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    This RPG is based on the manga Naruto. I must caution you that there are some spoilers in it for back story, but its mainly mixed with AU, so if you are not familiar with Naruto or haven't gone to far with the anime or manga, you can still play.

    [b][u][hl=silver]~*~<=Way of the Ninja=>~*~[/hl][/u][/b]


    [i]In the beginning there were two clans, Senju and Uchiha. The Senju were led by Senju Hashirama. The Uchiha leader were led by Uchiha Madara. Both men along with their clans were mortal enemies and war was never ending. Then one day the Senju leader asked for a truce between the two clans. The offering was to join together and form a hidden ninja village for the Fire country.

    A truce was finally accepted, and the Village Hidden in the Leaves was formed. Senju, Hashirama became the First Hokage, leader of all of Konaha. Uchiha, Madara and the rest of his clan became the security force. To Madara this was not enough and he felt that the elders and Senju clan had deceived the Uchiha clan. He also felt that it was he who should have became Hokage. The rest of the Uchiha clan were tired of war and were content with their role in Hidden Leaf.

    Abandoned and alone, Uchiha Madara battled for his beliefs by fighting the First Hokage. He was defeated and thought dead. He would later attack again with the power of the Sharingan which controls the Nine Tail Fox. The Fourth Hokage was able to stop the Nine Tail Fox by sealing it in to his own son, though he lost his life in doing so.

    Five years later the tragedy would hit the Uchiha clan. Uchiha Itachi along with the reemergence of Madara killed off the entire Uchiha Clan with the exception of Uchiha Sasuke.

    Destruction of Konoha would come again twelve years later with Uchiha Madara. He partnered himself with none other than clan member Uchiha Sasuke. Together they took revenge on Konoha.

    Though they teamed up it was a reluctant partnership on account of Sasuke. His only goal was to kill the Elders for what he felt were their part in the killing of the Uchiha Clan. Madara, on the other hand wanted complete revenge.

    Sasuke killed the elders but turned on Madara afterwards. With the help of Uzumaki Naruto and the rest of the Leaf Ninja they were able to kill Madara. In the end Sauke went to prison for war crimes against Konoha. He served his time, then when he got out he set out on his goal to restore his clan.

    The war left Konoha devastated, but the people of the Leaf village took it upon themselves to rebuild. It was hard for they had suffered huge losses. The Fifth Hokage lost her life along with many other ninja. Hatake Kakashi became the Sixth Hokage. [/i]

    [b]Present Day:[/b]

    [i]Many years have passed and the village is still being rebuilt. The Sixth Hokage has retired and the Seventh Hokage has just been named. Uzumaki Naruto finally reached his goal being named the Seventh Hokage.

    The village is in time of peace, but vulnerable, for the Hokage it means that the Leaf Village can not be complacent. They need to build up its ranks to show that they are indeed still powerful. The building of a new Ninja Academy has just finished and is awaiting to open its doors for the first time.

    Somewhere in the distance within the forests, a shadow emerges. Cloaked and masked a dark figure looks on without being noticed. Then the dark figure disappears as mysteriously as he came.[/i]


    This RPG will start out with the academy where you work your way up to higher ranks. I would like most players to be academy students. Chuunin and Jounin are still needed as well. Only the best sheets will be considered higher ranks. I will play the Seventh Hokage.



    The village Kage is the strongest ninja in the hidden village. The Kage serves as the pillar upon which the village stands and the strength a village presents to the other ninja countries largely depends upon the strength of the Kage in power. The>
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    Character Sheet:

    Name: Uzumaki Naruto
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Seventh Hokage

    Age: 35
    Height: 5?9
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blond, spiky
    Weight: 175

    Clan: Uzumaki,
    Nationality: Caucasian
    Appearance: Red and white robe with a whirpool swirl on the back. Black pants, Black shirt, He also has his Orange and Black attire
    Personality: Playful, though mature, loves ramen, loyal, determined.
    Weapons: Kunai knife, Shuriken, Exploding notes, Makibishi
    Equipment: Toad scroll, vest, wire, pouch, back pack

    Element: Wind, Water, Ice, Lighting
    Basic Jutsu: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu
    Jutsu techniques: Basic Academy Jutsu, Toad Summoning

    1. Rasengan
    2. Nine-Tailed Rasengan
    3. Wind Release: Rasengan
    4. Wind Release: Rasenshuriken
    5. Shadow Clone Rasengan
    6. Super Great Ball Rasengan

    1. Great Whirlpool Entwining Technique
    2. Water Release: Bullet Technique
    3. Water Clone Technique
    4. Water Release: Exploding Water Shockwave
    5. Water Release: Rapid Crusher
    6. Water Release: Flash Grinding Destruction
    Shadow Clones,

    1. Hyoton Release: Ice Needles
    2. Hyoton Release: Ice prison
    3. Hyoton Release: Ice Sword of Vengeance
    4. Hyoton Release: Ice Shuriken
    5. Hyoton Release: Ice Bombs
    6. Hyoton Release: Ice Windmill

    1. Flying Thunder God Technique - Belonged to the 4th

    Kekkei Genkai: None, But can control the Nine Tail Fox inside of him.


    His story is legendary throughout the world. The boy who?s father sealed the dreaded Nine Tail Fox within him. In his early years he couldn?t understand why others treated him as if he had a disease. It was because of the Nine Tail Fox that had destroyed almost all of Konaha and killed many of the villagers.

    To most he was the demon fox but at the time Naruto didn?t know that he had the Kuuybi sealed inside him. Since the villagers didn?t accept him he caused much mischief among the village just for attention. He did poorly at the academy flunking several times. Though his dream was to be Hokage much like the fourth. He wanted the acknowledgement of the village, so that he would finally get the respect that he deserved.

    Once he became a Genin, he realized that he started bonds with his team mate Uchiha Sasuke. Though it was a rivalry, it was a bond that would change Naruto?s life. He and his team mate Haruno Sakura went to extreme measures to return their friend and team mate Sasuke back to them after he fell in to darkness. It would be several years before that moment arrived. It was to the credit of Naruto that Sasuke was only imprisoned and not sentenced to death after killing the elders and helping destroy Konoha with Madara.

    His life led to many battles and missions. Naruto was making a name for himself becoming stronger than ever. He eventually married Hyuga Hinata and had three children, Jiraiya, Kiyoko and Minato. His oldest son is soon to start the academy. When the Sixth Hokage Hatake Kakashi was retiring he named Naruto as his successor. Naruto now had the title and acknowledgement that he wanted. It was his time now and his determination to keep Konoha safe and secure was in his hands. Knowing the village was vulnerable, Naruto helped reconstruct the new Ninja Academy. It?s success will be important for the years to come, for Naruto knows that the Hidden Leaf Village is not like they once were. As Hokage it is his job to protect the entire village no matter what. His determination and will is relentless as always.

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    May 26, 2005
    OOC: I would like charries that are new rather than the pre existing characters. This is about letting the new generation be the focal point. All existing characters like Sasuke, Sakura etc will mostly have a supporting role and be played as a NPC.
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    Name: Kuuki Zurui
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Jounin

    Age: 25
    Height: 6'0
    Eyes: A light jade
    Hair: A sandy tan
    Weight: 160

    Clan: Kuuki
    Nationality: Caucasian
    Appearance: Traditional Jounin apparel, wears a necklace containing sand from his home village.
    Personality: Calm and down to earth, he has a playful side that he only shows to those he's truly close with. Can be quite lazy, something he inherited from his academy teacher.
    Weapons: Kunai, Shuriken, Exploding notes, Makibishi, a normal sized fan
    Equipment: Weasel scroll, vest, wire, pouch

    Element: Wind, Lightning, Water
    Basic Jutsu: Ninjustu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu
    Jutsu techniques: Basic Jutsu, Weasel Summoning

    1. Blade of Wind
    2. Winde Release: Severing Pressure
    3. Cutting Whirlwind Technique
    4. Wind Shadow Clone Technique - created jutsu, while on a mission with Naruto shortly after achieving Chuunin status, and while Naruto was still a Jounin, Zurui noticed Naruto's use of the Kage Bunshin and wanted something like that of his own. Combining the clone technique with his wind chakra has allowed him to create clones that are both hard and ethereal. They can become intangible if in danger, but if hit they disperse like regular shadow clones. They can also, because they are made of wind themselves, become any wind technique that Zurui knows.

    1. Electric Cage - Another created jutsu, Like the Water Prison technique and other traps, this one creates a prison of lightning chakra around the opponent. If submerged in water, the electricity constantly sends pulses that weaken the enemy.
    2. Storm of Lightning - Created offensive jutsu. By focusing lightning element chakra into his hands, his feet, or an object, Zurui can fire off wither ten strong bolts of lightning at the opponent, or he can lower the number by one all the way down to one in order to concentrate the bolt and make it stronger, faster, and more destructive.

    1. Hidden Mist Technique
    2. Water Release: Grand Waterfall Technique
    3. Water Release: Exploding Water Shockwave
    4. Water Release: Five Eating Sharks

    Bio/History: Born in Sunagakure, his parents were a symbol of the peace between the sand and the leaf. His mother was an aspiring chuunin from Suna while his father was a jounin from Konoha. They were loving parents and he lived a comfortable life. Due to his own village nearly being destroyed by a tailed beast ten years prior, Zurui raised his son with tales of the deeds of the fourth and of the "hope" of Konoha. Zurui's mother didn't see this the same way, her village's Gaara being nothing more than a bully by this time. Zurui admired his father, though, and took to his point of view.

    When the sand attacked the leaf, Zurui and his parents stayed in Suna. Zurui's father could tell his new village was being manipulated but no one would listen to a former leaf. A few months later, with his father being proven right, they were sent to Konoha to be part of the new treaty. Like Temari, who would grow to be something of a big sister to Zurui, they began traveling back and forth to the leaf. And, when he was old enough to begin an academy, his family moved to Konoha full time.

    It was in the academy that he met his teacher, Shikamaru Nara and began to mature. He admired the intelligence of his teacher and quickly became one of the star pupils. As the years moved on, he became friends with Shikamaru and it was through him that he was able to re-unite with Temari again. Temari, knowing that Zurui was unique in being both Suna and Konaha, decided to help tutor him in wind chakra. Her present to him upon gaining Chuunin status was a contract with the weasels as well as a smaller, more compact fan than her own.

    After leaving the academy he became a chuunin member of the squad a Jounin Naruto was leading. It was here that Naruto noticed that Zurui seemed to have an abnormally large amount of chakra. Giv
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    [hl=black]I_H Edit:[/hl] OOGs sanitized at GM's request

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    GM NOTE: Just letting everyone know that the higher rank positions have been filled. Academy students are still needed.

    Since earning your jutsus and rank is a priority I am introducing it is possible to get to a Kage level without being a Kage. It does take training and experience to get to it. One will not be Genin than Kage the next level.
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    GM Approved-Domo Arigato Gozaimasu JEDI_TEEGIRLOO

    Name Tatsumaki Chenzura
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Jounin

    Age: 25
    Height: 5'8"
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Hair: Jet black
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Markings: A phoenix tattoo on his right shoulder

    Clan: Tatsumaki/Fushicho
    Nationality: Caucasian
    Appearance: On Duty-
    Exception of metal plate on forehead. That would actually be his Konoha Headband.
    Off Duty-
    Personality: Calm and collected unless those he cares for are in danger. He is also very intelligent and can resourceful.
    Weapons: Wakizashi, Senbon Needles, Shuriken
    Equipment: Back Scabbard, shuriken holster, senbon holster, Eagle Summon Scroll

    Element: Lightning, Wind, Water
    Basic Jutsu: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu
    Jutsu techniques: Anbu level jutsu, Eagle summoning.

    Raikiri-Lightning Blade
    Raishogekinami-Lightning Shockwave. Creates a powerful static shock that knocks out an opponent.(created for my character due to apparent lack of lightning style techniques.)
    (See Kekkei Genkai for third)

    Kaze no Yaiba-Wind Blade
    Kamaitachi no jutsu-Wind Scythe
    (See Kekkei Genkai for third)

    Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu-Water Clone
    Suiro no Jutsu-Water Prison
    (See Kekkei Genkai for third)

    Kekkei Genkai-
    Kamiarashi no Jutsu-Divine Storm Jutsu
    Combines his water, lightning and wind natures to create a small storm system that sends strong winds, heavy rain and bolts of lightning at his opponent. (Created for my character)

    Genjutsu Technique-
    Ikiteiru Kyofu no Jutsu-Living Fear Jutsu
    Causes opponent to believe they are witnessing their greatest fear. Can cause momentary paralysis.

    Bio/History: Born near the end of the reign of Sandaime Sarutobi he was still in the original academy during the entire Akatsuki/Orochimaru conflict having entered at the age of five. His father was a Jounin from Kumogakure, the Hidden Cloud Village, who specialized in Lightning and Wind techniques. His mother was an Anbu Black Ops member in Konoha who specialized in Lightning and Water techniques. The combination of his parents genes created a new Kekkei Genkai which has given Chenzura an advantage over his opponent, because he is capable of calling forth a storm with a personal jutsu he developed in his years of training under Hatake Kakashi. He managed to pass all of his exams in the academy with top marks rivaling even Nara Shikamaru's grades.
    During the period when Konoha was under attack by both Orochimaru and the organization known as the Akatsuki Chenzura was taking his Chunnin exams. Having been given many practical training sessions through all of the battles that occurred he was able to master various offensive jutsu. He also started developing a special large range genjutsu, a technique he calls the 'Living Fear Jutsu' which he used in the final round of the Chunnin exams to pass the exam in a matter of minutes.He also aided in the evacuation of Konoha during the final siege that resulted in Lady Tsunade's demise taking out several enemy shinobi in the process.
    Soon after Tsunade's death he left to train for a short time under his father Tatsumaki Shikasu in Kumogakure where he perfected his storm technique. He also learned some basic healing techniques from his mother Tatsumaki(Fushicho)Hanate. Before leaving Kumogakure Chezura's father bequeathed unto him an ancient scroll from the Tatsumaki clan, the Great Eagle Summoning Scroll. By the time he returned to th village things had already begun to return to normal. He then requested the position of Jounin by the new Hokage Uzumaki Naruto. It was granted after he passed a basic training course, and passed with flying colors.
    Now he is a Jounin who works directly under Uzumaki Naruto and is one of his chief security officers. He is also known as the Eagle Rider as he can summon a large eagle with which he travels to the other nations, and with which he unleashes his ultimate technique.
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    OOC: Chanbill dont think I dont remember tatsumaki lol

    hehe all good i brought Osuka back too


    Name: Arino Osuka, ( in America, Osuka Arino)
    Gender: Male
    Rank: chunin

    Age: 18
    Height: 5 10
    Eyes: brown/green
    Hair: brown
    Weight: 130

    Clan: Arino
    Nationality: Caucasian
    Appearance: (minus sand village headband)
    Personality: Kind, very thoughtful. However he possess a darker side. He is very loyal and determined. However now he doesn?t remain loyal to many after he betrayed his village. He spends a lot of his spare time drawing and painting, Very few friends in the academy other than his squad memebers.
    Weapons: Kunai, Shuriken, two katanas, several scrolls

    Element: water, lightning
    Basic Jutsu: Ninjustu, Taijutsu
    Jutsu techniques:the basics, shadow clone, Serpent summoning
    Kekke genkai: Immense chakra reserves, regulates chakra with great skill, Hizoku?s eye.
    Very skilled with swordplay, he knows many forms and attacks based around his swordplay
    Konohagakure Sun Dance (form one of his swordplay)
    Konohagakure Moon Dance ( form two)
    Konohagakure Eclipse Dance (final form)

    1. Hizoku Amaraku (explained below, mixture of lightning style and water style)

    1. Great Water Dragon
    2. Great flood (Kisame?s technique when fighting Gai and his team)
    3. Waterfall jutsu

    Bio/History: Osuka unlike many leaf shinobi was not born in the village. He was found by an anbu black op ninja on a reconnaissance mission in the Land Of Waves. Found in at foot of a waterfall in the arms of a dead woman. Her final words were written in blood on a rock near the baby and she, it read ? Pride of the Arino?. Later it was revealed the Arino clan was famous in the land of waves for its abilities and neighboring villages feared their power and had them destroyed.

    Osuka was raised by a ninja named Celim who had great knowledge of the Arino clan and their gifts.
    From a young age Celim trained the boy to harness his chakra, regulate it more efficiently, and produce large reserves of it. Breezing through the academy, Osuka?s only downfall was his upbrining. Many resented the outsider, however Celim and his squad mates became close. When it came time for the chunin exams his squad didn?t falter.
    Although in the final match of the finals, he was forced to go up against his friend. Swearing to not allow harm to his friend early in their relationship, Osuka bowed out to his commarade. It was this display of both heart and ability that premoted him to the rank of chunin over his friend.

    He now spends most of his time on missions, but dabbling in art in his free time. Feeling almost stuck he desires something more than just a mundane life such as his current one.

    He soon intends to make a request of the hokage to be examined as a candidate for the rank of JOnin.

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    GM Approved

    Name: Uchiha Tatsuya
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Academy Student

    Age: 12
    Height: 4'11
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Black
    Weight: 110
    Markings: None

    Clan: Uchiha
    Nationality: Caucasian
    Appearance: Keeps his hair short and wears a black shirt usually, the shirt features the Uchiha symbol on the pocket on the front and the leaf symbol on the back. He wears tan shorts and his shoes are black as well. He has a ring that he keeps in his pocket that belonged to his mother.
    Personality: Wants to be noticed, but is serious about this schoolwork. Has a playful side and is constantly seeking companionship.
    Weapons: Kunai, shuriken
    Equipment: belt pouch.

    Element: He doesn't know.
    Basic Jutsu: Ninjutsu
    Jutsu techniques: None yet
    Kekkei Genkai: Eventually, Sharingan

    Bio/History: Born out of the union of Sasuke and woman named Hanae, Tatsuya was Sasuke's first step in restoring his clan. Growing up, Tatsuy was constantly told of the exploits of the clan as a proud history, with Sasuke impartially detailing parts where his clan was in the wrong and parts where they had been wronged. His goal was to teach his son a strong sense of justice without instilling the need to vengeance.

    However, when Tatsuya was just three years old, Hanae developed an unknown illness. Sasuke pleaded with his former teammate, Haruno Sakura, to do anything she could to save his wife. Feeling sorry for her dear friend, Sakura poured all of her energy into trying to discover what was wrong with Hanae. Uzumaki Naruto, also feeling for his friend, came to the hospital everyday to try and "talk" Hanae back to health. Others visited too, but it was all for not. Hanae would pass away quietly in her sleep, leaving both Sasuke and Tatsuya with a hole that they could not fill.

    After this, Sasuke continued to teach Tatsuya until he was seven, however the loss of Hanae had taken its toll. No longer did Sasuke seem to live for his clan or for his family. He became more interested in drowning his sorrows and withdrawing into himself. By the time that he was eight, Tatsuya might as well have been an orphan. Naruto tried to help Tatsuya where he could, as did Sakura, but the boy wanted his father. More than anything, he wanted to prove to his father that not all hope was lost and that he could fulfill his father's wish to revive the clan. With his days in the academy ahead, he is excited about meeting new friends and making a name for himself as a ninja. Most of all, however, he wants to gain his father's approval and help bring him out of his despair.
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    Name: Sato Manami
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Academy Student

    Age: 12
    Height: 5ft
    Eyes: blue-green (inherited from her father)
    Hair: Flame Red (inherited from her mother)
    Weight: 97lbs
    Markings: None

    Clan: Sato
    Nationality: Caucasian
    Appearance: pale skinned. Her hair is shoulder length and slightly wavy. Three quarter length rust red colored pants and light brown colored top which has the Sato family emblem in white on the left sleeve, ninja shoes
    Personality: Very studious and focused when it comes to her ninja training. Respectful, Comes across as shy but friendly once people get to know her, positive and encouraging, but as she is still young can be quite sensitive and self doubting at times. Loyal to friends and will try and do anything she can to help them
    Weapons: Kunai knife, Explosive tags
    Equipment: Belt pouches for weapons, small cloth bag

    Element: Unknown
    Basic Jutsu:
    Jutsu techniques: None as yet
    Kekkei Genkai: None


    Manami was the third born child of Yoshiro Sato and his wife Akane. They also bore twin sons named Takeo and Tsuyoshi. Along with her grandfather Yuu, the Sato family lived in a small but cozy home. With the number of men in the home, Manami would help her mother in the kitchen and learnt to cook from an early age. Apart from her ninja training, Cooking is one of her passions and she enjoys cooking meals for people, one of her motto?s being ?A well fed ninja is a happy ninja!?

    Her older brothers attended the ninja academy, graduating first time and continuing on to become formidable Jounin. Manami looked up to them and would follow them about a lot and look over their scrolls as a way to find out about the ninja way. Waiting eagerly for the day she would be able to follow in their footsteps

    One day, Her brothers went away on a mission as they had done many times before, but this time, they never returned. Their entire squad slaughtered in a bloody conflict.

    After receiving the news of her beloved sons deaths, Akane succumbed to grief, and her husband watched helplessly as she began to wither into a woman almost unrecognizable to the one that he married. Manami was also affected by the news, but tried her best to help about the house and take as much stress of her mother as possible.

    However, any mention of her only daughter talking about her impending attendance of the ninja academy was met with disapproval from Akane, Not wanting to potentially lose another child. But Manami wanted to do it in memory of the brothers she admired so much.

    The strain began to show after almost a full year, when Yoshiro decided that maybe it would be best to leave the village and relocate somewhere else in the hope that it would help Akane recover.

    Manami did not want to leave however, as she didn?t want to leave her grandfather alone. After a lot of thought Yoshiro allowed Manami to stay in the village. She is visited by her father every few seasons, and hopes hat soon they will all be reunited.

    When the time came she began attending the academy on her grandfathers encouragement, and is now working towards becoming a skilled ninja.
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    OOC: This may be either sensible idea or my lack of patience hahah, but all the same. Since the higher ups are already decided... and new students can join any day. What if it was a rolling admission kind of thing. Where we start now and new players jump in as they go...

    If nobody is down for that just PM me when we can start.

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    Name: Hashimoto Nyuubai
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Academy Student

    Age: 13
    Height: 152.5cm
    Eyes: Squinty lavender
    Hair: Short light brown hair worn in a military buzzcut
    Weight: 40.2kg
    Markings: None

    Clan: Hashimoto
    Nationality: Taiwanese
    Appearance: Fairly lean muscled after several years at sea. Very nimble and limber looking. Slightly tanned skin. He also wears a straw hat and cloak that protects him from harsher elemental temperatures. His underclothes are simply a blue and green wetsuit.
    Personality: Having lost his only family, Nyuubai secretly longs to become accepted among others. He is very open to members of other villages, and outwardly despises the Land of Earth.
    Weapons: Kunai, shuriken, twin umbrellas
    Equipment: Twin umbrellas, a breathing apparatus that resembles an SDBA (quite literally a frogman's rebreather) over his mouth and chest

    Element: Water (touched the chakra paper to tell)
    Basic Jutsu: Ninjutsu
    Jutsu techniques: None as of yet
    Kekkei Genkai: None

    Bio/History: For as long as Nyuubai could remember, his life revolved around the sea. Growing up on a small galleon harbored at the Land of Water, her and his family were always sailing back and forth as a trade vessel for many of the major countries, a most futile attempt to boost the poor economy of their homeland. Nyuubai's grandfather, Hashimoto Seisui, served as captain of the vessel, with young Nyuubai, the lad's parents, and his younger brother Koori serving as the skeleton crew.

    Nyuubai's father had been a well trained ninja in his younger years, reaching the level of Chunin at age 16 though he was in his late 30's now. As such, he attempted to teach his son the basics of ninjutsu. While rather inexperienced himself, Nyuubai learned quickly from his father and practiced every day in-between managing the ship.

    One fateful day, as the ship prepared to dock at the Land of Earth, it had been ambushed by pirates employing the use of Earth Jutsus to sink the ship on jagged crags that emerged from the sea. Nyuubai and his grandfather escaped with their lives, and the fates of his parents and brother were unknown.

    Fleeing through the mountains and rocky deserts of their attackers homeland, Nyuubai and his grandfather found a safe haven in the Land of Fire. There, the two were given a place to stay, and Nyuubai began his transition into ninja training at age 13.

    When his grandfather passed away before Nyuubai was even given the rank of Genin, Nyuubai swore that he would avenge his family and train until he was able to defeat the ninja from the Land of Earth. He may still have his chance...
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    GM Note: Im still waiting on some character sheets. Since there is gonna be an american holiday coming up, my experience is telling me to better wait till thats over with. Dont worry this will start after that. I would also like all OOG (out of game) talk to a minimum. If you have a question please PM me. I will be very happy to answer all your questions.:)
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    Name: Hyuga Nikorasu
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Academy Student

    Age: 12
    Height: 4? 6?
    Eyes: White
    Hair: Black
    Weight: 102 lbs
    Markings: None

    Clan: Hyuga
    Nationality: Caucasian
    Appearance: Eerily similar to his father?s.



    Personality: Nikorasu is a warm and friendly person, though rather shy. He is extremely uncomfortable in social situations, and often withdraws into himself. However, when battling, he is much more confident. He is not physically superior to most people. As a matter of fact, he is rather inferior to most. However, his natural affinity for Doujutsu and Ninjitsu compensate for his lack of physical prowess.
    Weapons: Kunai, shurikens, staves
    Equipment: Pouch, holster to hold staff

    Element: N/A
    Basic Jutsu: N/A
    Jutsu techniques: N/A
    Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan


    Nikorasu is the only son of Hyuga Neji. His childhood was rather ordinary and uneventful. His fondest memories of his childhood were of training with his father. As a matter of fact, those were the few of his only fond memories. The rest were of solitude and loneliness.

    Nikorasu was not gifted with social skills. He was a pleasant child, sure enough, but he was never comfortable in social settings. He would often withdraw into himself, and many would make fun of him for this. In his young life, he had had no real friends. He spends most of the time in his father?s house, reading over books and scrolls, or training with his father. Neji has tried to get Nikorasu to open up to other people, but it has been to no avail.

    For the past couple of years, Neji has been trying to get Nikorasu to start in the Ninja Academy. Nikorasu has adamantly resisted, not afraid of the schooling itself but of the social interaction it would bring. Now, at the age of twelve, Neji is finally forcing Nikorasu to begin his schooling. Nikorasu now looks forward to Ninja Academy with a sense of excitement and dread.
  15. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    GM Approved.

    Name: Uzumaki Jiraiya
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Academy Student

    Age: 12
    Height: 5?0?
    Eyes: Light blue, piercing.
    Hair: Blond and spiky, similar to Naruto?s, but bigger.
    Weight: 88 lbs
    Markings: Thick lines from his shoulder blade and coming to a point on the edge of his pectoral muscles.

    Clan: Uzumaki
    Nationality: Caucasian
    Personality: Shallow, sheltered and spoiled. Jiraiya is very immature and very competitive. He is much like his father at the same age. Extremely stubborn. Passionate, fiery like his father. Very physically apt, much more so than Naruto. Extremely self confident and rather cocky.
    Weapons: Kunai and Shuriken
    Equipment: Kunai Pouch

    Element: N/A
    Basic Jutsu: N/A
    Jutsu techniques: N/A
    Kekkei Genkai: N/A

    Bio/History: Jiraiya is the son of the famous Seventh Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto. His mother is less known and called Hinata Hyuga. Both are very powerful ninja and Jiraiya is expected to follow in their paths. He only just became a student of the Academy and the extent of his skills are unknown.

    Jiraiya has a heated rivalry with Sasuke Uchiha?s son. Since birth, he has felt superior to the lad, but has been beaten at many a competition with him.
  16. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    GM NOTE: Ok guys the Game will officially start tomorrow.
  17. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007

    Name: Inuzuka Tsume (Tsume means Claw)
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Academy Student

    Age: 11
    Height: 4'8
    Eyes: Thin dark pupils
    Hair: Loose and tassled
    Weight: 85lbs
    Markings: Red markings under his eyes

    Clan: Inuzuka
    Nationality: Caucasian
    Appearance: [image=]
    Personality: Laid back. Measured, quick to smile. Good natured.
    Weapons: Kunnai, Shurriken, Soldier pills, His Ninja Dog Tenro. (Later on, Primary weapon is a Metal staff.)
    Equipment: Pouch for Shinobi gear

    Element: N/A
    Basic Jutsu: N/A
    Jutsu techniques: N/A
    Kekkei Genkai: N/A

    Bio/History: Tsume is the son of Inuzuka Kiba of the Inuzuka Clan. He holds a striking resemblance to his father and holds many of the same ideals. However Tsume differs widely from his fathers personality. While Kiba is quick to action and rash decisions, his son is more methodical and laid back. Tsume doesn't have the temper that seems to permeate his clan. Tsume grew up in Konoha with the normal smatterings of friends. He trained in a small capacity with his father to get him prepared for the academy. Two weeks before his induction into the Ninja Academy, Tsume was gifted with a Canine partner. A small black wolf dog named Tenro. The two are best friends and work together to achieve their ends. Kiba sees his son Tsume as the pride and joy of his clan, having most of his sensibility and none of his faults.
  18. Lord Vivec

    Lord Vivec Chosen One star 8

    Apr 17, 2006
    GM Approved!

    Name: Hlaalu Eno
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Academy student

    Age: 12
    Height: 5? 2?
    Eyes: Gold
    Hair: Black
    Weight: 115
    Markings: Tattoo of the Assassin?s Guild Seal on his right arm

    Clan: Hlaalu
    Nationality: Caucasian/Japanese mix
    Appearance: Wears a black robe with the Assassin?s Guild Seal on the back. His clothes underneath the robe are designed to hide many weapons. His black hair falls on the sides of his face and barely reaches his neck.
    Personality: Eno is quiet around strangers but very open to those he knows well. He lives with his uncle, Hlaalu Ralen, whom he is very close with. He is fiercely loyal and protects those he loves
    Weapons: many shuriken and kunai, one long sword
    Equipment: His clothes are especially designed to carry many weapons.

    Element: Not known (eventually fire)
    Basic Jutsu: Basic Taijutsu; eventually some ninjutsu (later on)
    Jutsu techniques: None
    Kekkei Genkai: None

    Bio/History: The Hlaalu clan was founded by Hlaalu Llethan, who was also rumored to be the founder of the Assassin?s Guild known as Arvas Drelen . The Guild had secret hideouts in many countries. Kings, Feudal Lords, Kages, and others in high places would hire Arvas Drelen to assassinate opposition leaders and powerful crime lords. The Drelen were feared by many crime lords as well as those who hired them.

    After serving as the guildmaster for thirty years, Llethan retired to Konoha with his wife and three sons. There, his sons married and the clan Hlaalu was born. Llethan maintained connections with the Drelen. No one else knew of this. Eventually, Llethan died of old age and the connection of Clan Hlaalu and Arvas Drelen was lost.

    Two generations past and Eno was born to Helseth and his wife Velanda. Helseth was a cruel father and was exiled from Konoha. Velanda raised Eno with the help of Helseth?s brother, Ralen. When Eno was seven, Ralen and Velanda had a hurried conversation. Ralen believed that she and Eno were in danger; that unknown forces were after Eno. But it was too late. Arvas Drelen Assassins entered their estate, led by a familiar face: Helseth. Helseth had claimed the position of Guildmaster of Arvas Drelen and he intended to steal Eno. Ralen was no fighter, so Velanda, a skilled shinobi herself, gave Eno to Ralen and told him to escape. Ralen did as he was told and Helseth found Velanda. The battle lasted for nearly and hour, but eventually, Helseth killed his wife. Arvas Drelen killed most of the other members of Clan Hlaalu. It turned out that three house cousins were spies for Arvas Drelen. But by then the Jounin were entering the compound, so Arvas Drelen had to make their leave. Ever since that day, Ralen has raised Eno. He knows he can?t protect Eno against Helseth, and so he wants Eno to become a powerful shinobi so that when Helseth finally makes a move against him, Eno will be prepared.

    Arvas Drelen seal:

    Arvas Drelen standard assassin clothing:
  19. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005

    GM Note: Im basically giving the people who are not as familiar with Naruto a basic run down so that they are not lost. Since this is an academy it?s easier to do it in that format. So the ones who do know more about Naruto please be patient. :)

    Also I want everyone one to know for right now, Im controlling all NPC's.

    [b]***************************Opening Post***************************

    [i]Konohagakure (Konoha) , Village Hidden in the Leaves

    Konoha Administration Building[/i][/b]

    It was a bright sunny day with few clouds in the sky and if you looked up you can see an eagle hawk soaring over [b]Hokage Mountain[/b] that bears the faces of the past and current Hokages carved within the mountain. It was designed as a memorial to remember what the Hidden Leaf Village was founded on and the purpose of what they still strive for. Loyalty, Honour , Strength and Protection are the main attributes of this village that are instilled in to every ninja from young to old.

    On a balcony, a distance away from the mountain stands a medium build man of thirty-five with long blond spiky hair, dawning the red and white robes of the Hokage. There is never a day that passes that [b]Uzumaki Naruto[/b] doesn?t look on toward the mountain that can be viewed from the main office of the Hokage in the Konoha Administration building. He is both in awe and yet still mindful of the sacrifices that the past Hokages and other ninja have made, so that the village and it?s people can still live on. He has made a vow that he will do everything possible to continue the path that they had built. After all this was always his dream to be [b]Hokage[/b]. His blue eyes water as his thoughts think back on his own journey toward becoming Hokage. It was not an easy journey and hard lessons were learned. Other than the precious people he lost, he would not change a thing.

    Still deep in thought as he continued to stare out toward the mountain, he heard a knock on the door back inside the Hokage office. ?Enter!? he said loud enough to allow his voice to be heard from the balcony. A tall young man with brown hair and a familiar horizontal scar over his nose came in. [b]Umino Yoshio[/b] came in to the room. He was the Chuunin son of one of Naruto?s dearest friends, Iruka. His relationship with Iruka was like father and son. When Yoshio was born he took him on as a younger brother. Naruto smiled as he came back in to the room and sat down in his seat at his desk. He looked at the young man who was standing in front of the desk bowing out of respect before lifting his head up.

    ?You wanted to see me, Seventh.? asked the young Chuunin.

    ?As you know, the new Ninja Academy is about to open and your task is to help the young academy students on learning their skills to becoming ninja. ? I trust that the academy will be in good hands. I don?t want to have to replace you.?

    He said with a stern look on his face that suddenly faded in to a soft mischievous smile showing the playfulness of the Hokage. Being serious all the time was a bit of a stretch for Naruto, but he was able to overcome it sure enough, for his duties demanded it. If his mind went astray his friend and trusted companion [b]Nara Shikamaru [/b] was there to give advice and help him with anything he may need. Though he still acted a bit childish from time to time, Naruto was not the same as he once was. He took things far more serious than even he liked. He saw too many unpleasant things in his life that changed how he viewed and approached the world. His experiences would be an indicator on how he ran the village. After the conversation with the Chuunin was over, Naruto again went into contemplation.


    [b][i]The Day Before[/i][/b]

    Shikamaru came in to the Hokage?s office with a stack of paper work for Naruto to go through and sign. Naruto could barely see him from the pile he was holding. Shikamaru?s long black hair that was put in a pony tail stuck outward >
  20. Whill_I_Am

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    Jul 1, 2008
    IC: Hashimoto Nyuubai

    Ninja Academy, Grand Opening, 1st day of class

    Nyuubai sat silently as the other students filed in. He had been somber since the recent passing of his grandfather, and he tipped his straw hat down to cover his face the best he could with the shadows it provided. The young student focused his eyes around him, taking not of who were the more significant students in his class and who were those with little mention to their names. His lavender eyes focused themselves in the slight shade and Nyuubai made his observations of the students one by one.

    Without even needing a second to analyze it, Hashimoto could sense the tension between Jiraiya and Tatsuya. Never having attended formal school with these other ninja until this point, Nyuubai was literally left in the dark about any petty rivalries that may or may not have existed. By far, these two had an air about them that Hashimoto could sense even with his rebreather on. He took a deep breath and slid his eyes elsewhere to prevent making a scene.

    ?Several prominent names here,? Hashimoto thought to himself, only knowing them from what other students had mentioned in the hallways before the ceremony. He counted them off on his fingers, rattling off the names in his mind. ?Uzumaki, Hyuga, Inuzuka, and Uchiha. They're the ones that everyone knows... perhaps... no.? He shook off his thought and shifted his shoulders beneath his cloak, turning his eyes to the girl behind of Jiraiya.

    Her name escaped him until he managed to catch a glimpse of her vibrant hair. Sato Manami was her name, and he almost snapped his fingers for remembering it. He withheld that urge and remembered reading her name off of the posted roster of Academy Students and recalled her as one of the other ?no-names? like himself. However she had been in Konoha longer than he had by far, so her name was likely known by the other students. Reluctantly, he gave a smirk beneath his rebreather and took another rasping breath knowing no one could read his facial expressions aside from what they saw in his eyes.

    As Nyuubai scanned the other students, he saw the other ?no-namer? as the more popular students loved calling them. Hashimoto hated the term because he fit into that category, but sadly even the popular students failed to accept him into any category aside from ?outcast?. He'd change that with time, and it didn't bother him. Many students actually admired him, although may for different reasons. Girls liked his eyes, guys found his clothes and weapons interesting, and almost everyone found that his advanced age was a sign of status instead of a besmirch on his name. Even his past was mysterious.

    Hlaalu Eno, this kid was a mystery too. He bore marks that even Hashimoto hadn't seen during his years at sea with his father and grandfather on his clothing, and even he used non-conventional weapons in combat. Something inside of Nyuubai made him want to challenge Eno, seeing how well sword and umbrella would match up. Any students who would observe such a spectacle would laugh and think Hlaalu was going to slice the umbrellas to ribbons. Maybe they'd be right, but now was not the time for fighting, it was the time for listening.

    Out of all of the students present, Nyuubai was indeed the oldest by at least a year. Perhaps due to his inability to join a formal ninja academy in his own country, or perhaps the minor bits of training he was given by his father gave him a form of advantage over the others. He doubted the latter was the cause, but still, he managed to keep himself focused during this time. He would prove himself to the instructors and hopefully be placed in an able squad.

    Before his death, Nyuubai's grandfather had run through many of the techniques that he would be drilled on in the academy in order to better prepare his grandson for this day. Hashimoto was determined to become a ninja and hopefully encounter the ninjas from the Land of Earth and deliver to them some much needed justice.

    Yashio-sensei had finished
  21. NickLitYouAFlame

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    Feb 27, 2007
    Of Uzumaki Jiraiya
    Ninja Academy

    Jiraiya leaned back in his seat. He was tuning out his sensei?s first words, for he knew them back and front. His father had drilled the information into his head early in his childhood. Still, that was nearly his only advantage over his compatriots. As Yoshio had said, clan fame had no bearing in the academy, his father had told him that as well.

    Jiraiya was glad. He had, on more than on occasion been accused of receiving special treatment because of his father. Jiraiya was adamant about his feelings on the matter. He would heed the words Naruto had spoken before the start of class. Jiraiya would work as hard as he could to graduate quickly.

    Jiraiya had the same ambition, if not more. His reasons were different. His father had wanted to become Hokage to gain the acknowledgement of the village. But, his father had been despised. Jiraiya wanted his skills to surpass his father?s, in spite of the demon inside of him. For too long had he been labeled as the Seventh?s son.

    Jiraiya would live up to his namesake and become the greatest shinobi that ever lived. Jiraiya leaned forward, and clenched his fists, waiting for Yoshio to continue.

    Tag: Everyone
  22. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC:Inuzuka Tsume
    First day of training

    What a nice day it is today. Sun's out, clear skies, fresh air... Perfect.

    Tsume walked steadily down the streets of Konoha with his hands jammed securely into the pockets of his gray hoody. His best friend and companion Tenro was riding on top of Tsume's head.

    "Nice day isn't it Ten?"

    The small wolf dog on his head gave a small squeek of a bark and continued sniffing the air, picking up new and exciting scents.

    Eventually Tsume found himself at the door of the Ninja Academy. He was excited and eager to learn, and to start his path down the way of the Shinobi. His father had said goodbye to him and wished him luck earlier in the morning, but was unable to attend his first day due to a mission. So Tsume and Tenro walked alone this day, but this did not dampen their spirits. Tsume was to eager to get started. All he wanted right now was that blue headband like his father had. It would take a lot of work but Tsume was confident that he and Tenro could overcome any obstacle together.

    As they approached, Tsume noticed many parents leaving as students began filing in. Tsume's eyes widened in shock as he checked his watch.

    "Crap Ten! We are late!!"

    His puppy gave a nervous bark as Tsume picked up the pace. Before he was in the door, Tsume noticed the seventh Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto walking away with a smile on his face. The sight of the Hokage brought a smirk to Tsume's face. He had forgotten that the 7th's son was enrolled this season. It would be interesting indeed to watch the progress of that one. Tsume had his own standards however and wouldn't measure himself to someone just because of their bloodline.

    Being one of the last ones in the classroom, Tsume gave a nervous grin to the instructor. He took a seat in one of the few remaining chairs, and found himself next to Uchiha Tatsuya, a face that he found familiar. He had never been openly friendly with Tatsuya, having never really spoken to any of the Uchiha in any capacity beyond a simple hello. He gave Tatsuya a grin and small wave before looking back to the front of the classroom at the blackboard. Tenro began to exude low whining noises and Tsume glanced out of the corner of his eye to someone in a straw hat and rebreather. Tsume blinked a few times. His body language was hard to read, but he looked foreboding.

    His attention was brought back to the front of the classroom as Yoshio Sensei concluded his opening speech. Tsume reached up and scratched Tenro behind the ears. He had no questions, having prior knowledge of Chakra passed to him from his father Kiba. Tsume brought out his notebook and pencil, ready to dictate anything useful for later study. And then the day began.

    His first day as a Ninja Trainee.

    Tag, Tatsuya, rest of the class
  23. Lord Vivec

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    Apr 17, 2006
    [hl=black]IC: Hlaalu Eno[/hl]

    Eno sat quietly listening to the instructor. His thoughts were on his uncle, though. Ralen had insisted on having Eno become a shinobi, though he wouldn't say why, and had made sure that Eno trained all his life. Now that the academy had opened, Ralen had made Eno sign up.

    Eno was a practical fighter. He knew no ninjutsu, but had a little taijutsu training. He was pretty skilled with shuriken and kunai, having honed his aim since childhood. But his real forte was his sword. It was a slim long sword. No fancy handle. It was perfect for fast attacks, which was where Eno was best at.

    He looked around the room. He saw Uzumaki Jiraiya. He had studied about Jiraiya at the library and he knew that Uzumaki Naruto was a powerful Hokage. He looked around again and saw Uchiha Tatsuya. Now that was a clan! The Uchiha were powerful, and Eno wondered if Tatsuya would live up to the family's name.

    He continued his sighted tour of the room. He recognized no one else. That wasn't unexpected. The Hlaalu Clan hadn't mingled with the rest of town. Many trained outside the village, according to Ralen. In fact, Eno was going to be the first Hlaalu to train inside Konoha.

    His uncle also mentioned to him to stay safe. Also, Ralen told him to report to those in charge if he saw anyone bearing the symbol that was both tattooed on his arm and printed on his robe. When he asked his uncle why, Ralen wouldn't say. All he said was that they were bad people and that they would hurt him. And Ralen wouldn't even explain why Eno had that tattoo on his arm...

    Eno shook off his thoughts and focused on the instructor. He knew all the information Yoshio was saying, having read in the library (Eno loves reading), but he still paid attention in case Yoshio said something important.

    [hl=black]TAG: Everyone[/hl]
  24. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Tatsumaki Chenzura/Washi-sama(eagle summon)
    Forest of Death

    Chenzura was initially caught off guard by the Iwa-nin's technique, once under the dome however he was the first to work his way out. Grabbing his wakizashi from his back scabbard he focused his chakra into it channeling his wind nature into the blade nearly, using it to create an extension of his will. He then thrust the blade through the earthen dome shattering the space above him as a cloud of dust surrounded him. He leapt out barely leaving a trace behind him. He landed on a nearby branch. "Kenji, Yuki, Zurui, Osuka. Flanking pattern, you guys go low and distract him, I'm taking the high road to cut him off. Kenji you take the thief's left, Yuki his right, Zurui follow him from behind, Osuka from below." Chenzura said to his teammates below. He then unrolled a large scroll he carried with him and drew some blood form his fingertips. "Ushi, tora, uma, tori." he mumbled preforming the hand signs assigned to each word. Suddenly a great eagle landed on a nearby branch. "Washi-sama, I request your aid." Chenzura said bowing his head. The eagle replied likewise. Chenzura proceeded to climb onto the eagles back and with that was off and after the Stone ninja's trail. Once in range he'd take care to use his special genjutsu technique.

    TAG: Fellow Teammates.
  25. DarthCemeroX

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    Mar 28, 2007
    FOrest of Death

    "Alright" Osuka shouted bolting to ground level. He quickly formed two shadow clones , the three Osukas pulled out their duel katanas they leapt up towards Toru screaming "Konohagakure Sun Dance".

    This one of his katas, part of a three step master kata. The sun dance, next the moon dance, and finally the eclipse dance. The form is meant for situationns just like this. He sprung up from below, one clone coming from the bottum left and the other from the right.

    The three Osukas closed in on Toru, rising with great speed. Tatsumaki was a skilled and very wise ninja. But he had no clue of rock ninja's ability. So He had several shadow clones dispersed through out the tree tops covering the area in case something unexpected were to happen.

    Stepping off of the branches the clones now closed in on Toru each strikiing from different angles.

    TAG: THose in the forest
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