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(Week 10 Task) Guess What Sonja, You're Hired!!

Discussion in 'Big Brother 3: The Mods Strike Back' started by PrincessKenobi , Nov 14, 2004.

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  1. PrincessKenobi

    PrincessKenobi New Films Manager star 7 Staff Member Manager

    Aug 12, 2000
    This is actually a job I would like a shot at here in the next few months. I'm currantly a CSR at Blockbuster and would love to be a Shift Lead or at least a Game Rush Shift Lead. Because I do love movies and I do love games this is one of many reasons I think I am perfect for the promotion.

    1. Are you more creative or analytical? Which quality best describes you and give an example of how that affects your work?

    I am a very creative person. I think it's one of my better qualities. I can take just about anything given to me and turn it into a very profitable idea. A good example of how creativity is my strong point is when it comes to selling. A prime example is back in May we found out that we were going to be selling movie passes.

    I spent the whole month finding the best way to get the word out and sell that pass. Which I quickly discovered that normal tactics could not be taken. Just like with the Game Pass, the credit card was the reason most people didn't want it. Once I found the right way to convey to the customer that a credit card is a good thing. They soon all got on board.

    Which you might say well how did you get them to change their mind. I simply let them know that near the end of the month if they were uncomfortable with it they could just call us and have us take it off. Then come back in the next month and do it all over again. Another thing I realized that made the Movie Pass so great, people hate late fees. So I emphazied the point that people hate late fees.

    Which I also discovered that if people see the math written down they are more aptly ready to try anything out. Just like on our 7-week Rental cards. When people saw the numbers broken down on our white board they started buying more of the pass. I've discovered in my line of work right now that being willing to bend and go with change is a great thing. It helps to make things go a lot smoothier for everyone involved.

    2. How would co-workers describe you? (From previous jobs)

    They would tend to all agree that, I'm a very happy person. I don't let my feelings from outside of work interfer with my work. They all will tell you that I do my best and try my best to inspire them to be the best they can be. Because I personally believe that a store is only as good as the employees that work at that store. Also that you're only as good as you're co-workers are. Which I think is a great thing about this store everyone is on the same level, no one treats anyone like they're held up to diffrent standards. We hold everyone up to the same standards.

    3. What did you like and dislike about college? (If not in college yet, discuss high school)

    I've not actually attended college yet. Will be attending next fall. The one thing I really liked about high school, was trying to find where you fit in the order of things. Once you found your place it was great. Very awkward till you did find it. But once you did, you never regretted high school. The one thing I hated about high school would have to be, the kids there who felt they had to make everyone else feel terrible. The ones who called kids names on the bus and things like that. That would have to be the main thing about high school I really did not like.

    4. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

    In five years, hopefully I will be in med school. That is my main goal right now. To get to med school, so I can achieve my childhood dream of becoming a doctor. I know it sounds silly and everything, but every since second grade I wanted to be a doctor. I've always been impressed how they can alter and effect the world around you. I want to be someone like that, I want to help make the world better for everyone.

    5. Describe a situation you've encountered with a difficult customer.

    There was a customer not just last week, who was very upset when he called. He had been given the run around by everyone in the store, because he claims he got shorted money by an employee. Unforantely the only two people that he talked to were the two employees who
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