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Discussion in 'Revenge of the Sith (Non-Spoilers): Registration' started by stinrab, Dec 1, 2003.

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  1. Skiara

    Skiara ~• Manager WNU •~ ~• RSA FFC •~ star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 5, 2002
    I would like to sign up. :)

    Just want to read non-spoilers. :)
  2. DarthTerrious

    DarthTerrious Jedi Master star 5

    May 16, 2001
    Hey guys, semi regular poster of the HS thread and other such places.

    So sign me up please. :)

    I need to have a haven from the evil spoilers.
  3. halibut

    halibut Ex-Mod star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Aug 27, 2000
    I'm with you too. I don't often post there (as I am spoiled myself), but I enjoy reading people's thoughts and conjectures
  4. Yodaminch

    Yodaminch Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 6, 2002
    Please allow me access to 3NS so I can read the Aayla thread that was in there. :)
  5. Jason33

    Jason33 Jedi Youngling

    Jun 20, 2003
    Please sign me up. I never read the spoiler forum.
  6. MacetheCouncillor

    MacetheCouncillor Jedi Master star 3

    Dec 4, 2003
    Sign me up, please!
  7. Mos_Eisley_Max

    Mos_Eisley_Max Jedi Youngling

    Jul 20, 2002
    Sign me up.

    No cooties.

    Just want to participate in 3NSA theory.
  8. flyingseal

    flyingseal Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 20, 2002
    Sign me up please. I'm only interested in non-spoiler stuff :)...
  9. Fingorfin

    Fingorfin Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 7, 2001
    Count me in.

    It's a bit strange to look through my posts, click on a thread, and find a message that tells me I don't have access to that forum. :eek:
  10. Obi-Wan's Apparition

    Obi-Wan's Apparition Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 10, 2000
    Sign me up! :D I used to be a fairly regular poster in 3NSA before I got frightened of spoilers.
  11. padawan_ry

    padawan_ry Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 28, 2003
    sign me up please
  12. hansen

    hansen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 25, 2003
    I'd like to apply, I never post here but I enjoy to read about how wrong you guys always are. ;)
  13. Everton

    Everton Force Ghost star 10

    Jul 18, 2003
    I'd like to apply.... again. I asked back on page two of this thread, and nothing has happened... :( :

    I'd like access please. Not so much so I can post, but mostly so that I can read the discussion.

    And that's still true, reading the discussion on the non-spoiler boards is great. I have never done anything wrong on these boards... ever. So I hope I've just been missed because I'm a bit worried that I have a huge black mark on my record or something. :confused:
  14. DarthStothe

    DarthStothe Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 2, 2002

    I like to mostly read these threads, and rarely post in them, but sign me up!
  15. Kesel

    Kesel Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 11, 1999
    Please sign me up.
  16. NotClownJ0KER

    NotClownJ0KER Jedi Master star 2

    Apr 24, 2001
    [hl=purple]Sign me up too...I don't wanna be spoiled!!![/hl]
  17. KfistoRox

    KfistoRox Jedi Youngling star 2

    Oct 31, 2002

    :D I love to be spoiler free. Trolls suck. They make me want to puke.

    Out of curiosity has anyone been denied access yet? I dunno why people that are spoiled and just want to read what we think need to be getting access. Cuz you know they will eventually post your not on the right track or they will say what will actually happen and not tell anyone that its a spoiler to look like they can predict the stuff. Know what I'm saying?

    *Edit* Hmm I see a person has not been granted access. They just registered this month. I think that's great you aren't just letting people pop in new and have at it in here. Thanks!!!
  18. dArTh_wenley

    dArTh_wenley Jedi Knight star 5

    Dec 10, 2001

    I'd like to be added. :)

    I often lurked in the past and found what people had to say very interesting. I'll look to slowly going away from the 3SA forum and hanging out here more often.
  19. menttality

    menttality Jedi Master

    May 26, 2002
    Well, i hardly ever post any responses. I guess i'm lazy that way. But I am going spoiler free for ep3 and i spend my time on this board. Im glad we can get rid of the trolls, cause there is nothing more wrong than someone spoiling my ep3.
  20. ExarKun74

    ExarKun74 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 6, 2003
    Sign me up as well...
  21. Xorbo

    Xorbo Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 28, 2003
    1) love the banner
    2) sign me up
  22. DiMiT

    DiMiT Jedi Master star 3

    Mar 26, 2001
    ... I am signing on teh line now :)
  23. dark_dragoon

    dark_dragoon Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 5, 2003
    Sign me, if you would be so kind.
  24. jabba_the_nut

    jabba_the_nut Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 17, 2003
    I rule as a poster and plus I'm hardcore spoiler-free. I didn't even know Christopher Lee was in AOTC until I saw the movie. Please sign me up!
  25. GreenwoodSith

    GreenwoodSith Jedi Master star 1

    Jul 10, 2002
    please sign me up!

    i'm completely spoiler free, and i like to contribute to discussions and read people ideas.
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