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    This Rp is not the official one that will be made later, but I think we should have one going now to get people involved in 40k.

    So, moving on...

    Welcome to Warhammer 40k: The Planet of Death

    This Rp takes place in a vast galaxy of constant war.


    An Imperial Guard ship was sent on recon and discovered a new planet, a rich mineral one. The imperial guards geometrical scanners of the planet went off the scale, since it was so rich in resources. On its way to continue patrolling and after reporting the planet, a small Ork fleet entered the system. The Imperial Guard ship quickly fled the scene, but the orks were close behind.

    After awhile a fleet of Imperial ships entered the same system, carrying a massive array of troops and mining equipment. On arrival, fleets from every other main race, was in the system. Orks, Eldars, Necrons, Chaos, Dark Eldars, Tyranids, Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Sisters of Battle, Tau, they were all there, ready for battle, ready to capture this planet, ready to claim victory over all.

    To play in this RP, you have to have a basic knowledge of the 40k universe.

    The leaders of each faction, will be the ones with thier race's codex. The codex is a book that contains all the info you need for troops and how much they cost.

    Battles will be turned based, and definatley no posting the other persons damage. An example of a battle:

    Orks: 6 ork warbuggies charged the space marine line with thier guns blazing. 3 of them have twin-linked rocket launchers and the other 3 have twin linked big shootas.

    Space marines: The marine line that consisted of 8 marines and 2 terminators sere nailed by the heavy ork barrage, 3 marines were lost instantly to the blasts of the rockets, while only 1 terminator was wounded. The marines and terminator returned fire with thier bolters.

    get the idea? good!

    the battles don't exactly have to be like that, but close.

    1)No-God Modding, meaning- be fair and don't give units the best armor in the game even if they cant have it, because I will not allow it.
    2)Be mindful of your enemys
    3)Have fun!

    Starting allocations:
    Imperial Guard
    -5000 points
    Space Marines
    -8000 points (they have to split it up between factions)
    Sisters of Battle
    -23000 points
    -18000 points
    -26000 points
    -19000 points
    Dark Eldar
    -18000 points
    -15000 points
    -14000 points

    If your wondering why the Imperial Guard, space marines, and sisters of battle have low points, its because they are allied.

    Starting income:
    this is every 2 weeks
    Imperial Guard
    -700 points
    Space Marines
    -400 points
    Sisters of Battle
    -600 points
    -2000 points
    -1400 points
    -2100 points
    -1600 points
    Dark Eldar
    -1400 points
    -1000 points
    -800 points

    You can increase the number of points you get by building mines to mine the minerial rich resources of this planet.


    Point increase

    500 points to build
    +100 points per pay day

    1000 points to build
    +200 points per pay day

    1500 points to build
    +300 points per pay day

    2000 points to build
    +500 points per pay day

    The Planet:

    So every one can have a map of the planet, we will use a grid. It will be a 8x8 grid

    looking like this

    - 1 2 3 4

    get it?

    here is a list of what is at each coordinate-


    if you dont understand this, its goes across each row, the __ seperate each collum(sp?).

    Key for map:
    R=Rich Resources (+100 points for each mine at one of these locations)

    You read the coordinate numbers from left to right, so it would be the vertical ones first, then the horizon
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    To continue,

    I would like to start this with at least 4 races.

    Also, lets say we only have the space marines out of the imperium, then they get the full points of the imperium group. but if a later group, lets say the imperial guards starts playing, then they split it, etc..

    thats all, if you want to know more on certain things, just pm me.
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    Howdy all. First off I think that everyone should know what each of these guys looks like at the least.


    These Are Space Marines, humanity's ultimate warriors.


    Imperial Gaurdsmen are the spine of the Human millitary.


    These Nuns with guns are the female duplicates of the Space Marines


    given powers by dark gods, the traitors to humanity's Emperor seek it's total destruction


    think terminator


    big, green, and mean, these creatures are not only vile and savage but can be quite comical in their own way...


    The Tau seem to be all about the greater good and merely wish to dominate... well they would say guide the universe to prosperity.


    Eldar seem to have this ancient mysticism about them and are the nerds of the 40k world so naturaly absolutely everyone wants to pick on them


    The dark eldar are particularily violent, it's plain and simply their culture to get up close to you and cut you up. They love their blades...


    genetically engineered bugs that you'd only expect to see in Aliens, WOTG, or the NJO Novels. They have your standard claws, acid sprays, extremly hard shells, and a hive mind at no extra charge.

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    Come on people, definately the people who wanted to play a thread like this, start joining!
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    LLTR is having trouble with his PMs, so pm me.
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  7. Long_Live_The_Rebels Jedi Youngling

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    Okay, my PM is back online.

    The chosen one, what group would you like to be in?

    This RP will now be 3 factions.
    the two others will be given as soon as someone with a codex posts.
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