Week 7, Day Task 1: An Unexpected Surprise...

Discussion in 'Big Brother Strikes Back' started by Leonard_Shelby, Jun 21, 2003.

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    Now, I've had a few pets in my day...cats, mostly. When I was about 12, we got a kitten with grey and black "tiger" type markings. He was really big, tough as nails, and cool as hell. His name was "Lucky". He'd play so rough that it'd scare the living crap out of some of my little bro's friends that he'd have over-night. Unfortunately, when Lucky was just over two years-old, he got a bladder infection and died. It really, really sucked... :( :_|

    Anyways, to alleviate the pain, we did what most people naturally do when they lose a beloved pet....get a new one. So on the last day of school in seventh grade, we went out and got another kitten. A female this time...and her name is "Bootsy". My ma named her that because all four of her paws are white...they look like boots. She is the same color as Lucky was as well. She's still alive and kickin'...though she had the same thing with a bladder infection as Lucky did when she was two...but luckily we caught it in time. She is now 13 years-old and living with my dad. She's kind of a b***h, but that's the breaks... :p

    Anyhoo, those are the only pet that I ever had growing-up. I now have a black cat with orange and white markings. Her name is "Zoe". She's kinda b****y too...but that's ok. She's really playful, beautiful, and smart. She only wants lovin' when SHE wants it. She's not much of a lap-cat...but that's alright... :)

    And also...I have a little orange kitten...he is just over 13 weeks-old. Here is a pic (not his actual pic) to give you an idea of what the little guy looks like...


    His name is "Mister Johnny". He rocks the Casba (sp?)... :cool: :p

    Which brings me to the point of this story...or thread...or task...what ever the hell this is... :p I never had a dog...which is a damn shame. All little boys have to have a dog, as far as I'm concerned. I don't know why...it just seems to fit. But all of that would change on a cold winter morning of this year...

    One morning...in mid-February, there was a bark at the door. I woke-up and said to myself..."What the hell?" I sprung-out of bed that fine (and cold) winter morning to see what the commotion was about. I looked outside...and there was a small black dog sittin' at my front door. He was shivering cold and looked-up at me. So--being the animal lover that I am--I opened the door and let him in. The little guy came running in...his nub for a tail wiggling like mad. He was a cute little guy. He's a form of terrier and boxer mix, I think...and had the colorings of a Rottweiler (sp?). He had cropped-up ears and a cute face.

    I looked the little guy over and decided to scower the neighborhood seeing if his master was out and about looking for him. But to no avail...I found no one. I went back inside and examined the little fella. It appeared that his left paw was kinda flat...like it had been run-over or something. Feeling bad for the guy, I was determined to find him some medical attention...and to find his owner. I took a pic of him with my digital camera and printed it out. I took it to the local gas stations and posted it on their windows. I then took him to the vet so he could get checked-out. They said he was around three to four years-old. They gave him some shots and clipped his nails to help ease the pain of his damaged paw. I then took him home and awaited the phone call...

    Two weeks had passed...and no one had called. I had spent enough time with the cute little guy to pick-up on his personality traits and idiosyncrasies. I began to notice that he was very sensitive and kinda frightened. Not by me, mind you. I think this was possible from some form of abuse. I began to deduct that this pooch was abandoned...and beaten by his former owners. The Humane Society said it was best to keep the signs-up for about two to three w
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    Aw. Nice story, Sammy. :D
  3. Mrs_Kitty Jedi Knight

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    Awwww...that's sweet :) [face_love]

    It's always about the cats :p
  4. wstraka5 Jedi Padawan

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    Nice story. :) While I am a dog person myself, I like cats as well. :)
  5. RidingMyCarousel Jedi Master

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    Wow, man. Your cat must look really, really cute. :) I never knew you were a cat person...



    ~ James
  6. Leonard_Shelby Jedi Master

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    Yep. I love cats. They rock. ;) :D

    [The Dude]...I was talking about my dog...[/The Dude]


    Thanks, everyone. :)
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