JCC We come up with new Geico commercials slogans

Discussion in 'Community' started by beezel26, Nov 18, 2012.

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    If you are seen some of the commercials you get to see two guys discuss saving money and the happiness from saving money. How happy, its as happy as a witch in a broom factory. Or a slinky on an escalator. Personally I want to try that. Anyway come up with a new slogan for them. And the other one is as happy as Gallagher at a farmer's market.
  2. beezel26 Force Ghost

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    May 11, 2003
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    As happy as a shark in a sea full of blind seals.
  3. DantheJedi Force Ghost

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    As happy as The Punisher at a Mafia convention.
  4. tom Chosen One

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    as happy as an intellectual flame in comma.
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  5. Sith-Lord-Gunray Ex-Mod

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    as happy as a world without beezel threads
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    As happy has hambone running through poppy field.
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    Geico, the caveman tv show was cancelled because beezel liked it.
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    As happy as Danthe at Victoria's Secret.

    Sorry man, but someone had to say it.