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    May 6, 2006
    Welcome to the Inland Empire Fan Force

    Welcome to the Inland Empire Fan Force. The Official fan Force Star Wars Fan Group for the Inland Empire and High Desert. Please feel free to join in our forum. All new members should go to the thread titled"INLAND EMPIRE FF MEMBERS - ROLL CALL - CHECK IN HERE" and tell us a little bit about yourself. You should also take the time to review our Mission Statement and IEFF Bylaws below. It applies to each of our members. We welcome you and hope to see you at our next event / meeting!

    IEFF Chapter President

    Inland Empire Fan Force Club Charter - Adopted 2005, Revised June 2013


    The IEFF is the world famous non-costuming fan club that is the only OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED National Fan Force chapter for the Inland Empire & High Desert. The IEFF is a fan club comprised of individuals who enjoy the Star Wars™ films and other aspects of the Star Wars™ franchise.

    Our club was created to give Star Wars™ fans in the Inland Empire & High Desert an opportunity to get together to participate in monthly fun group activities and events. Our goal is to keep the spirit of Star Wars™ alive and well in the Inland Empire, by giving back through charitable and community events, fund raising and more.



    Our group name is: The Inland Empire Fan Force and was Started in 2005


    While The Inland Empire Fan Force is not affiliated in any way with Lucasfilm Ltd., or its subsidiaries, all group marketing materials as well as our logo are Lucasfilm approved. The Inland Empire Fan Force does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, religion, physical handicap, sexual orientation, race, nationality or ethnicity.


    The IEFF doesn't have Officers for our group per say. The IEFF has a Group President who oversees the daily operations as well as handle any community PR as needed. Our group's agenda or any decision needed for the group is done by a majority vote. Each member has a say in what they'd like to see or have happen in any particular instance. Again, majority vote would prevail. If there is something that is needed to be done, the group President will handle it or will delegate to whichever member the President deems.


    The IEFF has a $35 per person membership due over the age of 18. Your yearly membership dues are good from the month you joined the group and are valid for 12 months. Renewal of ones dues would be payable on the anniversary month of your joining the IEFF. Member dues would cover the upkeep and maintenance of the group. Dues will help cover items needed to help promote and grow the group, by helping cover basic costs associated with running the group. Dues are payable either at the first event one comes to and / or no later than a new member coming to a second group event excluding any CON, as Dues would be paid in advance.


    Honorary membership is bestowed upon celebrities in the Star Wars community, such as actors, directors, authors, and those working for LFL. Honorary members are not required to post on the IEFF forums or participate in any IEFF activity or event. Honorary members do not have voting privileges and are not eligible to serve as officers of the club. Other VIP positions will be appointed by and at the President's discretion. These honorary positions are awarded to people who perform a service to the club above and beyond the call of duty, charitable and otherwise.


    The IEFF has meetings based on needs rather than having a group meeting for the sake of having a meeting. The IEFF usually has 3-4 main meetings per year that cover a list of topics relevant to what we've got going on at the time. Most items needing to be covered will be handled on the boards. All minutes from any meeting will be posted on the boards for everyone to see.


    The IEFF allows for children under the age of 18 to be a part of our group. There is no membership due for them. Children will be supervised by a parent or guardian at ALL TIMES while at an event or meeting. Other group members are NOT RESPONSIBLE for another members children. While at any event a minor is present at, the parent or guardian MUST BE PRESENT as well. Unruly children will be sent to Lord Vader!


    As a member of the IEFF, there will a code of conduct that we all adhere to. Whether in person, on the boards, on Facebook, or any IEFF social media site, the use of any profanity, racist or offensive language, bullying or threatening of any member will NOT be tolerated and will be reason for expulsion from the IEFF. Any member engaging in any kind of disruptive behavior toward the group and or representing the group in a negative PR way, will also be grounds for expulsion.

    While conducting yourself at any event we do, there is a level of professionalism and tact that is expected. While at any event that requires us to be at a booth or table, you must wear IEFF approved clothing. This means your IEFF shirt and name badge. Being that the IEFF is not a costuming group, unfortunately we cannot allow member to “dress up” in their favorite character costume unless and ONLY if it's 501st or Rebel Legion approved. While at any event we do, proper attire is expected. No holey or torn pants, no super short shorts, no undergarments purposely exposed, and no stained or dirty cloths. No pajama pants or slippers as well.

    While engaging with the general public, please keep language free of anything sexual, vulgar, racist, and no profanity. While we all have our problems, please keep them to yourself or with friends, not the general public.

    While at any event we do (especially CONS), you will be required to “work the table” for an equal time as everyone in the group. This ensure everyone gets a break and is allowed to get their geek on at the Con.
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