Week 11, Day Task 1

Discussion in 'Big Brother Strikes Back' started by AmazingB, Jul 17, 2003.

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  1. AmazingB Manager Emeritus

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    Time for some nostalgia. I want you guys to write something up on your most memorable moment here in the BB House.

  2. Katya Jade Administrator Emeritus

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    Jan 19, 2002
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    Do we go ahead and post it in here?
  3. AmazingB Manager Emeritus

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    Jan 12, 2001
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    Yes, post right here. Sorry bout that.

  4. Katya Jade Administrator Emeritus

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    Jan 19, 2002
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  5. Mrs_Kitty Jedi Knight

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    May 23, 2002
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    My Most memorable Moment

    Well, I've been here for about four weeks now. :D So, I guess I would say that my most memorable moment would have to be my first day in the BB House. :)

    I was very excited and could hardly wait to get to go in the BB House. :D I was going to be in the BB House with two of my good friends. :) :D [face_love] I didn't know the rest of the people that were in the BB House when I enter, but they treated me very kindly.

    I knew I would have fun in the BB House, and it still is. :)
  6. Katya Jade Administrator Emeritus

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    Jan 19, 2002
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    Well, there have been a few memorable moments for me in here. I guess one of the most fun was the group task we did with the fake chat transcript. Just to have everyone in one chat and having a great time was so much fun. There was so much great stuff in there that for length we didn't have time to use. I mean...this is great stuff!

    pootermobile = solojones
    scruffylookin = Kate
    honeybee = John

    thepootermobile: what's your second fav color?
    thepootermobile: oreos are nice things
    honeybee: my second favorite color: charbroiled
    thepootermobile: interesting
    scruffylookin: i saw that! i love oreos!
    scruffylookin: color?
    thepootermobile: mine is red, or maybe coral to be very specific
    honeybee: honestly, my second favorite is sky blue
    scruffylookin: me too!
    scruffylookin: marry me
    honeybee: i....i...don't know how
    scruffylookin: you're so cute!
    thepootermobile: i will be the master of ceremonies (not the priest, the master of ceremonies. we'll have a circus)
    scruffylookin: i love a good circus
    scruffylookin: can we have a midget?
    thepootermobile: many
    thepootermobile: that's a given
    scruffylookin: yippee!
    honeybee: it would never work out. you're a rebel who doesn't play by the rules, and i am just a simple person who is slightly insane
    honeybee: or could it?
    scruffylookin: you like rebels
    thepootermobile: as long as i get a hat and a wand of some variety
    scruffylookin: its yours
    honeybee: you can wear genie pants pooter
    honeybee: then you'll be a real mc. like hammer!

    There's something about that real time interaction that just perks things up. Since our online times vary so much, it was great to get all of us together at one time.

    That's the part about the BB that I really like(d). Getting to know people that I really never would have interacted with otherwise. I think I've made some good friends and gotten to know those I knew before the BB much better. :D

  7. Leonard_Shelby Jedi Master

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    Wow. Great write-up, you two. Good work. :)



    Man. Narrow it down to one favorite or memorable moment, eh? Wow. That's tough. I've had so many fun and memorable moments since I entered this place almost three months ago. So many good friendships that I've made...along with friends that came-in later on in the game. We've been through so much and have had so many good times together, it's just so damn hard to put my finger on one thing...

    But if I had to narrow it down....I'd say the whole Murder Mystery Saga. Just everything about it was so fun and rewarding. Everything from the preparation...to the execution...to the finale...it was just so much damn fun.

    We all went to the Preparation Board that Katie provided and layed-out our plan of attack. We pooled our ideas and brain-stormed. And I just loved how everything was tied together and how there was an interesting story behind it all. Just so damn cool.

    And even though the ending was depressing and dark, it still was an awesome ending. And it was real. Sometimes (actually many times) there isn't a happy "let's go pick some flowers" type ending in real life. And that's why I liked the ending so much. We didn't sugarcoat it and didn't pull any punches. ;)

    But overall I think the thing I liked the most about it is that we really came together during this time as Housemates and as friends. Up until that point, we really hadn't had a real chance to intimately work with each other. This gave us our chance to do so...and we got to know each other MUCH better. We got to know each other on a creative level...which is really remarkable and kick-ass. This gave us our first sense of true comradery...and for that I'll be forever grateful...for getting to know and be around such great and lovely people. And that's that. :)


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