enimsaj said this while walking towards him and she closed her eyes and put her right palm over his face without touching him. The process was easy to enter but usually everyone has their barriers before fully opening up into their minds and such Enimsaj was probing for any barriers and found some she expected to see.

    I could feel her connecting to my mind and searching through to find out where she last got to. I felt a bit of panic as she went to the opposite direction, dug deeper into my mind and uncovered something private about some repressed feelings. I opened my eyes and saw a cheeky smile light up her face.
    Please do not tell anyone. I telepathically begged her as she double backed to my latest experiences. It's the only thing that keeps me going now.

    'Whatever you say, mister. I wonder if....oh never mind.' she replied telepathically. Enimsaj was through and his mind was open to hers and she was transported to an open vastness and began her trip down memory lane.

    I opened my eyes under her instructions and saw a different view. Instead of looking deep into Enimsaj's eyes, I found myself looking at rough grey water. At the tip of a headland over looking a harbour, I stood by the edge, I could feel the air currents around me, the wind tugging my hair. Anchored off shore the Estel rocked amongst the waves, she is the largest vessel under Constance's Royal Navy and my former flagship.

    To my right I witness a small fleet of ships entering from between the gap of the heads into the harbour, they carry the flags of a distant nation that I ran into years ago. When Constance became Queen of her country, She asked me to join her navy and presented me with the rank: 'Admiral of the Fleet'. As Supreme Commander of her Royal Navy, she ask me to explore and make peace with other nations under her name. During that voyage, we came across a realm that was more advance than her people but still underdeveloped compared to the galaxy. Their people helped repair my ship after it was damaged by the coral reefs in their area. When I tried to sign them on as allies, they refused and said that they have no interest in interacting with other countries that are 'primitive' to them. 'Pri

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    Nov 10, 2004
    OOC: This is another Joint-Post with Master_Of_The_Sith thanks again!

    IC: Grandmaster Vanda and Lotus Kaan(The Boss)
    Hapes Consortuim - Heavenly Lookout - Lower Docking Bay - Upper Study Room

    "You want me to tell you about the power of the dark side?" Kaan said wonderingly.

    Vanda had the dragon's eyes again: half closed, gleaming under heavy lids. "Strong, strong the dark side is in this place," he murmured. "Touch it you can, like a serpent's belly sliding under your hand. Taste it, like blood in the air....Tell me of the dark side, apprentice."

    "I'm not your apprentice anymore," Kaan said.

    Vanda snuffed: laughed: stirred the air with his crooked stick. "You think Vanda stops teaching, just because his student does not want to hear?

    Vanda a teacher is. Vanda teaches like drunkards drink. Like killers kill," he said softly. "But now, you be the teacher, Kaan. Tell me: is it hard to find the power of the dark side?"

    "No. The lore of the Sith---that is another matter. But to touch the power of the dark side, to begin to know it, all you have to do is....allow yourself.

    Relax. We carry the dark side within ourselves," Kaan said. "Surely you must know that by now. Surely even Vanda has felt it. Half of life, dark to balance the light, waits inside you like an orphan. Waiting to be welcomed home.

    "We all desire, Vanda. We all fear. We are all beset. A Jedi learns to suppress these things: to ignore these things: to pretend they don't exist, or if they do, they apply to someone else, not us. Not the pure. Not the Protectors." Kaan found himself beginning to pace. "To know the dark side is merely to stop lying. Stop pretending you don't want what you want. Stop pretending you don't fear what you fear. Half the day is night, Master

    Vanda. To see truly, you have to learn to see in the dark."

    "Mmmmmmmm." Vanda hummed and grunted, eyes nearly closed now. "The dark side, power would give me."

    "Power over all. When you understand your own evils of others, it makes them pitifully easy to manipulate. It's another kind of push-feather," The

    Boss said. "The dark side will show you the stiff places in a being. His dreads and needs. The dark side gives you the keys to him."

    "Hmph. Very fine that is, but Vanda has power," the ancient Master said, examining his hairy toes. "I live in a palace bigger than this one, if I count the Temple as a palace. Kaan is a master of armies: but Vanda is a master of armies, too. So far, we are even."

    "Is there such a thing as too much power?" Kaan mused. "For instance," he continued carefully, "there was a day when your power was clearly greater than mine. Today, however, I have waxed as you have waned. You stand in my citadel. I have at my command servants and droids and great powers of my own that I think would overwhelm even you. It is possible that at a single word, I could have you killed. And without you, how long would those dear to you last? I could have them, one by one: Mas and Mara, Rowan and precious young Enimsaj, too. Surely you would feel safer if this were not so."

    Vanda cocked his head to one side. "Like Enimsaj, you do not?"

    "Perhaps she reminds me too much of myself at the same age. Arrogant. Impulsive. Proud. I realize humility is high among the Enforced Virtues, the ones no one acquires by choice; but that being said, if fate is looking for an instrument to humble Enimsaj, I confess myself willing to volunteer."

    Vanda reached behind his back with his stick, trying to scratch a spot just between his shoulder blades. "Power over beings, need I not. What else can it give me, this dark side of yours?"

    "What game are you playing here, Master Vanda?"

    Vanda smiled at the use of the term Master---curse him--and shrugged.

    "No game. Wasteful, this war is. Even you agree. Sent you the rose, did I: you know there can be coming home for you. Know this, both of us do, and if come back to the Temple you wish, I will take you there."

    "Very kind,"

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    Nov 10, 2004
    IC: Lord Crispo
    Corellia - In a Cave somewhere.

    Crispo looked about in the darkness of the cave he was in. He ad no trouble looking in the darkness but the one thing is increasingly troubled is that, it was silent only the dripping of water nearby and his senses could not detect anything but that doesn't mean there isn't anything in the cave. And then Crispo heard something very faint nearby, as if something was on the move but it wasn't a natural movement like a serpent would as if it was struggling to move with ease but he could not see anything even his Force assisted vision could not see anything before him.

    Crispo had his hand over his saber and unclipped it from his belt and kept it un-ignited in his hand and walked cautiously looking from side to side and above him just in case, as he moved onwards he noticed it was getting, more darker and the air more thicker.

    "A lot of moisture in the air. Interesting." He murmured to himself. Then he definitely saw movement from the corner of his eye and the crimson glow from his blade was showing the determined expression on his face as he looked at the direction of where he saw movement. And journeyed further as the darkness envelopes Crispo for every step forward. The light from his saber was vanishing within the darkness until it became nothing but a candle in the distance.....

    Little did he know, he was being watched......

    Tag: Agrive Dur or whatever Beastie that resides with that cave lol
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    OOC: I noticed, M-O-E, that you took a little of Yoda's teachings for that post.

    MASTER-OF-EVIL Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 10, 2004
    OOC: I have little soft spot for the little green guy hehe. His my inspiration behind Vanda :)

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    IC: Enimsaj
    Hapes Consortium - Heavenly Lookout

    Enimsaj was searching for a recollection of the name Marcus....she remembered. It was when Fett had returned from his mission that The Boss had given him and he came back with a man, who was all tied up and it all made sense to her now. Fett wanted or rather Kaan Rowan and used Fett to get him but somehow Rowan wasn't there and obtained the next option better by getting bait to lure Rowan out. Enimsaj then thought why does Kaan want Rowan? There must be some weird reason why Kaan is interested in Rowan. Mmmm should I or shouldn't I find what is the connection between him and Kaan, Enimsaj was contemplating what to do now with this new found link between Rowan and The Boss. Then she thought of a plan to do one thing while she is doing something else when probing Outy' mind.

    "Okay, Mister Outy. By the way, I have seen this Marcus recently, my employer hired the bounty hunter known as Fett, I think to get you but he got this Marcus fella instead to possibly to use as bait, I'm not sure but my employer has a keen interest in you specifically, I'm not sure why. Oh well, anyway lets do this." She said casually. This time she didn't need to place her hands over his face, as she had made the link between them and still maintained it, so she closed her eyes once more to search deeper as he opened up once more fully but little that he knew that Enimsaj was backtracking deeper at the same time, while looking into his recent events. She smiled while doing this but also from somewhere nearby she could feel that feeling she felt 20 years ago on Vjun! It was him, again and this time he was here! Or rather just arrived. This is what, Enimsaj yearned for because whoever this person was her link to her origins, she could feel it within her.

    She had to concentrate on the now and deal with that matter once this was over as she traveled deeper and found herself being absorbed once more into unfamiliar grounds as the light started to fade to black and then to normal vision, another event was happening before her now......

    Tag: Outy
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    May 27, 2005
    IC: [hl=black]The Guardian of Light Masamune[/hl]
    Kashyyyk - Rwookrrorro

    Masamune stood in silence, as he listened to the hunter's tale. This could be an interesting opening, since if this 'shadow walker' is a Sith then it would be prudent to know more and understand the situation better as they have little to go on by at this point in time.

    "I see the truth in your words, young hunter. You will be our double agent, since now you are working for the Republic. You will do the task that has been given to you by the Sith," Masamune looked at the sheet that was given to him the hunter, "You will go to the rest of the planets except for Hapes, do I make myself clear? If there is a breach in that agreement, you will have me to answer to." Masamune paused and looked at the Padawan and smiled,

    "Padawan Offal, you will track this 'myth' down, the hunter will give you all the details you need to know and discover about this particular Sith. Once you make contact, let me know as soon as possible. This way we can understand what we are up against, when the time is ready." Masamune placed a hand on the Padawan's shoulder came in closer so he can only hear.

    "Keep your eyes open, on this. This hunter may change his mind at anytime, keep him at arm's length and also with this Sith he speaks of, so be prepared for anything ok. This will be an important mission for you." Masamune reassured him with a smile and placed his hand into his pouch within his crimson robe and brought out a small device and handed it out to the Padawan.

    "This is a communicator but also its a tracking device with coordinates and the coordinates as displayed is of where your Master is. Use this as a last resort okay and I have one myself so I know as well if you need assistance if Master Mara is unavailable to arrive." Masamune rose his head back and looked at the weary hunter.

    "Hunter, you have your clearance to leave, as soon as you return to your contractors and fulfilled their obligations, once they let you leave, you will arrive back here and give us Intel about Corellia. If they ask about Hapes, just say The royal family don't deal with the Jedi nor Republic as they have maintained their neutrality still." Masamune said. "Padawan, your Jedi fighter is fueled up and prepped on the south docks."

    "May the Force Be With You, Padawan Offal. May the winds of the Force, guide on you on your path." Masamune started to back away from both of them and turned to head back to the command center at the top.

    Tag: Padawan Offal and Nightshroud
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    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Nightshroud
    Kashyyyk - Rwookrrorro

    Now given the permission to leave, Nightshroud left without another word. He soon approached the shuttle, and took out a small device. Pressing a button, the ship's rampway opened up, and so Nightshroud walked into the shuttle. Nightshroud sat down in the pilot seat, and slowly begun the shuttle for it's takeoff from the planet. The rampway closed up, and the Shuttle then begun to hover. Then, it zoomed off from the planet's surface, and into space.

    "So he does not want me to go to Hapes...It seems that Kal is on Hapes afterall, and so they donnot want me to go after him..."

    Then, Nightshroud remembered back to a certain day during his childhood. He was now beginning to have second thaughts about Kal, not because of the Jedi's words, but his brother that he hardly knew.

    "So it seems i am working for both the Jedi and the Sith once more...This could become interesting"

    Pulling a lever on the control pannel, the ship's computer begun to countdown until making the jump to hyperspace. Soon after, the shuttle zoomed off...


    Now arriving at Coruscant, Nightshroud landed outside his apartment, on a platform where one of his long lost friend's ship lay, cold, and unused for a very long time. Nightshroud was sure that Talos would eventually contact him, and when he does, it would seem that interesting things would develop.

    TAG: Anyone
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    Mar 27, 2007
    IC: Lord Talos

    Talos had been sitting on a rooftop for some time now, and had been meditating. Suddenly, he heard his name echo through the waves of the force.

    Some believes...

    Talos smiled, and opened his eyes. It was slowly beginnning to grow dark upon Corellia, and he had to find a place to sleep for the rest of the night.


    Talos saw a shuttle, which was left out within the night upon of the sith platforms. Taking a look to see if anyone was around, Talos dived down and ran into the shuttle. Quickly preparing the Co-odinates, the runway folded up and in, and the ship was ready for it's journey.

    If i know Nightshroud like i know the palm of my hand, then he would...

    Talos then remembered that he needed permission to leave the planet, but since he knew the force very well, it would come in handy. He walked out of the ship, and approached a nearby guard. Using the same technique as he used on the last guard he encountered, the guard gave him clearance to leave. Talos ran back within the shuttle, and pushed a lever, making it hover. Then inputting Coruscant's co-orinates, the ship begun to leave Corellia's surface.

    Now, it's time to have a brilliant sleep...

    TAG: Nightshroud, anyone
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    Feb 27, 2007
    IC: Kildare Offal
    Rwookrrorro, Kashyyyk

    Kildare watched the Bounty Hunter leave as soon as Masamune was out of sight. He clearly had an agenda. The strange man had said nothing of Talos, so Kil had no leads. Except one. He had sensed that Nightshroud had something to hide. It felt as if he had been concealing a bit from the two Jedi. Kildare walked to the Hangar that Nightshroud had left from.

    He walked to the computer that held all navicomputer information. The hunter had no doubt been unknowledgeable on the subject or he would have erased the ships information. His ship had left too quickly for that. Kil was hopeful as he accessed the memory banks. He logged into the departures folder and found what he was looking for relatively quickly. Nightshroud?s ship had left for Coruscant.

    If his suspicions had been true about the hunter, then he would come into contact with this Talos thing soon. If the guy was as powerful as Nightshroud had said, then he would have known where he was. He would know where Nightshroud was going. Kildare?s best bet of finding this Talos guy, was to follow the hunter.

    Kildare walked to his ship. It had been refueled just as Masamune has said. Kil flicked his wrist and the cockpit opened. He leapt into the ship and closed the cockpit with another flick. Kil set his coordinates for Coruscant and flew off of Kashyyyk. When he reached space, he engaged the small ship?s hyperdrive.

    [color=blue][b]To be continued[/b][/color]>
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    ~OOC~ What happened to everyone? Look alive people. Things are starting to heat up.

    Location: Hapes Consortium - Heavenly Lookout

    Fett! Now I have a name to go with the hunter. I thought to myself after Enimsaj gave me the news of what is going on. I should really go after Marcus now while I still can... But why should I? After what he has done to his sister, he can stay there and rot for all I care. Let his thoughts torment him while bound and under Fett's control. Yes, he can wait a while longer before I get him.

    But what of Enimsaj's employer? Who is this person? Why do they want me? There is something that she isn't telling me. She might hold the key to why I am being hunted? They can capture me, torture me, kill me even for all I care. But when they interfered with those close to me, they've made a big mistake and they shall pay.

    I felt the link with Enimsaj strengthen. I close my eyes and gave into the the odd sensations. This time around it felt different. It felt even more overwhelming than before as the past experiences replayed over again...

    I watched with a detached state of mind this time as I witness for the second time the past events that happened to me before I came to Hapes. From cradling Constance's motionless body in my arms. Kissing her for the last time, hoping that whatever power within me could bring her back to life. From the ray of Golden light engulfing us to the spectral form that stood before me. I consciously held back from being completely submerged in the experience like I was the first time with Enimsaj.

    At the back of my mind, I noticed when the change started in me. Something was wrong, something about me was altered at that point. Was Enimsaj doing something to me while I am occupied with these events play out again? Or is it my own doing? I asked myself while in my vision I witness the return journey taking Constance to her parents, Graccus and Rita. His Estate was overgrown with ivy climbing up the walls of the place. One of his servants came out and helped me carry her limp body to her old bedroom.

    "Master Táralóm." Graccus voice echoed, I have never hear him sounding so frail, worn and old. The name he called me was my foster name, it was what they call me on this world. "I see that you have returned with my daughter. Thank you."
    "I am sorry for what happened to her," My voice sounded different to my own ears. "It was out of my control."
    "Don't blame yourself boy. Bad things happen all the time, no one can control it. What happened?"
    "Marcus, your own son, had her kidnapped and brainwashed as bait to lure me out and control us both. He kept talking about some ancient line and that the keys were to be united and under his power."
    "I can't believe he would do this to his own sister."
    "Valin did this to her. Marcus couldn't hurt his own sister. Do what you can for her, I must go."
    "Where are you going boy? There is something you are hiding."
    "Valin has escaped and gone underground, Marcus has been taken by... a bounty hunter and I must go and get him back."
    "The hunter isn't from around these parts?"
    "You are right, the hunter isn't from this world."
    "Before you leave, there is something I have to show you. Something you should know about your parents and of your purpose."

    I should of left then and there, but curiosity got the best of me as I wanted to know more about my parents. The knowledge I was given left me broken and hollow inside. The truth about my father, and his lineage. What I am to them, the purpose they had installed for me if I was born and stayed on this world. When Graccus told me about all this, it was the 'final straw that broke the equidae's back'. Talk about kicking me when I'm down.

    There was some saving grace, which I picked up while witnessing it all again the second time around. It was something they didn't account for, I wasn't born on this world. In a sense, the only thing that saved me was my mother. She was a Jedi of the Corellian Order and she gave birth to me on Corellia. The problem
  18. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    IC: Kildare Offal

    Kildare awoke violently and his ship jerked in space. He blinked a few times and then looked around. He was in Coruscant space. He must?ve dozed off. Kildare checked his sensors, confused as to what woke him up, but nothing was around. He blamed his internal alarm clock and then maneuvered his ship into the atmosphere.

    Kildare found a landing pad and piloted down. He hopped out of his ship and walked down to the hangar. A man was walking up to him, Kildare sensed it was about a landing fee and he waved his hand. The man stopped walking and pulled 50 credits out of his own pocket and then turned around.

    Kil made his way out of the hangar and stood at the edge of the street. He had located the hunter to be, against all odds, in the same sector, and now tried to pinpoint his location. Kildare was standing with blank eyes for quite some time. No one gave him a second look as he stood there.

    He was silent and nearly invisible in the shadows only those standing within four feet could see him, but the bustling street had no care for him. After a longer while, Kil decided on a direction. He turned around and walked down an alley. Then took a left. He disappeared from those on the streets and tried to find the hunter.

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  19. 694377

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    Jun 24, 2006
    OOC: Just to let you guys know, Sedgi PMed me last night and told me he'd be away for about a week or so, and asked me to take control of his characters until he returns.:)

    [b]IC: Nightshroud[/b]
    [i]Coruscant - Nightshroud's Apartment[/i]

    Whilst relaxing, Nightshroud watched a small ship fly by his apartment. It resembled Talos's shuttle which Nightshroud had already taken, but he could feel that Talos was inside it. Nightshroud smiled, and poured some water into a glass, and took a sip. Suddenly from his view, he could see Kildare roaming the higher-city of Coruscant.

    [i]...Please, not this again...[/i]

    [b]TAG: Kildare Offal[/b]


    [b]IC: Lord Talos[/b]
    [i]Coruscant - Lower-city - laboratory[/i]

    Landing in the lower-city of Coruscant, the computer awoke Talos. He yawned, and picked himself up and out of the chair.

    [i][b]"It's going to be a beautiful day i think"[/b][/i]

    The runway slid open, and the door opened. Talos walked down, and towards the enterance of the Laboratory. He looked back at the sith shuttle, and used the force, sending it flying far up, past the lower-city, and possibly the higher-city since he never saw it again.

    He pressed up on the door, and re-opened the padlock. Within 5 seconds, the door had been opened. Lord Talos looked around on the floor for a shard of glass, and soon enough he found one. He wrote on the front of the door:


    Talos then threw the glass shard back into the lab, and sealed the door once more. Same as last time, he reached for a nearby switch, and flicked it. All of the lights came on, revealing the destroyed lab, and a multiple series of doors. Talos's door was on the left down on the next floor. He made his way down the stairs, and used the force to turn out the lights, then turned on the other floor's set of lights so he could see again.

    Talos walked up towards the door, and looked upon it. Remembering everything that had been done within this lab, he flicked the switch with the force, and sealed himself within the dark and empty room, sealing it from the inside...>
  20. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    IC: Kildare Offal

    Kildare glanced up at the room he had been watching for an hour. Finally he saw the hunter?s face. Kildare smiled at him and disappeared. He masked himself from the Force and turned himself invisible with a Stealth Generator. Along with Kildare, he had sensed a powerful presence in a speeder. It had passed the hunter?s home. Kildare kept invisible until out of sight of Nightshroud. Once there he jumped into an alley and popped back into view.

    Kildare kept his head down and put his hood on as he walked into the bustling streets again. Once more he blended into the people and scenery.

    Tag: 694377(as Talos mostly or Nightshroud)
  21. 694377

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    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Nightshroud
    Coruscant - Nightshroud's Apartment

    He watched as Kildare looked and smiled at Nightshroud, which made him pretty much angry. Because of an unknown thaught, Nightshroud was slowly beginning to think about regrouping with Vandormir. But there was another thaught, a silent thaught destined to die silently. To join Kildare and the others and to erase the sith from Corellia. Right now, Nightshroud had many thaughts running through his head as he watched Kildare, right until he lost track of him when he had put his hood over his head. Nightshroud could just about find Kildare within the bustling streets of the higher-city, but something did'nt seem right...

    TAG: Kildare
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    Apr 11, 2005
    OOC: Thanks Master_Of_The_Sith and Mandalore_Fett for your input in this post.

    IC: Enimsaj
    Hapes Consortium - Heavenly Lookout

    As Enimsaj found the source she was looking for at the sametime felt Outy 'attempting' to do the same but he wasn't mentally strong to do so, the man is an emotional wreck! With that Enimsaj slowly seeped out of the mind of Outy and opened her eyes and looked at his scruffy looking face and smiled and placed a hand on his cheek.

    "You did good, Outy. You did good." As she said this, she stole a glance over his shoulder and saw the bounty hunter, Mandalore Fett, standing on the steps underneath where Neltharion is perched on the roof.

    She grinned as to why the hunter is waiting undercover rather than out here, for the bounty on Outy's head.

    "It seems we have company, Outy." As she moved around him and her hand left never left him which now on his shoulder and leaned abit more closer.

    "Keep your eyes open, and follow my lead, scruffy lookin'." She smiled at him.

    Enimsaj walked towards the hunter and he evoked no movement as she neared him.

    "Greetings Fett, your here for the bounty on Rowan here?" she asked casually.

    Fett nodded.

    "Well thats too bad, as of right now, your true prize lies within the Palace," She indicated with her head.

    As she was going to say more, her comm burst to life.

    "Enimsaj, head to the Chamber right away and Fett, do not touch Rowan until I'm through with him, he is to come to at once! Kaan out!"

    "Well then it looks like the hunt is not over for you, bucket head." Enimsaj turned around and faced towards Outy.

    "Well come on, Outy! We are going inside. Everything is going to be alright. Want me to hold your hand." She grinned with her hand held outright for his.

    "Lets go, scruffy."

    She saw Fett already inside the Palace as she waited for Outy to come.

    Tag: Fett, Kaan, Mara, Cairo, Mr.Zee and finally Outy!

    MASTER-OF-EVIL Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 10, 2004
    IC: Grandmaster Vanda and Lotus Kaan(The Boss)
    Hapes Consortuim - Heavenly Lookout - Lower Docking Bay - Upper Study Room

    Behind him, broadcasting live on the holomonitors, the attack on Hapes played out.
    "I've tricked you into coming here." Kaan said smugly. "This is a trap."
    "A trap?" Vanda said vaguely. "Oh, yes it is."

    Vanda had said: 'When you fall, catch you I will.' Had he known even then, seventy years ago, that this day would come? Surely even Vanda could not of guessed that his star pupil would fall so very, very far.

    "To the dark side I do not think I shall go." Vanda said conversationally. "Not today. Feel the pull, do I? Of course! But a secret let me tell you, apprentice."
    "I'm not your apprentice," Kaan scowled him.
    Vanda ignored him.

    "Vanda, a darkness carries within him..." The Master said, "... and Kaan bears a light. After all these years! Across all these oceans of space! All these bodies you have tried to heap between us... and yet call to me still, this little Kaan does! Flies toward the true Force, like iron pulled to a magnet." Vanda cackled. "Even the blind seed grows to the light. Should mighty Kaan be unable to achieve what even the rose can do?"
    "I have gone too far down the dark path ever to return." The Boss replied.
    "Pfeh." Vanda snapped his fingers. "The empty universe, where is it now? Alone are you, Lotus, and no one your master. Each instant the universe annihilates itself, and starts again." He poked Kaan in the chest with his stick, hard. "Choose, and start again!"
    "Come." Vanda said urgently, he put his hand once more on Kaan's arm. "Catch you, I said I would. Believe you must: more forgiveness will you find from your old Master."

    The sound of hastened footsteps from outside interrupted them. The pilot of his shuttle burst into the room. "Master! There are Jedi in the Chamber of Light." he said. "They have come for the girl!"
    Kaan's eyes flickered over the security monitors until he found one showing the Chamber of Light.
    "Ah," he said to himself. Something in his face seemed to freeze and die. "I see you brought your 'Lifebringer'."
    "Understand you, I do not." Vanda said from behind him.
    "You didn't mention bringing Mara." Kaan said as he pointing to the holomonitor. "And Cairo, too. That changes the odds considerably."
    "Bring them, I did not!" Vanda snapped.
    "And yet, there she stands, with Cairo. A miracle and a prodigy to be sure. I suppose you left him under cover? Perhaps you missed a rendezvous? So easy it is to lose track of time, chatting with 'old friends'." the Boss stated.

    His eyes flicked to Vanda and to the lightsaber at the Jedi Master's belt. Instantly he was in the air himself, spinning away from Kaan's vicious attack before he was even consciously aware that it was coming. The blinding 'Lava' blur of Kaan's lightsaber split the air, slashing a burning line along Vanda's side before chopping the desk in half. Vanda whipped out his blade as he cleared the distance between them.
    "Wish to hurt you, I do not!" Vanda pleaded.
    "That's odd," Kaan remarked. "I intend to enjoy killing you."

    The tip of Kaan's lightsaber scored a burning line across Vanda's shoulder. The Boss's blade was quick as a viper striking. Among the other Jedi, perhaps only Masamune would have been his equal on neutral ground: but here on Hapes, steeped in the dark side that he created, his bladework was malice made visible---wickedness cut in yellowish-orange light.

    "I've hurt you!" Kaan said.
    "Many times," Vanda said. He considered his pain: let it drop. Now he had nothing Kaan to focus on, and his lightsaber gleamed with the same fierce
    green light that flickered from under his heavy-lidded eyes. "But killed me you did not, when you had the chance. A mistake, that was. More than eight hundred years has Vanda survived, through dangers you could not dream."
    "I know how to kill," Kaan said.
    Vanda's eyes opened wide, like orbs of green fire.
    "Yes---But Vanda knows how to live!"

  24. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    IC: Kildare Offal

    Kildare swiftly made his way down to the lower city of Coruscant. He followed the ion trails left by the ship he had seen. Kildare no doubt realized that Talos had been in the ship. He followed diligently, even after losing track of it for an hour. He finally found a raised platform, some ways above Kil. He sensed that something was up there and stood staring up for a moment.

    Kildare bent his knees and jumped up onto the landing pad with the aid of the Force. He unclipped his lightsaber and felt the activation button. Kildare walked forward to the door and felt around. He pushed up and a lock appeared. He used the Force to sense for an alarm and when he felt nothing he cut the lock of with his blue lightsaber. Kil ignored the sign roughly written on the door. He could tell it had been there for a short while.

    Kil walked into the lit room. Shards of glass and broken beakers littered the ground. Kildare noticed broken bacta tanks. The shards hinted they had been broken from inside out. This lab was used to create something. Kildare walked forward and sat on the ground. He saw the sealed door at the other end of the room. He sensed something on the other side. Something big. Kil waited for he knew it would come out eventually.

    Tag: Sedgi or 694377
  25. Corellian_Outrider

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    Mar 9, 2002
    Location: Hapes Consortium - Heavenly Lookout

    I closed my eyes for a moment and soaked in the warmth of her hand on my cheek. I felt most of the cold sorrow, the hollow emptiness and despair leave. I felt warmth returning to me, like the sun's rays in early spring thawing the winter's ice. I opened my eyes again to she her smiling back at me.
    "You did good, Outy. You did good." She said.

    The hairs on the nape of my neck pricked up and stood on end. There was a change in the wind. Something was happening. I noticed Enimsaj's eyes flickered to something beyond me.
    "It seems we have company, Outy." She whispered.
    She moved around me to face the intruder, her hand never left me as it trailed down to my shoulder, her fingers hooked onto the clasp of my chest plate and she pulled me closer to her.
    "Keep your eyes open, and follow my lead, scruffy lookin'." she flashed me another smile
    "Anything you say." I answered her as I drew upon the force to heightened my senses.
    I looked up to see a person clad in mandalorian armour, the bounty hunter, standing there, watching us. Enimsaj started talking with the hunter, my eyes narrowed and I gave a slight nod to Fett, acknowledging his presence. I could imagine cold, calculating eyes staring at me from behind the visor of his faceless helmet. I looked around to see if I can spot anything out of the ordinary. Where in blazes is Kal? I asked myself.

    Enimsaj received a call on her comm link. At that moment the strap securing the quiver to my back slipped down a bit. I tuned out of what was said as I readjusted the strap to a more comfortable position. I was tightening the buckle when Enimsaj drew her attention to me.
    "Well come on, Outy! We are going inside. Everything is going to be alright. Want me to hold your hand." She grinned with her hand held outright for mine.
    I regarded her hand for a second as I gave the strap a little tug to make sure that it was secure. Why not? I laughed to myself and answered her "Of course."
    "Let's go, scruffy."
    "Scruffy again? I'm sure I am not that bad."
    I gave her my hand without hesitation. I kept up the pace with her as we ran up into the palace.

    "I know where we are." I called out to Enimsaj as we scaled the staircase that led up to the Chamber of Time. It seem like it was another lifetime ago since I was here with Mara. before the Tatooine incident twenty years ago. "Why are we going there? That is off limits."

    TAG: All those on Hapes
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