Indi, IN Welcome our new Twinned Chapter - Sweden!

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    Seriously though, what are your advice when it comes to getting a hotel room and stuff like that? How far in advance do you have to book it?
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    Most hotels don't seem to accept bookings more than a year in advance, though I know there are a few of them that will take a reservation now. Probably the ones closet to the convention center are the most likely to accept reservations given that conventions get planned this far out in advance.

    If I had to travel, I'd go ahead and make a reservation once you found a hotel that will take it at a price you want to pay. I would ask if they have any cancellation fees (most won't if you give them enough notice), but I'd go ahead and make a reservation. Go here for hotel help

    Forget that link...this is even better...general room rates with links to the hotels themselves...look at the Downtown section of course.

    Link is too long, copy and paste:
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