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Week 3 Recap and Information

Discussion in 'Big Brother 3: The Mods Strike Back' started by RidingMyCarousel, Sep 26, 2004.

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  1. Darth_AYBABTU

    Darth_AYBABTU Jedi Master star 6

    Mar 8, 2001

    It looks like the rest of the JC doesn't want Smuggler either.


  2. farraday

    farraday Jedi Knight star 7

    Jan 27, 2000
    Yay seb is gone! I mean.. uh heh you're still here.
  3. Smuggler-of-Mos-Espa

    Smuggler-of-Mos-Espa Jedi Youngling star 6

    Jan 23, 2002
    Oh my gosh, this really is a surprise. Last night i was set on thinking i was out for good. I guess that means you fellas will have to vote for me again next week. :D
  4. Darth-Seldon

    Darth-Seldon Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 17, 2003
    Kaine: Try not to bump your head or trip on your way out. I know how those drinks can really get to you.

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