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    Jan 24, 2002
    Uchiha Tatsuya
    Sunagakure - The Canyon of Lost Souls

    Having made it to some safety and shade, Tatsuya had suggested they create a plan. Manami had been the first to respond to him, ?I agree that we should avoid unnecessary fighting, but no matter how carefully we go about travelling through this canyon, there?s always a risk of running into trouble. I suggest we move in a formation that will both keep us all together and allow us to react effectively to threats in case we are ambushed or drawn into a fight which is unavoidable?

    She paused for a moment to let her team-mates contemplate her words before continuing

    ?As for gathering intelligence, my Headhunter jutsu might be handy for eavesdropping on teams from below ground, but there are other ways?? Manami said quietly before her voice trailed off.

    Tatsuya took in his friend's suggestions. She was correct, there were easier ways to eavesdrop that wouldn't be as susceptible to retaliation. Soon, however, Jiraiya spoke up.

    ?I like the formation and eavesdropping idea, and don?t forget I can use my shadow clones as a diversion and decoy if needed."

    Tatsuya hadn't forgotten about the shadow clones, he just didn't like to rely on them. They always seemed to take a toll on Jiraiya, as if he exhausted half his remaining chakra each time he used them. They would need to be a last resort kind of thing. But he was glad they had agreed to moving in formation.

    With that settled, they moved into formation and set off to try and find any other teams. The moving was fruitless, however, and they couldn't find any seemingly anywhere. The sun was also becoming a factor, as all three were beginning to grow tired from the heat. Their idea to move was beginning to lead towards heat stroke. With rest on their minds, Manami helped spot some shade in the canyon and the three headed there. Once they had settled in to rest, it was decided they would go ahead and have lunch. Not wanting to dig into emergency provisions, they decided Manami would find some herbs and other plants, while Jiraiya and Tatsuya would hunt for some meat.

    While hunting, Tatsuya used his metal wire to create three traps, then began to rest. He knew out here that chasing rabbits would not be fortuitous, the easiest way would be to leave them alone and let the naturally curious animals catch themselves. Jiraiya, on the other hand, was determined to chase down his own food. Yet he only succeeded in exhausting himself fully and finding dens. Two of the three traps triggered, and Tatsuya caught two good sized rabbits. Figuring this would be enough for the three of them, he suggested to Jiraiya they make their way back. Jiraiya initially agreed, but seemed really disgruntled about something.

    Back in the small makeshift camp, Manami was getting the plants together while Tatsuya used a small version of his jutsu to create a small fire. Jiraiya ran off, but Tatsuya knew there would be no stopping him. Tatsuya was about begin preparing the rabbits when he felt the incoming attack. Jumping backwards, he grabbed a kunai and activated his Sharingan. Manami also reacted, and the two ended up side by side, facing reverse directions as they blocked more incoming senbon.

    Tatsuya concentrated hard on trying to find out where their attackers were located, using his sharingan to notice even the slightest bit of movement.

    "Looks like we've been spotted," Manami stated.

    "Spotted by cowards." Tatsuya stated, mockery in his voice. "They're so weak and afraid they attacked us with acupuncture needles. I bet they ran away when we survived." His voice had no fear in it. He couldn't let them know he was worried about Jiraiya running off right before the sudden attack. No, make them angry. Rage clouds judgement. If they get angry, perhaps they'll reveal themselves.

    TAG: Team 5, GM
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    Sep 7, 2002
    Cho-tana Hakkai
    Canyon of Lost Souls,- ~Gate Number Thirty Three~

    Cho created decoys of the scrolls in order to fool the other teams in thinking that it was the real one. She stayed mostly quiet, as she worked hard at correcting her earlier mistakes. These scrolls had to look good, all the way till someone had them in their hands, and Cho didnt want to disappoint her team ... again. As she worked, Tsume and Tenro kept their noses alert to any scent that was not their own, while Nikorasu used his Byakugan to keep a look out.

    They traveled for a bit, before they finally found a place to set their other plan into motion. Taking shifts in hiding while their clones appeared sleeping also was key to their plan. Now it was a waiting game to see if any of the teams fell for it. Cho was happy for the distraction, and made sure that the others ate, as did she, while they waited for their plans to work.

    Nothing happened for awhile. Then Tenro and Tsume picked up something. A Sand Ninja. At first the Sand Ninja didn?t see the decoy scroll that was laying about near a Nikorasu clone as the Cho and Tsume clones appeared to be asleep. If he was alone, then where was his other teammates? Cho used her scarf to blend into the trees, just as she had hidden herself during the academy, as she did not move. She doubted that he had come alone. And more importantly, did he have a scroll?

    The black haired ninja smirked as he moved cautiously closer. ?Not too smart, looks like I will have to take your scroll out of your hands.? he stated. Cho knew the area around them was trapped. The other two could handle the Sand Ninja, so she stayed hidden, and kept an open eye for his other partners. She would let her teammates do their reactions as appropriate, for she had her own duty to keep. She saw that the Sand Ninja was grabbing his kunai from his pouch as he started to throw it at clone Nikorasu.

    And if they didnt get him ... well, she had her own surprise she could spring on the ninja. But she wanted to stay hidden until that time was necessary. And the trees were her element.

    TAG: Team Three, Tee

  3. Radiance

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    IC: Inuzuka Tsume

    Tsume had had to check, double check, and triple check the traps he and the others had prepared. Cho?s decoys were pretty good in all honesty. They looked the same at first glance. Tsume himself would need a lot more practice to get to that level of transformation jutsu. He was good with Clones and the like. But when it came to small things, detail was something he lacked when it came to little things. Larger objects were easier. It was minute details that could tip people off though.

    It was all set up and ready to go. Their traps were set, the clones were in place, their campfire lit.

    Tsume and Tenro were up in a tree. Overlooking the camp and the traps that had been placed. Tsume knew it might take a while. But this was part of being a Ninja. You had to be able to show patience and let your prey come to you.

    After a couple of hours, Tsume was rewarded by a smell he caught over that of the campfire. A smirk cracked Tsume?s face as he realized it was one of the bullies that had made the memorable welcome to the Sand Village. Though it wasn?t the blond boy that Tsume was hoping for, Tsume was hopeful. He knew that where there was one, there was bound to be more. Tsume couldn?t pick them up anywhere close. But that didn?t mean they weren?t there.

    The Sand ninja with the Sword could be bait. Or he could just be too conceded as to think himself strong enough to ghost a team of 3. That would be a costly mistake if it was the latter.

    Tsume and Tenro watched from their tree. As the Ninja seemed to weigh his options. At least that?s what the duo thought was happening. In honesty the boy was behind their tree some distance. They only knew where he was because of his smell. Tsume stood slowly from the thick branch he was on. He was already making his hand seals by the time he got to his feet. The words escaped his lips so quietly that they wouldn?t be heard over the wind.

    ?Alright Ten.. Let?s do this..?

    Tsume knew that Nikorasu would have had to see the boy as well. And Cho would know by now as well. The major question in this engagement was whether or not the Sand nin actually had a scroll. And if he did, was it the one that team three needed?

    Even so. Action had to be taken. This is where the trust came in. Tsume had to explicitly trust his team to know their parts, just as they had to trust him to do his. He was closest to the threat and therefore would be the one required to make the first move. That meant that if the enemies squad was in fact with him, somewhere hidden, that Tsume would most likely draw them out. It was imperative that he ended the fight quickly once it commenced.

    ?Not too smart, looks like I will have to take your scroll out of your hands.?

    Tsume smirked and whished he could see the look of surprise on the boys face as his kunai sailed into the clone of Nikorasu. An audible pop was heard and as soon as the kunai had struck, the trap had been sprung. A simple trap itself, but it was rigged in such a way that would be on par with a Chuunin exam question that they had taken earlier. The clones that had been set up were all rigged with the tension wire that was a hallmark of Ninja gear. Depending on the angle of impact that an object had on the clone itself, the wire would jerk a certain way right before the clone dissipated into smoke. That jerk would cause a chain reaction to whichever wire corresponded to that direction, and in reaction, would fire a volley of kunai, shurriken and generally sharp objects in said direction.

    It took a lot of planning. A skilled hand to set up, and a lot of patience to make sure that it worked.

    The trap was one set as nothing more than an obligatory distraction. A skilled ninja would be able to see it coming in enough time to dodge. But the only direction that the Ninja would be able to dodge was backwards, or up into the air.

    Another, single kunai was already sailing from behind the Ninja as Tsume came forward. But?

    It wasn?t Tsume. It was Tenro transformed, using the Man-Beast clone Jutsu. Tsu
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    IC ~ Karen

    Karen sighed disappointedly, and retracted the crystals, sitting on the ground with a disapproving look on her face. She had wanted to have some fun, and Ryuu was spoiling it.

    Tag ~ Ryuu, Seishou

    Short post is short...
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