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[Week 7 Task] If I were a dinosaur...

Discussion in 'Big Brother 3: The Mods Strike Back' started by Terr_Mys, Oct 24, 2004.

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  1. Terr_Mys

    Terr_Mys Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 19, 2002
    I'd be an Alecsaurus. :)

    Yes, you heard right. You've probably heard of that poser Allosaurus, but in reality Alecsaurus was the king of the dinosaurs, killing T-Rexes on a whim. Why would I be an Alecsaurus, you ask? Well, firstly, Alecsauruses were really good at fighting. They could kill any dinosaur they wanted, except for GaLeemimuses. Secondly, 'Alecsaurus' means 'defending men lizard'. How cool of a name is that?! Most dinosaurs ate cavemen, but Alecsaurus *defended* them! Thirdly, Alecsauri lived in the desert. You gotta be pretty bad arse if you live in the desert. Fourthly, Alecsauruses were like spiders. What I mean is, they got rid of pesky little dinosaurs in the same fashion that spiders get rid of icky bugs. Thanks to Alecsaurus, Ewanraptors were long extinct by the time the Cretaceous Period came rolling along.

    Fifthly, Alecsaurus played a variety of roles in the Dinosaur world. It was the wisest of the dinosaurs, and also a dinosaur general, as well as a priest. Sixthly, Alecsauri were sexy. They were really hot and ripped and had pointy coloured marks on their backs. Seventhly, the Alecsaurus' claws could pick up certain objects like tree logs, allowing an Alecsaurus to fight another without using their tails and such. Eighthly, they were the first dinosaurs to develop the ability to communicate through speech. Ninthly, Alecsaurus was the first dinosaur to speak with a British accent. Jolly good, mon ami! And tenthly, Alecsaurus was the first and only dinosaur to be knighted by the throne. All hail sir Alecsaurus!

    Here is a famous Alecsaurian love song, sung from a female Alecsaurus to her boyfriend Gus:

    A is for your animosity
    L is for that long old tail I see
    E is extra extra super se-e-e-exah
    C is cooler more than any other dinosaur, and
    S is for your super sexiness
    A is for the amour I must confess
    U is ultra ultra...lalalala ultra
    R is really quite the sexy British dinosaur, and
    U is for the undulation in my heart
    S is for the sorrow that we might part
    I- don't want to leave you Gus
    When that meteor comes crashing down on us!

    Now, you're probably asking yourself: what kind of hat would an Alecsaurus wear?

    Well, here's your answer:


    Why? Because it's hot. It's sexy. It's British. Oh, my bad, that was redundant of me. Actually, it's quite the functional vestment, as it provides perfect protection for the Alecsaurus' head from the harmful Mesozoic sun rays! Plus, the pattern kicks arse, and we all know that the Alecsaurus is an aficionado of haute couture. If the Alecsaurus were alive today to praise his hat, he would say, "quel bon chapeau!"

    And finally, a picture of the Alecsaurus in his hat:


    And the [link=]Alecsaurus roar[/link]!
  2. Darth-Seldon

    Darth-Seldon Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 17, 2003
    "I was once a dinosaur, the same as your father. Before the dark times, before the asteroids! We were consumed by the fires. Now the Dinosaurs are all but extict. I'm getting too old for this."

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