Week 5 Immunity Challenge: The Moody-Tonks Auror Training Institute

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    The Moody-Tonks Auror Training Institute

    From possibility to reality

    Named after Auror's Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody and Nymphadora "Dora" Tonks, both killed in action during the last days of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, this training institute was founded by Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley upon their resignation from the Ministry of Magic.

    Our main office is located in Virginia, U.S.A., just minutes from the American's CIA base. Hidden by a skilled team of wizards and witches using a combination of charms, spells, and higher magic, our 6-floor office building and training arena is invisible to both the muggle and wizarding world, except for those with access. This school is the best kept secret on this side of the Atlantic!

    In addition, the institute boasts 10 affiliated organizations, and 5 programs of interest for prospective students. Programs include Muggle Intelligence (where students can intern in the Wizarding 'CIA' program), Magical Travel & Concealment, Engineering Magical Tools and Instruments, Muggle Weaponry and Tactics, as well as Advanced Auror Training. Our worldwide offices cover all major continents, allowing students to train throughout the world.

    Students accepted to the program train together their first year, until they are divided into their separate programs. The next three years are a combination of classwork and field work, culminating in their final year, where each student is placed in an individualized assignment. Upon graduation, our students have gone on to work in the Ministry of Magic, in primary schools such as Hogwarts and Durmstrang, or as secret ambassadors to the muggle world.

    Because of our rigorous training requirements, our school does not have a Quidditch team; however students are encouraged to support their own national teams in their leisure time, and the University takes a short holiday over the World Quiddich Cup game, giving everyone the option of attending.

    If you have graduated from an accredited wizarding school and achieved high marks on your OWL exams in defense against the dark arts, charms, and potions, you are eligible to apply. Just send your application via owl to the office nearest you. Remember, in addition to your application, three letters of recommendation are required. Space is limited to 100 individuals each year, as students receive individualized training from the faculty and staff. Apply today for auror training and contribute to the international community of witches and wizards!



    The Moody-Tonks Auror Training Institute

    [image of wizarding students in field training]

    Higher education opportunities for driven, skilled wizards and witches around the world.


    Serious about defeating the dark arts? Consider training at the newly established Moody-Tonks Auror Training Institute. Founded by Aurors Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley, it has quickly become the premiere institute for Auror training.

    [image of students in classroom]

    Our school boasts five programs of study:
  2. Auror Training

  3. Muggle Intelligence

  4. Magical Travel and Concealment

  5. Magical Engineering

  6. Muggle Weaponry and Tactics
  7. [image of two students facing each other with wands]

    The work is rigorous, but the jobs are rewarding. Our graduates have received top positions among over a dozen wizarding governments around the world, as well as distinguished teaching and training opportunities.

    Think you have what it takes? Apply today. We accept wizards and witches of the highest caliber. Applicants must come highly recommended and excel in defense against the dark arts, potions, and charms. Applications are due by Christmas.


    For applications or more information, contact the head office of your r/>
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    Whoa, that is good... :)
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