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LA, CA What are your Star Wars childhood memories?

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by Princess_Skywalker_, Nov 7, 2002.

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  1. Princess_Skywalker_

    Princess_Skywalker_ Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 5, 2002
    I can't remember how I saw Star Wars or ESB. I may have been in the theatre, on tv but I think we rented them. (We had a vcr in the early 1980's and rented a lot). I got back into Star Wars again before PM came out. I think it's because the excitement of an upcoming movie reminded me of my childhood....And how much I always wanted to be princess are my Star Wars memories and why I became a fan.

    I remember playing Star Wars on recess and fighting with my best friend over who got to be princess leia. Everyone was sitting up on the top of the metal rocket ship like we always did on recess. We decided that the next day, who ever got their mom to do their hair in the pl buns style, got to be her....needless to say neither of us could convince our moms....
    I saw ROJ in the theatre because my baby sitter took me. I think it was to help out my parents since my baby brother had just been born.
    In third grade our teacher had an annual Halloween play and she allowed us to alter the characters costumes(they were trick or treaters). One of the guys came as Darth Vader and I still have the play on tape.
    I remember the die hard fans in grade school(they were boys) having ALL Star Wars themed school supplies in September. I was so jealous.
    I LOVED Dynamite magazine!! I could spend hours in the library going over an issue. I now collect toys, etc. that I always wanted as a kid. I recently purchased the Dynamite issue with Luke and Leia on the cover. It brought back wonderful memories and I felt like a kid again.
    My mom wasn't too into me liking/collecting Star Wars, Superfriends, etc. She preferred the girly stuff I liked; Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake, etc. So I didn't really get to collect anything Star Wars back then. I remember begging and pleading to buy the Darth Vader action figure case. I wanted to collect the action figures so badly.
    My favorite memory of Star Wars goes like this....I liked this boy in my class but he already was "going out" with another girl...This was 2nd grade and only SW and ESB were out so far. I use to go over to his house and we'd play star wars using his action figures. He had TONS of them and a bunch of the ships, etc. to go with them. It was pure heaven. He loved it because he didn't have to have his sister play with him (to act out the girl figures), and I loved it because I got to be ALL the princess leias! ;)

    Just some memories from my youth...ahhh the good old days ;) Now you know a bunch about me, so share your stories so I can get to know you all!
  2. jedilona

    jedilona Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 18, 2000
    Hmmm, Now where shall I begin? :)
    I saw SW in theaters 1977..My dad took all of us...Mind you he had 3 girls and a sci-fi movie is not a usual choice...But we all went..
    I was hooked from the first time I saw it..
    Darth Vader...WOW!!!This is great!!
    I remember that I just HAD to find the book, and when I did I read it until the pages fell out..

    There's more for the next two, but goodness it's alot..

    Fast forward to seeing the first trailer for Episode 1, and me in the theater yelling my head off, while my daughter said please stop MOM..LOL :D
  3. SoloJedi

    SoloJedi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 10, 2001
    wow - i guess this is like a time warp back to the 70s.
    I saw Star Wars in 1977. I was a "youngling" if you will.....I remember when the words first appeared STAR WARS, then the scrolling text. When the star detroyers flew by overhead i was like "oh my god". But the part that stands out the most was when Luke first ignites saber...whoosh! I jumped out of my seat as did many in the audience that night. It was the most "awesomest" thing i had ever seen. Han was my favorite character cause he was so cool! The Falcon was my fav. ship. I loved the lasers and the comedic tones in the film. "They're gonna killer her". "Better her than me!"...."Will someone get this walking carpet out of my way!"..."At least we're all gonna be a lot thinner!"...The cantina scene/band was cool too. But i remember seeing SW during the summer time, the sky was getting dark as it was close to like Tatooine sunset. Every summer at around the same time when the weather is just right, the sky is that purplish, orangish color it ALWAYS reminds me of 1977 the night i was blown away by a little space movie called "STAR WARS"..... *sniff* *sniff* i think i'm gonna cry
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