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Welcome and some general FF info

Discussion in 'Belgium' started by Obi Anne , Apr 6, 2002.

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  1. Obi Anne

    Obi Anne FF manager Celebrations star 8 Manager

    Nov 4, 1998
    Welcome to your brand new Belgian forum! :) I hope that you will have a good time here and really get the FanForce to thrive in Belgium.

    In order to really understand what the FF is I strongly recommend that you read the [link=]FAQ[/link]

    If you don't want to take the time to read it I will now give you a quick overview.

    FanForce is a global network of Star Wars-fans. It started up to encourage fans to meet outside the internet, i.e in real life.

    FanForce is built up of chapters, in the US it is normal that a city is a chapter, in Europe and Australia regions or whole nations take are just one chapter.

    The chapters are then grouped into FanForce regions, FF Belgium belongs to the European Region.

    Every chapter is represented by a city representative, that is the VIPs with blue names here on the boards, the CR is the person who takes the most responsibility in the real life part of the chapter. The regions then have a Regional Support Administrator, the RSA has mod powers and is responsible to moderate all over the region. On top of the RSAs there is also a Global Support Staff, responsible for the overall handling of the FanForce.

    The RSAs that works in Europe is me, Obi Anne (Nordic Countries RSA), Commander Antilles (British Isles) and AlphaWolf (British Isles), we will also soon have a new RSA for the German Speaking Fanforce.

    Even if you do have your own board you do not count as an official chapter yet. In order to become official you have to have three meetings in real life, with at least three persons attending. Before each meeting you should also have announced it to the FanForce staff so that they can be put up on the FanForce main newspage.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me or any other in the FF staff. :)
  2. Sompeetalay

    Sompeetalay Jedi Master star 2

    Dec 17, 1999
    Hi !

    Sompeetalay here, I'm the President of TeeKay-421vzw, the Belgian Star Wars fanclub. We've tried to start the Fan Force Belgium. Nice to meet you :)

    Since our fanclub exists since 1997 we have organised far more than 15 events and meetings. Last friday we went to a restaurant to celebrate our 5th anniversary in Antwerp.

    I guess we'll have our first meeting around the release of Episode II ...
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