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Discussion in 'Raleigh, NC' started by TallonKaardgamer, Apr 30, 2004.

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    Apr 9, 2002
    253 granby street ? norfolk, virginia 23510 - 1813
    phone ? 757.623.3600 ? fax 757.623.3630

    For Immediate Release

    For further information, contact:
    Mark Tuttle, 757.664.1151,
    Monica Jones, 757.664.1146,

    WARS TCG To Launch in October
    Popular Game Engine From Star Wars CCG Returns

    "When the screen is rolled up the great sky opens."
    - Wu-men kuan

    (Norfolk, VA?April 30, 2004) ? ?It is Earth-year 2391. Through a vast
    tear in the fabric of the universe, alien warriors emerge to fight an
    already embattled humanity. The sky is burning. The Gateless Gate has
    opened. The cosmic rip meanders like a burning string across the galaxy
    and slices through the asteroid field near the orbit of Jupiter. The
    great opening becomes known as, ?The Mumon Rip???

    WARS: The Mumon RipTM, a proprietary science fiction property and
    trading card game from Decipher will debut October 6, 2004. WARS TCG
    will have the same game mechanics that made Star Wars CCG one of the
    industry?s leading core products. The familiar game system will combine
    with an all-new science fiction setting, Joseph Campbell sensibility,
    and near limitless creation of new locations, powerful characters, and
    cool weapons. Former Star Wars CCG players who fondly remember the
    ?flow of The Force,? ?destiny draws,? and ?Force-draining? will find
    familiar mechanics and much more. Advanced TCG players looking for a
    new challenge will discover a multi-faceted combat system that provides
    movement among multiple theaters and a play experience unlike any other

    "We've received tens of thousands of emails from people asking us to
    bring back the mechanics from our Star Wars CCG," said Warren Holland,
    Decipher's CEO. "They tell us that no other TCG has been able to
    capture the excitement of battling in a sci-fi universe as well as the
    original. Re-introducing the game system with a proprietary storyline
    allows us to control its destiny for a long time to come. The WARS TCG
    will combine the familiar features players love from the original
    gameplay with major improvements designed to enhance long-term
    playability. This is Decipher's way of returning the gameplay to the
    players once and for all.?

    MORE ?>

    WARS ? Two

    John Howe will develop conceptual drawings to serve as a basis for many
    of the characters and locations illustrated in the game. Howe, one of
    the world?s best-known fantasy illustrators, helped create the look and
    feel of Middle-earth for The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. "We are
    enormously excited to have John add his creativity to our team," said
    Holland. Unlike the original game that used film images, the WARS TCG
    will be illustrated by Decipher's award-winning art studio and
    independent artists engaged by the company.

    Well-known sci-fi writer Michael Stackpole is collaborating with
    Decipher on the development of backstory for WARS: The Mumon Rip, that
    will serve as the basis for a series of short stories. ?The WARS TCG
    will feature a science fiction setting with a plot that unfolds through
    each new expansion much like that of the original game," said Tim
    Ellington, VP of Decipher's Game Studio. "With WARS TCG, you'll see an
    infinitely broader cast of characters, conflicts and situations than we
    had to work with in Star Wars. We won?t be limited to six hours of
    film; our only limits will be our creativity and imagination," adds

    The WARS TCG is being developed with a decade of development knowledge
    and feedback from players on how to improve gameplay. ?One departure
    for fans of the original game is that WARS TCG will feature a single
    card back,? Ellington said. ?The one-deck system provides much greater
    efficiency in deck construction and tournament play.? The one-deck
    system also allows the game to be draftable, a popular format for
    organized play that was awkward with the Star Wars CCG. Prospective
    players will be able to follow the game?s
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