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We Have New Smileys!

Discussion in 'Idaho Falls, ID' started by Mara_Jade_Fan, May 21, 2004.

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  1. Mara_Jade_Fan

    Mara_Jade_Fan Jedi Knight star 6

    Feb 1, 2002
    Thanks to TFN, we have new smileys! Which is your favorite new smiley?

    o_O face_raised_brow
    O:) face_angel
    :-B face_nerd
    [face_talk_hand] face_talk_hand
    I-) face_sleep
    :rolleyes: face_rolling_eyes
    [face_sick] face_sick
    [face_shhh] face_shhh
    [face_not_talking] face_not_talking
    [face_clown] face_clown
    8-} face_silly
    [face_tired] face_tired
    =P~ face_drooling
    [face_thinking] face_thinking
    :oops: face_doh!
    =D= face_applause
    [face_pig] face_pig
    [face_cow] face_cow
    [face_monkey] face_monkey
    [face_chicken] face_chicken
    @};- face_rose
    [face_good_luck] face_good_luck
    [face_flag] face_flag
    [face_pumpkin] face_pumpkin
    [face_coffee] face_coffee
    [face_idea] face_idea
    [face_skull] face_skull
    [face_alien] face_alien_1
    ]-} face_alien_2
    [face_frustrated] face_frustrated
    [face_cowboy] face_cowboy
    [-o| face_praying
    [face_hypnotized] face_hypnotized
    $-) face_money_eyes
    [face_whistling] face_whistling
    [face_liarliar] face_liarliar
    [face_beatup] face_beatup
    [face_peace] face_peace
    [face_shame_on_you] face_shame_on_you
    [face_dancing] face_dancing
    [:D] face_hugs

    I like the [face_frustrated] frustrated face, plus the animated ones like the whistling, dancing, and hugs ones. :D
  2. Ariadnae1

    Ariadnae1 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 15, 2003
    Thanks for letting us know about those. Smiley's Rock!!! :p
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